Hunter X Hunter: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Canary

even ardent Hunter X Hunter fans might not know all these facts about Canary, who has proven to be a popular fictional character in the series. Hunter X Hunter is a classic zanzibar copal series that capitalizes on the appeal of its main characters by constantly shifting the setting that they find themselves in. With Gon and Killua ‘s adventures, not one floor arch is like the early .
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In each arc and setting, the two lead characters are forced to build relationships with secondary coil and third characters like Canary. In fact, fan-favorite characters like Gon and Killua are celebrated adequate. This list puts the spotlight on Canary, to unveil ten-spot facts only Hunter X Hunter mega fans would know.


10 At The Age Of Ten She Defeated A Professional Hunter

Hunters attack the Zoldyck Estate The inaugural time Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio meet Canary they are told the fib of the bodyguard ‘s success against an earlier group of intruders. The admonitory fib included a professional orion and 100 goons. Canary defeated the stallion party, protecting the Zoldycks from undesirable intruders, as is her job description .
This fact is not precisely modern information, but it does mean quite a bit more than fans might think. At only the senesce of ten-spot, Canary took on an stallion party of grow men and walked away victorious. If Gon always leaves Killua behind, Canary can constantly fill the function of the overpower protagonist if necessary .

9 She Is Loyal To Killua Above All Else

Canary in Hunter X Hunter with Killua When Canary is faced with Killua ‘s allies at the start of the Zoldyck Family Arc it is made identical clear that she is controlled by a higher world power than both Gon and Killua. placid, Canary chooses to fight for Killua and his friends even while her life is in the hands of Killua ‘s beget .
Canary has proven that she can be an incredibly utilitarian ally to Killua. even more useful at times than Gon, the show ‘s supporter. Killua has a good supporter and a mighty ally in Canary. He would be wise to keep her close in the future .

8 Canary Grew Up In Meteor City

Meteor City Dialogue _ Hunter X Hunter Though fans of the anime have only gotten the opportunity to see Meteor City a few times, it is made clear that the home of the Phantom Troupe is significant to the plot of Hunter X Hunter. As it turns out, the Zoldycks adopted Canary from Meteor City .
possibly her time in the lawless country can explain the incredible skill and might the young female child possesses. Should fans assume that everyone who spends time in Meteor City grows stronger equitable through the effort it takes to survive ?

7 She Is A Ghost On The Public Database

Confused Canary in Hunter X Hunter Strength is not the lone beneficial result of being raised within the confines of Meteor City. Thanks to Canary ‘s cryptic past, there is no data listed about her in the populace databases. flush person with access to the Hunter ‘s on-line database would have trouble finding out anything utilitarian about Canary. possibly this is why the Zoldycks recruit from Meteor City in the beginning put .

6 Her Blood Type Is AB And Her Personality Type Is ISFJ

Killua And Canary These two facts are precisely a couple of triviality trinkets that fans can take away from this list. The latter detail is a simple Meyers Brigg ‘s personality type winnow hypothesis, but the early might actually reveal something about the Zoldyck kin .
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even though the Zoldycks keep all of Canary ‘s personal data from the public databases, they have chosen to reveal her lineage character. Readers can dig into the motivation behind this option however they like, but it is an intrigue decision however.

5 Canary Knows How To Use Nen

Canary At The Zoldyck Estate In Hunter X Hunter When Canary is first introduced in Hunter X Hunter none of the main cast understood the might of aura and Nen. It is indecipherable if Canary knew of Nen at this time either, but when she reappears in the final bow of the zanzibar copal series, Canary uses Zen to prove her affinity with aura control has not lagged behind Killua and Gon ‘s .
Hopefully, future manga chapters will reveal what Canary ‘s Nen type is. Could the bodyguard be an emitter, or possibly the Zoldyck ‘s have another transmuter on their hands ?

4 Her Character Design Has Changed

Canary 1999 Anime A fact that is quite normally known amongst Hunter X Hunter fans has to do with the anime ‘s two separate release dates. The zanzibar copal was first created and aired in 1999 and belated reanimated and re-released in 2011 .
Both zanzibar copal follow the manga, but the art and even a few quality designs were altered in the 2011 release. Canary is one character that was slightly altered in the modern version of the anime. In 1999, Canary looked older and even had long crimson hair rather of black .

3 The Manga Has Not Confirmed That She Is From Meteor City

hunter x hunter manga The fact that Canary reigns from Meteor City is actually a world-building piece of canon that is exclusive to the zanzibar copal. Most much, manga is the medium that holds single reign over the canon, but Hunter X Hunter is unlike .
Canary ‘s hometown was beginning listed in a classify character guidebook before it aired in the 2011 zanzibar copal series. possibly when the manga reveals Canary ‘s association with Meteor City fans will get the casual to find out more about Killua ‘s loyal acquaintance .

2 Rihanna Did A Canary Cosplay Unintentionally

Rihanna Cosplay as Canary Anime fans might be a morsel confused when seeing Rihanna ‘s name next to one of the lesser-known characters from Hunter X Hunter, but possibly the anime has a larger fan base than some might assume. It has even to be revealed whether Rihanna is a fan of Hunter X Hunter but a few of her outfits could easily be confused as cosplay .
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One of her outfits specially borrows from Canary ‘s character ‘s design. The intentions behind this outfit may be vitamin a cryptic as Canary ‘s backstory, but this photograph belongs inside a list of Canary ‘s best cosplay .

1 Her Character Debuted in Manga Volume 5, Chapter 41

Canary HXH Manga For fans that are looking for more information on Canary than they received from the anime, the manga is the place to go. Canary first appeared in manga volume 5, chapter 41.

The manga might not reveal much more than the anime, but it is the source of the Hunter X Hunter canon. If fans seek more information on the global of Hunter X Hunter or its many characters, this is the rate to go .
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