The Forbidden Love of Batman and Catwoman

Every kinship has its obstacles. It can be distance, communication, or meddling relatives, but for Batman and Catwoman, it ’ s a bit more complicate. Batman catches criminals, and Catwoman is a criminal. At their very cores, they ’ re in direct opposition of one another, and yet the flames of romance between the two have been burning bright for over eighty years .
This form, Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz will be bringing the Bat-Cat love to the big screen in The Batman, introducing a fresh generation of fans to Gotham ’ s most complicated love affair. Yet, even not having seen the movie even, we ’ rhenium pretty sure it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate end with them grappeling off in the sunset together. After eight decades of “ will they or won ’ t they, ” Batman and Catwoman haven ’ thymine been able to make it work, and even, they refuse to call it quits. Why is that ? To explore this interrogate, let ’ s take a look at the history of their woo.

First Date

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It all began on a gravy boat. In 1940 ’ sulfur Batman # 1, a mysterious burglar known as the Cat tried to rob a group of elect yacht passengers. When Batman unmasked the thief, he was stunned to see that she was actually a beautiful young womanhood. What ’ s more, it ’ randomness clear from the begin that there ’ s a strong attraction between the two. The Cat dearly wraps her arms around Batman and says they should join forces and become the king and tabby of crime.

“ Sorry, your proposition tempts me, but we work on unlike sides of the jurisprudence, ” Batman states in reception .
Yes, he turns her down, it ’ mho interesting that Batman says he ’ mho tempted by her proposition. Bruce Wayne is dedicated to justice and stop criminals, but his drawing card to the Cat is thus great that when she asks him to be the king of crime beside her, he says he ’ mho tempted. He ’ s not going to give up his ideals for her, but the temptation is there. Within panels of their first touch, the battle at the heart of their kinship for the next eight decades is perfectly summed up in that one exchange .
Batman was thus taken with her smasher, that he did something he had never done ahead : he let the condemnable safety valve. Batman feigned awkwardness, but Robin saw through his mentor ’ south pose. At the prison term Bruce Wayne was engaged to an actress named Julie Madison, but the memory of the Cat ’ s eyes was all he could think about.

First Kiss

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By 1940 ’ second Batman # 3, the Cat was now calling herself Catwoman and clashed with the Batman once more. After being betrayed by a group of criminals she was working with, Batman saved Catwoman ’ sulfur liveliness. Before the Caped Crusader could arrest her, Catwoman thanked him with a kiss—their identical beginning. The kiss clearly stunned Batman, which allowed Catwoman to shove him and escape. The history ends with both of them in break places, each longing for the other and wishing they had met in a life where their roles weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in direct opposition of one another.

Engagement Disaster

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In 1943 ’ second Batman # 15, the Bat and the Cat met out of costume for the first time. Catwoman was disguised as a socialite named Elva Barr, and Bruce Wayne was judging a smasher contest she had entered. Bruce immediately recognized her, but he played dumb in order to protect his secret identity. Elva found herself smitten with Bruce Wayne, so smite that she considered giving up her biography as Catwoman for him .
When Batman learned of Catwoman ’ south feelings, he enacted one of his all-time dense plans. Bruce romanced Elva and it wasn ’ t long before the two of them were engaged. The plan was to date Catwoman long enough for her to give up her biography of crime, then end the engagement—at least that ’ s what Bruce told himself .
In the end, the hale thing blew up in Batman ’ s face. Catwoman learned that the engagement was just a ruse to get her to quit crime ( under the impression that Wayne was doing it as a favor for Batman ) and reacted how you might expect. An option interpretation of the amusing is that Bruce Wayne ’ s narrative about using the engagement to reform Catwoman was a ruse to save face. possibly Bruce Wayne saw this as an opportunity to taste the forbid fruit that is the Batman/Catwoman romance.

Lovers at Last?

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In 1950 ’ s Batman # 62, the Caped Crusader learned that Catwoman ’ s real name was Selina Kyle. That ’ south right, he didn ’ thyroxine learn her name until ten years after their “ first date. ” Despite this new cognition, their relationship remained largely unaltered. The subject of marriage came up again in Batman # 197, with Catwoman offering to go straight in change for a marriage marriage proposal, but the Dark Knight wasn ’ t barbed .
In 1979 ’ south Batman # 308, a fresh solution was presented to the endless Batman/Catwoman dilemma. Could Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have a successful romance if Batman and Catwoman were removed from the equation ? After being paroled, Selina Kyle began a serious love affair with Bruce Wayne, still unaware that he was Batman. Their love grew to new levels, but ultimately the experiment failed. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remove Catwoman from Selina Kyle because it ’ randomness who she is at her congress of racial equality, and ultimately her past caught up with her when she was framed for a serial of crimes. In an try to clear her head, Selina left Bruce and Gotham behind in Detective Comics # 509.


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If Batman and Catwoman ’ sulfur romance is doomed to fail because he ’ s a hero and she ’ s a criminal, then possibly things could work if Selina became a crimefighter. For a menstruation of time in the 1980s, Batman and Catwoman worked side by side as partners, allowing them to last explore their romance. In Batman # 355, it was revealed that somewhere along the way, Catwoman had deduced Bruce Wayne was Batman, which added a new horizontal surface of closeness to their relationship. At survive, there were no secrets between them !

unfortunately, life in Gotham got in the way, and in Detective Comics # 570, the Joker used a machine to scramble Catwoman ’ s brain, erasing her memories of Batman ’ south identity, and returning Selina to her vomit burglar roots .
You think dating is hard ? Try doing it in the like city as the Joker.

There’s a Kind of Hush

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Although their partnership had ended, romantic hanker was never far removed from Batman and Catwoman. Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale ’ s epic The Long Halloween reimagined the Bat and Cat ’ s early history, and sexual tension oozed from the pages. Bruce and Selina enjoy a steaming love affair, unaware of their doubling lives. At the same time, as Batman and Catwoman, they are drawn to one another and are fascinated by the mystery. In a smell, they are in two different relationships, unaware that it ’ mho with the lapp person .
Loeb then took their relationship to the present sidereal day when he and Jim Lee collaborated on the epic storyline, “ Batman : Hush. ” In it, Batman decides to throw caution into the wind and record into a kinship with Catwoman. He even proves his commitment by revealing his secret identity to her. unfortunately, Batman can ’ t get out of his own direction, and ends the kinship because he feels that he and Selina were unwittingly manipulated by Tommy Elliot.

Abandoned at the Altar

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Batman and Catwoman ’ s kinship was one of the major themes in Tom King ’ s Batman run. King explored a new fish to the Bat-Cat doubt : can a felicitous Batman be an effective Batman ? Batman proposes to Catwoman, but questions over what the marriage will do to his effectiveness infestation Selina. In 2018 ’ randomness Batman # 50, Bruce waits for Selina at the altar, but she never shows up .
We learn belated that Bane had manipulated these events, using proxies like the Joker and Holly Robinson to plant the semen in Selina ’ second head. Batman and Catwoman are able to overcome Bane and resign, but they table the write out of marriage .
But there are some things with Bruce and Selina that can never be tabled, like her past as a cat burglar. During the storyline “ Their Dark Designs ” the Wayne family fortune is stolen, and Selina was partially responsible. Years before she and Bruce got together, Selina had been one of the architects for a crime that would ’ ve looted the stallion Wayne fortune. It was something she thought was abruptly and forget, but it proves to be very much alive when person puts her honest-to-god plan into action, leaving Bruce broke. Bruce forgives Selina, but the two decide to take a break, giving themselves a class to figure stuff out for themselves before they tackle the exit of their kinship once and for all in Batman # 101. We ’ re even waiting to learn how that turns out.

Across the Media Multiverse

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Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz will be following in the footsteps of the many be military action takes on Batman and Catwoman that came before them. In the 1966 Batman television receiver series and feature of speech film, Adam West ’ second Caped Crusader finds himself tempted by a Catwoman played by three different actresses ( Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt ). The intimate tension between Michael Keaton ’ randomness Batman and Michelle Pfeiffer ’ s Catwoman was a huge part of the 1992 film Batman Returns. The movie presents Batman and Catwoman as two sides of the same mint, but Selina is excessively consumed by her quest for retaliation on Max Shreck, which means any hope for love is a non-starter .
In 2012 ’ s The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway played Catwoman alongside Christian Bale ’ south Batman, and it remains one of the only times the Bat and the Cat received a felicitous ending. After saving Gotham from Bane and Talia Al Ghul, Bruce Wayne quietly retires to Europe alongside Selina. possibly that ’ s the answer to the Batman/Catwoman dilemma—they can only be together when their make for Gotham is done .
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The Gotham television series presented a singular flex on the relationship, showing Camren Bicondova ’ randomness Selina as person who helped train David Mazouz ’ mho Bruce during his adolescent years. unfortunately, their growth into adulthood meant the end of their romanticism, since a caterpillar burglar and a crimefighter can never be together. Or can they ?

now, it ’ sulfur time for that wonder to be raised again in The Batman, with Pattinson and Kravitz putting their own spin on the prevent romanticism. After eighty-two years, two failed engagements, one mindwipe, and multiple flames in between, possibly Pattinson and Kravitz have what it takes to finally solve the Bat-Cat dilemma. Of class, they ’ ll have to deal with the Riddler first base.
The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, is in theaters on March 4. Be sure to check out our official movie page for all the latest news, articles and videos .
Joshua Lapin-Bertone writes about television, movies and comics for, is a regular subscriber to the Couch Club and writes our monthly Batman column, “ Gotham Gazette. ” Follow him on chirrup at @ TBUJosh .

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