Can you charge an Apple iPhone with a Samsung power adapter?

This doubt came up the days when I was talking to a friend who switched from a Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone 11 Pro. And in principle the answer is simpleton, because if you do n’t have an antique Samsung cell telephone, then it should have been delivered with a USB-C exponent supply. And this can be used with the appropriate cable to charge your iPhone.

USB C power supplies with Power Delivery mandate since 2019

Apple iPhones can be charged quickly via the USB PD criterion since the iPhone 8. All you need is a correspond charging cable to be able to connect the iPhone to the USB-C socket of the power supply whole via its Lightning socket. ampere far as I know, this is not supplied by Apple. however, you can buy such cables cheaply at Amazon. For example the follow models : With these cables, iPhones from the iPhone 8 and up charge significantly faster if they are connected to a Samsung USB-C baron supply unit – or another USB-C power supply unit. From 2019, Samsung has made office provision manufacturers a necessity that they must support the USB Power Delivery Standard if they use the Power Supplies want to advertise that they are compatible with Samsung devices.

exponent Delivery is the same as “ Super Fast Charging ”

even if Samsung is besides using the receptive charging standard USB Power Delivery works, you will by and large not read this appointment on the product pages. Samsung came up with its own selling name for this charging standard and calls it “ Super fast charging “. Under the hood, however, Samsung supports the same standard that Apple uses with iPhone and iPad models.

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charge is besides possible with old iPhones

To come binding to the original question : If mine has a Samsung might provision and a USB-C to Lightning charging cable television, you can basically charge any iPhone with it. Older iPhone models such as an iPhone 6 can besides be charged with it, precisely not equally fast as it was with USB PD subscribe. The charging accelerate of older iPhones is comparable to the erstwhile, modest, ashen USB-A circuit board ability add that was previously included with Apple smartphones.

ending : Yes, you can charge your iPhone with a Samsung exponent provide unit

For all those who have not read everything, but have only jumped to the conclusion : Charging an iPhone with a Samsung world power issue or a Samsung-compatible power add from a third gear party is feasible. –

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