Cannot RDP into server from some Windows 7 Machines, can from Windows 10

This has a bunch of us stumped and we ca n’t figure it out. Unfortunately it ‘s become a critical issue now and we are out of ideas. Prepare for a braindump … here is everything we did so far : The server is administered by us, but owned by a client who did the initial apparatus and joined it to their knowledge domain. It runs Server 2008 R2 serve throng 1. There is a local report on the distant server ( not a domain account ) that they gave us credentials for. We are accessing the outside server by IP address and our IP is the only one allowed to access the RDP protocol at the site, so you have to be accessing from inside our build. thus if it was just a Windows 7/Windows 10 dispute we ‘d assume it ‘s something about how RDP is implemented between OS versions. But we have one individual person on Windows 7 who can get into the remote control waiter using the exact lapp action.

I know, we should be on Windows 10 anyhow, and we ‘re rolling it out ASAP, but this needs to be resolved faster than we can rebuild all the PCs that have to have access with a new OS, so we still need to figure out what is faulty. Every login try from non-working machines comes back say, “ The credentials that were used to connect to [ IP ] did not work ” even though we are sure that they are correct. We have typed them and copied and pasted them from our password management software dozens of times, and I have personally entered it myself often so I know it ‘s not just user error fat fingering the password. The password is provided in [ domain ] \ [ username ] format where [ knowledge domain ] is the name of the local waiter we are trying to connect to. I have verified that the case of the personal computer name and the username are being provided precisely correctly american samoa well, again by entering them myself, even though this should not matter. I can verify that we are actually reaching the distant server and it is not a network issue because the fail authentication attempts show up in the distant server ‘s Event Viewer with the originating personal computer identified by name. The mistake there is ” an account failed to log on ” with “ unknown username or badly password ”. thus, what could possibly make a distant server believe it did not get compensate credentials, evening though it did, and besides be dependent upon the translation of the originating operational system ? I had the IT staff at the customer switch to “ Allow connections from computers running any interpretation of Remote Desktop ( less secure ) ” but that did n’t help either.

My only early think was that the work and non-working machine had different RDP versions but that ‘s not the case either. According to the About window, they are on precisely the lapp version : Working RPD node : Working RDP
Non-Working RDP client : Not Working RDP
angstrom far as we can tell, the distant server does not have TLS enabled.

I tried a 3rd party RDP tool, Remote Desktop Manager Free edition, but that produced the same erroneousness. I have now tried everything I can think of and have no explanations, or even any ideas what to try following. I am at my wag ‘s end. Does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks in boost Spiceheads ! This is the weirdest return I ‘ve seen in my stallion career .

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