The 10 Coolest My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked

Whether they have exceeding character development or an expertly designed Quirk, these MHA characters are decidedly excessively cool for school. My Hero Academia has a large cast of characters whose alone designs separate them from the average anime character. due to the Quirk office system in the testify, characters are able to have the most creative and fantastic superpowers. With that said, some characters in My Hero Academia have more matter to and classifiable powers and traits than the rest .
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While the abilities and motivations of these characters span a wide range, they all possess Quirks and narrative dynamics that are fabulously impressive. Whether they have exceeding character development or an expertly designed Quirk, these My Hero Academia characters are decidedly plus extremist in the cool department.


10 Tsuyu Asui Does What Frogs Do

tsuyu asui from My Hero Academia Tsuyu Asui is one of the students of U.A. High School ’ second Class 1-A. As such, she has met her fairly partake of villains. Yet, she constantly comes out on top. Her cool demeanor and fail-safe instincts make her one of the most healthy characters in the show .
Tsuyu ’ s Frog Quirk is besides creative and fun. Her ability to do whatever a frog can allows her to stand out from her peers. She can climb on walls, come to things with her long, awkward clapper, and can even regurgitate her stomach if necessity. Tsuyu besides has one of the best hero names : Froppy. Though fans do not get to see a distribute of her throughout the appearance, it is constantly a treat when she takes plaza stage .

9 Mirio Togata Is Always Smiling

Mirio Togata from My Hero Academia. Mirio Togata is the top scholar in U.A. High ’ s third gear year. He is a lovable and charismatic person whose dream is to save one million people. even though he lost his interpenetration Quirk in a battle, Mirio never lets the smile slice from his face .
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Before he lost his oddity, Mirio worked fabulously hard to control it. He practiced diligently to hone his skills, becoming the best translation of himself. Mirio was even supposed to be the following wielder of One For All until All Might changed his judgment. Mirio proves that a positive expectation and a fortune of hard function wage dividends .

8 Shota Aizawa Protects His Students

Shota Aizawa looking smug Shota Aizawa is the Class 1-A home room teacher and a Pro Hero. His oddity neutralizes other Quirks adenine long as he keeps his eyes trained on the person in interrogate. While this causes his eyes to dry out, it is a brawny and invaluable Quirk to have in combat and arguably one of the coolest Quirks in the picture .
Though he seems ill-bred and offish, Aizawa would do anything for his students. Fans even discover that the real rationality he has expelled so many students is sol they can get an agreement and appreciation for their goals to become heroes. Aizawa frequently sacrifices himself for the good of others and owns up to his mistakes when he makes them. Aizawa is a humble hero that fans adore .

7 Himiko Toga Just Wants To Belong

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia Himiko Toga is one of the more dangerous members of the League of Villains and the newly minted Paranormal Liberation Front. Because her Quirk involves rake, people are inherently fearful of her. Toga proves them mighty, as she thirsts for the rake of her victims, specially Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka .
due to her bloodlust, she was an friendless as a preteen and finds a sense of belonging with the villains. Her leaning to toy with her victims besides makes her a terrify antagonist. Despite her condemnable behavior, Toga is a deeply absorbing character that fans can not help but love .

6 Katsuki Bakugo Learns To Be Humble

Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia. Katsuki Bakugo is another penis of Class 1-A. Though most things have come easily to him, Bakugo receives a deserts when he discovers that his childhood frenemy, Midoriya, nowadays has a potent Quirk. Bakugo ’ s jealousy and superiority complex much get the better of him at the get down of the series .
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however, the longer the show goes, the more Bakugo comes to realize that he should be focusing on his own actions and progress alternatively of others ’ accomplishments. He besides comes to see what it sincerely means to be a hero and begins to evolve. While he has a cool blueprint and Quirk, it ‘s Bakugo ’ s progress and unbridled endowment throughout the show that fans love the most.

5 Dabi Has A Flair For The Dramatic

Dabi Smirk Dabi is another penis of the new Paranormal Liberation Front. He uses his Blue Fire Quirk to devastating effect as he hopes to destroy ampere much as possible. Dabi has apparently little care for anyone and has a flare for the dramatic .
One of the most interesting aspects of Dabi is his true identity. The revelation adds a raw level to Dabi ’ s quality that makes him an flush more deadly antagonist. Dabi ’ mho misanthropy and apparent disregard for human life solidify him as one of the cool and most frighten villains .

4 Twice Just Wants To Be A Good Person

Twice from My Hero Academia Jin Bubaigawara, or “ twice ” as he is better known, is one of the more charitable villains. In the past, he used his double Quirk therefore many times that he lost spy of whom the real Jin was. This caused him to have a dangerous existential crisis. fortunately, he overcomes it and fully unleashs his powers to create an army of clones .
twice ’ sulfur backstory and otherwise kind nature endear him to fans. many argue that he only became a villain because society failed him. additionally, the caution he shows Toga shines a light on his world that not many of the other villains seem to have. Twice is cool because he ‘s a creative and fleshed-out character who fans feel for .

3 Hawks Hopes Heroes Don’t Have To Work

hawks from My Hero Academia on duty Keigo Takami, or “ Hawks, ” is the youngest pro hero to make it into the Top Ten. His cool, dreamy nature makes him the ideal candidate for espionage missions. While he does play both sides, Hawks seems to remain on the side of justice .
Though not a lot is known about Hawks ’ backstory in the anime as of so far, audiences are privy to a belittled part of his harsh childhood as he was relentlessly trained for enormousness. While Hawks plays his cards close to his thorax, he still tries to do what is best for society as a wholly. Hawks is a fan darling for his laid-back air travel and commitment to his missions .

2 Sir Nighteye Worries About His Friend’s Future

Sir Nighteye from My Hero Academia The cool and stoic Mirai Sasaki, besides known as “ Sir Nighteye, ” is another Pro Hero. His quirk, Foresight, allows him to see person ’ s future for up to an hour after he touches them and makes eye contact. Since he can only use it once a day, Sir Nighteye uses it meagerly. When he was younger, Nighteye was All Might ’ south buddy, and frequently the sensible one of the duet. Though they have gone their discriminate ways, Nighteye hush holds bang-up affection for All Might .
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Nighteye is an scheme character because of his visions and his opinions of All Might ’ s choices. He rails against Midoriya as the adjacent one For All holder and worries constantly that All Might is pushing himself to death. Though Sir Nighteye passes before he can see a real variety, fans know that his words still have an impact on those to whom he was closest .

1 All Might Goes Into Retirement After An Illustrious Career

All Might playful with his pupils Yagi Toshinori, good known as “ All Might, ” was once the act one hero and was dubbed the Symbol of Peace. His astounding heroics elevated him to become the most beloved hero in Japan. unfortunately, two fights with his bane All For One have left him a husk of his former self, making manner for the other Pro Heroes to take charge.

All Might is one of the coolest characters, not entirely because of his design, Quirk, and acts of heroism but besides because he gives audiences a glimpse of what life is like after bomber work. The way All Might struggles with finding function is both absorbing and heartbreaking. While many aspects of All Might ’ randomness personality remain the like, it is authorize that he even has a set to work through as an aging hero .
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