Century (Alien) (Earth-616)


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Affiliation and Relationships


Force Works Revengers (formerly);

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[10]




6′7″ ( 2.01 megabyte )


215 pound ( 97.52 kilogram )



  • No Visible





Unusual Features

Red markings around eyes; speech would often include multiple uses of verbs.

Origin and Living Status


Hodomurian composite warrior

Living Status




Place of Birth

Hodomurian homeworld

Personal Information


No dual




Tracker, adventurer

Base of Operations

Imprisoned, formerly Outer space; The Works

Creators and Appearances


Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Tom Tenney


Force Works # 1
( May, 1994 )
Quote1.png  My list is Century.
For longer than I can remember, I have traveled through outer space and meter, a mariner on the tides of luminosity. My battlestaff, Parallax, navigates my run, calculating the huge distances and opening gates in the fabric of outer space for me to pass through.
I am a construct, an artificial being of manufactured pulp and rake, into which has been woven a hundred different Minds, providing me with a hundred times the experience, cognition and skill of a single Individual. My emphatic yoke with Parallax keeps those jostling minds in order sequence.
My identify is Century.
Of that much alone, I ‘m sealed. My long odyssey through space-time has eroded my memory and left me without a clue as to the nature of my past. I do not know where I come from or why I was made, or even the name of my people. I was cast upon this bluish green land, to live amongst the strange human race and learn their ways. I know not why.
nowadays a black ghost from my yesterdays has returned, and with it, the opportunity to leave my foster home plate Earth and journey out into the stars in search of my past. The voyage will not be comforting. Or without dangers … Quote2.png




The Hodomurians combined their greatest warriors into a single being, Century, hoping he could defeat Lore. Lore escaped the Hodomurians. Desperate, they gave Century the empower weapon Parallax to track the villain, and he left. On the way, he entered a peculiarly mighty timestream and seemed to have been lost. somehow Century was drawn to Earth. [ 1 ]

military unit Works

Amnesiatic and lost, Century ‘s travels were used as a beacon by the Scatter, an omnivorous race of world-devouring parasites. His arrival on Earth alerted the Scatter to the planet, and their advance guard followed him there. Recognizing his duty, Century aligned himself with Force Works to oppose the Scatter ‘s invasion of Earth, and joined the team in repentance as his arrival was partially responsible for the death of their establish member, Wonder Man. [ 2 ] During a conflict with the Mandarin, Century was separated from Parallax for the first time, and his composite mind began to deteriorate into offprint personalities. [ 3 ]

He destroyed the team ‘s Recorder after discovering it was corrupted by the Kree Starstealth. [ 4 ] Century concisely left the team to search for his origins, [ 5 ] and upon his return found it in convulsion. He was ineffective to stop Immortus ‘ forces from abducting Moonraker, and he besides found the body of Amanda Chaney. He was able to protect Rachel Carpenter and frustration Cybermancer. [ 6 ] When Force Works disbanded, Century returned to space looking for Lore. He bid the Scarlet Witch farewell, and acknowledged that he had fallen in love with her. [ 7 ]


He late joined Wonder Man ‘s Revengers and successfully attacked the Avengers Mansion. [ 8 ] That like day he was captured by the Avengers and New Avengers ‘ compound forces, easily defeated after Wonder Man ‘s get. While being interrogated he explained his participation by his desire to make amends, as he silent felt that Wonder Man ‘s death was partially his fault. [ 9 ]


Power Grid[11]


  • Teleportation: Using Parallax, Century is able to teleport himself and others.
    • Dimension travel
  • Detection: Century can use Parallax to gather information or for tracking and navigation.


His connection to Parallax and being a composite mind makes Century very bouncy against mental attacks. He can sense where Parallax is and within certain limits can have it teleport rear to him .


If separated from Parallax, Century ‘s memories begin to deteriorate. His torso can only last for approximately 100 years .



Parallax, a limited halberd bonded to Century.

transportation system

teleportation using Parallax .


  • Century’s thighs make up part of Combo Man.

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