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Final Selection Participant.png
Final Selection Participant
A participant in the Final Selection Tanjiro Kamado takes part in. The Hand Demon runs in to attack him, but he alerts Tanjiro who is able to save him by cutting off the Demon’s limb that he’d caught the boy with.[1] As Tanjiro engages in battle with the Demon, he runs away.[2] He is later killed by unknown means and thus doesn’t make it to the end of the selection.[3]
  • Debut: Chapter 6
Asakusa couple.png
Asakusa couple

Reading: Characters/Minor

A civilian couple who presumably live in Asakusa, Tokyo. The husband’s neck is slashed by Muzan Kibutsuji as Tanjiro confronts the Demon Lord on the busy streets of Asakusa, and he begins to turn into a Demon, attacking his wife by biting her neck.[4] Before he can further injure her, Tanjiro gags him with his scarf to prevent him from biting anyone else, and Tamayo then uses her Blood Demon Art to save the two from the commotion.[5] The couple are taken back to Tamayo’s house, and she says that the wife will be fine, however the husband must be confined to an underground cell.[6]
  • Debut: Chapter 13
Drunk siblings.png
Drunk siblings
A trio of drunk siblings who are wondering the backstreets of Asakusa at night. One of them, named Ya-chan by the others, bumps into Muzan as he walks past them, and asks the Demon Lord what his problem is. Muzan apologizes, but the drunk attempts to agonize him by commenting on his dislike for Muzan’s high quality clothes and pale face, which angers Muzan, causing him to punch Ya-chan into the nearby wall. The tallest of the siblings asks Muzan what he’s doing as the female one runs over to Ya-chan and announces that he’s not breathing; Muzan has killed him. Muzan then swiftly kicks the tallest sibling into the air with enough force to kill him too, and corners the female sibling, menacingly asking her if she thought he looked pale and sickly. She denies that he does, but Muzan ignores her, telling her that he’s an entirely different creature as he sticks a finger into her forehead, injecting his blood into her until it ruptures her cells and kills her too.[5]
  • Debut: Chapter 14
Zenitsu's love interest.png
Zenitsu’s love interest

A girl who stopped to help Zenitsu Agatsuma when she found him crouched on the side of the road. Zenitsu got the wrong idea from her actions and thought she was romantically interested in him, clinging to her in the middle of the road and begging her to marry him until Tanjiro finds the pair and splits them up. Zentisu complains about Tanjiro’s actions, and the girl exclaims that she never wanted to marry him in the first place, slaps him and explains that she was just checking to see if he was alright and that she had a fiancé anyway.[7][8]
  • Debut: Chapter 19
Confident Corps Member.png
Confident Corps Member

A member of the Demon Slayer Corps who was part of the unit sent to Mount Natagumo. He approached Rui as he confronted Tanjiro Kamado, telling the latter to stay back and exclaiming that he could easily slay a kid Demon like Rui so his rank and thus his pay would go up. Rui swiftly kills him with his steel webs.[9]
  • Debut: Chapter 36
Train Conductor.png
Train Conductor
A civilian recruited by Enmu to be the conductor of his infinity train. He checks the tickets of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Kyojuro, and stands by as the Flame Hashira defeats the Demon on their train carriage.[10] After reporting back to Enmu, he cries and begs the Demon to let him sleep too so he can see his dead wife and daughter, and Enmu obliges.[11]
  • Debut: Chapter 54
Enmu's Recruits.png
Enmu’s Recruits
Civilians recruited by Enmu to enter the dreams and destroy the spiritual cores of the Demon Slayers aboard his infinity train. They tie themselves to Zenitsu, Inosuke and Kyojuro and each enter one Corps member’s dreams.[12] The girl who enters Kyojuro’s dream fails to destroy his spiritual core due to him strangling her in reality,[13] and the girl and boy who enter Inosuke’s and Zenitsu’s respective dreams fail to destroy their spiritual cores because the Demon Slayers chase them away inside their dreams.[14] When Tanjiro returns to reality, the recruits attack him because he didn’t allow them to dream, so he knocks them out.[15]
  • Debut: Chapter 55
Enmu's Fourth Recruit.png
Enmu’s Fourth Recruit
One of the civilians recruited by Enmu to enter the dreams and destroy the spiritual cores of the Demon Slayers aboard his infinity train, who wants to dream because he suffers from tuberculosis. He ties himself to Tanjiro and enters his dream with the intention of killing him,[12] but is touched by the beauty and kindness of Tanjiro’s unconscious realm.[16] When Tanjiro wakes up and the young man is pulled from his dream, he holds onto a manifestation of Tanjiro’s kindness and takes it into his own heart. He doesn’t join the other recruits in attacking Tanjiro, instead thanking him and telling him to be careful.[17]
  • Debut: Chapter 55
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