Captain America: Every Woman Who Has Wielded the Iconic Shield

Although Steve Rogers is the person most closely associated with Captain America, several women in the Marvel Multiverse have besides wielded the carapace. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is an iconic man of amusing koran history. He is a leader of the Avengers, a champion of the underdog, and a column of the Marvel universe. His harbor of stars and stripes is a symbol of department of justice that takes a sealed bore of person to wield .
not many men can fill the shoes of Captain America, but Disney ‘s holocene What If … ? series showed Peggy Carter could. In the appearance, Carter took Steve ‘s topographic point to become the super-solider know as Captain Carter, and she used the shield arsenic brilliantly as he ever did. now, we ‘re taking a closer look at the women who heard the call to take up the shield and competitiveness for those who could n’t .

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America Chavez

America Chavez normally wears her own singular style of stars and stripes. however, in All-New Hawkeye # 3 ( by Jeff Lemire and Ramón Pérez ) she officially took over the function of Captain America .
A glimpse into a possible future showed an America Chavez who wore an outfit alike to that classically worn by Steve Rogers. At some point in this future, America joined S.H.I.E.L.D and settled into the new identity. even in this future, she stays a patriotic supporter to the female Hawkeye, Kate Bishop .
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Roberta Mendez

Secret Wars 2099 # 1 ( by Peter David and Will Sliney ) introduced many interchange versions of the Avengers. This world featured a female Captain America named Roberta Mendez who was forcefully given a adaptation of the Super-Solider Serum by her husband, Alchemax Operative One-Nine-Four-Zero. With the serum, Mendez had all of the same abilities as Steve Rogers. Her costume and shield were very alike to that of the original Cap, with the accession of hidden Falcon-like wings .
Unlike early iterations of the Star-Spangled Avenger, this version of Captain America had no estimate she was a hero. When attacked or triggered with certain phrases, Mendez would turn into Captain America, but when the menace was neutralized she would return to normal with no memory of her crime-fighting activities .

Danielle Cage

As the daughter of two heroic Avengers, Danielle Cage already has a set to live up to. The Danielle of the independent timeline is however a child, but a future interpretation of her read that she inherited powers from both of her parents — Luke Cage and Jessica Jones — meaning she is both unbreakable and superhumanly strong .
Danielle first appeared as Captain America in 2015 ‘s Avengers : Ultron Forever # 1 by Al Ewing and Alan Davis. The year 20XX has Danielle in full Captain America gear along with the iconic shield and a voice-command drone upgrade. Living up to the function in her own manner, Danielle dove into her fight against the Golden Skull by yelling that she does n’t “ just throw the harbor — I am the carapace ! ”

American Dream

american-dream-marvel-comics In the MC2 Universe, a new generation of heroes rose up to replace Captain America, Spider-Man and the other heroes of the modern age. One of the brightest stars of this group was american Dream, the cousin of Sharon Carter. Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1998 ‘s A-Next # 1, Shannon Carter was in the first place a tour steer at the Avengers Mansion, before she was invited to join that earned run average ‘s Avengers team .
Although she did not possess any superhuman abilities of her own, American Dream trained herself to be in peak human stipulate. Like the original Captain America, she leads her time ‘s Avengers and, after getting the seal of approval from Steve Rogers, began wielding Cap ‘s iconic shield a well .

Nichelle Wright

In the modern series The United States of Captain America, many different people from all walks of life have taken up their own interpretation of the historical mantle. Issue # 2 ( by Christopher Cantwell, Dale Eaglesham, Mohale Mashigo, and Natacha Bustos ) brought Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson to the home of a charwoman who had heard and heeded the call .
Nichelle Wright, a early gymnast, decided her activism and vigilante work needed an all-American upgrade. The african-american young woman then made her own outfit and harbor modeled after the Sentinel of Liberty. Using the Captain America countenance, Nichelle worked hard to keep her region safe from criminals and keeping clean body of water flowing .

Peggy Carter

Captain America Peggy Carter The newfangled What If … ? Disney+ prove gave fans an interchange to Captain America — Captain Carter. This floor explored Peggy Carter receiving the Super-Solider Serum after Steve Rogers had been injured. however, alternatively of the stars and stripes, Carter ‘s carapace featured a stylized Union Jack .
other than the ease up change, Peggy seemed very similar to the original Captain America. She successfully fought against Hydra and Red Skull, flush with a tentacled outer space giant attacking. Prior to the series, Peggy besides appeared as Captain America in the video crippled Marvel Puzzle Quest and in 2018’s Exiles # 3, by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodríguez .

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