Remote Desktop Access via Zoom Remote Control: A Guide

– Oh my gosh where was this feature when my forefather was alive. There is a feature in Zoom which I have to plowshare with you today which may be a game changer for many in the sandwich coevals. Those of us who have kids but besides have parents who we ‘re occasionally supporting in engineering. There is a feature built into Zoom which goes well beyond the social connection benefits that we get from Zoom. It ‘s called Zoom Remote Control and it allows us to take outside control over person else ‘s computer. not for nefarious purposes but for the aim of support. For the function of department of education. For the determination of helping and its free and it ‘s built into Zoom and I ‘m gon na show it to you today on Dottotech. Steve Dotto hera, how the heck are you doing this fine day ? today we ‘re gon na be taking a look at a feature that ‘s built into Zoom called Zoom Remote Control If you go into your settings, you ‘ll find a switch, a toggle trade that will allow you to turn it on and this is what it does. During screen sharing, the person who is sharing can allow others to control the shared capacity. In other words, you can take over the riddle of the person who is sharing their screen. so what does that mean practically speaking ? well, there are a set of purposes that this will work for. But the one which just leaps to mind for me, is technical support. Is helping person out with something on their calculator, particularly for those of us who have parents that are possibly a little piece intimidated by the settings on their computer and afraid to go into the control gore and adjust things. This will allow you to take over their computer and remotely control it and remotely set things up. It is pretty cool. now it ‘s something that I have n’t used ahead but fortunately, a extremity of my team, April has done it quite frequently. So I asked her to take me on a tour. Let ‘s say you and I and April now explore Remote Control in Zoom. Hey April, how the heck you doing ? – I ‘m good, how are you ? – I am beneficial. so here ‘s what we wan sodium look at nowadays is I wan sodium attend at Zoom Remote Access and I got tantalum tell you the truth. I ‘ve never used it – ohio. but it ‘s something you told me that you ‘ve used before.

– I have I have, and it ‘s been super helpful for when I ‘m working with person doing a train seance and person who ‘s having a hard time kinda figuring out something. A lot of times I take over their remote control. And I kind of head them to where they need to be. And what ‘s dainty is that as I ‘m doing, when they ‘re sharing their screen and I use the distant then they take over the remote control back. It ‘s not a back and away where there ‘s this large presentment. So it ‘s kind of cool. Yeah, I like it a lot. – o, so lashkar-e-taiba ‘s do it right now. So the person whose computer needs to be controlled shares the riddle. – Yep. So you share your screen with me right now. – okay, so I ‘m gon na partake my screen and you ‘re gon na see my background here but, – And I see View Options at the top of my screen. That ‘s what I click on ? – [ April ] Yep and in the watch Options at the circus tent of the sieve, in the cliff down, you ‘ll see request to – outside Control, I ‘ve got that right there and I ‘ve sent you a request. sol now you ‘ve received a request – [ April ] now I merely need to approve it. so now you should have access to my filmdom. – then I clicked to start the distant. so now it says correctly here, I ‘m controlling April with Cox screen. – [ April ] Yes. – therefore if I go here, and I okay, let ‘s What have you got ? You got Snagit, I ‘m gon na open your Snagit I hope you do n’t have anything bad in Snagit. So this is actually, do you see on your calculator riddle ? We ‘ll get you to do this on my side in a here and now. But you see, – [ April ] Snagit did open. I have three screens though. So I would go to my, would go to my Chrome devour on the bottom, and you should be able to, Can you see my Chrome ? – just a hour, I will find it. – [ April ] Keep going keep going, right there. – There it is. Oh, you ‘ve got multiple monitors. There it is. – [ April ] Yeah, so that ‘s, – therefore I ‘m actually opening your browser window and I ‘m readjusting it. I can go in. So this is our chat so I can actually chat to me. – [ April ] Yup. – I ‘m actually sending a text message to me. You are the best boss. There it is. – [ April ] Oh, son. I just, Oh, that ‘s therefore odoriferous. April says, I ‘m the best foreman. Thank you, April. – [ April ] You ‘re welcome, you ‘re welcome. so this, so people, but the key hera is if you are supporting person, I can besides do this, which is I think, all-important, I can go into your system preferences at this point here. – [ April ] Right. – I can go in and I can say, okay, you ‘re having issues with your sound recording. Let me take over, Mom, Dad or anybody else. Let me take over and let me adjust your audio settings and make it all workplace for you because so much people have issues with their computer settings. These are the issues that people have trouble oneself with. And being able to go in and adjust the calculator settings, the system preferences, is essential. And this would work the same in both Windows and Mac. now actually, if you think about it, you can be on a Mac computer and you could service and help your parents or person else on their Windows computer this room as well, could n’t you ? – [ April ] Yes, you can. Yeah and actually, most recently, I do volunteer work for a veterans ‘ Organization and Zoom is one of the tools they ‘ve been using. So I actually use this feature to show them how to go in, set up a webinar, how to go in and kind of walked them through Zoom and launching from start to finish, the webinar because they were n’t sure and distinctly, sometimes when you ‘re sharing it on your own screen door, they ca n’t see all of those features. So I took over the outside and walk them through footstep by step and it was recorded, so they actually got the record to use for other team members, which was perfect. – That ‘s excellent. now when you wan sodium lead over the filmdom, what happens ? – [ April ] So I ‘m good gon na click on my sneak. And when adenine soon as you click on your mouse, you take back over the dominance of the mouse. – [ April ] Yup. – now, can I take back control again by clicking again on the screen ? And nowadays I have command of your shiner once again.

– [ April ] Yes. – So you can tag team back and forth. I guess there ‘s a certain protocol that it can get a little morsel torment if people are constantly taking back master of their own mouse. – [ April ] Right. now, do you want me to, do you wan na partake your screen ? – I will but I ‘m gon na just point out for everybody watching on YouTube that you have more tabs open than even I have. – [ April ] Maybe, could be. – o, so I ‘m gon na stop player sharing. And now I am going to plowshare my screen door and I ‘ve got the browser window open with a blog military post in it that we might be having issues with, for model. So I ‘m gon na share screen door and I ‘m equitable going to share that browser window. I ‘m gon na share that actual browser window with you. – [ April ] Okay. – so immediately you ‘ve got that being shared. – [ April ] Yup. – thus this is our final stake. – [ April ] now I ‘m going to view options I ‘m going to request Remote Control and there it is. – I do n’t – [ April ] You have, should have a pop up – Oh your screen, there is, yeah, I got the pop up here. – [ April ] So I could n’t see the start up just wan na let you know. – well, there ‘s besides a set that has to happen in your security settings in this especial shell that ‘s built into Apple ‘s systems settings that it ‘s requesting permission. – [ April ] Okay. – There we go, okay, so now you should have entree. – [ April ] Alright, so, – yes, you ‘re moving the sneak. This is amazing. – [ April ] All right, – You ‘re going through it and your highlight and you ‘re showing me how to do stuff – [ April ] Right here. – yea. and if I choose to move the mouse at any point, I can take back command. – yes And by clicking down on the bottom of the screen, I can take over and stop the share from happening. – You got it. – just like that. – It ‘s a great have, I love it.

– It ‘s very very cool. – And well I think it ‘s one of those great education tools and like you said helping ma and dad with those settings and being able to show them and I know a batch of people are much more of a ocular apprentice excessively so it ‘s therefore easy for you to go in and actually show them pretty much hands-on how to do it so that ‘s identical cool. – Thanks thus much April. This could be a real number plot record changer in then many different scenarios. I barely wished I had this tool when my dad was alive. I ca n’t tell you how many times I was coaching him through using his computer and finally I would good say, “ You know what, Dad, I ‘m going to come over. ” and it gave me a thoroughly excuse to go visit him. But of course, in this day and age, that might not be a virtual thing to do. So this is a terrific cock, this outback access. now I wan na share one thing with you before we leave because I can guarantee there will be questions in the comments of people asking for this saying they ca n’t find the feature of speech and it ‘s not working in their zoom and asking if it ‘s entirely available in the paid version and not the free adaptation. No, this is available in the detached version and if you do n’t see it, this is what you do. When you sign into your Zoom explanation, you go into your settings. This is where we turn on and off all of the different excess features that are built into Zoom, some of which may be enabled on your initiation, some of which may not be enabled but if I show you something in one of these videos that you do n’t have access to, chances are if you go in here, you will find one of these little toggle switches that will allow you to turn on or off those features. And if we scroll down amongst so many features, we will find Remote Control. It is, there it is, right there. Remote Control, during screen sharing the person who is sharing can allow others to remote, to control the shared contentedness. If that is gray, turn it on and then you will have access to this sport. nowadays if you have found today ‘s video to be utilitarian I have a few favors to ask of you. First of all, please give us a hitchhike up, give this video a like and share it with others who may benefit from it. additionally, if you ‘ve not so far subscribed to our duct, what are you waiting for ? Click that pledge button, ring that presentment bell and I will see you future clock for more DottoTech. Till then, I ‘m Steve Dotto. Have fun storming the castle .

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