How Not to Get Hacked on Telegram

How Not to Get Hacked on Telegram

1*TJMlSskm4YqOhY2WDz5UkA The whippersnapper chat node Telegram is one of the most common methods of communication in crypto, and there ’ s a good reason for that. SIM barter attacks, which transfer ownership of your call act to a malicious attacker, are a common attack vector. And once the attacker has your act in hired hand, they can cause all sorts of mayhem, most notably by obtaining two-factor authentication ( 2FA ) codes for your important logins that are sent over text. A batch of tradfi banks and other services operate on bequest engineering, for example, meaning that many alone offer 2FA authentication via text. 2FA over textbook, plus SIM swap, often leads to a zero bank balance. Telegram ’ s killer feature is that it allows an easy and commodious way to communicate with others via username, rather of call number. If attackers don ’ triiodothyronine know your telephone count, how can they SIM trade you ? then goes the logic, and so a lot of crypto users precisely install Telegram, ignore the settings, and call it a day.

But that ’ s not enough. Since everyone is on Telegram, Telegram is the place where hackers concentrate a lot of firepower. If you ’ re not careful, there are ways to get pwned through Telegram, adenine well. We ’ ve created a little steer to help crypto users secure themselves on Telegram, so that they can avoid the most blatant security pitfalls .

  1. Set up 2FA

You need to set up two-factor authentication to protect your explanation against hijacking. The primary login method uses a erstwhile code sent by text, so Telegram lets you set a password as the moment factor. In case person manages to SIM trade you, Telegram will prompt them for a password in order to access your score, alternatively of barely letting them in based on having entree to the telephone number. To do sol, on the Privacy and Security yellow journalism, choose Two-Step Verification ( Telegram ’ randomness term for 2FA ), and set a strong combination. You will rarely enter this password in, indeed cause indisputable that you store it somewhere safe, like in a password coach, so you won ’ thyroxine forget it. The consequences of forgetting that password are stark. You ’ ll have to reset your report. In essence, that means submitting a request to remove your bill completely, after which you will have to wait seven days. After a week, the account will be deleted ( including associated contacts, cloud chats, and channel subscriptions ), at which point you will be able to create a new, empty account using the lapp earphone numeral. 2. Restrict what information you share with other Telegram users

indeed as not to plowshare unnecessary details with all 500 million Telegram users, you need to configure your profile privacy appropriately. Go to Telegram ’ s Privacy settings. We recommend the following :

  • Phone Number → Who can see my phone number — Nobody.
  • Data and Storage → Auto Download Media → Toggle off
  • Phone Number → Who can find me by my number — My Contacts.
  • Last Seen & Online → Who can see my timestamp — Nobody.
  • Profile photo → Who can see my profile photo — My Contacts.
  • Calls → Who can call me — My Contacts (or Nobody, if you prefer).
  • Calls→ Peer-to-peer — My contacts (or Nobody, if you prefer not to share your IP address with chat partners).
  • Forwarded Messages → Who can add a link to my account when forwarding my messages — My Contacts.
  • Groups & Channels → Who can add me — My Contacts.

3. Modify data download and storage settings On your mobile version of Telegram, navigate over to Privacy & Security → Data Settings and remove from Telegram storage any information you do not want to be there. 4. Check active sessions Telegram allows multi-device support, which means you can have the like Telegram account open on assorted devices at the same time. Over time, you may forget that you are logged in to some phone/laptop, and that can be misused. To make certain this doesn ’ metric ton happen, view all devices where your Telegram account is logged in. To do this, go to Settings/ Privacy and Security/Active sessions. If you see any session that is hush logged in that you want to be ended, plainly click on that school term and hit ‘ Terminate ’ to end it.

5. Disable P2P calls for everyone With default settings, Telegram ’ sulfur voice calls are made via P2P. When using P2P, the IP address of the user ’ sulfur call object will appear on the Telegram control log. however, not all versions have control logs. For example, the Windows interpretation does not, but the Linux version does. The Telegram application does show that users can prevent IP addresses from being compromised by changing settings. Go to Settings : Private — Security — Voice Call — Change Peer-to-Peer to Never or Nobody. With this setup, the drug user will need to make a voice name through the Telegram waiter, although the IP address is hidden but at the expense of audio quality degradation .

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