Captain America: How Steve Rogers Became an Agent of Hydra

Captain America is one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe, but Secret Empire revealed that Steve Rogers has been turned into a Hydra agent. By any measure, Captain America is one of the greatest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He was the first Avenger before the superhero team was even a thing and he has led the consign in some of the biggest battles in the history of Earth ‘s Mightiest Heroes. Steve Rogers and his bolshevik, white, and aristocratic harbor are a symbol of hope and inspiration to everyone in the Marvel Universe. He inspires others — whether they are regular people or superheroes themselves — to be good, stronger, and more compassionate. It ‘s been that way for years .
Despite years of confidence, the people ‘s religion in the Sentinel of Liberty was finally broken. For the past few years, Steve has been working hard to clear his name, and to earn back the people ‘s trust. But why was it broken in the first place ? Well, this fight is actually the consequence of a series of events that started five years ago, when the quality was revealed to be a secret agent for Hydra.

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Old Man Steve Rogers

Old Man Steve Rogers Captain America by Mike Deodato The road to Steve Rogers becoming the Hydra Supreme began a long time ago, in 2014 ‘s Captain America # 21 by Rick Remender and Nic Klein. In the issue, Steve engaged a villain known as the Iron Nail in fight. however, the villain ended up removing the super-soldier serum from Steve ‘s system. As a consequence, Steve lost his powers and his torso aged to that of a 90-year-old man — his rightful senesce .
however, he did n’t let that stop him. While Steve stopped being Captain America after losing his super-soldier status, he still remained active as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a few years. That finally came to an end in the 2016 Avengers : repulsion ! event .
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How Kobik Turned Captain America Into a Hydra Agent

In the Avengers : repulsion ! storyline, it was revealed that Maria Hill and S.H.I.E.L.D. had created a town called Pleasant Hill. The small town ‘s inhabitants were actually all supervillains whose lives, identities and memories had been erased and altered by the sentient shard of a Cosmic Cube called Kobik. Taking on the appearance of a short girl, Kobik was used to create this perfective illusion, but hell finally broke free when the villains regained their memories and their identities .
A big conflict took place involving the Avengers and the then-current Captain America, Sam Wilson, angstrom well as Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. however, in the contend, old man Steve Rogers was badly beaten by Crossbones. Before the villain could finish him off, Kobik used her powers to restore Steve as a super-soldier. abruptly, Steve was young again and fully powered as Captain America .
While it was n’t revealed at the time, Kobik had n’t brought back the actual Steve Rogers. alternatively, she had created another, alternate version of him.

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Captain America in Secret Empire

late, readers learned the Red Skull had actually manipulated Kobik into believing Hydra was a effect for good. consequently, when she brought Steve Rogers back to his youthful self, she made changes to his timeline. Steve was calm the global ‘s greatest superhero, but he was actually a secret agent for Hydra and kept his true allegiances under wraps until he was finally ready to make his act in 2016 ‘s Captain America series .
The malefic Steve Rogers worked in unavowed to launch a all-out attack to make Hydra last rule supreme all over the state. In the 2017 event serial Secret Empire, he locked out the cosmic superheroes from the universe thanks to a global shield, plunged most of New York in a colored bubble reality and demolish Las Vegas in an attempt to kill the Avengers .
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thankfully, the decision of Secret Empire revealed this evil Steve Rogers was actually a double. A part of the real Steve Rogers was in fact still alive inside the Cosmic Cube. There, he had no clear memory of who he was. finally, inside this reality, Steve found Kobik, who gave him back all of his memories. While he was distillery trapped, however, the Winter Soldier went inside the Cube, and he was able to bring both Kobik and Steve Rogers back into the real world .
now, there were two Captain Americas : one evil, who swore his allegiance to Hydra, and the real Steve Rogers, who had ultimately properly returned. Both versions of the Sentinel of Liberty fought one another for the destiny of the worldly concern. The real Steve defeated his evil counterpart, and he stood triumphant against Hydra. As the event came to a close, Captain America had last returned, and the evil “ Captain Hydra ” was locked up. however, the damage was done, and the populace now associated Steve Rogers with the man who had about destroyed the state .

After this, Steve went on a cross-country go of America to try and restore the public ‘s trust in the crimson, flannel and blue shield, but his trip was cut short. In the subsequent Captain America series, the nefarious group known as the Power Elite used that break trust to their advantage, but Steve and his allies fought to remind everyone who Captain America actually is — and what he stands for .
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