Captain Marvel’s Biggest Romance Will Probably Never Happen In The MCU

Captain Marvel is the most herculean hero in the MCU, but she placid wo n’t be allowed to have her most crucial romance on the big screen. While Captain Marvel may be one of the strongest, if not the strongest superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she still will most probably never experience her greatest love story with War Machine in the comedian books. Carol Danvers is fiercely independent, a proud warrior ( in the MCU she was raised as a Kree, after all ), and a extremity of the United States Air Force – and therefore is James Rhodes, who was in the military long before his superhero career. unfortunately, the two will most likely never meet onscreen .
Carol Danvers ‘ amatory history is noteworthy in that her first love concern was Captain Marvel himself. From her foremost appearance, Carol was smitten with Mar-Vell but acted cold to his alter-ego, Doctor Walter Lawson. This was quite like to Superman ‘s dynamic with Lois Lane in DC Comics at the time, in that she did n’t even give Clark the time of day ( at least at first ). finally, Carol would adopt the Captain Marvel name for herself in 2012 ( after a very farseeing string of adopting many other names, such as Ms. Marvel, then Warbird, then Binary, and finally Ms. Marvel again ) .

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While the relationship between Carol Danvers and James Rhodes is relatively new in comics ( at least compared to comic pillar couples like Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, etc. ), the pair have survived much, including an doomed trip to the future in which Carol saw Rhodes ‘ daughter – and realized she was n’t her mother. Danvers broke up with Rhodes but thought better of it ( particularly after a very awkward one-night-stand with none other than Doctor Strange ), and as of 2021, the pair are still together .

Captain Marvel and War Machine Kiss

But the relationship in the comics unfortunately will be about impossible to replicate on screen. Actor Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel, is presently 32 years old while War Machine ‘s actor Don Cheadle is 56. It ‘s a significant age gap that is unmanageable to ignore, even in Hollywood where selective ageism runs rampant, and men above 50 can play military action stars but women in their 40s ( or even 30s ) must settle for stereotyped “ older ” roles. The film doubling standard aside, the relationship does n’t have much upon which to build ; Captain Marvel and War Machine exchanged precisely one line of negotiation in concert during Avengers : Endgame ( and the conversation did n’t last hanker in the first place ) .
War Machine is set to feature in the approaching Disney+ series Armor Wars, while Captain Marvel flies again in 2022 ‘s The Marvels, the latter of which has no quixotic interest for Carol Danvers as of yet. possibly the characters might not even meet again for a very retentive time. however, the well historic period opening between actors means a Captain Marvel and War Machine woo is highly improbable, if not out of the motion wholly.

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