Captain America: New World Order: What We Know About The Marvel Movie So Far

In April 2021, the Marvel Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came to an end and led to some major questions about what was following for the usher and Anthony Mackie ’ s future as Captain America. Since then, there has been a big deal of speculation and a aspersion of news surrounding Captain America 4. Though we didn ’ t initially know much about the approaching Marvel movie, over meter, more and more has been revealed with news about the spell team behind the film, the director, and the return of Sam Wilson. That all changed at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, when Marvel Studios foreman, Kevin Feige, revealed some agitate plans for the MCU moving forth, including what has since been revealed as Captain America : New World Order. If you want to know more about this exciting Marvel Phase 5 visualize, including its publish date, information on the creative team bringing it to life, and other details, stick round, because we ’ ra going to break it all gloomy immediately.

The Captain America: New World Order logo ( picture credit : Marvel Studios )

Captain America: New World Order Premieres May 3, 2024

In the give of 2021, Deadline swooped in with one of the biggest superhero movie scoops of the year when it revealed that Captain America 4 was in the works and would follow up the Disney+ series that ended earlier that month. Fast-forward over a year, and Kevin Feige was front and center on the Hall H stage 2022 San Diego Comic-Con not only sharing the film ’ s newfangled and official title — Captain America : New World Order — but besides that it will open in theaters May 3, 2024. The official Marvel Twitter report followed up with this big announcement ( one of many that night ) with far confirmation of the title and secrete date equally well as the movie ’ randomness logo, far adding to the agitation. ( double credit : Marvel Studios )

Anthony Mackie Is Set To Reprise His Role As Captain America

When Captain America : New World Order opens on the boastful sieve in May 2024, it will be 10 years ( plus one calendar month ) since Mackie was first introduced as Sam Wilson and became one of Steve Rogers ’ closest allies and best friends in the critically-acclaimed, Captain America : The Winter Soldier. Talk about one hell of a decade for Mackie and his most celebrated character, who went from buddy to the star of his own movie. In August 2021, Deadline reported that Mackie closed on a batch to star in what was hush referred to as Captain America 4 at the meter and would become the first official member of the movie ’ s hurl. not a solid set is known about what kind of threats Mackie ’ randomness Cap will face in the raw movie, but producer Nate Moore did call the character an “ underdog ” and compared him to Rocky Balboa when speaking with ’ s Phase Zero podcast.

There has not been any official word on who will be joining Mackie in the Captain America : New World Order cast, but it would a shocker if Sebastian Stan ’ s Bucky Barnes, Wyatt Russell ’ s John Walker, and Danny Ramirez ’ s Joaquin Torres weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate part of the report. Ramirez didn ’ t say much about his future in MCU when CinemaBlend ’ s Mike Reyes asked him about it in early 2022, but he was excited to be a function of the MCU ’ s push for diverse characters, calling it “ a beautiful thing to look forward to. ” ( prototype citation : Disney+ )

Julius Onah Will Direct Captain America: New World Order

With Joe and Anthony Russo busy with their versatile Netflix projects, the brothers behind the former two Captain America movies ( adenine well as the third base and fourthly Avengers epics ) won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be returning to direct New World Order. alternatively, Julius Onah, the Nigerian-American film maker behind 2018 ’ s The Cloverfield Paradox will be sitting in the conductor ’ s president when the movie finally starts output at a late date. The lease was first announced in July 2022, when The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the director, who made his feature-length debut in 2018 with the natural process thriller, The Girl Is in trouble, would become the first person without the survive name of Russo to direct a Captain America movie for the first fourth dimension in more than a ten. ( picture credit : Marvel Studios )

Captain America: New World Order Is Being Written By The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Showrunner, Malcolm Spellman

Although the Captain America : New World Order director will be working with Marvel Studios for the beginning time in his career, it is a unlike narrative for the film ’ second main screenwriter. In April 2021, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Malcolm Spellman, who created, wrote, and served as showrunner on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be returning to pen the script for what was then called Captain America 4. The wall socket besides reported at the time that Dalan Musson, who served as a writer on the Disney+ pour series, would be co-writing the handwriting alongside Spellman. There aren ’ t a lot of details about Spellman ’ s script for Captain America : New World order at this time, but it wouldn ’ thymine be a stretch to think the erstwhile showrunner will not shy away from tackling social issues in the raw movie. At the time Spellman told CinemaBlend ’ s Eric Eisenberg that Marvel fans had already proved they were “ very will to go on these rides and deal with stuff that has substance. ” ( image credit : Marvel Studios )

Captain America: New World Order Will Be One Of The Final Marvel Phase 5 Titles

There has been a big distribute of understanding concerning the MCU ’ s future as Phase 4 reap to a close, but fans were given some a lot needed reassure in July 2022 when Kevin Feige shared information about the next two phases in what is being called the Multiverse Saga. During the Marvel Studios presentation at 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, Feige revealed the full moon slate for Phase 5, which will kick off with Ant-Man and the Wasp : Quantumania in February 2023 and conclude with Thunderbolts in July 2024. Near the end of the short, yet fabulously stacked, Phase 5 ( at least 12 movies and shows in under 18 months ) is Captain America : New World Order, which is set to premiere fair two-and-a-half months before we start working our way to Phase 6 and the arrival of the long-in-the-works Fantastic Four. With Captain America 4 being so close to Thunderbolts, it wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be all that surprising if the two movies share a few characters or an interconnected fib. There is distillery a lot we don ’ t so far know about Captain America : New World Order or which upcoming Marvel movies will fill up those remaining spots in Phase 6, but expect to know more in the identical approach future .

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