Best Ethernet Adapters for Nintendo Switch in 2021

If you feel your radio connection fair international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate doing it for your switch, there is another choice. There are Ethernet adapters that can be used to get high-speed internet connectivity on the Switch. We are here to recommend you the best ethernet Adapters for Nintendo Switch. So that you can play multiplayer with your friends from home without trouble .
But there are a few things you need to know before going ahead and buying an Ethernet arranger for the Switch. These adapters are normally USB to Ethernet adapters that can be used while the Switch is docked. Since there are different connectivity speeds in Ethernet and USB, you need to know what will suit your needs better .

Ethernet Adapter Buyer’s Guide


You can find two types of Ethernet adapters chiefly, a normal Ethernet adapter and a Gigabit Ethernet arranger. The difference between them is huge, as Gigabit Ethernet increases the bandwidth to 1000MBPS plus. A normal one will only function up to 100MBPS, thus if you want more bandwidth, a Gigabit Ethernet arranger is your thing. They are sanely priced these days anyways, so you will not find a huge monetary value gap between normal and Gigabit adapters .

USB 2.0 or 3.0

The official Nintendo Switch Ethernet adapter, which is one of the best ethernet adapters for Nintendo Switch is USB 2.0. This adapter, which is in our number as well is made by HORI which is a console gambling peripheral brand. There are besides USB 3.0 adapters, which as we know have better transmit speeds than USB 2.0 does. So you have a choice here equally well, you can go for a USB 3.0 adapter or stick to a USB 2.0 one.

Best Ethernet Adapters for Nintendo Switch Reviewed

Best Overall

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Best Overall

UGREEN USB 3.0 to Ethernet Gigabit Adapter

so UGREEN has one of the best ethernet Adapters for Nintendo Switch, which is well more low-cost. It will provide you with Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth with the speed of USB 3.0. The Gigabit Ethernet Adapter by UGREEN is not exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, but it does have support for it. For the price, it is amongst the best ethernet adapters for the Switch. First off, it is a Gigabit arranger, so you get that 1000MBPS bandwidth with facilitate. The design is fairly simple, an Ethernet arranger that has a USB cable coming out of it. The black coloring material and the glossy finish is a big reach .
The cable is a USB 3.0, but it is fairly short, so you will have to make sure the Ethernet cable will reach it. All Ethernet adapters have this criterion distance of USB cable television, the like goes for the UGREEN USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter .
The attractive separate about this arranger is its quality and monetary value decimal point. For only $ 16 on Amazon, you can be the owner of this fast and dependable Ethernet adapter for the Switch .
This arranger is compatible with other devices as well, not merely the Switch. It has support for Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. So it can come in handy if your Ethernet port is non-responsive .

Best Premium

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Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI

Hori has been the formally accredited partner of all the major console table creators for many of their peripherals. This Nintendo Switch arranger by Hori is officially licensed by Nintendo as compatible with the Switch. When you fear for compatibility issues, settle for nothing but the formally license merchandise. The Nintendo Switch Wired Internet Lan Adapter by Hori is identical expensive for its features. The beginning thing you notice about this arranger is the Nintendo Switch logo on top of the adapter. This is to show that the adapter is formally licensed by the Nintendo party .
But as it is with most license products, they are identical expensive, so is this Hori Ethernet Adapter for Switch. flush though it is expensive, it does not have the best features in our list.

It has only USB 2.0 and a normal Ethernet bandwidth, not even Gigabit. So you can understand why it is a act laughably priced good because it is licensed by Nintendo. For the lapp price, you can buy USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapters with rest .
But being formally licensed means there is no question about its compatibility with the Switch. So you will decidedly be able to hook this up to the dock and make it work on your switch .
This Ethernet arranger by Hori is priced at a $ 30 on Amazon, which is doubly angstrom much as our best overall Ethernet adapter .

Best Budget

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Best Budget

SMAYS Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch

This budget Ethernet adapter by SMAYS is compatible with not just the Nintendo Switch, but the Wii U american samoa well. so if you are a Nintendo fan and have both the Switch and Wii U, you can use this on both of them. This is a very low-cost Ethernet adapter for the Switch, you can get it for just $ 11 on Amazon. It does not have amaze features, but it is vitamin a good as Hori ’ s officially licensed arranger in features. This adapter complements the Wii U more than the Nintendo Switch with its coloring material system of white. It feels light, is reasonably standard in features and does not contain a lot specification-wise .
With the SMAYS logo on the blank Ethernet arranger, you get a small USB 2.0 cable. We all know the limitations of USB 2.0, which means you will not be getting a set of speed compared to USB 3.0. But it is calm faster than what you can get in a radio receiver connection normally .
The adapter is besides not Gigabit, meaning its a apparent Ethernet arranger with speeds that reach up to 100MBPS lone. With fair a small bit more money you can get a Gigabit Ethernet adapter and USB 3.0. But if you are truly tight on a budget, this will do the flim-flam just fine .
This arranger does say it supports Nintendo Wii U along with the Switch so that is a summation luff for those who have both consoles. But other than that there does not seem to be a asset point in buying this adapter .

4 – Plugable USB to Ethernet Adapter

Plugable USB to Ethernet Adapter
This USB to Ethernet arranger by Plugable is one of the best ethernet adapters for Nintendo Switch. The reason behind it is that for the price compass point you are getting not only USB 3.0 but besides Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth.

The USB 3.0 allows for up to 5GBPS speeds and the Gigabit Ethernet will give you a bandwidth of 1000MBPS. This arranger, along with the UGREEN adapter, our best overall option, is the best one on our number .
Plugable is a reasonably properly trade name, their Bluetooth adapters are pretty great. This mark is pretty low-cost and has a good build choice .
therefore far it is one of the most commend brands for adapters on the internet. Our know with it was besides great, we had no complaints any with it .

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