How to Screen Record Zoom Meeting on iPhone with Audio in 2022

In this article we will discuss different ways to record zoom screen on iPhone with audio.
nowadays, Zoom needs no presentation when it comes to making seamless video recording or audio calls. The late # CoronavirusOutbreak has led to a massive spike in custom of making video recording calls & conferencing calls. besides, Zoom Video Calling App has been at the vanguard for providing users with the best-in-class service. The Video Chat Platform has managed to grow from 10 Million Video Calls per sidereal day in December 2019 to over 200 Million Video Calls daily in March 2020 .
therefore, whether you are jumping into Zoom, for enjoying virtual hangouts with friends, to take on-line classes or attend a meeting/webinar remotely, it seems wise to learn How To Record Zoom On iPhone With Audio? The screen recorded. Zoom meet will help when you want to refer to particular crucial points & details in future.So, let ’ s begin !

How To Screen Record Zoom Meeting on iPhone With Audio:

well, unlike Zoom Desktop App, screen recording in iPhone & Android is a morsel more complicate process plus it ’ s not available for everyone. But that doesn ’ metric ton think of you can ’ thyroxine riddle record, though .
Like all the excellent video chat apps & platforms, Zoom besides allows users to screen commemorate, but users need to know how the process of Recording Zoom Meeting precisely works. You can find more Zoom Tips & Tricks for Making Better Video Conference Calls, Right here !

Method 1 -Use The Inbuilt iOS Screen Recorder

To cursorily start capturing Zoom meetings on iPhone or iPad devices, you can use the default option io riddle recording have. Just make indisputable your device is updated to at least io 11 !
STEP 1- Enable iPhone Screen Recording Feature
Go to Settings app & choose choice Control Center from the tilt. Locate and blue-ribbon “ Customize Controls ” option. now hit the greens button near the Screen Recording option. Tap the ‘ Back ’ button & Toggle on the ‘ Access Within Apps ’ release .
Enable iPhone Screen Recording Feature
STEP 2- Start Recording Zoom Meeting on iPhone
launch Zoom app & host the suffer like the usual room. once all the participants have joined, the next step is to tap the Record picture, located in the Control Center. A immediate countdown will appear on your screen & your soar meet will start getting screen recorded. Whenever you feel like stopping the sieve capture, precisely swipe down and choose option ‘ Stop Recording ’ .
Start Recording Zoom Meeting on iPhone
Note: Since it ’ s a built-in screen registrar joyride, the sound of participants might not get recorded .
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Method 2- Use Third-Party Screen Recorder Tool For iPhone

If you are running an io version below 11 or you want to record Zoom meetings with audio on an iPhone device, you need to install dedicate Screen Recorder Apps !
In this article, we are using the TechSmith Capture application. The filmdom fipple flute with the audio creature is available free of cost ; you can install it from the App shop !
STEP 1- Once you ’ ve installed the screen capture joyride for iPhone or iPad .
Use Third-Party Screen Recorder Tool For iPhone
STEP 2- Launch the io Screen recorder app & create a dislodge explanation. If asked, grant the necessary permissions & allow the app to notify when shield capture is dispatch .
STEP 3- Before using the tool, ensure your nonpayment Screen Recording feature is enabled from the Control Center .
STEP 4- immediately, tap on the Record button. To capture the sound, make certain you tap the Microphone picture a good .
STEP 5- Launch the Zoom App to record the meet. When done, tap the red clitoris that appears on the top of the screen. Stop & Save your recording carefully !
You can locate the screen recorded Zoom Meeting in your earphone ’ s gallery !
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Method 3- Using A Screen Mirroring Application

well, there ’ mho another quick trick to record Zoom meetings on the iPhone with sound, i.e. taking the help of screen mirroring application. We have a dispatch list of dedicate Screen Mirroring Tools designed for both iPhone & Android. For demonstration purposes, here we are using the ApowerMirror tool. The tool fulfills the purpose of streaming & recording iPhone or Android screen on Mac or personal computer .
here ’ s how you can record Zoom Meeting with audio on iPhone or iPad using ApowerMirror !
STEP 1- Install the Screen Mirroring App on both your Mac & iPhone .
STEP 2- Connect your iPhone device with Mac & make certain both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network .
STEP 3- immediately, launch the filmdom mirroring software on your Mac machine & simultaneously, capable Control Center on your iPhone device. nowadays tap on the Screen Mirroring choice to search for devices. here, you have to select the mention of your Mac machine.

Using A Screen Mirroring Application
STEP 4- This way, your iPhone device will be streamed to your Mac machine. now you can join a Zoom meet, which will besides be cast to your Mac machine .
STEP 5- Hit the Recorder picture on your Mac, located in ApowerMirror ’ s dashboard .
once your zoom meet is completed, you can hit the Stop button on your Mac to stop the filmdom recording. The television will mechanically be saved on your machine .

Method 4- Use Zoom’s Cloud Recording Option

Since Zoom Mobile app doesn ’ thymine permit users to screen read locally within the app, you can rely on either of the methods mentioned above or use Zoom ’ s Cloud Recording option ( to screen record with audio ). But there are sealed prerequisites, needed to be fulfilled .
Prerequisites To Follow For Recording Zoom Meetings:

  • You should be running a Zoom Pro, Business or Enterprise Plan.

Prerequisites To Follow For Recording Zoom Meetings

  • A cloud recording add-on subscription plan.
  • Should be running Zoom Client version 3.5 or above on your iPhone or other devices.
  • Account admin can enable/disable in Account Management.

well, if you fulfill all these parameters, you can easily screen record Zoom meet with audio on iPhone & other devices .

How To Enable Zoom Cloud Recording On iPhone?

The Cloud recording option might be disabled by nonpayment, so you have to enable it on your iPhone before you start recording the Zoom Meeting .
STEP 1- Sign in to your Zoom Account as an Admin > Account Management .
STEP 2- From Account Settings, head towards ‘ Recording ’ pill & enable the ‘ Cloud Recording feature ’. Just explore all the Zoom Video Settings for appliance .
STEP 3- Whenever you are cook, Open the Zoom app on your iPhone & join the Zoom Meeting. once there, you need to tap on the three dots icon, located at the bottom-right corner of the filmdom .
STEP 4- From the menu, choose the choice ‘ Record to the Cloud ’ .
How To Enable Zoom Cloud Recording On iPhone
now your zoom meet will be screen recorded with sound recording & a ‘ Recording ’ picture will pop-up on your screen. Tap the lapp icon to stop or pause the screen recording on Zoom .
If you are hosting the meet, you can screen record the way mentioned above. But in lawsuit, you want to let other users have the ability to record filmdom, you need to grant certain permissions. You can check how to do that in the ‘ Frequently Asked Questions ’ section .

How To View Screen Recorded Zoom Meetings?

To view, download & plowshare your screen recorded Zoom meetings, all you have to do is :

  1. Go to the Zoom website & login with your credentials.
  2. Head towards My Recording page. If the Zoom meeting is under a conversion process, you’ll observe a pop-up saying ‘Process Recording. .’
  3. You can watch, share, download & delete all your Zoom Cloud Recordings from here.

So these were the methods to screen record Zoom meeting on iPhone with audio.
Frequently Asked Questions: Zoom Meeting Recording
Q1. Why Am I Not Able To Screen Record A Zoom Meeting?
well, if your master of ceremonies has given you permissions to record the Zoom suffer, you ’ ll see a button to Record from the Zoom toolbar. so, you can either ask the host to grant permissions or use third-party tools that are mentioned above .
Q2. How Can I Grant Permissions To Participants To Record Zoom Meetings?
To let early participants have the ability to filmdom record Zoom meetings with audio on iPhone or other devices, here ’ s what you need to do :

  1. Launch Zoom Website & login with your credentials.
  2. Head towards ‘My Account’.
  3. Click on Recordings & navigate to Cloud Recordings tab!
  4. Click on the Settings, located at the top-right & simply check the boxes that grant permissions to participants screen record meeting locally  & on the cloud

Q3. What File Formats Does Zoom Support For Screen Recording?
soar meetings are recorded in MP4 file format, sound files in M4A format & text chats are screen door recorded in the TXT format .
Q4. How Can I Record Zoom Meetings With Audio On Desktop?
here ’ s a abbreviated template on How to Screen Record Zoom using a background app !

Q5. Is Zoom Meeting App Safe To Use?
well, Zoom has undoubtedly captivated a lot of attention these days, but it ’ randomness rising popularity has besides attracted lots of trolls about Zoom Bombing during Video Conference Calls. Read what it is & how you can secure your privacy while attending Zoom Meetings !

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