Screen sharing (iOS mirroring) in zoom App

With iOS screen sharing
With Zoom, you can use the Zoom background customer to share io screens wirelessly and wiredly from your iPhone and iPad. You can besides use io 11 or late screen recordings to contribution the entire io device screen .
When sharing the io shield, it is recommended to turn on the good-night mode to keep off receive unexpected notifications.

Note: When   using sieve mirror, some videos can not be shared .
Requirements for screen mirroring
・ Zoom node of Windows 3.5.27094.0918 or late
・Zoom customer of Mac 3.5.27094.0918 or later ・ Installs a circuit board for sharing
io devices
and iPhone / iPad * with computers on the same net.
-IPhone 4 or late, iPad, iPad miniskirt, 4th generation or later
-Network and computer firewall that enables Airplay access-For details, please check the protocol of IOS Airplay sieve sharing .
* You will be prompted to download this device the first gear clock you choose to share your io device via Airplay. alternatively, you can manually download the io device from the Download Center .
Sharing method with screen mirroring
Windows / Mac

  • In the meeting, click Share Screen .Select [ iPhone / iPad ] .


  • Optional: If you want to share phone audio in a meeting, check [ Share computer audio ].
  • Click [ Shared Screen ].
  • If prompted, install the plug-in.
    The installation starts when you click Install.
  • Follow the steps to connect your iOS device.・ Connect to the same network / Wi-Fi as your PC. -Select
    AirPlay ].
    ・ Select the corresponding iPhone / iPad.
    Enable [ Screen Mirroring ].
  • Swipe upward on the phone screen to access the Control Center.
  • Tap [ Screen Mirroring ]. Select
Select Mac / PC ].

  1. The iPad / iPhone is shared to the meeting.

]. How to share with wired connections
Wired sharing
-Mac OS 10.10 or late -Mac 4.0.35295.0605 or subsequently zoom node
-iOS device running io 8 or former
-Lightning cable
Mac only

  1. In the meeting, click Sharing Screen .
  1. Select [ iPhone / iPad via Cable ].
    Optional: Check ” Share computer audio ” if you want to share phone audio in the meeting .
  2. Click ” Shared Screen “.
  3. Follow the instructions below.
    ・ Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
    ・ If the iPhone or iPad is certified, select “Trust”
  4. Connect your iPhone or iPad with a cable.
  5. When prompted on your iOS device, select Trust .
  6. Please enter a passcode if necessary.
  7. The screen of iPhone / iPad is now shared to the meeting.

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