Captain America Vs Deathstroke: Who Would Win?

super soldiers are a august part of comics because of the first one, Captain America. One of the most cheer heroes in all of comics, he ‘s the acme when it comes to being a leader and superhero. Everyone in the Marvel Universe looks up to him- he ‘s an alone strategist and combatant and has faced down some of the most dangerous threats with merely his carapace and insane wherewithal .
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On the other side of the extremely soldier spectrum is Deathstroke. One of the most dangerous mercenaries in comics, Deathstroke uses his superintendent soldier skills for his personal aggrandizement and is one of the best hand to hired hand combatants round off. If he and Cap were to clash, who would win ?

11 Captain America: Tougher Than Old Leather

Captain America and Miles Morales fighting together Captain America ‘s super soldier serum enhanced his physical attributes but his lastingness was n’t upped besides much. He makes up for this both with chain mail on his costume and besides a highly acrobatic fight stylus, equally well as his boast harbor. however, Steve Rogers finds himself in situations and against foes that sometimes overwhelm him, like any hero, and that means Cap has taken some unplayful beatings .
Cap, though, is one of the toughest heroes around and keeps going careless of how ill beaten he is. Cap never gives up regardless of the odds … or the break bones .

10 Deathstroke: Best Of The Best

Old School Deathstroke Being a materialistic in a universe filled with some of the most brawny heroes and villains in comics is a sturdy proposal but Deathstroke pulls it off and sometimes even makes it seem easy. There are few other mercenaries in the DCU who can compete with Deathstroke ; his breadth of his skills, combined with his superhuman attributes make him one of the deadliest men around .
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Deathstroke can take down an army on his own or battle teams of superhumans to a deadlock. There are few out there who can hang with him and he ‘s constantly getting better, never one to rest on his laurels .

9 Captain America: The Shield

Captain America looking heroic Captain America ‘s carapace is one of the most recognizable- and versatile- weapons in comics. He ‘s mastered the use of it in fight, both for alone defense and unstoppable discourtesy. It ‘s a weapon that ‘s absolutely suited to his fighting style, allowing him to protect himself and others one irregular and then become a formidable projectile the future .
Composed of a vibranium and adamantium alloy, it ‘s one of the toughest weapons in comics, able to stand enormous amounts of damage and, because of the singular nature of vibranium, able to absorb impacts and leap around. Cap can clear a room of bad guys with fair one throw of his mighty carapace .

8 Deathstroke: Armed To The Teeth

Deathstroke fighting One does n’t get Deathstroke ‘s reputation without succeeding and one of the reasons for that is how well armed he is. While his weapons do n’t make or break him, they help him even up the odds a morsel against his opponents, who frequently have ways of long compass attack that he needs to have an solution for in order to survive .
He carries a variety of firearms, explosives, a extra prometheum staff ( the DC adamantium equivalent ) that fires energy blasts, and a assortment of bladed weapons, including a prometheum sword. Deathstroke believes in being prepared for anything and his arsenal of weapons goes a long towards that .

7 Captain America: Are You Experienced?

Captain America Captain America ‘s struggle against evil began in WWII and while he spent a draw of fourth dimension freeze, he came back on the fit near the beginning of the dawn of heroes in the Marvel Universe. Captain America ‘s faced down some of the most dastard villains in the Marvel Universe and is one of the best leaders in comics, having helmed the Avengers to victories against all manners of threats .
Cap is one of the most experienced heroes in the Marvel Universe, having faced everything from nazi soldiers to supervillains to godlike cosmic entities, always in the forefront of the battle .

6 Deathstroke: Team Destroying Exercises

Deathstroke Fights the Justice League Deathstroke got into the supervillain game after his son Grant, going by the name Ravager, died in battle with the Teen Titans and proved to be equitable vitamin a good against superheroes as he was against more mundane enemies. He has beaten the team singlehandedly on respective occasions, which is pretty impressive even though the team is composed of teenagers .
even more impressive, Deathstroke has even proven capable of tackling the Justice League on his own and beating the pants off them. There are plenty of villains who can take down teams on their own, but they normally have much greater powers than Deathstroke does. The fact that he can bust teams of powerful heroes on his own says a bunch about how good he is .

5 Captain America: A Masterful Fighter

marvels-snapshot-captain-america 2 Captain America is n’t always the strongest or fastest on the battlefield but he makes up for it with his amazing fighting skills. Cap ‘s been trained in a kind of fighting arts and combines them all with his superhuman agility to create a fight style that plays absolutely to his strengths. He never stops moving, making him hard target and construct up momentum for his strikes .
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Add his carapace to all of that and Cap ‘s active style is one of the efficient and useful in comics, allowing him to triumph over all kinds of foes who should be able to take him down. even more fighters who are technically more skilled than him have proven unable to defeat him because of his exceeding fight skills .

4 Deathstroke: A Super Soldier

Deathstroke close up Captain America ‘s extremely soldier serum makes him into a point human- he ‘s potent and fast but not technically superhuman. Deathstroke, on the other hand, is actually superhuman and while he is n’t on Superman ‘s level, he ‘s proved impregnable enough over the years to fight superintendent solid foes like Donna Troy, Cyborg, Starfire, and others .
His superhuman potency and speed, combined with his years of know and skills make Deathstroke one of the toughest opponents to fight, a true ace soldier who can take any and all comers .

3 Captain America: The Greatest Strategist In Comics

Captain America Charging into Battle Captain America has come up against all kinds of foes over the years, many of whom should have taken him down. While his enhancements, fighting skills, and unbreakable shield decidedly have helped him over the years, one of the biggest factors in his favor has been his keen strategic mind .
Whether it be leading a team or on his own, Cap has been coming up with ways to survive just about every situation he ‘s come across. cap can make a design with the best of them, while besides keeping things loose enough to improvise if it all goes south. Cap ‘s appreciation of scheme have won him more fights than anything else .

2 Deathstroke: He’s Got That Super Brain

DC Comics Deathstroke Fights Against Assassin Squad Of all of Deathstroke ‘s superhuman enhancements, the one that has won him the most battles is his brain. Deathstroke ‘s brain was enhanced to the Nth degree, allowing him to think faster and perceive more than others on the battlefield. This has given Deathstroke the border in about every fight he ‘s always been in .
Being able to think faster than your foes is a surefire way to win. That ability, combined with Deathstroke ‘s superhuman physical skills and fighting skills, make him one of the toughest villains to go up against .

1 Winner: Captain America

Captain America with the flag behind him Deathstroke has Captain America beat in just about every way- he ‘s stronger, faster, and his enhance mind gives him an edge that makes him near unbeatable. however, Cap has constantly overcame the odds and this battle would be no different. Cap decidedly has an experience border over Deathstroke and a sheer stamina advantage. Add to that his acrobatic, defensive fight expressive style and his unbreakable shield and he ‘s an opponent unlike any Deathstroke has ever faced, which will allow him the succeed in this crusade .
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