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Captain America is a human from Marvel.

(thumbnail) magnify clip When Captain America throws his mighty shiiiiiiield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yiiiiiiiiield … Captain America, real number name Steve Rogers, is the superhero drawing card of the Avengers. A fabled super-soldier, he leads his team with courage and skill, and is volition to make hood decisions in the identify of shore leave. He obtained his enhanced military capability and stamina through an experimental bio-enhancement serum, and carries an highly durable carapace .


Marvel The Transformers comics

curtly after Donny Finkleberg was fired, an trope of Captain America was on the wall of his publisher ‘s reception area. I, Robot-Master !

Combat Colin

Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve held a party in the Combat Shed to mark Christmas 1989. When Captain America arrived, Steve guessed who he was straight aside. Christmas with Combat Colin

2005 IDW continuity

(thumbnail) magnify clip “ I can do this all day. ” Captain America, in contact with Director Hill, led the Avengers sent to investigate the conflict between Latveria and Symkaria. Arriving in Latveria, they found a foreign domed structure unlike anything found on Earth. Entering it, the Avengers were attacked by the construction ‘s defenses and Spider-Man was kidnapped, which upset Wolverine and Luke Cage. Captain America decided to throw some insults their means. The three remaining Avengers were subsequently joined by Ms. Marvel and the Falcon, just in time to encounter a group of Autobots. Unknowingly under the insidious influence of the Psycho-Prism, Captain America ordered his Avengers to attack. man and Machine, Part One
As the two teams skirmished, Ratchet planted an inhibitor device on Captain America, negating the Prism ‘s effects. As the Avengers stood down, Doctor Doom joined them and vowed to help them defend his fatherland against the Decepticons, who had stolen the Psycho-Prism from him. Cap summoned Iron Man and set to attacking the Decepticon Array. The compound efforts of the Avengers and Autobots failed to make a indent in it—until the fortress ‘s walls opened up to reveal a team of Decepticons in mirror response mode ! man and Machine, Part Two Captain America flew the Avengers ‘ Quinjet into conflict with the Decepticons ‘ aeriform forces, but soon found himself overwhelmed. With Iron Man ‘s aid, Cap, Falcon, and Ms. Marvel managed to ground the fliers, but found that their efforts had been in conceited when Megatron and Doom announced that they had joined forces and taken Ratchet, Prowl, Spider-Man, and Luke Cage hostage, vowing to kill them if their teammates did not surrender. Cap sided with Bumblebee in his willingness to sacrifice the hostages to prevent a Symkarian-Latverian war, but Optimus Prime proposed another solution. world and Machine, Part Three Outside the Array, Captain America confronted Megatron with his allies. With the hostages successfully freed and the Psycho-Prism destroy, the Avengers and Autobots decisively beat the Decepticons, forcing them to flee. Cap received discussion from S.H.I.E.L.D. that the Symkarians had called off their fire, and departed with Wolverine, Iron Man, and Spider-Man in the Quinjet—which seemed different somehow … man and Machine, Part Four



(thumbnail) magnify clip Captain America got re-incarnated as a Transformer after Bucky stole his job .

  • Captain America (Marvel, 2009)
    • Accessories: Shield
Part of the third wave of the Marvel Crossovers toyline, Captain America transforms into a big, gas-guzzling, all-American Humvee with a mismatched paint job and a spare tire on the back. In robot mode, the tire becomes Cap’s shield and can be affixed to either of his forearms. Pressing the star in the center causes the shield to pop open, increasing its circumference so it doesn’t look dinky. In the interest of making the robot mode look more like Captain America, the Humvee’s front end and roof ended up being blue while the rest of the vehicle is red. Cap’s red plastic parts—including the running board steps, the rear bumper, and the tail lights, but not the windows—have been left unpainted, effectively neutering some of the intricacy of the figure’s otherwise interesting design.
This mold was to be retooled to make the Punisher, but after that toy was canceled, it was used for Iron Man instead.

The Avengers

Mech Machines

(thumbnail) magnify clip People might merely need a little antique .

  • Captain America to Assault Cruiser (2012)
    • Accessories: Shield
The Crossovers Captain America toy was redecoed for Mech Machines, a short-lived toyline promoting the Avengers feature film. This release features a brighter shade of blue plastic and black tires.

Flip & Attack

(thumbnail) magnify clip “ There ‘s only one God, dame, and I ‘m reasonably certain He does n’t dress like that. ”

  • Captain America Flip & Attack 4×4 (2012)
Flip & Attack Captain America transforms from a vague armored vehicle into an “attack bot” with design cues taken from his costume in The Avengers. Like the Jumpstarters of 1985, he uses a pull-back motor in vehicle mode with a spring-loaded mechanism that flips him up into robot mode after being propelled a short distance.


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