How can I charge my Apple Pencil without a charger?

The Apple Pencil (First Generation) can be directly inserted into the iPad’s lighting port without any cables or other types of accessories. It can also be charged through other Apple products as long as the port is the same. The only difference is that it will charge slower than it would with an iPad. The Apple Pencil ( Second Generation ) can entirely be charged with the iPad. Since the charging process happens through induction ( close proximity between the Apple Pencil and the iPad ), there is no other ways around it. I have written a unharmed post about the differences between the Apple Pencils, make sure to take a search .

Charging the Apple Pencil (1st

Plugging it into your iPad

This is quite straightforward and dim-witted. Your Apple Pencil has a Lighting connection under the cap at the eraser-end that can be attached to the charging port of your iPad so that it can charge.

Apple Pencil capApple Pencil cap first you need to pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad. In the Settings app, go to Bluetooth and switch it on, remove the cap of the Apple Pencil and then connect it to your iPad. last, barely tap Pair and you ’ re all set .

Lightning Cable

OK, this one ’ s an intricate method acting. For this, you ’ re going to need a Lightning cable and a female-to-female Lightning arranger vitamin a well. Once the arranger in attached, all you have to do is plug the Apple Pencil to the Lightning cable and consign will begin. It ’ s a building complex method and doesn ’ t truly make much common sense as you can follow the convention, bare method mentioned above .

Charging the Apple Pencil 2 (2nd

The second coevals of the Apple Pencil has improved the charging process. The original Apple Pencil looked atrocious when attached to the charging port of the iPad. It was messy and, most importantly, prone to accidents that could damage the Apple Pencil and even the connection itself.

Apple Pencil chargerApple Pencil (First Generation) charger The newer generation makes charging equally simpleton as a snap bean. Literally. All you have to do is snap the Apple Pencil 2 to the side of your iPad Pro and thanks to its magnets, it will stick to the iPad and start charging immediately. furthermore, it besides serves as a capital way of stowing your Apple Pencil without ruining the looks of your iPad .Apple Pencil Second Generation ChargingApple Pencil Second Generation Charging once snapped to the sides, the iPad will notify you of the Apple Pencil ’ s attachment and besides show you the current charge flush. Everything is in truth simple and immaculate with the newer Apple Pencil. If you have a choice and you can afford it, decidedly go for the newer model as it not lone simplifies the charge but besides provides a hale set of early newfangled improvements .


It is possible to charge the Apple Pencil ( First Generation ) if you have other Apple products that besides use a lighting port, however the process will be much slower.

When it comes to the Apple Pencil ( Second Generation ) there is no way around it, you need to have your iPad around if you need to charge it. The good news is, the Apple Pencil charges highly fast and can be used for an stallion day without any problems. Make certain to keep yours charged and if you ’ re the kind of person who frequently forgets to charge the Apple Pencil, possibly it would be a full theme to buy an extra one for emergencies. Have any questions ? Leave me a message below .

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