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Started this Captain America drawing the other day. I wanted so much for this to be my best work ( or one my best work ) but sometimes things don ’ thymine go as planned. I had interracial thoughts about posting this patch on the internet, but in the end I decided to share it. After all it is separate of my journey ! And if you are following me, you must have realized by now that I am honest as hell when it comes to my art, I never sugarcoat anything. therefore here is the piece I am not proud about ! Let ’ s break down what went wrong with this Captain America drawing !
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1. Tools

separate of my “ failure ” was the super crazy survival of color pencils. I pretty much used all shades of brown I own. ( amusing thing, I always advise others to use as few colors as possible for the sake of consistency. following time I will make certain to follow my own advice )
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therefore many different hues, if not used correctly, can lead to color inconsistencies, likely malleability, a choice close to that of the “ preternatural valley ” and lots of other minor problems. Anyways, here ’ s a complete list of the materials I used :

  • Fabriano multipaper 350gsm
  • Colored Pencils: raw amber, van dyke brown, nougat, burnt sienna, walnut brown, bistre, cinnamon, black, sanguine, chromium green opaque, bluish turquoise, burnt carmine. All Faber-Castell polychromos or Albrecht Durer (Whatever is readily available at the local bookstore!)
  • tombow mono zero pencil eraser
  • putty eraser
  • random sharpener (not shown in the picture)

2. Poor choice of reference image

Remind me not to draw another face looking strictly square. Like they say “ there ’ s nothing more difficult than drawing the … early eye ”. entire isotropy is never a good thing, specially when drawing. Just a millimeter off center and the face becomes person else ’ sulfur.

3. Too much attention to technical stuff

As mentioned before, I wanted to create something special and I got so lost to the technical details, I lost the point of the drawing. rather of capturing the subject ’ sulfur person, I tried to make the skin as flawless and adenine legato as possible, make the colors adenine close as possible to these of the reference image ( therefore the huge survival of browns described in 1. ) and by and large I treated the artwork as a rigid survey and not as an actual artwork .
Lesson learned. I plan to draw this demand portrayal again in the future, following my own advice this time ! We ’ ll see how it turns out !

beginning :
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