How To: Add Wi-Fi To Your Xbox 360 Smartly and Cheaply

The Xbox 360 is the best console you can buy. Except it ‘s inexplicably missing something the Wii and PS3 have : Wi-Fi. You could buy Microsoft ‘s $ 90 dongle. Or you could follow our steer. ad

The Xbox 360 ‘s lack of Wi-Fi is a wholly killer whale hardware flaw—if you ‘re not correctly on peak of your router, you ‘ve either got tantalum string miles of ethernet cable or buy that costly american samoa dongle from Microsoft. Unless you check out one of the cheaper alternatives. here ‘s every major way to get your Xbox going on Wi-Fi, sorted by easiest to hardest ( but most satisfy ). Donglage
Dongles are, by far, the easiest room to get your Xbox 360 on a radio network. But they besides tend to be the costly. • Microsoft ‘s official wireless adapter is $ 87, which is absolute bullshit for a Wi-Fi antenna attached to a USB cable television. But it looks the nice and is super easy to use—just spark plug and play. Update : This weekend you c an catch one for $ 69. G/O Media may get a commissionFire TV Stick 4K Max Save $ 10 Fire TV Stick 4K Max Stream your favs easier
The Fire TV Stick 4K Max can be used to access all of your front-runner stream services with crystal clear 4K visuals, can be used along with Wi-Fi 6 devices, and flush grants access to some live television services besides. • The next stop is a third-party wireless adapter, where you ‘ve got your pick from Linksys ( $ 65 ), Belkin ( $ 70 ) and hey, Linksys ( $ 90, but it ‘s 802.11n ). like deal, plug and play. ad

• Finally, your cheapest option is from … Microsoft. Turns out, a regular Xbox radio arranger ( which is a supercheap $ 50 ), works equitable fine, with a bantam bit of wangle : Do n’t put in its actual install cadmium. precisely plug it in, and set your encoding. It might take two tries to get it to work, but it will. And, it wo n’t eat up a USB port like the official Xbox 360 one. Spoiler alert : This is our blame for best option, based on its jazz band of cheapness and appliance, if you can find one. ad

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Share Your Computer’s Connection
Sharing your computer ‘s connection is the cheapest option—it ‘s actually the freest matchless. It ‘ll work with a laptop or desktop, though a laptop is more sincerely wireless—the background bit is an option if your router ‘s just a dance step excessively far out of the way. Basically, you ‘re plugging your Xbox into the calculator ‘s ethernet port, and then having it use your calculator ‘s radio connection to connect to the internet. Windows
It ‘s actually harder to reliably parcel the internet love on Windows with its cousin, the Xbox 360, than it is on a Mac : No method worked faithfully for us across multiple Windows computers. But here ‘s how it should work : 1. Share your calculator ‘s wireless association. Microsoft actually details the process here, and it ‘s pretty easy. From the Network and Sharing center, chatter on the oversee network connections choice on the left. From there, right suction stop on the plug in you wan sodium contribution ( credibly radio, unless you ‘re daisy-chain ’cause your box fair wo n’t reach ) and hit properties. Under the sharing pill, just check the box to allow that connection to be shared. Plug your Xbox into the ethernet port. ad

2. There are a few early ways to proceed at this point, and you ‘re probably going to have sample at least a couple of them to find one that ‘ll work. You could bridge the two connections ( chancy ), or you could manually assign the ethernet port an IP address, detailed here ( PDF ). This Instructable relies on automagicalness to resolve the settings, and I have had that bring in the past, though not when I was sorting through methods for this how to. All in all, expect to do some Googling and troubleshooting if you go the Windows path. ad

You ‘d think this would be easy, ’cause I heard somewhere that Macs just work, and internet sharing on Macs typically ai n’t hard, but there is a bantam act of jujutsu involved here. This method acting, from Joystiq, is the most authentic one I used. 1. On your Mac, pop open Terminal, and type “ ifconfig en0 ” ( numeral zero, no quotes ). A whole bunch of bullshit will pop up. Find where it says “ inet ” ( it should be 192, anyhow ). Write that junk down. It will probably be, like mine. besides find out your router ‘s IP address, which is most likely ( Linksys ) or ( D-Link uses this ), depending on your manufacturer. If you have Apple ‘s Airport gear, the router will be at ad

2. then plug your Xbox 360 into your Mac, open up Sharing in Preferences. Turn on internet partake, and share your Airport ‘s internet connection with ethernet. 3. On the Xbox, flip to your network settings ( under system settings ), and enter the IP savoir-faire you got from the terminal freaky deaky earlier but + 1, like to my master Subnet should be, and then set your gateway as the ifconfig number, Under DNS ( spinal column one shield, then down ), put in your router ‘s actual address for both. Test your Xbox Live joining. Your NAT might suck, but you can get on Xbox Live. ad

Hack Your Router
This method acting is the least square, and requires a fiddling morsel of oeuvre on your contribution. basically, you ‘re buying a second router ( a cheap one, for about $ 40 ) and installing custom software on it that turns it into a giant wireless antenna that ‘s hooked up to your Xbox 360. ad

There are tons of Linux customs firmwares for routers nowadays, with DD-WRT and Tomato being the most popular. Tomato is a bite more exploiter friendly, but it works with far fewer routers than DD-WRT. DD-WRT works with dozens of unlike routers ( cluck for the list ). Whichever firmware you go with, the method acting for putting on your router will vary from device to device, with Buffalo routers being a ill-famed pain in the buttocks. Tomato includes instructions with the firmware download—but here are some of the details, and Lifehacker ‘s complete steer to install and using Tomato. ad

DD-WRT is my choose firmware. hera are the detail install instructions, but with most Linksys routers, you can merely drill into the router settings from the world wide web address ( ) and upload the DD-WRT firmware, directly, making it pretty easy. But some routers require unlike, exceptionally specific install methods. so check out the list before you run out to Best Buy or Circuit City. ad

My choose router for this because of its diminutiveness and bargain rate ( under $ 40 ), was the Buffalo G-125, which required you to flash it over TFTP backdoor the DD-WRT firmware onto it during a brief window of clock, like Luke dropping those bombs into the Death Star ‘s vent cock. It ‘s a pain in the arsenic, but everything else about the Buffalo routers make it worth it. unfortunately, you ca n’t buy it in the States until the future calendar month or so, so your cheapest bet is is Linksys ‘s $ 40ish WRT54G, which unfortunately, has different install methods depending on the rewrite. The DD-WRT wiki is very good, so you should n’t run into problems following it. ad

once you get either firmware installed, you ‘re going to set your hacked router up as a wireless customer. 1. You ‘re going to need to go into the hack router ‘s settings. Set the hack router to client mode. ad

2. These numbers are going to vary slightly based on your router, but you need to assign it an IP address—if your main router ‘s IP cover is, set your chop router at or ( a count that ‘s in your independent router ‘s DHCP server range ). then make the gateway and DNS the same IP address as your chief router. 3. When it reboots you ‘re gon na have to re-login to whatever IP address your hack router is. Do that, go back in, and give the hack router the like SSID ( name ) as your main router ( Linksys, gizrox, whatever you have it named ). You can besides configure wireless security at this point, though for me, it ‘s always been kind of flaky, WEP in particular, so you might have to play around to see what works. ad

4. To test, try to get on-line using the hack router as your internet connection, with all of your computer ‘s IP settings left on automatic. If it works, plug the hack router into your Xbox. If not, check out the DD-WRT wiki for more halpz. 4. On your Xbox, you can leave everything set to automatic—the hack router does all the work. ad

The hack router method might take the longest, but at least you wo n’t have a useless dongle when the Xbox 720 comes out, you ‘ll have a full-featured router, and it ‘s cheaper than the official dongle. Plus you ‘ll have a find of accomplishment that will carry over to gaming, so you should kill a set more people in Call of Duty .

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