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Chris Evans, in full Christopher Robert Evans, ( born June 13, 1981, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. ), American actor who was known for his charismatic performances in superhero movies but who besides earned deference for more-nuanced dramatic and comedic performances.

Evans grew up in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where his beget was a dentist and his mother was involved with a local youth theater. Evans and his siblings were all interested in musical theater, and he attended an acting camp as a child. Before his final class of high school, he secured a summer internship at a casting ship’s company in New York City. Following his commencement in 1999, he landed roles in a ephemeral television receiver drollery, Opposite Sex ( 2000 ), and a little-seen kin movie, The Newcomers ( 2000 ) .
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Between guest roles on television receiver shows, Evans appeared in a adolescent movie parody, not Another adolescent Movie ( 2001 ), and the adolescent antic The Perfect Score ( 2004 ). He then portrayed a new man who receives a phone call from a kidnap victim ( Kim Basinger ) and attempts to rescue her in the thriller Cellular ( 2004 ). The film established him as a plausible action star. In 2005 Evans appeared in his beginning superhero movie, playing the brash Johnny Storm/the Human Torch in the Marvel population history Fantastic Four. His credits from 2007 included the science-fiction movie Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle ; the comedian drama The Nanny Diaries ; and fantastic 4 : ascent of the Silver Surfer. Among his following movies were The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond ( 2008 ), scripted by Tennessee Williams ; the action movie The Losers ( 2010 ) ; and the cult front-runner Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ( 2010 ).

In 2011 Evans inaugural played the character with whom he is possibly most identify, the earnest World War II recruit who becomes Captain America, in Captain America : The First Avenger. He reprised the function in a number of subsequent blockbusters : The Avengers ( 2012 ), Captain America : The Winter Soldier ( 2014 ), Avengers : Age of Ultron ( 2015 ), Captain America : Civil War ( 2016 ), Spider-Man : homecoming ( 2017 ), Avengers : Infinity War ( 2018 ), and Avengers : endgame ( 2019 ). In addition to pursuing his career as Captain America, Evans gave an electrify performance as a dependent lawyer in Puncture ( 2011 ), based on real events. He besides won praise for his layered portrayal of a rebel drawing card in Bong Joon-Ho ’ s dystopian fabrication Snowpiercer ( 2013 ) and as the unconventional defender of a mathematics prodigy in Gifted ( 2017 ). Evans made his directorial debut with the love story Before We Go ( 2014 ), in which he besides starred. In 2018 Evans first gear appeared on Broadway, in a well-received performance as a veteran hook in Kenneth Lonergan ’ s Lobby Hero. He was belated cast as the bad and objectionable son of a asleep patriarch in Rian Johnson ’ sulfur Knives Out ( 2019 ), a classical murder mystery that was a box-office reach. He besides played the father of a murder defendant in the television receiver serial Defending Jacob ( 2020 ). In the animize Lightyear ( 2022 ), a by-product of Pixar ’ s popular Toy Story series, Evans voiced the character of Buzz Lightyear. His other credits from 2022 include the spy thriller The Gray Man, in which he portrayed a nefarious former CIA agent.

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