Every Demon Slayer Character, Ranked

It ’ s no hidden how massively democratic Demon Slayer has become since it premiered in 2019. The series has shown off a quite large count of characters, but there is surely a definitive ranking for where they all place we will be taking you through. here ’ south our ranking of the more memorable characters in Demon Slayer. Be warned, there might be rebuff spoilers for seasons one and two of the zanzibar copal.

22. Hotaru Haganezuka

Hotaru HaganezukaImage Source: Ufotable It ’ s reasonable to say that Hotaru doesn ’ thymine very have any combat ability. At least, not any true battle ability we have seen. While he is very aggressive, as seen when Tanjro broke his Nichirin sword, he was well evaded. While Hotaru might not have much use in a fight, he is one of the best Nichirin swordsmiths there is. And being able to equip the Demon Slayer corps with their best weapon is a intensity by itself.

23. Yushiro

YushiroImage Source: Ufotable Yushiro doesn ’ thyroxine necessarily partake as a lot of Tamayo ’ s intelligence, however, he does have the ability to hide his presence, which serves as a commodity defense up until the two demons come to destroy their hideout looking for Tanjiro and Nezuko. If not for Yushiro sharing his sight with Tanjiro during the contend to let him see the arrows, there would be no hope of winning. While Yushiro lacks a lot of physical strength, he did run out to assault Susamaru for hurting Tamayo.

21. Tamayo

TamayoImage Source: Ufotable Tamayo doesn ’ thyroxine precisely have the strongest blood monster art. While being able to hypnotize foes with merely her blood is helpful when Tanjiro needs to escape the cops in Tokyo, Tamayo ’ randomness mind is her greatest intensity. She ’ sulfur beyond knowledgeable when it comes to demons and is trusted by Tanjiro when it comes to a potential cure for Nezuko ’ randomness demonization.

22. Yahaba

YahabaImage Source: Ufotable While Yahaba doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate quite have Susamaru ’ s huge world power and hood projectiles, he is able to control the trajectory of objects and people with arrows. With this ability, he is able to about entirely trap Tanjiro and throw him about, doing significant wrong while removing most options for a counterattack. From Tanjiro ’ s complete set of skills, it was lone one proficiency that led to victory as the rest had proven useless.

21. Susamaru

SusamaruImage Source: Ufotable This demon is separate of the first match that gives Tanjiro any amount of real worry. Susamaru spends the beginning of the contend throwing equitable two temari balls and creating enough of destruction. The worst contribution is that the balls pack a massive punch and move in trajectories that don ’ t make sense. While the leftover trajectories of the balls are caused by Suamaru ’ s partner, Yahaba, that by no means lessens the temari ’ south deadly impact.

20. Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima Demon Slayer Character RankingsImage Source: Ufotable Gyomei hasn ’ metric ton had the prospect to show off what he can do in the anime so far, but it is clear from how the other Hashira react to him that there ’ s some massive intensity under the surface. It besides helps that he ’ s a hulking seven-foot-tall giant.

19. Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro Demon SlayerImage Source: Ufotable up to this point in the zanzibar copal, Obanai hasn ’ triiodothyronine truly been seen in action. All that has been shown is an huge loyalty to the Demon Slayer corps and a pretty harsh temperament. Being the Serpent Hashira is bound to lead to a pretty awful bent of attacks whenever the anime gets around to showing them off.

18. Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi Shinazugawa Ranking Demon Slayer CharactersImage Source: Ufotable Sanemi had a boisterous introduction, immediately trying to goad Nezuko into attacking him to prove that she ’ s still an evil devil despite all the different characters vouching for her. We haven ’ thymine seen what he can do, but this decidedly doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate put him in a friendly put when it comes to the estimable guys ’ standing of the Hashira in the eyes of viewers. however, he has the bumptiousness of person who is carrying huge military capability.

17. Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito Demon Slayer CharactersImage Source: Ufotable Muichiro is another Hashira who hasn ’ thymine in full revealed their true lastingness. however, at the original Hashira meeting, he was able to knock Tanjiro clean out with just a few little stones. This decidedly seems to signify some decent power behind the humble frame that spent that same meet disinterested and watching clouds.

16. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji Demon Slayer CharactersImage Source: Ufotable Kanroji is the most feel for of the Hashira, showing concern for Tanjiro when he is in the first place brought before them. While her condition of Love Hashira is possibly the most abstract, her Nichirin sword ’ s ability to move around like a ribbon is undoubtedly one of the cool and deadliest abilities that any of the Hashira have had to offer thus far in the anime.

15. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Demon Slayer Character RankingsImage Source: Ufotable Kanao is, in many ways, the ideal Demon Slayer. She ’ second mechanical, methodical, and a honed weapon even if it is the resultant role of trauma. The boys learn good how much of a skill opening they have as they are put through her rehabilitation government. She is responsible for Tanjiro ’ s massive promote in strength at the end of the independent three ’ south reclamation.

14. Sakonji Urokodaki

Sakonji UrokodakiImage Source: Ufotable We merely briefly see Urokodaki in action, as he hung up his Hashira claim years before the floor started. however, he deserves this spot on the list strictly because he is the one who taught Tanjiro. While the case could be made that he besides trained many former Demon Slayer Corps recruits who didn ’ t make it home, he took a blastoff on Tanjiro and was able to hypnotize Nezuko into being less of a concern.

13. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado Demon Slayer CharacterImage Source: Ufotable While Nezuko has held her own on batch of occasions, she does besides end up in the worst form. It ’ south because she ’ s about unkillable as a demon that Nezuko can fight ampere hard as she does. Considering she was able to go toe to toe with the big badly of temper two, she ’ s decidedly not holding Tanjiro and the others second. Nezuko ’ s ability to change her size is a massive force and has gotten her out of tight jams. Seeing as it allowed her to escape Kanao ’ s pursuit says a bunch.

12. Rui

Rui Demon Slayer CharactersImage Source: Ufotable

To a lesser degree, Rui is able to use Muzan ’ s ability to make his own demons. This “ family ” — as Rui refers to them — can take on some grade of spider characteristics, which makes fighting them specially hard. Rui ’ s own threads cause Tanjiro no small come of trouble. This is one fight where it is truly ill-defined if Tanjiro would have won, as he was saved thanks to Tomioka ’ s appearance.

11. Enmu

Enmu Mugen Train CharacterImage Source: Ufotable Before the transfusion of Muzan ’ s blood at the end of the first season, Enmu most surely wouldn ’ t have been a bully adversary for a group that had already taken down Rui. however, with the blood, Enmu becomes a much stronger wedge. Fusing with the aim itself was no belittled feat and made the fight that much harder. Without Rengoku on bridge player, it ’ s likely Tanjiro and ship’s company would have lost most, if not all, of the passengers. Considering Enmu besides weaponized the small children to attack Tanjiro and the group in their dreams, this was a devil they never saw coming and one slip could ’ ve meant an nasty kill.

10. Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibara Demon Slayer CharacterImage Source: Ufotable Inosuke is a particular sheath, with him having been raised by boars. Being the singular character to exhibit animal breathe abilities, Inosuke has enough of room to show off. His biggest strengths are shown during the Entertainment District arc when he displays the ability to relocate his organs and his resistance to poison.

9. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu AgatsumaImage Source: Ufotable alike to Inosuke, Zenitsu embodies a breathe technique that no other main character use. however, Zenitsu is absolutely not as far along in his own breathing techniques. But that simple fact besides cements his rank. While, sure, Zenitsu is entirely useless unless he has been rendered unconscious. With that said, he took the single breathe technique he was able to learn and mastered it to such a degree that it ’ sulfur barely angstrom potent as the higher forms of any other breathe style.

8. Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado Demon Slayer CharacterImage Source: Ufotable It could be said that Tanjiro ’ s biggest lastingness is his common sense of smell. While that ’ sulfur true, his sheer will can not be underestimated. Tanjiro is the union of every teacher he has ever had and the progress shows more and more as the series progresses. From the advanced emit techniques from Kanao to Urokodaki ’ s water rest, Tanjiro has learned some of the best skills. however, there must be some score for raw endowment, as he was able to hold off a impertinently demonized Nezuko at the top of the show.

7. Daki & Gyotaru

Daki and Gyotaru Demon Slayer Character RanksImage Source: Ufotable Considering the combination and the shared rank, this placement has to include the brother and sister demon pair. It besides matters that even when it was good Daki fight, she was a ruffianly adversary. however, once Gyotaru joined the fight, the pressure on Tengen began to build until he ended up injured to the point of wedge retirement, despite the victory. That they were beaten at all speaks volumes about the compound might of Tanjiro and everyone else, considering that Daki and Gyotaru had killed/eaten 22 Hashira between them.

6. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho Demon Slayer Characters RankedImage Source: Ufotable angstrom far as best-designed characters go, Shinobu is excellent. Her butterfly wing outfit is attention-getting and terrifying all at the same time as she mercilessly doles out poison as the Insect Hashira. She besides, deceptively, looks all fresh and innocent, such as when she engages with the spider devil that traps people in cocoons. One beautiful series of attacks is all it took to bring that devil down. Shinobu is a chilling and serious combatant.

5. Giyu Tomioka

Giyo TomiokaImage Source: Ufotable Considering Tomioka employs the lapp water system breathing techniques as Tanjiro, his lastingness stands out even more. not only do we get to see person else perform some of what have become Tanjiro ’ s signature moves, but we get to see them just about tenfold in terms of might. While Tanjiro was struggling against Rui, Tomioka put a period to the demon in barely about no time apartment.

4. Tengen Uzui

Tengen UzuiImage Source: Ufotable Tengen Is about a cool/strong as Rengoku. We get a solid theme of what being the Sound Hashira means and we get to see some of the potency behind his character. Though his first appearance when he was trying to drag the girls aside seemed a small odd, he did go along with letting the chief trio present themselves as girls for the Entertainment District bow, and that provided some pretty good laughs.

3. Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro RengokuImage Source: Ufotable Rengoku is by and large the rationality why the Mugen Train arch didn ’ t end in a fully wipe of Tanjiro and the stay of the party. The absolute awesomeness of the Flame Hashira not only protected the people on the train, but it bought batch of time for Tanjiro and Inosuke to defeat Enmu. While Rengoku did lose his liveliness, he lost against the Upper Rank 3 devil, Akaza. The conflict lasted far longer than what even Tanjiro had been capable of not besides long ago against Rui. At the meter, Akaza was the toughest enemy anyone on-screen had always fought, and Rengoku held his own while making Akaza get at least a little dangerous.

2. Akaza

AkazaImage Source: Ufotable Akaza ’ s plaza on this list was guaranteed with his arrival at the conclusion of the Mugen Train movie. After everyone had done such a leading job protecting the train passengers, Akaza shows up to hassle the meet Demon Slayers. He brings one of the best fights of the zanzibar copal by making the Flame Hashira, Rengoku, sincerely show off the skills that were entirely hinted at during the train defense sequence. Up to this point, Tanjiro and company had found a way to beat just about every single monster the zanzibar copal had shown off. Akaza serves as a turning luff in proving that they haven ’ t even seen the worse thing Muzan Kibutsuji has in storehouse.

1. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan KibutsujiImage Source: Ufotable This one should be obvious. Muzan Kibutsuji is the drawing card and originator of all demons, the entities that we regularly see have the capabilities for arrant human destruction. We see that all he needs to cause a view is a unmarried scrape to make a newly devil. Muzan is in a league of his own when it comes to current power in the zanzibar copal. It ’ s not actually even close.
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