10 Best Comics That Explore Batman And Catwoman’s Relationship

Batman and Catwoman ‘s relationship has had its ups and downs but in the end, these DC Comics issues have shown they always come out on top. Going all the direction back to their foremost meet in the 1940s, Batman and Catwoman have one of the most disruptive relationships in comic book history but besides one of the most passionate, and they ’ ve each been defined in assorted ways by their long-time association .
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With The Batman ’ s liberation date close up at hand and with Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson taking on the iconic roles on the boastful screen for the foremost time since the days of The Dark Knight Rises, there ’ mho never been a better meter to look back at how the relationship has developed across some of the most influential comics in the culture medium.


“Date Knight”

Batman and Catwoman crash out of a window in Solo.

The floor, found in Solo ( 2004 ) # 1, features one of the quintessential contemporary Batman and Catwoman encounters. Batman, having been lured by Selina Kyle into stopping a robbery at Gotham ’ mho Egyptian Museum, finds himself drawn into a date under the guise of a night chase that takes the match across high-class restaurants and moonlit rooftops .
The exhilarating, fast-paced short narrative is a basic of Bruce and Selina ’ sulfur active but besides makes for an effective exploration of how their relationship can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be separated from their costume identities .

“True Romance?”

Batman talks to Catwoman in Catwoman (2002) #32

Catwoman ( 2002 ) # 32 is both on-key to form and a passing from the usual cat-and-mouse built-in to sol much of the Batman and Catwoman relationship. The issue tackles Selina Kyle ’ s return to Gotham ’ s East End after a month-long absence and her belief that the universe has moved on without her – that is, with the exception of Batman and his persistent research for answers. This particular report marks their first maskless date and though Bruce is finally called away by the Bat-Signal, it remains a momentous exploitation in the growing confidence between them .

“A Night On The Town”

Split image of Batman & Catwoman embracing & Batman fighting in DC Comics.

Batman and Catwoman are no strangers to interrupted dates but Batman ( 1940 ) # 392, taking place during the period when Selina Kyle had barely moved on from reformed thief to active vigilante, showcases a series of dates constantly cut short by fiddling crooks .
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The narrative international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely a pleasant – and sometimes comedic – glimpse of an evening without world-threatening stakes but besides a rare treat for audiences eager to see Selina and Bruce work as a team. ultimately, the topic makes for a antic study of the relationship at its strongest .

“Up On The Housetop”

Batman and Catwoman stand on a building in Batman/Catwoman (2021) #2

Batman/Catwoman ( 2021 ) # 2 is, like the rest of the limited series, a balancing act between the by, the deliver and the future. A murder mystery at its congress of racial equality, the report follows Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle ’ s increasingly fraught working relationship as the foreigner point-of-view allows for an analysis of these characters ’ shortcomings while still moving together as a unify front. What makes this specific issue a vital exploration of their relationship is the focus on their archetypal roles as a hero and a villain, respectively, and the differences love entirely can ’ thymine resolve .


Batman and Catwoman kiss at night in Hush.

One of the most iconic storylines to have come out of DC Comics, “ Hush ” runs through Batman ( 1940 ) # 608-619 and follows a cryptic stalker ’ second try to sabotage Bruce Wayne ’ s life. Its eighth chapter, in particular, is besides a turning decimal point in the relationship between Batman and Catwoman as their feelings for each other are explored when Bruce reveals his secret identity to Selina for the very first base time in modern continuity. While their relationship is far from perfect by the end of the arc, the identity uncover in itself speaks volumes for their romantic potential .


Two panels showing Batman and Catwoman talking in Batman (2016) #14

Batman ( 2016 ) # 14 embraces many of the highlights of all the times Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne have shared over the years – the rooftop chases, the team-ups, the secret encounters all across Gotham – but takes it a step further in its firm recognition of Catwoman as an anti-hero that exists outside of Batman ’ s often black-and-white view of the world, and that he loves all the lapp .
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Framed as the death night spent together before Selina ’ sulfur captivity, the two reach a compromise regarding their relationship and the issue makes for a necessary character analyze.

“The Best Man”

Catwoman leans on Batman in Batman (2016) #49

The fib, featured in Batman ( 2016 ) # 49, is one of the best analyses of Batman and Catwoman ’ s active through the dim-witted fact that it ’ mho seen through the eyes of the Joker. A day before Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle ’ s ill-famed wedding, Joker takes a church hostage and decides to talk it all out with Catwoman as he considers the two of them to be the most authoritative figures in Batman ’ south life. The return examines everything Selina has been to Bruce, both as an adversary and a partner, and what the relationship means for their real selves .

“The Wedding”

Batman and Catwoman wedding

In contrast to everything that has led up to the moment in question, the majority of comic readers know Batman ( 2016 ) # 50 is not an particularly happy occasion .
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however, it is a successful exploration of all the ways Batman and Catwoman do and do not work together – Selina ’ s concern that married bliss may have a minus effect on the valet Gotham needs Bruce to be as Batman is one that had only been hinted at earlier and never laid out equally explicitly as in this issue. The report, in that aspect, is an essential one .

“The Autobiography Of Bruce Wayne”

Three panels showing Batman and Catwoman embracing in The Brave and the Bold.

In DC ’ s pre-crisis continuity, Batman and Catwoman had been happily married for many years before her ill-timed death. The Brave and the Bold ( 1955 ) # 197, set during that period, is not alone a bittersweet expect back at the consequence they ’ d first base fallen in sleep together but besides a guidebook of their integral relationship and eventual marriage. The story – narrated by an older Bruce Wayne – wields nostalgia well in a challenging narrative scatter across clock, and has surely become a authoritative among fans of the couple .

“Some Of Those Days”

Three panels showing Catwoman reading a note in DC Comics.

Though clearly inspired by many predecessors in the annals of Batman and Catwoman comics, Batman Annual ( 2016 ) # 2 can be easily seen as a authoritative lead on the kinship and dynamic between the characters .
The story builds on the shared sadness at the effect of who Selina and Bruce are as people and proposes that, though it might be the drive pull behind their actions, they ’ re draw together through this unique understanding of the other and find oneself easing there. The issue resonates strongly as a celebration of the ups and downs of Batman and Catwoman and everything in-between .
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