Tiamut (Earth-616)

Dreaming Celestial

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Tiamut [ 1 ]

Current Alias

Dreaming Celestial [ 2 ]


[ 3 ] Apostate, [ 4 ] Black Celestial, [ 5 ] The Communicator, [ 6 ] The Dreamer, [ 7 ] Golden God, [ 8 ] Golden One, [ 9 ] Great Renegade, [ 2 ] Sleeping Celestial [ 10 ] Alpha and Omega

Affiliation and Relationships


Former agent of First and Second Host, companion of the Fulcrum

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[32]




2000′ ( 609.6 meter )





  • Red


No Hair At All


and Black and Blue (formerly)

Unusual Features

Tiamut appears similar to a robot or suit of armour. His skin appears as gold metal; formerly black metal, blue metals.

Origin and Living Status



Living Status




Personal Information






Renegade; former communications specialist

Base of Operations

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California


prison on Earth Lemuria, and mobile across the known universe

Creators and Appearances


Jack Kirby



Eternals # 18
( September, 1977 )
Age of Apocalypse # 14
( April, 2013 )
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Dreaming Celestial[src]



The Dreaming Celestial was a celestial once known as Tiamut the Communicator whose function was to alert the Fulcrum of the findings of the Celestials during erratic examinations and to send a signal to the Horde to collect the satellite ‘s aggregate life-force. [ 6 ] Tiamut was one of the ten-spot members of the First Celestial Host when it visited Earth one million years ago. [ 11 ] During this chew the fat, Tiamut personally created the Eternal Makkari, designing him for speed and with respective other interesting features in his deoxyribonucleic acid social organization. [ 12 ] It is said by some that the Deviant conqueror known as Lord Tantalus from the planet Arqa was created more than 25,000 years ago by the Dreaming Celestial but this has not been confirmed. [ 1 ] [ 13 ] During the Second Celestial Host, the Deviants were the dominant allele power on Earth, and Tiamut was quick to call the Horde to begin the harvest of the satellite. however, Arishem had that order canceled, and had many of the Deviants culled, while not touching the other species. As this was a misdemeanor of their protocol, Tiamut deemed Arishem to be malfunctioning and tried to assume command by attacking Arishem. Although Tiamut defeated Arishem, he was then attacked by four other Celestials who had been working with Arishem, and he was imprisoned underneath the mountains. Why they did this though, is silent not sincerely acquit, and citation must be made of the fact that this report of events was given by the Dreaming Celestial itself and has not yet been rebutted or verified. [ 6 ] It should besides be noted that, by giving this account to Makkari, the Dreaming Celestial contradicted his previous claim that he could not explain why the early Celestials had put him to sleep because the reason involved concepts for which Makkeri had no referent. [ 3 ] The other Celestials ripped his intent from his body and placed in a device known as “ The Vial, ” with a fraction of Tiamut ‘s soul used to make a key that could unlock the Vial. The Celestials then sealed the Dreaming Celestial ‘s body in a vault under the Diablo Mountains in California. For millennium, the Celestial sleep. [ 14 ] It was after being defeated and imprisoned that Tiamut ‘s true name was purportedly obliterated constantly so that he would only be spoken of as the Dreaming Celestial. [ 15 ] He was erased from all records. [ 16 ]

twentieth century

In 1906, during San Francisco Earthquake the Dreaming Celestial ’ s chamber was damaged. The Eternals arrived and formed Uni-Mind to fix it. During the Mahd Wy’ry, Sprite realized he could use the Celestial ‘s powers to change his Eternal life, allowing him to last grow up. [ 17 ]

modern Age

finally, the Deviant Priestlord Ghaur remade the winder and drank the effect of the Dreaming Celestial, thus giving the Priestlord the stature and power of a Celestial. Soon thereafter, the Dreaming Celestial took advantage of this and mentally controlled Ghaur to free the Dreamer from his ceaseless sleep. This design was thwarted by the Avengers and the Eternals, and the Vial was sealed once more. [ 14 ]

Heroes Reborn

After Franklin Richards transported the Fantastic Four and several Avengers into a pocket dimension, the Dreaming Celestial found a loophole out of his prison : a gateway into the pocket universe. The Dreaming Celestial learned that one of his star-spawned akin, the Celestial known as Ashema, was the defender of the pouch universe. He concluded that the only means out of that air pocket universe was through her, and began to plot her demise. Soon he was opposed by Doctor Doom, Lancer, Technarx, and several other heroes. The Dreaming Celestial was successful in capturing Ashema and escaping into his family dimension, but was soon thwarted by Doom and the Fantastic Four. [ 18 ]

The Horde

The Deviants finally re-awoke the Dreaming Celestial, who turned from black to gold when the rising sun ‘s rays hit him. however, the Dreaming Celestial decided against destroying the worldly concern as he had originally intended. alternatively, he decided to wait and judge world for himself by his own standards. [ 19 ] In the interim, he informed Makkari that a devastating impel called The Horde, reap to the planet by the Celestial ‘s wake up, was heading for the Earth. [ 8 ] The Dreaming Celestial stood mutely in place, towering above San Francisco, where he was ultimately turned into a tourist drawing card. Although the Dreaming Celestial laid obviously dormant, he spoke to, and only to, Makkari, his prophet. [ 20 ] Sersi, who had rekindled her relationship with Makkari, grew worried about his recurring sessions with the Celestial, feeling that her loved one was lento fade away. [ 21 ] After having adequate of it, she last decided to confront the Celestial, determined to find the reason for this deadly bond. And, despite about getting killed, the Celestial revealed that Makkari had been chosen as his link to humanity before the arrival of The Horde, and she besides was part of its august plan : She was the matchless who had to protect Makkari. [ 22 ] unfortunately, Sersi failed in her mission and Makkari was killed. With no way of him being revived through conventional ways, a countdown to global annihilation was activated. Seeing that there was no other alternative, Sersi then pushed her powers to the specify by transmuting her own body into a perfect replica of Makkari and then replacing his consciousness with her own. Thanks to Sersi, the connection with the Celestial was restored once more. [ 23 ] After The Horde arrived on Earth, Uatu told Tiamut about complimentary will and emotions. During the struggle that ensued, the Dreaming Celestial ultimately confronted the Fulcrum, questioning his own function. In the process, he removed his helmet, revealing a shining android face. He then pleaded with the Fulcrum to spare Earth as the Celestial was last caring for the satellite. The Fulcrum declared that it had sought a Celestial who would rise above its determination since before time began, and asked the Dreamer to become his companion ; he accepted. [ 24 ]


After creating a diversion by having Magneto attack San Francisco, the High Evolutionary removed a specific detail from the Dreaming Celestial ‘s head through a process Magneto referred to as a “ lobotomy ”. The object was used in an experiment on Magneto which appeared to restore his mutant gene. [ 25 ] When Archangel sought to bring about the Age of Archangel, he traveled to the Dreaming Celestial to retrieve a Death Seed. Like Apocalypse before him, Archangel desired to serve development and needed his horseman death by his side. [ 26 ] After the schism between the X-Men, Mr. Sinister returned, and somehow activated the Dreaming Celestial. While the X-Men battled the Celestial ‘s soundbox, Sinister utilized its head to transform function of San Francisco in his own double. ascribable to this action, numerous Celestials came to Earth but Cyclops made them go back. [ 27 ]


One of the Exterminators killed the Dreaming Celestial during their try to invade the Multiverse. [ 28 ]


Power Grid[33]


Cosmic energy control with an unknown upper limit. His armor is able to easily withstand strikes from nuclear warheads and planetary impacts. Tiamut seems to be one of the most knock-down Celestials as Galactus feared it and Uatu the Watcher could not see anything when it awoke. [ 3 ]


transportation system

celestial starships .


  • There are conflicting accounts as to why the Dreaming Celestial was put to sleep.
    • According to what the Eternals were told, the Dreaming Celestial was guilty of a heinous “crime against life itself”[2] but what this crime was and where it was committed have never been revealed.[29]
    • On one occasion, the Dreaming Celestial seemingly confirmed that he had done something that his fellows said was such a crime but felt that he should not have been punished for it.[3]
    • Most Deviants worship the Dreaming Celestial because they believe that he alone created their race. Many believe that this act was the “crime” for which he was cast down[30] while others believe that he was betrayed and tricked by the other Celestials when he tried to protect the Changing People.[9]
    • Some Deviants believe that their race was created to be a delicacy for the Celestials to consume and that the Dreaming Celestial was imprisoned because he tried to get the other Celestials to stop eating Deviants.[31]
    • In his own account of what happened, the Dreaming Celestial did not claim that he had been trying to protect the Deviants. Instead, he stated that he had been going to send a signal to the Horde to harvest the aggregate planetary life-force but that Arishem had then stopped him, claiming that the Fulcrum had ordered them to only cull the Deviants, thereby sparing the base species.[6]


  • Tiamut is the only Celestial to ever question the Fulcrum. Even other Celestials who had evolved into beings of greater power have never done that.[24]

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