Harley Quinn Fooled Batman’s Partners Into Thinking She Was Catwoman

Though Harley Quinn began her character liveliness as the Joker ‘s buddy, she was never as barbarous or sadistic as her nefarious lover. alternatively, she displayed actual affection and compassion for others in a way the Joker never did. While the Joker sometimes had allies or underlings, he regarded them from a strictly utilitarian perspective and did n’t care about them .
On the other hand, Harley cared about her allies ‘ wellbeing and regarded them as friends. Catwoman was one such ally whom she cared for and considered a friend. so when Selina Kyle got into trouble during the Batman : Officer Down storyline, Harley went out of her way to protect her .
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Robin Surprised By Harley Quinn In Disguise In the Batman : Officer Down storyline, Commissioner Gordon was shot by a mystery attacker and closely killed. Catwoman was seen with him right before he died, so some members of the patrol assumed she had committed the crime and were looking to arrest her. Batman and his allies were besides looking for her, though Batman did n’t believe she was the person who pulled the trigger. He thought she might have seen who shot Gordon and wanted to question her about it. however, Catwoman was afraid of being arrested, so she was in obscure .
In Birds of Prey # 27 ( by Chuck Dixon, N. Steven Harris, John Nyberg, Noelle Giddings, and Willie Schubert ), Nightwing, Oracle, Robin, Batgirl, and Azrael devised a design to catch Catwoman. They heard a rumor that Catwoman was planning to steal jewels from a museum, so they hid at the museum, waiting for her to show up. certain enough, a woman in disguise infiltrated the museum after hours, bringing henchmen with her to help execute the robbery. Nightwing and the others got into a adult contend with the henchmen, but when Robin stopped the charwoman from getting aside, he realized that she was not Catwoman at all. alternatively, the seeming thief was Harley Quinn .

relate : direct current Is Going to Kill Harley Quinn – And She Has to Uncover Her Murderer Nightwing Asking Harley Quinn About Catwoman Harley confessed to planting the rumor about Catwoman robbing the museum to trick Batman ‘s allies into following her. While focused on the robbery, they stopped trailing the real number Catwoman. She explained that she was worry about her friend ‘s condom and was trying to protect her by misdirecting Batman ‘s allies. When Harley realized that Robin and the others besides believed that Selina did n’t shoot Gordon and were looking for her to question her quite than lock her up, she disclosed Catwoman ‘s hiding identify to them. She trusted them not to hurt the anti-hero or turn her over to the police.

Harley was far from a good person at this distributor point. Though she was no long involved with the Joker, she inactive committed violent, homicidal crimes on her own. however, she still had a sense of loyalty toward people she considered friends. Catwoman was one of these people. When Harley worried that hour friend was in danger, she put herself in danger to mislead Batman ‘s allies so that Catwoman would be safe. Harley ‘s compassion for her friends is part of what helped her become less of a villain over clock and finally start to redeem herself .

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