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Leonard Snart

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Student ( once ; dropped out )
Criminal ( once )
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Criminal ( once )
Vigilante ( once )
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Rogues ( once )
Team Flash ( occasionally ; once )
Legends ( once )
Legion of Doom ( once )
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Legends ( once )


Unnamed ( grandfather )
Lewis Snart ( father ; deceased )
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Lisa Snart ( sister )

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Captain Cold


Wentworth Miller
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Make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails… throw away the plan.
—Leonard Snart’s motto[src]

Leonard “Lenny” Snart ( June 2, 1972 [ 1 ] – the Vanishing Point ), nicknamed Captain Cold by Cisco Ramon [ 2 ] ( or self-named as simply Cold ), [ 3 ] was a first thief from Central City. He was besides the older brother of Lisa Snart and the son of the late Lewis Snart.

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In 2014, after the appearance of Barry Allen/The Flash, who started endangering his heists with his heroics, Snart sought to eliminate him. Acquiring the cold gun, he had frequent encounters with the Flash, along with his best friend and collaborator in crime, Mick Rory/Heat Wave. In 2015, Snart and Barry reached a armistice where Barry would let Snart continue his heists, arsenic long as he did n’t kill anyone in the march and did n’t expose the speedster ‘s mysterious identity to anyone. After this, Snart became an occasional ally of Team Flash. In early 2016, Snart and Mick were recruited by Rip Hunter into the Legends, a time-traveling team of superheroes dedicated to hunting down Vandal Savage and preventing his resurrect in 2166. Being considered “ supervillains ”, he and Mick were seen as outcasts. Though both initially joined to exploit the potentials of time travel Snart came to be actual about the cause, and truly befriended the Legends. He besides became close with Sara Lance/White Canary and developed a quixotic sake in her. however, Snart ‘s change of heart led to a falling out between him and Mick. Following Mick ‘s treachery of the team, allying with clock pirates to save himself, Snart was forced to maroon him in time which indirectly led to him becoming Chronos. After talking common sense into Mick, they continued the Legends mission together. When the Legends were in danger of being killed by the Time Masters in the Vanishing Point, after learning they were in league with Savage, Snart sacrificed himself to save his friends and destroy the Time Masters, ending their corruption. He besides shared a kiss with Sara before he sacrificed himself. Leonard ‘s death was avenged when the Legends ultimately killed Savage. A year after his death, a younger version of Leonard from 2014, prior to joining the Legends, was pulled from the timeline by Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and recruited into the Legion of Doom to aid in their quest to retrieve the Spear of Destiny. After Eobard Thawne was erased from being, Snart was returned from where he had been plucked from history where Mick then erased his memory to keep his place in prison term entire. Leonard was late approached by Barry Allen while hunting for Vandal Savage in 1892 Siberia and brought Snart spinal column with him to 2017 to help him steal an alien baron source from A.R.G.U.S. to use to help defeat Savitar. After they succeeded, Leonard was brought back to merely after he ‘d left Siberia and parted ways with his former enemy as a friend .


early on biography

Leonard Snart was born on June 2, 1972, in Central City. The day he was born, Leonard was kidnapped from the hospital by Sara Lance and Kendra Saunders to protect him from the Pilgrim, who sought to kill Leonard for his future exploits with the Legends. When aboard the Waverider, Leonard was placed in the wish of a younger Sara and Mick Rory, his future spouse in crime. Leonard, along with the other younger versions of the Legends, were taken to the Refuge. After the Time Masters were destroyed, Rip Hunter returned the younger Legends to the timeline, Leonard included. [ 1 ] Original timeline: In 1975, Leonard ‘s founder was arrested for attempting to steal the Maximilian Emerald, causing him to be sent to jail for 5 years. [ 4 ] Altered timeline: In 1975, Leonard went downstairs to get a methamphetamine of water system, but, unwittingly he met his older self from 2016, whom he thought was a ally of his father. His adult version told his kid self to never let anyone hurt him, but, late his father appeared and sent him upstairs. The future day, his father was arrested for attempting to sell the Emerald, which he had gotten from the older Leonard in an attempt to prevent his imprisonment, to an clandestine patrol officer. When his father was released, he began to take his anger out on Leonard. [ 4 ] His sister, Lisa, hold sometime after 1980, and was equally pervert. Lewis turned to crime, largely breaking and entering, bringing his young son along so that he could help him to disable the security systems during the heists. sometime late, Lewis was sent to prison. Leonard ‘s grandfather took him and his sister to a dining car right across from Central City Precinct named the Motorcar. Snart kept going there in his later life to listen to police radios and learn their reception times. While Lewis did frequent sentences in and out of prison, Leonard largely raised Lisa himself and frankincense shares an about parental bail with her, despite their vastly different personalities. [ 5 ] In 1986, while in adolescent detention at the age of 14, Snart was jumped by respective inmates and about stabbed with a shiv until Mick Rory intervened and defended the scraggy adolescent. Afterwards, the two formed a close partnership. [ 6 ] Leonard finally dropped out of gamey school and became a trust robber, putting together a crew. Every six months or so, he arrived in Central City to event a job for a few weeks and disappeared after stealing his target. He became one of “ Central City ‘s Most Wanted ”. He worked on a job with Rory, which ended badly for the latter. Snart ended the partnership between them when Rory lost control condition of his pyromania while on a job, burning down the build they were inside of. Snart escaped without injury while Rory sustained dangerous burns. [ 2 ] erstwhile in 2013 prior to the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator plosion, Snart was invited to a cabaret by Mick for a conversation. Unbeknownst to Snart, the Mick who invited him was from 2016 and invited him there because his future self had recently died sacrificing himself to save Mick and a group of individuals. Though he disliked having candid conversations with anyone, Snart however accepted Mick ‘s invitation. Mick then tells Snart that despite the fact that he doesn ’ thyroxine think of himself as a bomber, he is a hero in his eyes and that he ‘s the best person he ever knew. As Rory left to return to his own clock, Snart was left to contemplate his partner-in-crime ‘s words. [ 7 ]

Confronting Sam Scudder

In 2013, Snart completed a burglarize with Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon. He gave them instructions to lay broken, but they did n’t listen. On the nox of the S.T.A.R. Labs atom accelerator explosion, Snart confronted Scudder and Dillon with two of his men. Scudder said that without them “ He would distillery be kicking down liquor stores, ” but Snart told him that his version of world is warped. When Scudder told him that he does n’t care about his rules and that no one in Central City can stop them, Snart realized that they do n’t want to be in his crew anymore. When the two confirmed his intuition, Snart pointed a gunman at Scudder. however, Scudder disarmed Snart and the two began to fight, while Dillon fought Snart ‘s men. In the end, Snart successfully beat Scudder and was about the shoot him. however, when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, Snart told his men to run. He ran from the put, but like everyone else in Central City, he was hit by the wave from the particle accelerator. however, he was not affected by it. After that confrontation, Snart never saw Scudder and Dillon again. [ 8 ]

Upping his game

Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond burglarize

In 2014, Snart and his gang attempted to hijack an armor cable car in order to steal the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond, which it was carrying to an exhibition in the Central City Museum. They stopped the armored cable car by hooking it to the tow hand truck they brought to the looting via steel cables. After taking the security guards as hostages, Snart opened the door of the armored car by using melted nitrogen on it, just before the Flash arrived. The Flash promptly took down the robbers, making Snart lower his mask and expose his confront. One of the security system guards was shot in the shoulder by one of Snart ‘s men, forcing the Flash to take him to a hospital as Snart and his crowd escaped. back at their base of operations, Snart looked at the television camera footage of the robbery he stole from the armored car as his men argued about what the Flash was, with one of them stating that possibly it was a top-secret drone. Snart explained that they attacked moving targets because the police response time was a hundred eighty-two seconds once the armored car reported the robbery, as opposed to sixty seconds with banks. He berated his man who shot the security guard duty for “ losing his cool ” when the Flash had arrived. When the serviceman said he was quitting, Snart killed him, stating that “ when you ‘re out, you ‘re out. ” He claimed that the Flash was a man, and they needed to “ up their game. ” Snart late met with the arms dealer Basil Nurblin. Nurblin first offered Snart a fire-based weapon, but he refused, saying “ he did not need to heat things astir, but slow them down. ” future, Snart looked at a weapon stolen from the S.T.A.R. Labs that emitted a cold message and glasses meant to protect against the glare the weapon caused. Snart asked Nurblin who else knew he had taken the weapon, and when Nurblin answered they were the merely two, Snart inject and killed him with his newly acquired weapon. After obtaining his cold gun, Snart went to the Central City Museum to observe the security around the baseball diamond he had tried to steal early. By taking the expose enlistment twice, he alerted the museum owner Dexter Myles, who contacted Detective Joe West, who followed Snart after he left the museum. When Joe caught up to him, Snart used the cold accelerator to freeze the road underneath a newly arriving patrol car and escaped into a nearby dramaturgy as the car crashed. Inside, Snart shoot at Detective West, but the Flash got there in time to throw the detective out of the manner, alternatively of being hit by the weapon himself. Snart then started shooting at the nearby civilians as a test ply, forcing the Flash to save them. The Flash saved all but one of the civilians ; he was ineffective to get to the field ‘s security guard in time as he was slowed down by the coldness gunman. Snart left the setting when the Flash was distracted by the die security guard. [ 2 ]

Becoming Cold

Returning to his base, Snart told his two remaining men that they would be back to the museum to steal the baseball diamond that night. When his men protested, saying the museum would be crawling with the police and the Flash, Snart answered that his cold gun could stop the Flash and he knew the Flash ‘s real number weakness. His men mutinied and pulled a gunman to his head. They left, saying that Central City was no longer Snart ‘s playground now that the Flash was there. Disagreeing, Snart went to the museum by himself and broke in using the cold gun. He stole the diamond and made his way to the Central City Train Station, where he was engaged in a gunfight with Detectives West and Eddie Thawne. Snart escaped the two men by getting on a gearing, but this prison term he was challenged by the Flash, who had followed him using a bespeak the cold gun emitted. He told the Flash that he had seen his real failing during the armor cable car looting and at the field. Explaining that he would save himself while the Flash saved everyone else, he shot the floor of the trail with the cold gun and jumped from the educate before it was derailed. The Flash got everyone out of the train but was ambushed by Snart, who shot him in the rear with the cold artillery. He thanked the Flash for forcing him to up his game, then was threatened by Cisco Ramon with what he claimed was a prototype of the cold grease-gun but was actually equitable a vacuum blank with LED lights. When Ramon called him Captain Cold, he smiled and left, taking the rhombus with him. Snart discovered and disabled the bespeak his gunman emitted with which the Flash had tracked him. He met with his early accomplice Mick Rory and told him that even though their former partnership had not worked out well, things had changed and he needed a new kind of crew. He offered Mick the arouse weapon he had taken from Nurblin and asked if Mick wanted to join with him, which he accepted. [ 2 ]

host of sentence

Obtaining the Spear of Destiny

In 2014, Snart was found by the Legion of Doom and told him of his future with Rip Hunter and the Legends and how join with them would result in his death. He agreed to join the Legion to get the Spear and avoid his destine. He appeared to Mick in 1916 who believed that he was just hallucinating him again. Snart tricks Mick into telling him the Legends ‘ wholly plan of acquiring the blood of Christ to destroy the spear, but Snart told him that he was a fritter for destroying what was the greatest grudge of the universe. When the Legends found Sir Gawain and his map to the blood of Christ, Snart reveals himself to everyone and that this time he was real number and had joined the Legion. He and Damien Darhk then had World War I german soldiers attack them. As the Legends were escaping, Snart told Rory that he was a jester for trying to save a bunch together of losers that do n’t actually trust or care about him .
After the Legends got the rake, Snart and Darhk appeared and demanded the spear from them. Sara was about to go and reach for the spear but Rory took it away and joined Snart. Snart told the Legends that they would use it to make a fortune of playfulness changes to reality before he set off a grenade to get the two warring sides of the battlefield to fight to help in their escape. Eobard Thawne then sped him, Darhk and Rory away with the spear. Back at the Vanishing Point, Snart was praised for his skill and design in getting the spear from both Thawne and Darhk. Rory thought that the spear would fair be for the two of them but Snart told him that there was plenty of baron to go around for everyone. Malcolm Merlyn then appeared with the Calebros Manuscript which would instruct them how to use the spear. He then joined the others in grabbing cargo area of the spear as Merlyn read the incantation to activate its might and begin to change reality to their whims. [ 9 ]

New reality

In the modern altered world, Snart altered it so as to have him and Rory be the rulers of the condemnable underworld of Central City. They had an abundance of wealth which they used to own over half the city including some banks and even the Diamond Exchange. They were able to commit crimes and had full amnesty from the patrol. however, Rory was not feeling as though things were the same arsenic before as with them now easily thieving with no danger, there was no real point to any of it. Thawne called them both to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he was now the owner, to talk to them of Malcolm Merlyn who he felt was getting to be a problem. however, before more could be said, Nate Heywood fought his way through security because he needed to meet with Thawne as he felt that something was n’t right with the stream global. Snart, Rory, and Thawne saw that Nate was starting to recall the past reality and Thawne asked for Snart and Rory to take him out and kill him. They brought him to the woods outside Central City but Rory stopped him before he could kill him. Rory argued that things were n’t the lapp but Snart argued that they were better as immediately they ruled Central City and did n’t have the Flash to bother them. however, Rory pointed out that they inactive had a speedster calling the shots. Snart assured Rory that he had a plan for dealing with Thawne and when Rory asked what it was, he told him not to worry about it. Rory argued that Snart claimed they were partners but lone when he did n’t have a plan of his own. Rory then knocked him out and escaped with Nate .
He went back to Darhk and Merlyn and told him what had happened. Darhk was worried as Rory might decide to go to the other Legends and help them reform themselves. Merlyn angrily pointed out that they should ‘ve eliminated the Legends and had wiped Rory ‘s brain of them. He then told Snart that he trusted Rory excessively much. Darhk summoned Sara and Amaya and told them to find Mick Rory and bring him back but besides kill anyone that he was with. Snart then revealed that he placed a GPS tracker on Mick because he does n’t trust anyone. After the two ladies left, the three of them began to discuss Thawne. They formed an alliance with him as they were sure that Thawne would use the spear against them as he kept it and the secret of using it to himself. Snart was thinking of arranging a imposter meet to lure Thawne out into a trap but Darhk and Merlyn quickly shot his estimate down. Amaya then returned and told them that Rory had found more of his friends and she and Sara were separated. A moment by and by, Sara returned and told them that they underestimated Rory and the others but would n’t again. She tried to take Amaya and go off but Darhk was onto her and realized that Sara ‘s memory had been restored. Snart and Merlyn watched as he ordered Amaya to kill Sara but then Sara restored Amaya ‘s memory with a device and the two of them escaped .
Snart moved to find Mick and saw that he was now entirely. It seemed the early Legends did n’t trust him anymore and Snart was able to learn that they planned to steal the spear before Thawne could destroy it with his modern reactor device. The two of them informed Darhk and Merlyn and they planned for the Legends to distract Thawne and then they would swoop in and steal the spear for themselves. Rory and Snart were able to use their guns to incapacitate Thawne and everyone moved to try and get the spear. It ended up in Rory ‘s hands and Snart asked for him to hand it over. The Legends reminded Rory what happened the last time he gave it to Snart but the Legion argued that it was Thawne calling the shots last fourth dimension. however, Rory felt that Snart only thought him his cad and not his partner and then gave it to Amaya. Amaya started to use the spear but Snart shot her with the Cold Gun, freezing her into a engine block of frosting. He then shattered her to pieces, killing her. He then took the spear, but Thawne recovered and stole it back before throwing it into the nuclear reactor, destroying it. Thawne then warned Darhk, Merlyn, and Snart to not think of turning against him again or he would kill them. [ 10 ]

The Legion ‘s Final assault

To undo what the legion had done, the Legends planned to go back in time to 1916 to stop the legion from always getting the spear at all. When Eobard learned of what they were doing, he went back in time to stop them. After killing Ray, Eobard then went and pulled Malcolm from his search of the Calebros to join him with the others in 1916. Snart, having equitable finished his meeting with Mick and reunited with Darhk, listened as Eobard explained that he was from the future where they had succeeded in using the spear but the Legends from that future had come to stop them and aid their past selves. Eobard told them to deal with them while he left to bring in back up. Malcolm, Darhk, and Snart used their weapons to attack the Waverider before the Legends could leave with the spear. Their efforts, combined with an unexpected Time Storm, caused the Waverider to crash. They then started to approach as the Legends moved to engage them .
Snart used his cold Gun to shoot Ray out of the sky where he crash-landed near him. Snart then saw future Mick holding Darhk down and Snart told him to let Darhk go but Mick said that he was n’t listening to him anymore. Snart asked if that was any room to treat his former collaborator, but Mick replies that he no longer had a partner, but a team. Snart remarked how Darhk told him that Mick went soft and he then shot a shard of internal-combustion engine that pierced Mick ‘s chest, killing him. Ray cried out in anger at seeing Mick die and moved to avenge him. Before he and Snart could let out a shoot at one another, a pour of ardor hit Snart and knocked him out. Ray saw that it was the present Mick and was happy to see him alive. After Thawne ‘s frustration, the Legends took the Legion and moved to deal with them. First, they took Malcolm Merlyn back to 2016 and left him back in his run-down apartment to stew in his frustration and failure. Sara returned to the cell where they were keeping Darhk and Snart and they asked what they would with them as they were already dead in 2017. Sara then told them that they would n’t be going to 2017 .
Mick Rory took Snart back to Central City in 2014, to the here and now when he had been recruited to join the Legion. Snart initially thought Mick would kill him but he told his old partner that he was going to erase his memory and have him resume his stead in history. Snart remarked that his rate was to die in holy order to try and save the world but Mick said that he did n’t die to save the world but to save his friends. Mick told Snart that his punishment was to go on and become a better serviceman, and in turn, make him a better man as well. Mick then erased his memories and left Snart to continue with his timeline from then on. [ 11 ]

Forcing The Flash to reveal himself

even with sources like Iris West ‘s web log report multiple sightings of the Flash, the speedster was still slightly considered an urban legend. Knowing the Flash would make his more or less criminal activity hard to pull off, Snart started scheming for ways to make the citizens of Central City and the global mindful of the Flash ‘s being. He first broke into a facility that held expensive alien cars, with Mick initially under the false pretense that they were there to steal the vehicles. They left without stealing after it became clear that the Flash was n’t going to show up. The duet ‘s moment attempt to lure the Flash was robbing the modern paint Fire & Ice, recently bought by Osgood and Rachel Rathaway at the monetary value of twenty-five million dollars. The CCPD showed up quickly, and with Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells modifying their shields, they held off the effects of the Cold gun ; they, however, were not prepared for Mick ‘s attack. During the attack, Snart tried to get Mick to focus, as he was being distracted by the flames of his own gun before it was hit. Because the Flash was still a no-show, Snart and Mick left the crime scenery along with the art piece. [ 3 ]

fire and Ice

After their pickup, Mick managed to repair his hotness gunman ( as Snart had insisted he get to know the weapon ‘s inner workings after giving it to him ). As they leveled their weapons at one another, Snart berated Mick for losing concentrate, however, Mick retorted that Snart himself had not been ampere meticulous as he had in the past. Accepting this, Snart lowered his weapon and reminded Rory that with the Flash around, they could never run Central City, but offered him the probability to leave with the painting. however, he besides pointed out that once they took out the Flash, the city would be theirs for the lead. once Mick set the paint ablaze, he questioned how they would draw the Flash out, to which Snart noted that the Flash had partners besides. To this end, the pair tracked down Caitlin Snow and kidnapped her. Snart was the main gene in this by freezing Snow ‘s car and coating it with ice, before snarkily asking, “ car trouble oneself ? ” After setting a trap with Caitlin as the tease, Snart then hijacked the television broadcast to reveal to the public that the Flash was indeed very, and issued a challenge to the red speedster. As Caitlin was being rescued by Cisco and Joe West, the Flash confronted Captain Cold and Heatwave. Having planned to have Snart and Mick cross the streams of their respective weapons in club to neutralize them, the Flash ran american samoa fast as he could to accomplish this, but to no avail. As he realized that he needed to rather go slower, Snart and Mick managed to knock him down. Thanks to the timely intervention of Eddie Thawne, the Flash managed to escape and put his new method acting into natural process, and ultimately succeeded in defeating the duet as Snart and Mick were knocked out. While being processed at the Central City Police Department, Joe remarked at how Snart was ultimately being sent to jail. late, as they were being transported to Iron Heights, Mick lamented at their failure and questioned Snart on how his design had gone wide. Snart stated that the public immediately knew of the Flash ‘s universe, and so everything had changed. When the conveyance came under attack, Snart assured Mick that this was his design, as his sister, Lisa, opened the transports doors to free them. [ 3 ]

Running the town

Three months late, Leonard and Mick returned to Central City with Lisa. The pair was captured by mafia boss Vincent Santini but escaped and killed the boss ‘ bodyguards. Snart told Santini that he was the one in charge before leaving. He late got his baby to lure Cisco to their base. Revealing that they had captured Cisco ‘s brother, Dante Ramon, Snart forced Cisco to remake his and Rory ‘s guns and make a third one for his sister. late, he and Lisa attacked a casino and encountered the Flash, Leonard ‘s primary objective. Snart convinced the Flash to back off by telling him that he had Cisco captive. Back at the hideout, Leonard made Cisco reveal the Flash ‘s identity by threatening Dante ‘s liveliness. He re-encountered the Flash after an attempted burglarize and threatened to reveal his identity to Central City. Barry, however, convinced Snart to keep the identity a mystery ( and stop killing innocent people ) while agreeing not to place Snart in the particle accelerator prison in S.T.A.R. Labs. [ 12 ]

Moving the Metas

After knowing that the meta-humans would die because of the atom catalyst that Eobard Thawne reactivated, Barry contacted Leonard to meet at Saints and Sinners and made a consider with him ; If Leonard agreed to help him, Barry had to destroy every single musical composition of information in the universe concerning him. Leonard besides got his baby Lisa to help out with the job. When Team Flash and Leonard and Lisa got to Coast City airfield, Leonard double-crossed the consider by getting Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard to destroy the plane that would transport them to Lian Yu, then be getting all the meta-humans to try to destroy the Flash. When Jake Simmons/Deathbolt was about to kill the Flash, Leonard used his cold gunman to kill Jake, claiming he owed him money. Leonard let Mark and Roy Bivolo/Rainbow Raider die and told the Flash that the meta-humans and he now owed him, by joining his “ Rogues “ and then rode off with Lisa on their motorbike. [ 13 ]

kin reunion

During a robbery, Leonard was kidnapped by his founder while his sister was injected with a particularly designed thermite micro-bomb. When the Flash came to rescue him, Leonard told him he does n’t need saving. As the Flash asked him why his baby thinks he ‘s been kidnapped, he was distracted by a cabinet close in the back. Snart took the opportunity to shoot the Flash with his cold gunman as his church father intruded. The Flash managed to thaw out, but not before the two left the scenery. Later, Leonard was approached by Barry, who offered avail again. Barry said that Leonard may be a criminal with a code of honor, but his forefather does n’t seem to live under a code. He added that he would take Leonard down, and Leonard reminded Barry that he could reveal his secret. While planning for a heist, Leonard argued that Lewis ‘s time may be off. When David Rutenberg told Leonard to shut up, Lewis killed David viciously. Barry then came up with a plan to infiltrate the team by acting as their raw technical school guy, “ Sam ” and Leonard vouched for him. When they arrived at the crime scene, Leonard realized he was right about his beget ‘s time being off. The two concisely argued while the Flash subdued the guards. After “ Sam ” cracked the security code, Lewis guess Barry, and Leonard showed compunction. Unbeknown to the two, Barry caught the fastball, but merely played dead. When they arrived at the vault, Leonard froze the lasers. Leonard told his forefather they only had 125 seconds before the alarms would go off. When the two left, the Flash confronted them. Lewis ordered Leonard to shoot him, but he hesitated. After the Flash said that Lisa was dependable, Leonard immediately shot and killed his founder. Leonard was then arrested taken to Iron Heights. Barry visited him and said that although he may be a criminal, he still has a light in him. [ 14 ]

Get out Jail spare poster

One month subsequently, Snart was freed when Mark Mardon broke into the jail, along with James Jesse, and proposed an alliance between the three to kill the Flash once and for all. however, Snart was uninterested in Mardon ‘s plan and declined. late, he went to the West family and warned Barry of Mardon and Jesse ‘s plot, but told him that he was n’t going to work with them. Barry asked where they were but he declined to plowshare any more data. When asked why he was n’t working with them and even why he was bothering to warn Barry, Snart barely told him that there was no profit for him with their plan and he was paying back his debt to Barry. Before he could leave, Barry told him that he could see through Snart ‘s act and that he was doing this because, whether Snart liked it or not, he had honor. [ 15 ]

Joining the Legends

Teaming up with heroes

In January 2016, Snart and his collaborator Mick Rory conducted a burglarize on Central City Bullion Exchange and were making their escape in a mini-van when they were intercepted by Rip Hunter, who took them to Star City to be with the other heroes he had collected. Snart found himself waking up aboard Rory and they were joined by Martin Stein, Jefferson Jackson, Sara Lance, Carter Hall, Kendra Saunders, and Ray Palmer. Rip Hunter introduced himself to them all as a Time Master and told them that he gathered them all together in hopes that they would help him stop the deity tyrant Vandal Savage .
Snart and Rory immediately refused as they were n’t heroes though Rip told them that in the clock that he is from, they will all be known as Legends. He then showed them a sight of the world should Vandal Savage succeed and he then gave them coordinates and some fourth dimension to make up their minds. While Rory is hush against going with Rip as they were thieves and not heroes, Snart thought that the mission could provide them opportunities to steal and acquire treasures across time. Rory thought more about it and said that if Snart was in then he was in but he would be no one ‘s hero which Snart agreed .
They went to the touch place to find that the others had all besides decided to accept Rip Hunter ‘s offer equally good. Rip then appeared and revealed his transport, the Waverider to them which they were all amazed to see. They traveled to St. Roch in the year 1975 where Rip Hunter wanted to find an technical on barbarian by the name of Aldus Boardman. When they arrived he left Snart, Rory, and Sara behind, as he felt that he would n’t need their skills for the mission, though Jax besides stayed behind as he was harebrained at Stein for drugging him and bringing him along without his permission. Sara became bore and wanted to go and get a drink which Snart immediately supported. Rory besides wanted to go but Snart told Jax to stay behind. The three of them went to a browning automatic rifle and cursorily found themselves in a bar brawl which the three of them enjoyed. They then returned to the embark to find the rest of the team attacked by a bounty orion by the name of Chronos. In the ensuing struggle, Aldus Boardman was fatally injured. Kendra angrily confronted Rip about Chronos ‘ attack and he revealed that he had lied to them all when he said that they had become Legends. The argue he recruited them all was that in actuality they were all insignificant to the timeline. While Snart did n’t care that he was n’t important to time, listening to Sara talk about changing their futures, along with discontinue savage, convinced him to stay with Rip Hunter. [ 16 ] ascribable to Boardman ‘s notes, they found that Savage was in Norway attending a black market arms auction. Snart decided to take point for this operation as he had feel with these type of gatherings. They found that Savage was there but not as a buyer but as the event ‘s seller. He was selling a nuclear warhead and Snart ‘s group cursorily put in a bid when they noticed that some of the guards were looking at them with intuition. however, they saw that no one else was putting in a command after them which meant the warhead was immediately theirs. Snart tried to play it cool but when they were approached by Damien Darhk, asking who precisely they were, Stein arrogantly challenged him in front of everyone. Savage realized that they were infiltrators and ordered for them to be killed which made Snart give Rory the sign to light the rate up with his Heat Gun. A fight then broke out between the Legends and Savage ‘s forces and Snart and Rory fought back to back with their Cold and Heat Guns against any that tried to get at them. The spy of their guns, angstrom good as the other Legends ‘ powers and skills, made savage realize that they were n’t from around there. After they got away, Snart sarcastically pointed out that he had everything under control until Stein started to pick a fight with Darhk. Rip Hunter then revealed that the timeline had changed as Ray had left a piece of his lawsuit behind which Savage ‘s men found and will reverse engineer for their own purposes. When Kendra found a dagger that could be used to kill Savage, Snart volunteered himself and Rory to steal it from the home of a affluent russian collector. Ray did n’t trust them on their own so he went along with them. Snart and Rory cased the house and tried to make a plan to go in but Ray promptly went to disarm the alarm clock. however, Snart saw that Ray went after a dummy box which alerted the guards to them but he and Rory cursorily took care of them. When they were inside the sign of the zodiac, they promptly found the dagger along with other valuables. He and Rory wanted to steal them all though Ray told them they were only here for the dagger and triggered the security system. While Rory went to find the fuse box, Snart went to try and manually disarm it. As Ray watched him solve, he told Snart that he could ‘ve been an engineer rather of a thief though Snart was n’t matter to. He argued that Ray wasted his own life to make himself a shrinking suit to try and play hero. They then were discovered by Savage, who turned out to be the owner of the house, and he had Rory and point. He then told them to call the rest of the team sol that he could meet with Carter and Kendra. The rest of the Legends arrived and saved the three of them. While Carter and Kendra went after Savage, the rest of them engaged all of Savage ‘s men. They took caution of them but saw that Savage had killed Carter and had taken his body. [ 5 ]

Trying to change his past

While the team was still in 1975, Snart and Mick convinced Jax to pilot the Waverider’s drop-ship to Central City so that they could steal the Maximillian Emerald. After successfully obtaining the emerald, Snart directed Jax to his previous address, at which point Mick realized Snart had entirely wanted to steal the emerald so that he could alter history so that his father would never be arrested. His church father had tried to steal it back in 1975 but was caught and sent to prison. While infiltrating his childhood home, Snart encountered his three-year-old self, who had come downstairs for a field glass of body of water. Assuring him that he was a friend of their forefather ‘s, Snart then advised his unseasoned self to never let anyone hurt him. When Lewis appeared and sent the unseasoned Leonard upstairs, Snart presented him the Emerald, telling him to consider it a endowment. Before departing, Snart cryptically told his father that he would prefer to good kill him but was sparing him because it would mean Lisa would never be born if he did. When he returned to Rory and Jax, he told how his father may not have been the best father but he never hurt him or his mother but that all changed when he went to prison. When he got out, he was a different man and took out his frustrations out on him, his mother and his sister and wanted to alter history so that his family would n’t have such a hard past. When they got give voice that Rip and Sara had been captured by Vandal Savage, they went over to rescue them and take back Carter ‘s body. Snart and the rest of the team moved to bury Carter and Aldus together where they vowed to find beast and stop him. later on the Waverider, Snart requested Gideon to show him the newfangled timeline, however, the A.I. told Snart that there was a little deviation, as Lewis had alternatively been caught while trying to sell the Emerald to an clandestine patrol officeholder and was sent to prison just like ahead. His father ‘s and his family ‘s past remained unchanged though Jax thought that it however meant a bunch that he tried to do something like this for his syndicate. [ 4 ]

Choosing his side

He fights and helps his team on several occasions : against Valentina Vostok and Savage in the U.S.S.R, stopping Sara to kill Martin if the rescue mission fails, saving Mick and Ray from Koshmar. [ 17 ] [ 18 ] During the mission in Star City 2046, he understands that Mick becomes out of dominance and is forced to knock him before they return to the Waverider. Mick promised Snart if he hits him again he will kill Snart. [ 19 ] When Time Pirates capture Eve Baxter and Waverider ‘s crew, Mick betrays the team and join them, due to the Time Pirates ‘ drawing card promise that he and Snart will be returned to Central City 2016. Snart is shocked by Mick ‘s treason, he sides with Rip Hunter ‘s team and defeats Time Pirates. Snart is the unpaid to take caution of Mick ‘s fortune, he takes him in an strange place and presumably kills him, in reality, he spared him, knocking him. [ 20 ] The team tracks Savage to Harmony Falls ; Oregon during the 1950s. Upon arrival, they discover there have been a late chain of murders and they suspect Savage is involved. [ 21 ] late, Snart is captured by Chronos, the temporal bounty hunter of Time Masters who is revealed to be Mick. Snart said to him that he constantly provided to search him but Mick responds that Time Masters found him, brought in the Vanishing Point and during more lives they trained him. Mick ‘s goal is to kill his former comrades then killing Lisa Snart to do suffering his former partner. Snart waits until Chronos leaves to kick his Cold Gun toss off from the wall, and uses his foot to fire it, freezing his hand so he can shatter it, despite the pain. At the moment where Chronos is defeated, Snart arrives and stops the Legends from killing Chronos, revealing the latter ‘s true identity. [ 22 ]

Helping Barry

After being captured and rescued by the Legends and getting his hand regenerated by Gideon, he and the Legends journey to Siberia 1892 to locate Vandal Savage. While attempting to jump back on the Waverider, he felt he was being followed and he turns around with his Cold Gun and saw that it was Barry Allen. He was surprised to find the Flash in the past and Barry told him that he came to ask for his aid because of his skills as a thief. He wanted to break into A.R.G.U.S. and steal a piece of alien technology. Leonard pointed out that the concluding fourth dimension he came to him for avail it did n’t end well for him and asked Barry why he is trusting him now. When Barry took a while to answer, Snart told him to answer or he will jump on the Waverider and pretend the conversation did n’t happen to which Barry answered that his fiancé Iris will die in one day if he does n’t help. He told him that they needed to break into A.R.G.U.S. to steal an alien exponent source for the Speed Force bazooka but his rush would n’t help then he came to him for his expertness in thieving. Impressed with Barry wanting to be a thief he finally agreed to help him under one circumstance : It would be done within his terms. He was taken back to S.T.A.R. Labs in 2017 where the rest of Team Flash was surprised to see him. Snart thought that it was because of their past though, obscure to him, it was because he was dead by that point in time. He told the team that the world power beginning was likely at the lowest level of the facility, as it was the most dependable area. Barry used an effigy trickle to make him look like Lyla Michaels. The plan was that they would gain access by pretending to be taking Snart to lock up but were n’t able to in full pass through the security checkpoint. Snart was impressed to see Barry violently attack the guards when their deception was discovered. He and Barry broke into the A.R.G.U.S. prison and went into King Shark ‘s cell retrieve the alien ability beginning and finally got caught by the veridical Lyla Michaels and her A.R.G.U.S. agents, who let them walk spare with the power source subsequently. Barry brought him back to Siberia 1892 and he told Barry that he might have a pitiless side to him good like Barry saw a bomber in him into which they depart ways as friends. [ 23 ]

Refinding his partner and protecting the team

Sara suggests to Snart to settles scores with Mick. After the mission against Per Degaton, the child who will allow to Savage becoming the dictator in 2166, Mick and Snart contend. Mick wins but said to his partner he is already dead as the rest of the team because he failed to kill them, then Time Masters sends the hunters to finish the job. [ 24 ] In the Far West, Snart kills Billy Conlon, a member of Jeb Stillwater ‘s Gang, to save Martin. After Jeb Stillwater ‘s death by Rip, Snart joins the competitiveness against the Hunters, and they are all killed. But Mick learns of one of the Hunters that Time Masters launched the Omega Protocol : The Pilgrim. She chases the young versions of the team but she is ultimately killed by Snart, Rip Hunter ‘s team, and the young Rip Hunter. [ 25 ] [ 1 ] In 2166, Snart fights alongside the team against Savage and the latter ‘s giant military automaton, The Leviathan. He meets Savage ‘s daughter, Cassandra and convinces her that her church father is the real villain with Gideon ‘s help, then she joins them. During the crusade, Ray destroys the Leviathan, Savage is defeated but not killed because Kendra discovers that he hypnotized scythian Torvil ( the reincarnation of Carter Hall ), then she spares him for the here and now to cure Carter. Before leaving, Snart convinces the leader of the Rebellion to accept Cassandra to defeat Savage ‘s army. [ 26 ]

Getting close to Sara Lance and hiding from Time Masters

After the Leviathan ‘s destruction and Savage ‘s capture, Snart suggests to kill him but Rip prefers to bring back to Time Masters because he disrupts the Timeline many times. During the travel, Snart gets close with Sara since the begin of the gamble. When he understands that there is a problem, he hides with Sara but Ray, Kendra, Martin, and Mick are captured by Time Masters who are revealed to be Savage ‘s accomplices from the begin. [ 27 ]

Destroying the eye

There are no strings on me.
—Leonard Snart’s last taunt to Zaman Druce[src]

once Snart and Sara freed the rest of the team from their holding cells in the Vanishing Point, Rip decides to go back indeed they can destroy the Oculus to make indisputable their actions wo n’t be controlled mean they would have a gamble to stop Savage. Before the contend, Snart wonders if there is a future for him, for Sara and for us. Sara understands that Snart tries to steal her a snog and said to him that he makes advance. palmer set it to self-destruct but found out it had a fail-safe meaning person had to stay behind to make indisputable it blew up. Rory decided to stay behind and the rest of the team left towards the Waverider but Snart went towards Rory to knock him out so he could stay behind, sacrificing himself, Sara gives him a kiss of adieu. When Zaman Druce arrived and demanded he stop, but Snart smugly refused. The team ‘s mission was successful, as the incoming plosion destroyed the Oculus along with many of the structures around it in the Vanishing Point, killing everyone on it, including Snart. [ 28 ]

erase future

In an erase future, Leonard can be seen fighting alongside the Flash, Ray Palmer/The Atom, and Sara Lance against an stranger metallic adversary. Barry caught a glimpse of this when traveling through the Speed Force. [ 29 ] This future is no longer potential, due to Leonard ‘s death. however, this may have been his doppelgänger Barry saw .


master multiverse

Leonard was fondly remembered by the pillow of the Legends for his sacrifice, specially Mick Rory, who, during his adieu visit to a 2013 version of Leonard, thanked him for always being a bomber for his sake, despite the younger Leonard not quite knowing what he meant. [ 7 ] Barry Allen besides appeared disquieted for Leonard and was quite disquieted when the Legends told him of Leonard ‘s demise, but remarked that he became a hero as Barry believed he could be. [ 30 ] As Mick Rory continued drink, while thinking about his fresh character on the Legends, Leonard appeared as a hallucination to Mick, trying to convince him to abandon the team and go back to the life of crime. [ 31 ] A year after his death, the Legends returned to Vanishing Point to retrieve the fragments of the Spear of Destiny in Thawne ‘s possession and Mick made a intercept at the now-ravaged eye room, remembering Leonard ‘s death before being joined by Sara, who besides expressed how a lot she missed Snart. [ 9 ] Leonard ‘s Cold accelerator was given by Mick to Ray Palmer, for his impermanent role as “ Colonel Cold ” while his A.T.O.M. Exosuit was destroyed. [ 32 ] Additionally, his images and voice were used by Barry Allen to create holograms that allowed to trap Leonard ‘s old adversary Mirror Master. [ 8 ] Leonard appears as the Speed Force to Barry while trying to save Wally and criticizes him about influencing him to be the hero. He besides mentions to Barry about sacrificing himself for the Legends to which he showed a dislike about it. When Barry asks where ‘s Wally, he attacked Barry by pinning him to the grind in frost until Jay Garrick appears and defends Barry from his cold blast. Leonard ‘s first Cold Gun is presently kept at S.T.A.R. Labs and is much used by Caitlin Snow when either unable or unwilling to use her powers as Killer Frost. [ 33 ] During the Earth-X crisis, Leonard ‘s doppelgänger was revealed to be a hero working with the Freedom Fighters, openly stunning his dead doppelgänger ‘s team as they ‘re not used to dealing with parallel versions of people they have lost unlike Team Flash and Team Arrow respectively. Leo, however, was a very different person from Leonard which left many of the Earth-1 heroes surprised. Leo initially appeared to have a low opinion of Leonard, deeming his advice about planning as “ awful ”. After several trips to Earth-1, Leo revised his impression after learning of Leonard ‘s change of heart from villainy to heroism. He besides adopted one of Leonard ‘s signature blue parka before returning to Earth-X. [ 34 ] [ 35 ] In the future Nora West-Allen is from, at some steer in or before 2032, the Cold Gun was put on expose in the Flash Museum ‘s Hall of Villains. [ 36 ] When Nora asked her father if he thought a bad person could change, he told her about Leonard. Barry said that when he first gear met Snart, he was a criminal, probably the worst criminal in the city, but Barry knew that there was a thoroughly person in there somewhere. He proudly told her to look at Leonard, the condemnable that turned out to be a Legend and died a hero, saying that if he can change, anyone can. [ 37 ] Leonard ‘s death weighed on Barry ‘s conscience. His list was on one of the gravestones that appeared in his Speed Force hallucination while fighting Bloodwork ‘s infection. [ 38 ]

New multiverse

Snart ‘s goggles were left on the Waverider after his death. [ 39 ] When Charlie tricked John Constantine in going to the South Pole, he took the goggles. [ 39 ] In a timeline in which Mick Rory was award in the animation of his daughter Lita, he gave her a copy of the Captain Cold ‘s blue jacket and goggles so that she could disguise herself on Halloween. [ 40 ] A replica of Snart ‘s goggles was placed in a S.T.A.R. Labs board, along with equipment from other fallen heroes, in court to him. [ 41 ] Cluemaster named Captain Cold as an ice-wielding villain in a multiple choice question in a revenge plot against Sophie Moore. [ 42 ] In order to help the erstwhile Legends save Mick and Kayla ‘s children, Jefferson Jackson was given Snart ‘s goggles, jacket, and cold gun by Mick and he became the new Captain Cold. [ 43 ]


That is a pretty cold calculation, Rip. Almost criminal. Except we criminals have a code: ‘You never leave one of your own behind.’
—Leonard Snart[src]

Leonard is a pitiless man who has a composure, composed, and healthy demeanor, rarely ever losing his temper or giving into emotions. From killer whale to hero, Leonard ‘s interactions with the Flash and travel with the Legends have greatly changed his personality from a self-proclaimed thief and gallant of it to an honest individual ready to die for his friends—though occasionally willing to retain his bagatelle on matters of police and morality for self-benefit. Although Leonard never finished high school, he is intelligent and affected role, staking out a job for months before making his move, emphasizing time, preciseness, and minimizing potential leads on him and his activities by refusing to kill unless necessary. Though due to the assume failures of countless heists, Leonard has ironically made it his motto to disregard his plans in favor of quick-thinking, extemporization, and expecting the unexpected factors as he explains to Barry. He was clever enough to unlock the Montgomery 3000, a 25-ton door that can withstand a 30-megaton nuclear blast, by himself, without any of the three passcodes needed to open it in a matter of seconds and analytic adequate to deduce that what stopped his job at the armor car was, in fact, a man and that he would need a weapon to halt Barry, choosing the Cold Gun for this very reason. Leonard has, however, begun to revel in his new-found weapon ‘s power, and his battles with the Flash have begun to alter his perceptions of how the occupation works, transforming from an armed robber into a “ supervillain ” that would immediately challenge the Flash. The change in his demeanor is astounding, as Leonard can be seen acting much more pitiless before meeting the Flash ; he killed the man who supplied him the Cold Gun for the sake of convenience, and before that tried to kill Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon for going against his orders as a crime boss. [ 8 ] Despite his about emotionlessness upon first meeting, Leonard displays a near-unflappable sarcastic sense of humor in most and always-dangerous situations with versatile levels of deadpan. Despite Leonard ‘s unapologetic criminal life style, he sees and declares himself as a man of his discussion. This is demonstrated far when he promises to release Cisco Ramon if he tells him the identity of the Flash. Although he does torture Dante Ramon to get this information from him, he keeps his discussion subsequently and lets both Cisco and his brother run. however, he does n’t always keep his word when he betrays his alliance with Barry by setting the meta-humans free. Leonard plainly defends his actions by claiming that he is a criminal that saw an opportunity and used it for his own benefit because that ‘s who he was. Regardless of Leonard ‘s pitiless nature, one of the entirely things he does care about is his young sister, Lisa, with whom he has a near relationship. He badly despises his founder for what he did to him and his sister, such as physically abusing them as children for no pass argue. Leonard profoundly cares about his sister, going ampere far as working with a man he hates in club to keep her safe. All of these qualities have led Barry to believe Leonard has good inside of him and that he ‘ll finally change his ways, although Leonard facetiously remarks that heroes do n’t get paid adequate. Leonard possesses a code of respect when it comes to his teammates, seen when he becomes a full-fledged extremity of Rip Hunter ‘s team after Carter Hall is murdered by Vandal Savage. When he deduces that Hunter wants Sara Lance to kill Martin Stein in order to prevent the devastation of the Cold War in the present time if Stein breaks and agrees to help the Soviets create their own Firestorm, Leonard is against the idea as he does n’t believe in turning on his own team members and manages to talk Sara out of shooting Stein, showing a profound agreement of her nature and drives and expertly employing reverse psychology. thus, Snart refuses to murder his long-time friend and accomplice Mick Rory when he turns on the Legends and even afterwards upon discovering he had been brainwashed into the temporal assassin, Chronos stops his teammates from murdering him despite Mick having previously threatened to kill his sister. Leonard besides refused to kill Jax when he was mutated by Savage into a feral bird-creature, allowing his team to ultimately cure Jax. When he threatened Sara Lance at point, trying to force her to escape the Vanishing Point on the timeship while abandoning the rest of the team, she stood her prime without reverence, knowing that for all his threats, Snart was no longer the cold-blood murderer, but a champion, who ‘d never kill his teammates. That proved to be on-key after Snart admitted his bluff and helped Sara with the rescue of their team members captured by the Time Masters. During the rescue, they encountered Mick Rory, apparently brainwashed into being Chronos once again. Snart refused to attack his acquaintance, which was recognized by Rory, who turned on the Time Masters alternatively. Leonard is fabulously charismatic, maintaining the effigy of a “ lovable rogue, ” using his charms to get authoritative information, obfuscate his larceny or convert people of his trustworthiness. This way, he gained the hope of Valentina Vostok and Cassandra Savage. Leonard himself was matter to in Sara Lance, flirting with her on affair, drinking and play cards with her and even apologizing for being “ a buck. ” however, Sara declined his advances with a smile on her face, saying that he ‘d need to be a master thief to steal a snog from her. Despite this, Sara and Leonard kissed at the Vanishing Point, when Leonard decided to sacrifice his life to destroy the Oculus device in Mick Rory ‘s and Ray Palmer ‘s stead. [ 28 ] Being prone to controlling or playing others, Leonard absolutely detests the idea of being controlled or manipulated by anyone or anything. He values his free will and the ability to make his own choices and will do anything to hold on to that freedom. This is a trait that is so dominating in his personality that he destroyed the Oculus in the Vanishing Point not equitable out of compassion for his teammates, but because he wanted to make indisputable that no one else would be manipulated by the “ Time Bastards ” as he referred to them .


I love this game. And I’m very good at it.
—Leonard Snart to Barry Allen[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician: Leonard’s most noticeable and dangerous trait was his intelligence, making him a very skilled planner and schemer as he repeatedly developed plans that he pulled off with usual success. Leonard’s tactics are based on timing, precision, and preparation as he would often spend his time studying every detail of his heist from studying the security detail to police response times;[2] Mick has mentioned that Leonard is usually counting the seconds on the clock waiting for his plan to go off without any problems.[3] This made him a threat to meta-humans such as the Flash. Despite never graduating from high school, Leonard had repeatedly shown considerable knowledge in subjects such as biology and engineering. Leonard was shown to display knowledge of marine biology as he helped Barry Allen get pass King Shark by lowering the temperature of the room, making King Shark sleep. Leonard was also able to be very persuasive and charming able to seduce Valentina Vostok and able to sway the loyal Cassandra Savage, to turn on her father, Vandal Savage.[17][26] Leonard also had exceptional instincts that he considered to be almost like a “sixth sense,” he was able to tell when something bad was about to happen just through a bad feeling.[27]
    • Master thief: A career criminal, Leonard was regarded as a highly skilled thief who spent months preparing for a job and never giving up until he completed it; in his life, Leonard pulled off armored car heists, jewelry theft, and bank robbery with the utmost skill.[2] Leonard was also skilled in the art of pickpocketing able to effortlessly swap specific items for his mission while stealing their wallets at the same time.[17]
    • Expert engineer: While not as proficient as Cisco Ramon or Ray Palmer, Leonard was highly trained in electrical engineering due to his father forcing him to come with him on heists when he was a child.[5] Once Leonard obtained his Cold gun, he had taken the gun apart and put it back together so many times that memorized how to repair it by hand.[12] Leonard was also capable of updating and adding additional features to his Cold Gun.[15]
    • Escape artist: In addition to being able to avoid capture by the authorities, Leonard was also skilled at escaping them after being captured; with Mick Rory noted that they have escaped a few prisons together.[18] Leonard had also demonstrated the ability to effortlessly slip out of handcuffs.[23]
    • Eidetic memory: In his nature for preparation, Leonard has repeatedly displayed an unusually adept memory being capable of memorizing the details of every job.
  • Expert marksman: While normally preferring to avoid killing when not necessary as to not sully his plans, Leonard was highly trained with firearms. Leonard had demonstrated great proficiency with his Cold Gun that allowed him to effectively hit the Flash while he was running at superhuman speeds and using it for various creative solutions.[13] While in the Old West, Leonard demonstrated to outdraw a gunman with a revolver and a skilled sharpshooter as seen when he used a rifle to kill a man with his head from a window several buildings away.[25]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Despite his composed demeanor, Leonard was a capable unarmed fighter. When taken captive by the mafia, Leonard and Mick quickly broke free from their confinements and killed most of the mobsters with their bare hands.[12] However, between him and Mick, Leonard certainly proved to be the inferior combatant as Mick aptly gained the upper hand and delivered a severe beating to Leonard.[24]
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance: While selfish and ruthless by nature, Leonard was capable of great conviction. As when handcuffed to a wall by Chronos, Leonard with almost no hesitation used his Cold Gun on his hand and shattered it to escape; he then immediately sought out the Legends to warn them.[22]
    • Cold tolerance: Leonard had a higher-than-average tolerance for low temperatures, even more so than most people who has lived all of their life in freezing conditions; he displayed no discomfort being out in Russia in the middle of the winter, with nothing more than ordinary cloths – his coat is mostly for display, as he has stated that he never feel freezing and love the cold.


  • Cold gun: Generating a beam of absolute zero temperature, the weapon freezes whatever it touches and creating solid ice. It can also slow down the motion of fast-moving molecules, specifically those of the Flash, retarding his accelerated healing and vastly reducing his speed. It also gives off bright white and blue flashes that the user protects their eyes from with goggles.
  • Goggles: Leonard also wears a pair of blue wraparound goggles, which are designed to protect his eyes from the flashes given off by his Cold Gun.


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