Can Wonder Woman Fly? & 9 More Things Most Fans Don’t Know About Her Abilities

Wonder Woman has proven herself as a superhero capable of incredible things, but there are still some abilities that have gone unnoticed. Wonder Woman ‘s origins, family history, and superpowers have changed enormously over the years. The Wonder Woman from the Golden Age, the Silver Age, post-Crisis On Infinite Earths, and post-New 52 are all indeed change that it can be hard to keep track of what abilities she ‘s had and the ones she presently possesses .
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And after Wonder Woman 1984, many questions have been raised over what her powers actually are. Can she actually fly ? What ‘s the deal with her and lightning ? With these questions in beware, let ‘s take a expect at a handful of Wonder Woman ‘s superpowers, both celebrated and confuse.


10 Can Wonder Woman Fly? Yes

wonder woman flying According to DC ‘s official web site, one of Wonder Woman ‘s current superpowers is indeed the ability of flight. however, this has n’t always been the case. Pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman couldn’t fly the way she does in the advanced comics since she imitated flying by riding the air currents – just like in Wonder Woman 1984 – but this was n’t a perfective ability, necessitating her invisible Plane/Jet. Post-Crisis, Wonder Woman was given the office of flight by Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, which has ( largely ) stand by .

9 Empathy Through The Sight Of Athena

wonder woman running Wonder Woman is not only an fabulously friendly, compassionate, and empathic person but she actually does have empathic powers. Along with divine wisdom, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, bestowed Wonder Woman with “ The Sight of Athena, ” which not alone allows her to detect the emotions of others but besides makes her immune to most forms of take care operate. The is a Post-Crisis world power, as Golden-Age Wonder Woman was hypnotized plenty of times in the comics books by Hypnota, who is now known as Hypnotic Woman .

8 She Is Omnilingual

Wonder-Woman-movie-Oddfellows One of the abilities that Wonder Woman gained after being bestowed Athena ‘s gift of wisdom, is the ability to understand and speak a wide roll of languages .
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Over the years, the scope of the languages has changed – sometimes it ‘s only a handful of languages, sometimes it includes alien languages, and at one charge she could speak every one speech ever spoken – evening ones that cavemen used. In the DCEU, this ability is presumed to be due to her Amazonian longevity and not inevitably goddess-given superpowers .

7 Astral Projection To Speak To Others & Travel To Mythical Places

wonder woman 1984 Throughout Wonder Woman ‘s history, she ‘s had some kind of ability to stellar project. From her creation and even past crisis On Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman has been able to use her powers to speak to others, to travel to hell to rescue Artemis, and evening to travel to fabulous places. unfortunately, there ‘s a Freddy Kruger-style downside to this world power since whatever happens to her body in the stellar plane, will manifest on her physical consistency. It ‘s a good thing she ‘s super-durable and is by and large invulnerable .

6 Enhanced Senses To Battle Even When Blinded

Wonder Woman blinded herself to fight Medusa Thanks to Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Wonder Woman was given microscopic vision, superhuman hearing, and an enhance sense of smell, preference, and touch. At one steer, Wonder Woman was Athena ‘s champion and had to permanently blind herself in ordering to battle Medusa but, thanks to her other senses, she handled her champion duties well. After returning Hermes to Athena in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 217 by Greg Rucka, Rags Morales, Michael Bair, and Mark Propst, Athena bound her own divine eyesight to Wonder Woman.

5 Telepathy With Her Lasso Of Truth

Wonder Woman Telepathy Wonder Woman ‘s ability to communicate through telepathy has popped up in different ways over the years. In her early years, it was partially of her Amazonian training and it ‘s been a power that she ‘s used with her Lasso of Truth, where she has a telepathic connection with whoever is wrapped in the Lasso ‘s coils. There have even been times where she could telepathically communicate with the Lasso itself. More recently, Wonder Woman ‘s telepathy has been a separate of her powers as the new God of War .

4 Animal Rapport

Wonder Woman plays fetch with a kaiju and dinosaurs Another give given to Wonder Woman by Artemis was the ability to empathize with and communicate with all animals. A highly underestimate world power that she possesses, Wonder Woman ‘s rapport with animals is one of the best aspects of her fictional character. not only does she have a positron emission tomography kangaroo, but she ‘s besides able to speak with dinosaurs and is best friends with a kaiju, as shown in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 5 # 1 with ” The stopping point Kaiju ” fib by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and David Lafuente .

3 Lightning Manipulation

wonder woman lightning Since Wonder Woman ‘s backstory was changed for the New 52, it was revealed that she was, in fact, one of the many daughters of Zeus and that her celebrated bracelets were keeping her demigoddess powers controlled .
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Zeus ultimately unlocked the powers of the bracelets and Wonder Woman could then channel his lightning, which means she can manipulate lightning and even manifest weapons from the lightning that she wields. This world power crossed all over into the DCEU along with Wonder Woman being related to Zeus and Ares .

2 Magic From The Goddess Of Witchcraft

wonder woman magic While just about every share of Wonder Woman ‘s arsenal is charming, Wonder Woman herself traditionally has n’t been. In the one-shot Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour # 1 by James Tynion IV and Jesús Merino, it ‘s revealed that Wonder Woman was marked as a child by Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft, and was given some of her magic trick, which had been dormant in her torso. inverted serviceman was the one to awaken her magic, but it was ephemeral and finally was absorbed by Circe .

1 Demigoddess Physiology

wonder woman comic After Crisis On Infinite Earths, the origins of Wonder Woman ‘s powers were changed to be gifts bestowed upon her by the pantheon of greek gods and goddesses. She had the persuasiveness and lastingness of the earth from Demeter, the wisdom of Athena, the smasher of Aphrodite, and so on. however, for the New 52 and for the DCEU films, Wonder Woman ‘s incredible powers that put her on the lapp level as Superman came from Zeus being her father thus making her a demigoddess .
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