How do you record Zoom meetings using OBS?

One of Zoom ‘s most popular features is its native television recording. Zoom users can record meetings to either their personal computer or to the Zoom swarm. You can evening get branch files for veranda opinion and full-sized loudspeaker view if you record to the Zoom cloud. Yet, many people are using other options, such as Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS, to record video meetings .

Why practice another assemble of software when Zoom provides recording ? There are several minor benefits. For model, OBS supports recording into different video formats. But the main reason why you may want to learn how to record Zoom meetings using OBS is that the software can help companies get a step ahead on their video recording production.

OBS is the software of choice for many, if not most, of today ‘s on-line streamers. This unblock software lets you create “ scenes, ” using your webcam feed along with any early videos or images you elect to include. The consequence is then pushed live to your streaming platform of option, like YouTube or Twitch, and/or to a recording. The original use character for OBS was childlike : It lets gamers overlay their webcam visualize on a corner of their video crippled during their on-line streams. Viewers can see the game at wide size, arsenic well as the real-time reactions of streamers, as they play .

OBS becoming a full-featured editor

Over time, OBS added countless features and capabilities as users sought to enhance their streams and stand out. today, it is practically a full-featured live video recording editor program. Just about anything I can do in post-production with traditional video recording editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, I can now do live in OBS. We all know what Premiere Pro can do ; it ‘s basically Photoshop for video. merely as Photoshop enables users to manipulate an image, Premiere Pro enables them to manipulate a video recording. An experience editor using Premiere Pro can do fair about anything with a recorded file. traditional editing software can be expensive, however, and it requires a recorded video recording file. OBS is exempt and enables users to edit their be feeds .
What does that mean ? alternatively of recording on Zoom and importing that recording into Premiere Pro for production, users can employ OBS to do everything in one shoot. Any backgrounds, title bars, overpass graphics, transitions or early video effects typically applied after the fact with editing software can be set up in OBS and applied during the recording itself .
For example, I have used OBS to record a Zoom suffer when producing a video recording podcast. On my primary monitor, I programmed OBS with a few simple scenes that all had the lapp softly moving blue background. My secondary monitor displayed my zoom meet running live with two presenters. OBS enabled me to easily capture sections from my secondary monitor — run Zoom — and overlay them into the OBS scenes .
OBS control Zoom meetings
OBS enables you to edit and control Zoom meetings in real time.

Using this proficiency, I took the two Zoom speaker windows and overlaid them on my blue backdrop. I could position and size them any direction I wanted. For this podcast, I used three separate scenes. One fit positioned the two speakers at the lapp size when they were talking back and forth. The early two scenes each had a larger window for the active speaker .
During our recording session, I used OBS to use a evanesce transition to switch among the three scenes in OBS as the speakers talked. The result was a fully produced video podcast with nice transitions between different views and little to no want for post-production editing. The speakers saw nothing of this and merely conducted their Zoom conversation normally without any distractions .

How to record Zoom meetings in OBS

Before I could crop and position the Zoom windows in OBS, as mentioned above, I had to capture Zoom in OBS. There are a few ways to do this, but here are the promptly steps to the method I use to record Zoom meetings in OBS.

1. Click the + push button at the bottom of the Sources dock in OBS to create a newly beginning .
OBS control Zoom meetings
OBS enables you to edit and control Zoom meetings in real time.

2. Choose Display Capture .
Recoding Zoom in OBS step 2

3. Set the new source to capture the personal computer ‘s second gear display .
Recording Zoom in OBS step 3

4. Move the Zoom window over to the personal computer ‘s second display .
now, Zoom exists as a beginning in OBS. Anything that happens in the Zoom windowpane besides happens on this source in your OBS screen. You can crop, resize, add filters and control the Zoom meet in any way you choose.

You can besides make multiple copies of the meeting and control them all differently, which enables you to have one beginning for each speaker in Zoom. You can then position them as you please over your background source of option and already have a more produce and watchable video. From there, you can take it to the next level by creating multiple scenes, pop-up book effects, transitions and other promote OBS techniques .

Support for live and prerecorded meetings

These capabilities however, when learning how to record Zoom meetings using OBS, possibly the biggest advantage is how easy it is to stream live. once your scenes are set up and you are comfortable with switching among them during the school term, OBS lets you stream equitable deoxyadenosine monophosphate easily as you can record. Rather than hit Start Recording, choice Start Streaming — after configuring OBS to connect to your YouTube or other streaming military service account .
In fact, I produce several video recording podcasts that sometimes are live and sometimes prerecorded, depending on my clients ‘ needs for that particular podcast. From a production point of view, I set up OBS the same way regardless. When the session begins, I can either pour hot or record with full production values. Either way, it happens all in one step and with little or no want for post-production edit .

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