How to Edit a Zoom Recording Like a Pro in 2022 (3 Easy Steps)

rapid climb is the new standard for digital video communication, but it isn ’ triiodothyronine without its quirks .
Calls may get disconnected due to a bad internet joining. People in a meet may be distracted, or not able to join at all .
That ’ randomness when the ability to record your Zoom calls comes in handy. You can save and share your Zoom calls with those who missed out .
But good recording is not adequate. You might besides want to edit a Zoom television to remove unnecessary parts. This manner, you can besides split your video into little, digestible chunks.

Feeling overwhelmed merely thinking about it ?
When planning for your Zoom meet record, you probably conjure images of building complex television editing software in your head — tools that credibly take years to learn and master .
In fact, in a review, only 26.8 % of respondents said video creation and editing is easy for them .
It ’ s doesn ’ metric ton have to be this manner .

Edit Zoom recordings with Piktostory

If you prefer to watch this guide in television format, we ’ ve got you covered below .

There ’ s a direction for you to trim your Zoom read in just 3 dim-witted steps using a tool like Piktostory and without learning complicated software.

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But first, let ’ s take a closer look at why you should edit a Zoom meeting .

Why you should edit your Zoom video recordings

Of course, nothing is stopping you from recording and sharing your entire meet as it is .
But there are two problems with this approach :

1. People are busier than ever and they may not have the time to go through lengthy Zoom recordings. 

A drawn-out Zoom video presentation will be a chain of awkward pauses, unexpected silences, and irrelevant chew the fat. There ’ mho a high chance that no one will watch it again. All it will do is collect scatter in a folder somewhere on your cloud storage .
so if you want to get your message across, the only manner to ensure that is to edit your Zoom record .
Before you parcel the video with prospects and coworkers, customize it and trim the useless parts. So you can well share the key moments from the meet .

2. If you don’t trim a Zoom recording, its potential to engage people on different online and offline platforms is limited. 

The good news is cutting it into snackable clips will help expand its compass. For model :

  • Splitting your webinar into separate tips can give you a lot of content to share on social media and gain more followers.
  • Isolating important material can help you present your ideas professionally in offline events and town hall meetings. 

Whether you want to build excitement inside or outside our organization, you can ’ t have a potent impingement without getting rid of the downy parts from a Zoom recording .
You must make indisputable that your final video recording is to the period and chockablock of hearty content .
In doing so, you will not equitable capture attention but besides improve its viewing experience .

Where to find your recordings in Zoom

If you don ’ metric ton know how to record your Zoom calls or where to find your recordings, let ’ s do a immediate recapitulate .
To record a Zoom address, equitable start a meet as a server and click the round Record clitoris .
image showing how to record your Zoom call using the record buttonHow to record your Zoom call using the Record button once you do, the record will begin. When the meet ends, Zoom will take some time to process the read and mechanically make it available to you for download. It will besides send you an electronic mail telling to access your record .
alternatively, you can besides find all your Zoom recordings on the background node. You can go to Meetings > Recorded .
Zoom desktop client shows all the recorded zoom meetingsZoom desktop client shows all the recorded zoom meetings You ’ ll be presented with all the previous meetings that you recorded and saved locally and on the cloud. From there, good select the meet you want to edit .

Edit your Zoom recording with Piktostory

now that you know how to entree your Zoom recordings, let ’ s get to the playfulness part — firing up Piktostory .
Piktostory is an easy and mighty video recording editor program. It lets you record, brand, transcribe, sequester, gloss, and share the highlights of your virtual meetings as short video recording clips .
Zoom typically records meetings in MP4 or M4A formats, and both of these are easy to edit in Piktostory .
immediately, before we launch Piktostory, make sure that you ’ re using the latest adaptation of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

You can use Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, and previous versions of Firefox, but these browsers are not known to work well with Javascript. And Javascript is a congress of racial equality share of how Piktostory works .
These browsers may still work on juncture, but they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give you the best edit experience. If you ’ rhenium diffident about your browser version, you can besides use the Browser Update creature to see if you have the stream version .
now it ’ south prison term to trim your original television !

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