12 Powers Only True Fans Know Captain Marvel Has (& 9 Weaknesses)

After years of fans anxiously awaiting Captain Marvel ‘s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Carol Danvers proved herself a worthy adversary for Thanos and a huge ally for the Avengers. Marvel Studios mind Kevin Feige originally commented, “ With Captain Marvel, she is arsenic brawny a character as we ’ ve ever put in a movie. Her powers are off the charts, and when she ’ second introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we ’ ve ever had. ” He was n’t incorrect as she tore through Thanos ‘ ships and army in seconds while other heroes were struggling .
Danvers was already formidable as a human in the comics. She served in the Air Force, the CIA, and NASA even before her rebirth as a superhero, setting herself apart as an carry through fender, soldier, and privy agent. While she was security director for NASA, she was assigned to investigate Kree warrior Mar-Vell. While she was unraveling the mystery surrounding the Kree warrior, she was embroiled in a Kree conflict. An accident with high-tech Kree energy equipment fused Mar-Vell ‘s genetic structure with hers. She was given all of Mar-Vell ‘s extraordinary powers, finally turning her into Captain Marvel. While her lineage narrative on the page is a little different than on the screen, she ‘s still fabulously potent in both places, though not invincible .
Throughout her comedian book history, she has shown several key weaknesses that her enemies have exploited, so she will credibly need the help of the others if and when those weaknesses come to light in the MCU.

Updated on June 28th, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Captain Marvel ‘s introduction to the MCU proved that the power levels of the heroes and villains in the population ( and in the multiverse ) are growing. The movies have only scratched the coat of equitable what Carol Danvers can do. The movies besides have n’t had the find to delve into excessively many of the weaknesses she has in the comics. As she interacts with more heroes on the screen door, like Kamala Khan ‘s Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau ‘s Photon, fans will want to see equitable what might be coming future .

Powers Only True Fans Know Captain Marvel Has

Energy Absorption and Manipulation

Captain Marvel Powers Energy

Captain Marvel gained many superhuman abilities from her fusion with Mar-Vell, but one of the most utilitarian and remarkable is the ability to absorb and manipulate energy. She can absorb versatile types of energy, including common energy forms like electricity, and use that to enhance her own physical powers .
In summation to boosting her superhuman abilities, she can besides project that energy from her hands. Her energy projection can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate acute as the force out of an exploding nuclear fail. This energy handling is the basis for most of her power sic, allowing for many aspects of her potency, lastingness, and flight. It besides provides a little sum of molecular control that allows Captain Marvel to transform into her costume .
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Mar-Vell normally absorbed energy from solar radiation, gaining world power from the sunday like to Superman. however, Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel can both use a host of different energy types to power their abilities, meaning they do n’t have to rely rigorously on the sunday. In one case, Captain Marvel even absorbed the energy of a fellow superhero, Spectrum, a superhuman who could transform into electromagnetic energy .

Precognition and Cosmic Awareness

Captain Marvel Seventh Sense Vision

Captain Marvel ‘s Kree conversion left her with centripetal awareness far beyond the limits of an ordinary human. She developed a cosmic awareness and precognition that allowed her to sense danger before a crisis evening started. This was called Captain Marvel ‘s “ one-seventh sense, ” though it remains indecipherable what her sixth sense is supposed to be. When she retained multiple personalities, this precognition of danger would prompt her to transform into Ms. Marvel .
In many ways, this cosmic awareness is alike to Spider-Man ‘s “ Spidey-Sense, ” but it besides seems to provide her powers beyond the sense of oncoming risk. Her precognition besides makes her a formidable combatant, as she can predict an opposition ‘s attack before he flush makes it. adenine utilitarian as this baron is, it seems to be a watered-down version of Mar-Vell ‘s even more impressive cosmic awareness .
Mar-Vell ‘s cosmic awareness allowed him to know whatever he needed in any given site. He originally received this power from the cosmic entity Eon in order to fight Thanos, so it was not one of Mar-Vell ‘s original Kree powers. His cosmic awareness had allowed him to immediately ascertain his enemies ‘ weaknesses and visualize out his current placement when he finds himself in unfamiliar places. The telescope of this power has never been defined, but barely the abilities Mar-Vell has shown tell us Carol may inactive have room for her clairvoyant powers to develop .

Generating Heat, Light, and Radiation

Captain Marvel with enough Binary energy to set her head on fire in Marvel comics

even after a black loss of her powers, Carol Danvers was abducted and experimented on by the foreigner insect-like force called the Brood. They used an evolutionary re on her that triggered the potential of her augment Kree familial structure and turned her into the most potent interpretation of herself, a cosmic-powered being called Binary. Binary was linked to a white hole, which made her capable of drawing on its energy and generating the might of a star topology. As Binary, about all of her common powers were even more effective, such as her superhuman potency, but she besides gained newly powers that were an elongation of her common Ms. Marvel abilities .
Her binary star powers allowed her to not only fudge and absorb energy but besides generate it. This gave her fully control over stellar energies such as heat, unhorse, and radiation. She finally lost her Binary powers, but she could regain them subsequently if powered up with adequate energy absorption. These powers were a consequence of a boundless supply of department of energy to draw upon, so the saturation of her energy powers is dependent on the energy she has on hand in her environment in her normal form .

Flight Faster Than The Speed of Sound

Captain Marvel Fast Flight

In a change state appropriate for a skilled pilot burner like Carol Danvers, she gained the ability to fly unaided in the genetic transference. She is inordinately fast in the publicize, reaching speeds several times faster than the speed of voice. She often reaches Mach-3 when flying, and she retains superhuman agility in the air that allows her to maneuver and fight while flying. Her history and advanced skills as a fender besides give her an understand of flight mechanics and aerial combat to assist her in the air. With these skills, Captain Marvel would well match or surpass other flight-based heroes like Iron Man, Falcon, and Vision .
This escape ability is a solution of her energy handling powers, as that was what Mar-Vell used to fly unaided. Before Mar-Vell in full developed many of the powers he would finally pass on to Carol, he used Kree equipment to fly, first with a jet belt and then with Kree Nega-Bands that allowed interstellar flight. however, as his genic social organization changed to allow him to absorb and manipulate energy, he found he could use solar energy to fly unaided by the Nega-Bands. When using solar energy, he could besides create a star-field around him that allowed others to fly with him .

Survival in Space

Captain Marvel with her powers

While her energy manipulation powers had already given her the ability to fly, her transformation into Binary increased her energy manipulation and lastingness adequate for Captain Marvel to survive in space with nothing to aid her. The vacuum of space no long affected her in any way, which was a great help to her when joined the space-traveling Starjammers. When her powers foremost depleted, she found herself unable to escape Earth ‘s orbit to fly into quad, but she was both depleted and intoxicated at the time of this try. In more holocene stories, she has been able to survive and even battle in space by and large unaided, but she requires oxygen to survive in space in this state .
Mar-Vell has the ability to fly unprotected through distance and hyperspace, so Carol should theoretically be able to survive in quad if her full moon powers are available to her. His Kree lastingness allowed him to withstand the pressure of outer space and waive breathe for an undefined menstruation of time, but he often had to use his Kree Nega-Bands to survive indefinitely in space .

Superhuman Strength and Durability

Captain Marvel Powers Strength and Durability

Captain Marvel ‘s strength and lastingness reach a degree that would make her one of the strongest characters introduced in the MCU, possibly outmatched only by Hulk and Thor. In her earliest phase, she was able to lift 50 tons with ease and tear through steel with her bare hands. When she became Binary, that lastingness level doubled. Although she was estimated to be able to lift 100 tons, the limits of her intensity as Binary were never actually stated .
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When she lost her Binary powers, she still possessed greater lastingness than her original shape, and it has been gradually increasing within the comic books. In a quiz by Hank Pym, her forte as Captain Marvel was shown to be about at Binary levels with the potential to become even stronger. She can besides reach her full Binary potency by absorbing enough energy. Since she gained this intensity from Mar-Vell, who was considered the strongest Kree, she can outmatch Kree warriors .
With her intensity besides comes superhuman lastingness. She is bulletproof, and bullets will bounce off her skin without injuring her. She can besides withstand bombs, blows by stronger opponents, falls from big heights, temperature extremes, and firm impact effect without any significant wrong .

Resistant to Poison and Disease

Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser in Captain Marvel

As a result of her augmented Kree hybrid genetics, Captain Marvel ‘s lastingness besides extends to resistance to disease and poison. Both her and Mar-Vell possess a systemic antidote in their bodies to most toxins that would affect a human. however, this baron is interest as it plays out in the comedian books, as this unsusceptibility seems to have a few exceptions that have put them both out of commission .
Mar-Vell ‘s life was finally ended by disease, as he developed lung cancer from breathing in carcinogenic nerve gas. He was able to slow the build up of his cancer with the aid of the Quantum Bands given to him by Eon and some scientific superheroes who developed early preventive measures for him. however, the cancer finally ran its course and brought an end to Mar-Vell ‘s story, proving that his Kree physiology did not protect him ( or Carol ) from everything .
Carol has besides shown certain disease and poison weaknesses in her overall exemption. She has developed a mind wound, which may result from a similar unsusceptibility weakness as Mar-Vell ‘s cancer. She besides once build up alcohol poisoning after a long period of acute alcohol consumption and misuse. Carol is distillery unaffected by most toxins that would bring down early heroes, but this particular power leaves her far from invincible .

Teleportation and Casting Illusions

Carol Danvers uses a Star Wars reference in Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel purportedly copied all of Mar-Vell ‘s powers and abilities in the genetic transfer, but there are some powers of Mar-Vell ‘s fans can only assume Captain Marvel might have because Mar-Vell has possessed them. Mar-Vell once possessed the ability to teleport and cast illusions, though he may have wholly lost those powers in his wide transformation into Captain Marvel .
In order to defeat his archenemy Yon-Rogg, a god-like being named Zo granted Mar-Vell any ability he needed to win the fight. In the process, Mar-Vell became stronger than early Kree and gained the ability to teleport and cast centripetal illusions. however, the teleportation was incredibly straining for him, and he required a limited suit to withstand it. After proving himself in battle, the Kree leader called the Supreme Intelligence granted him his Captain Marvel suit and allowed him to keep his new potency, but he apparently lost his teleportation and magic trick powers. Given that Mar-Vell has possessed these powers, it ‘s even possible that Captain Marvel could have them under the right circumstances. It depends on whether these abilities became any share of Mar-Vell ‘s genic structure, even if they are latent .

Controlling Gravity

Captain Marvel Controlling Gravity

Carol Danvers ‘ transformation into Binary allowed her to baron up all of her Captain Marvel abilities to their maximal, which besides meant new abilities manifesting as her normal powers grew in military capability. Along with the ability to generate and project energy, the Binary transformation besides allowed her the ability to control gravity .
As an overall ability, this may be an extension of Mar-Vell ‘s apparent power to simulate telekinesis by affecting the energy around an aim or an extension of her manipulation of all cosmic energies. Binary is supposed to be the form of Carol closest to the potential of her Mar-Vell-generated powers, so her department of energy handling was manifesting at its strongest level .

Superhuman Stamina

captain marvel brie larson the marvels

Adding to her impressive physical skills of force and lastingness, Captain Marvel besides has superhuman stamina that allows her to maintain the use of those skills without tiring for an stretch period. Her torso fatigues well slower than the average homo, allowing her to continue the competitiveness for hours. As Binary, she could continue to exert herself at point performance for an stallion 24-hour day. normally, she can withstand effort for approximately half that time, but even this can be increased if she absorbs adequate energy from her environment .
Her stamina has been all-important in defending the earth against large numbers of herculean opponents. When the Skrulls, the shape-shifting enemies of the Kree, secretly invaded the Earth, Captain Marvel served as the last telephone line of refutation as she was the only hero left in New York to battle them. She resolved that New York would not be taken over while she hush lived, and she engaged the Skrulls in a 24-hour struggle without lie. She defeated the Skrull united states army about single-handed against impossible odds. In a battle, she has proved herself to be literally unstoppable through long hours of fighting. Although she can not fight everlastingly and might suffer from power depletion subsequently, she is not going to make it easy for any opposition she takes on .

Superhuman Reflexes and Agility

Captain Marvel Reflexes

In addition to her incredible strength and lastingness, she besides gained superhuman reflexes and agility as a leave of the Kree familial transfer. This ability allows her to respond to her physical environment about instantaneously. At her lowest might charge, her reflexes were still faster than the best homo athlete, and they have only gotten better with time. At Binary levels, her energy absorption makes her even faster and more agile .
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Both Captain Marvel and Mar-Vell have been able to avoid bullets and lasers with their superhuman reflexes, even when fired at point-blank range by multiple attackers. She would be closely impossible to shoot with anything during a contend due to her quick answer, and her reflexes would besides give her an edge in hand-to-hand battle with most opponents. Her reflexes and agility besides allow her to perform superhuman acrobatic feats.

Reconstituting and Regenerating Herself

Carol Danvers surrounded by energy as Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics

Though Carol Danvers does have some weaknesses, it ‘s closely impossible for enemies to end her liveliness. Her energy handling abilities allow her to metabolize and redistribute energy to speed up her own curative process and recover from good injuries. This gives her a curative ability that sometimes seems close to Wolverine ‘s healing factor. In the by, she has been able to recover from acute attacks including nuclear explosions within hours .
She has sacrificed her life on multiple occasions but is normally revived through extraterrestrial being or scientific means. In one character, though, she showed her survivability by trying to reconstitute herself after she was assassinated by Norman Osborn. She succumbed to a baron overload and seemed to be gone. The villain Moonstone took over the Ms. Marvel mantle in her target at the request of Norman Osborn. however, Carol Danvers rather split into four energy beings who proved fatal to anyone in their wake. As the energy beings, she sought out products of genetic engineering housed at an AIM facility. She was able to fight Moonstone even in this energy form. soon, her allies discovered the energy beings were Carol Danvers split into unlike Kree energy patterns, and they helped her reconstitute herself into one being by using the power from MODOK embryo .

Weaknesses Only True Fans Know Captain Marvel Has

Split Personality

Carol Danvers transforms into Ms. Marvel in Marvel Comics

At the begin of her run in the amusing books, Carol Danvers had disturb processing her newly powers and fresh identity. She developed another personality, disjoined identities for Carol Danvers and her new superhero alias Ms. Marvel. Carol would suffer blackout spells where she was unaware of anything that happened to Ms. Marvel. She did not know that she was very Ms. Marvel, and Ms. Marvel did not know she was truly Carol Danvers .
In her normal life after she left NASA, Carol Danvers was a writer and an editor for Woman Magazine ( a subordinate of the Daily Bugle ). When she blacked out, she would transform into Ms. Marvel, complete with an immediate costume change to a uniform created by her newly powers. finally, Carol figured out the true nature of her blackouts and realized that she was Ms. Marvel. She was only able to fix her disconnected mind with the help of potent allies .


captain marvel memories extraction

For all of her physical powers, Captain Marvel shows little tell of a herculean mind. She has much been subjected to some kind of mental or psychological office and has been unable to resist it. The first gear fib involving this failing was an early and controversial chapter in Captain Marvel ‘s history. Marcus, the son of Immortus, became obsessed with Carol and decided to brainwash her and manipulate her into falling in sleep together with him .
He kidnapped Captain Marvel and used technology from Immortus to brainwash her. In an even stranger turn, he caused Carol to have possibly the weirdest pregnancy in amusing reserve history. Marcus impregnated her with his “ perfume, ” which caused a sped-up pregnancy for Carol that brought her to full-term tug in a count of days. When she gave birth, her son cursorily aged into Marcus, who tried to win the love of his “ mother ” and manipulated her so far again. She was n’t dislodge of him until he died in the Limbo dimension, and she then rightly blamed the Avengers for not stopping Marcus when she was completely under his control .

Power Stealing

Captain Marvel can't escape her greatest trauma.

Captain Marvel may be a superhuman of the highest order, but it does not always protect her from the powers of other superheroes and supervillains. In one incident, Rogue was able to wholly wreck her life. Rogue heard a prophecy from the clairvoyant mutant Destiny that Ms. Marvel would be involved in an event that would destroy Rogue ‘s animation. Rogue decided to destroy Ms. Marvel before she had any luck to fulfill the prophecy .
Rogue attacked Carol, leading to a fight on the Golden Gate Bridge. Rogue used her exponent assimilation abilities on Carol, but the process went amiss and she absorbed her thoughts and memories, excessively. The error in the process besides made the transference permanent. Rogue was driven into folly by Carol ‘s thoughts and memories, and Carol was left a blank slate. Rogue then tried to end Carol permanently by throwing her from the bridge, but Carol was saved by Spider-Woman .
even after the storyline was resolved, this black meet left Rogue with some of Carol ‘s incredible powers, allowing her to fly and granting her superhuman lastingness in the comedian books. Captain Marvel was able to regain her powers through the Brood ‘s experiments, but it shows that Carol is susceptible to abilities that affect her powers at bombastic .

Power Depletion

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel

unfortunately, Captain Marvel has occasionally had worry sustaining her off-the-charts powers when she faces a significant effort, leading to power depletion that can put her out of mission for a long period. Her world power has fluctuated greatly at a few points throughout her history .
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As Binary, she once had to exert all of her baron toward saving the Earth ‘s sunlight, and she returned to Earth with badly consume powers and had to recuperate for months at the Avengers Mansion. When she recovered from her power depletion, she however had her usual Ms. Marvel exponent horizontal surface, and that power level has increased over time. Although her powers have greatly increased at many points, these increases much come with a hard fall when she has to exert her new power ..

Memory Loss

Carol Danvers floating in space alongside text boxes that indicate her memory loss in Marvel Comics

memory loss has been a big blow to Captain Marvel ‘s life on more than one occasion, normally in junction with other blocks to her world power .
When Rogue stole Captain Marvel ‘s powers, she besides absorbed her thoughts and memories. This left Carol with memory personnel casualty in accession to the loss of her powers. Professor Charles Xavier was finally able to restore her memories, but he could not restore the emotional bonds that were linked to her memories. This was psychologically scarring for Carol and led to her leaving earth to join the space adventuring Starjammers .
late in Captain Marvel ‘s fib, she developed a brain wound that would cause her memory loss if she took flight, but her crime-fighting efforts still required her to fly. At the lapp time, Kree warrior Yon-Rogg — the same Kree who unintentionally caused her superhero transformation — executed a plan to use Carol as an energy source to reform Earth in the trope of the Kree. To separate herself from his baron reservoir, she had to fly into space. The incident left her with significant memory loss and severe genius price. She joined the Guardians of the Galaxy while she rediscovered her identity and then returned to Earth .
even in the MCU, the hearing has seen Carol Danvers lose her memories thanks to the handling of the Kree .

Mind Control

Brie Larson Carol Danvers Captain Marvel powers

Marcus ‘ brainwash was not the only prison term Captain Marvel has succumbed to mental handling, as she has no protection from telepathic or mental powers. other villains adequate to of take care see have put Carol under their control and forced her to turn against her own allies. Although she is not considered a weak-minded hero, it seems army for the liberation of rwanda besides easy for her to fall under the influence of heed control .
This weakness came into play when Captain Marvel faced down M.O.D.O.K., the malevolent be calculator who possessed multiple psionic powers he could use on Carol. He had run-ins with Captain Marvel before the mind control incidental, giving him a crave for vengeance against her. He ultimately got the opportunity to ensnare her in his mind control, making her believe he is a fine-looking and desirable man, making the history extra-creepy .

Magic and Magical Energy

Although Captain Marvel ‘s independent office is energy assimilation and handling, her ability to absorb department of energy without consequence does not extend to charming energy. thus, her powers are much ineffective against magic trick, and she requires the aid of other heroes to bring down magic-powered opponents .
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Doctor Strange has sometimes been her ally in conflicts involving charming, as his charming abilities fill in for her weakness against charming energy. Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange faced the charming Warren Traveler, who claimed to be another Sorcerer Supreme. Strange would intercede to save Carol from Traveler ‘s attacks, though she did once thwart his attacks herself by throwing a vomit at the villain. When Traveler returned for a last appearance, Strange called for Carol ‘s aid ( via the vomit, which she had adopted ). Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel faced the magic-user together, but he escaped and left a chain reaction explosion in his wake that required both of their powers to contain .


Carol Danvers taken over by the Shadow King in Marvel Comics

just as Captain Marvel has little office to resist brainwash or mind master, she similarly has no ability to combat monomania. Telepaths have been able to take self-control of her mind and body, using her physical powers to fight their own enemies by inhabiting her body .
In one incident, the telepathic being Shadow King possessed her and inhabited her consistency. While he was controlling Captain Marvel, he sent her to attack Rogue, who she already held a deep animosity toward. The Shadow King was using Captain Marvel to steal the “ animation effect ” of Rogue. She and Rogue fight in a fatal confrontation where lone one could survive, though they were fairly evenly matched because of a power-sharing phenomenon. Carol ultimately lost to Rogue through the interference of Magneto .


After all of the psychological handling, memory passing, and mind control Captain Marvel has been through, it ‘s not surprise that she has some price. At one point, she had already lost her powers and memories to Rogue and then lost the connection to her binary star powers. She returned to Earth to recover and regain her original Ms. Marvel powers, but she was not quite the same .
Her independent and guard nature prevented her from seeking help for her psychological trauma, and she developed a addiction on alcohol. She had joined the Avengers, and she started going on Avengers missions while under the influence. She made simple mistakes that closely caused calamity more than once. Iron Man, a recovering alcoholic, promptly realized Carol ‘s problem. He helped her to start recovery for her alcoholism and stabilize her powers, and his aid started a great friendship between Captain Marvel and Iron Man .
She still had to answer for her foolhardy actions in a conventional court-martial before the stay of the Avengers. Rather than face her punishment, she quit the Avengers and left t0 rebuild her life .
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