9 Things You Should Never Do With Power Strips

Are you guilty of any of these power strip mistakes?

Our entire lives run on electricity, and if we ’ rhenium being honest here, no one ’ sulfur house has enough exponent outlets to keep everything running and charged. That ’ sulfur why we rely then heavily on power strips to turn one plug into six or more, stretching the capabilities of our home ’ sulfur electrical arrangement. But, there are a few rules you ’ re probably breaking when it comes to exponent strip use .


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Never Plug a Power Strip Into Another Power Strip

If your office strips don ’ thyroxine reach quite far enough or you need some extra plugs, it ’ sulfur tempting to string multiple strips together, daisy-chaining them by plugging one into the following. In a word—don ’ t. not lone is it against half a twelve OSHA regulations in a master adjust, but it can besides cause one or more of the strips to fail or even catch fire.

Power Strip Outside

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Never Use Indoor Power Strips Outdoors

While there are power strips that are designed for outdoor applications, unless your strip ’ south box specifically says it ’ second suited for outdoor use, it ’ s not designed to stand up to weather and water. Keep it inside and find one you can use safely out in the elements .
Learn how to add an outdoor release in five easy steps .

Overloaded Power Strip

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Never Overload a Power Strip

Every world power airstrip has a load capacity, which means it can only move so much world power through its circuits at any given time. Overloading the strip can create a arouse guess, melting the fictile and damaging your home or commercial enterprise a well as any surrounding equipment. If you ’ re worry about overloading a ability strip, take the fourth dimension to determine the amperage requirements of everything you ’ re going to plug into it. Or possibly consider buying a office plunder that has a separate switch over for each wall socket .


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Never Put a Power Strip Under a Rug

As electricity moves, the electrons can generate hotness. normally, this international relations and security network ’ t a problem, but if you put your might strip under a rug or in a tightly enclosed distance, it can create a fire luck. In addition, if you step on it or any attached baron cables, you can damage them, which can create a shock absorber and/or fire venture.

Keep your family and property safe by being mindful of these other concealed ardor dangers in your home .

Curling Iron

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Never Plug Beauty Tools Into a Power Strip

Hairdryers, curling irons, straighteners and early beauty tools all create heat and draw quite a sting of amperage to generate that heat. Power strips aren ’ triiodothyronine designed to generate that kind of reproducible high amperage, so these smasher tools should be plugged into a GFCI-protected mercantile establishment .


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Never Use a Damaged Power Strip

How many times have you looked at a ability strip, seen one burned-out wall socket, then just plugged your device into the next socket that seemed okay ? Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do that. If one socket is burned, chances are high gear that there is internal price inside the ability strip. That ’ s a fire hazard .


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Never Get a Power Strip Wet

This should be common sense, but it happens often adequate that it bears repeating. electricity and water do not mix. Don ’ t get your power strip wet, or you risk frying yourself and everything that ’ s plugged into the strip.

Sump Pump

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Never Plug in a Sump Pump

not alone do you not want to get your power strip wet, you besides don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it in areas with wetness electric potential, such as bathrooms and basements. It might seem like a commodity theme to plug your cesspool heart into a baron strip, but think again. Better to go with a GFCI exit that ’ second well above floor level in subject the sump pump fails and flooding occurs .

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Never Leave Them Near Children

A quick Google search will show you plenty of horror stories about kids putting fingers, toys and forks into outlets and world power strips. Don ’ metric ton assume that they know better. Teach them to stay away from outlets, install wall socket plugs in ALL rampart and power-strip outlets and don ’ t leave might strips in places where unseasoned children might think they ’ re something to play with .
Create a safe environment and check your home for potential dangers with these 9 helpful tips for how to baby proof your home .

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