Captain Marvel: Main Comic Book Villains Ranked Lamest To Coolest

Captain Marvel might not have the most iconic rogues gallery in all of comics but there have still been some who are both excellent and pretty cripple. arguably the most significant bequest identity in Marvel Comics, the name Captain Marvel has been used by many heroes in the publisher ‘s history. While Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel, has amassed her own eclectic collection of villains and is the most recognizable champion in this function today, her rogues ‘ gallery is littered with villains inherited from previous wielders of the iconic style .
Some of these are well-known villains whose reach overlaps multiple Marvel heroes. Others are specific to the Captain Marvel bequest, or Carol herself. While these combined legacies have produced many awful foes, not all of Captain Marvel ‘s comic book villains have aged deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the epic identity .
Updated on July 14th, 2022, by Shawn S. Lealos : Captain Marvel will return soon in the MCU, and while the movie will be a sequel to her original solo movie, the title will actually be The Marvels. In this movie, she will team up with the new Disney+ ace Ms. Marvel, as Kamala Kahn is an admit huge fan of Carol Danvers. besides appearing is Monica Rambeau, who seems to have a beef with Carol. Monica gained powers in WandaVision, and while she was known as Captain Marvel at one time in the comics, she finally became Proton. Who these women will fight remains a mystery, although there are enough of big options to choose from in Captain Marvel ‘s comedian ledger history.


15 Supreme Intelligence

Captain Marvel Comic Book Accurate Supreme Intelligence
The Supreme Intelligence was a being the Kree created to help them construct a Cosmic Cube for their consumption. The most brilliant Kree was used to construct the healthy being, and soon it became sentient and refused to allow the Kree to control him. It was n’t long before he took command of the empire .
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Everything that has gone faulty in Captain Marvel ‘s life when it comes to her connection with the Kree goes back to Supreme Intelligence. This became even more apparent when he merged with another being to become Vox Supreme and forced Captain Marvel to kill the Avengers. She fortunately had a plan and tricked the healthy being, defeating him in the end .

14 Mystique

Mystique Explosives
One of the most traumatic things to ever happen to Captain Marvel in her liveliness happened when she battled Rogue. The X-Men extremity was part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants at that time, raised by her mother ‘s Mystique and Destiny. She stripped Carol of her powers and memories and left her in an about comatose department of state .
Captain Marvel never sincerely recover, but while people blame Rogue, this was all Mystique ‘s fault. Her manipulations sent Rogue after Captain Marvel and she did n’t stop when Rogue defected to the X-Men. Mystique is by and large an X-Men antagonist, but she is besides one of Captain Marvel ‘s most dangerous enemies .

13 Doomsday Man

Ms. Marvel punches Doomsday Man
Created by the United States military for “ aggressive space exploration, ” the Doomsday Man is a unmanned android automaton, heavily armored to withstand the rigors of the cosmos. Highly advanced and about indestructible, it has been commandeered for nefarious means on occasions .
The foremost to utilize the automaton was the military scientist Dr. Kronton, who went rogue shortly after finalizing his universe. Years later, it was salvaged and repurposed by the terrorist organization AIM, merely to be decommissioned after a struggle with Carol Danvers, then operating as Ms. Marvel. In both instances, the difficult-to-control automaton was defeated when the heroes lured it into falling into a handily existing hole in the ground .

12 Titannus

A extremity of the shape-shifting alien Skrulls, Titannus was cursed to be one of the identical few members of his species who did not possess the metamorphic mutant gene. To compensate, he submitted himself to his satellite ‘s military “ Super Skrull ” project, which imbued him with enhanced military capability, lastingness, reflexes, and flight .
While most versions of Captain Marvel have close ties to the alien Kree, curse enemies of the Skrulls, and view the species as inherently dangerous, this is largely because of the Skrull ‘s ability to assume multiple forms and wage insurgent guerrilla campaigns. Lacking this ability, Titannus is an well identifiable menace who can be seen coming from miles away .

11 Genis-Vell

Genis-Vell in Marvel Comics
Carol Danvers inherited the title of Marvel from the original Captain Mar-Vell. Genis-Vell is Mar-Vell ‘s son, and he went by the identify Photon deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. He started out as a hero, bonded with Rick Jones for a long time, and operated under his father ‘s nickname. however, over prison term, he began to descend into folly .
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Genis-Vell decided he wanted to make himself into a deity, which caused a lot of strife between Rick and Genis. After they split astir, Genis chose to join Baron Zemo and the Thunderbolts but soon learned that his powers were growing out of restraint, making him a risk to the earth .

10 Ove

Captain Marvel Fights Ove
Ove is a more recent addition to Captain America ‘s stable of villains. This took place after Carol woke up in the future, where several things caused the world to become uninhabitable outside of blue-ribbon protected areas. One of these was in New York City and included descendants of heroes and a still-young Emma Frost .
This area, though, was ruled by Ove – the son of Namor and Enchantress. With Namor ‘s thirst for power and his mother ‘s magic trick, he was a formidable adversary. however, Carol beat him by sending him to the past and then depowering him. With a mother like Enchantress, do n’t expect him to stay down for long .

9 M.O.D.O.K.

MODOK meets with The Intelligencia from Marvel Comics
An acronym that stands for “ mental organism Designed entirely For Killing, ” MODOK originated as a scientist named George Tarleton who worked for the terrorist organization AIM, a frequent antagonist of Captain Marvel. After volunteering for a procedure designed to increase his intelligence and maximize his genius ‘s computational ability, he was transformed into the massive-headed, tiny-limbed MODOK, and subsequently usurped control of the organization .
Although possessing incredible mental powers, such as increase intelligence, thought process, and limit telekinesis, his deformed soundbox, and gigantic promontory hindered his physical mobility, requiring him to forever utilize a specially designed hovering apparatus that he dubbed “ the doom chair. ”

8 Controller

Basil Sandhurst was a ailing child who spent a lot of his formative years bedfast and friendless ; frequently buried in his studies. As an adult, he utilized these years of roll up cognition to become a brilliantly minded scientist, but his lack of social skills and erratic personality frequently prevented him from obtaining long-run employment. After blackmailing his means into a position at an experimental inquiry facility, his carelessness and hubris finally led to his accidental photograph to a bath of experimental chemicals, leaving him deform and bedfast once more .
Encasing his crippled body within a high-tech, super-strong exo-suit of his own invention, he would set about attempting to conquer the earth, to prove his superiority over a population he deemed intellectually subscript. Sandhurst ‘s primary coil weapons are his “ restraint disk, ” which when attached to his opponents allow for specify mind dominance. He has fought four versions of Captain Marvel, including the original Kree hero Mar-Vell and most recently Carol Danvers. In each meeting, his ego-driven sense of superiority has been his ultimate fall .

7 Ronan The Accuser

Ronan The Accuser - House Greyjoy
Captain Marvel presently serves as the Accuser for the Kree Empire in Marvel Comics. This is not the lapp Kree that fans saw in Captain Marvel, where Carol had to battle her former friends and allies to protect Earth and the Skrulls hiding out there. This version is the Kree-Skrull Alliance, led by Hulkling of the Young Avengers .
Carol took over the function of Accuser at that time, and fans might remember that the most celebrated Accuser for the Kree was none early than Ronan, who made his MCU appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. In the comics, Carol and Ronan never got along and when she decided to become an earth bomber, she and Ronan clashed more times than not.

6 Yon-Rogg

Yon Rogg flying and spreading his arms
commanding officer of the mission that brought the original Captain Mar-Vell to Earth, Yon-Rogg, covetous of Vell over the affections of a shared love pastime, intended to strand the champion on the “ backwater planet, ” to be left for dead. When Mar-Vell alternatively became a lionize supporter amongst Earth ‘s superhero population, which the Kree conglomerate deemed useful for intelligence gather, Rogg was infuriated and determined to eliminate him personally .
Capturing Vell ‘s human ally Carol Danvers, Rogg ‘s machinations would ultimately result in the energizing of Danvers ‘ hidden Kree descent, leading her on the path that would finally culminate in her own adoption of the bequest of Captain Marvel years late .

5 Deathbird

The eldest child of the royal family of the estrange Shi’Ar empire, Deathbird is feared amongst the universe for her sadistic crave for might. When her pitilessness and refusal to adhere to royal custom resulted in her removal from her rightful inheritance of her people ‘s toilet, she set about building her own personal army to wage war upon the civilizations united under Shi’Ar rule, to alternatively attempt to take her birthright by force .
Alternating between alliances and betrayals of many of Marvel ‘s space-faring species as it suits her needs, Deathbird has battled Carol Danvers on multiple occasions and has proven to be an unexpected couple against her in fight .

4 Moonstone

Moonstone Ms Marvel Die
A celebrated psychiatrist turned career condemnable, Doctor Karla Sofen was empowered by an ancient Kree artifact discovered on Earth ‘s daydream, thus her adopted nickname. As the villain Moonstone, she regularly used her graveness manipulating abilities to battle Captain Marvel and the Avengers as a regular member of Baron Zemo ‘s Masters of Evil .
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When she experienced fame and public worship for the beginning meter as the Masters of Evil disguised themselves as the heroic Thunderbolts, she briefly amused thoughts of reformation. She would ultimately be lured rear into her nefarious ways, however, when she was given the opportunity to publicly serve amongst the “ Dark Avengers, ” another team of disguise villains who had secretly taken control of Earth ‘s superpowered community. While serving on this twist translation of Earth ‘s mightiest heroes, Sofen adopted the former identity of her long-time foe Carol Danvers, becoming the team ‘s evil Ms. Marvel .

3 The Brood

Brood Ms Marvel
An insectoid raceway that reproduces by infecting the living bodies of other species, the Brood exists entirely to consume and propagate. With her finale ties to Marvel ‘s cosmic pantheon, Carol Danvers has encountered the parasitic foreigner monsters on numerous occasions .
While traveling through space alongside the X-Men, Carol first encountered them while battling alongside the mutant heroes during the original Brood Saga, her cosmic powers playing a pivotal function in the conflict. much later in her heroic verse career, Carol intercepted and dispatched a Brood Queen which had landed on Earth, establishing her as one of the few know beings to ever defeat a Brood Queen single-handed .

2 Nitro

Marvel Comics' Nitro vs Wolverine
A human who was captured and experimented upon by the alien Kree, Robert Hunter became the villain Nitro after gaining the ability to explode and reform himself at will. He was first defeated by the original Captain Marvel while attempting to steal a top-secret military boldness gas, the vulnerability to which led to a cancer diagnosis that finally ended the hero ‘s biography .
While this tangential bequest was adequate to gain him notoriety amongst Marvel ‘s heroes and villains, he would subsequently eclipse this with a detonation that leveled an stallion region, including sixty children at a nearby elementary school. It was this flagitious event that immediately led to the Super Hero Registration Act, the controversial legislation which ignited the Super Hero Civil War, irrevocably changing the entire landscape of the Marvel Universe .

1 Rogue

While she has long since redeemed herself as a member of the heroic X-Men, Rogue began her super-powered exploits as a part of Mystique ‘s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It was while operating with this nefarious team that she first battled Carol Danvers, an confrontation that would affect both women for years after. Young and inexperienced at the time, Rogue attempted to use her mutant powers to absorb Carol ‘s alien attributes, but would unintentionally assimilate not barely her powers, but a part of her psyche .
This lingering helping of Carol within Rogue ‘s mind would haunt her for years after and was the catalyst for her joining the X-Men in a despairing request for assistant. Carol, meanwhile, would temporarily be placed into a coma, waking up years late lacking all aroused attachment to her past character, the first exemplify in a now character-defining history of amnestic episodes. Although both women are nowadays on the same side amongst Marvel ‘s heroes and have teamed up on occasions, their hostility toward each other stemming from this initial meet remains a constant elephant in the room .
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