Demon Slayer: 13 Bravest Characters, Ranked

Bravery is all-important when it comes to slaying demons. These characters have shown the most courage of any in Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer is one of the most democratic zanzibar copal of the final few decades, and for enough of good reasons. Its floor follows the independent supporter Tanjiro, who, after losing everything, sets off on a request to become one of the best monster Slayers in hopes of getting his sister ‘s humanness back and exacting revenge on the demon who ruined his life .
Becoming a successful Demon Slayer seems to be an act of courage in itself, but it ‘s more than that. Being brave is not ampere comfortable as one may think, specially when being constantly confronted with demons and dangerous situations. Bravery is n’t reserved for slayers either. It takes a special kind of devil to want to measure up against the Slayers Corps .
Updated May 5, 2022, by Jessica Faith: With the second season over and available to watch on Crunchyroll, there are many new Demon Slayer characters introduced to fans of the serial. many of these new additions have shown extreme fearlessness in the confront of death and danger and deserved to be ranked among the bravest Demon Slayer characters. SPOILERS AHEAD

13 Uzui’s Wives: Hinatsuru, Makio & Suma

Demon SLayer Entertainment District Season 2 Hina, Suma and Makio When Uzui, the Sound Hashira, was tasked with finding the monster who hid in the Entertainment District in the second base season of Demon Slayer, he enlisted his wives to help him. His wives wittingly put their lives in danger by joining different houses and acting as spies .
When Uzui was in danger, Hinatsuru constantly put herself in damage ‘s way to save him, while Makio and Suma helped Inosuke against Daki. As women with no extraordinary skills, it was impressively audacious of them to fight alongside the demon slayers and put their lives at hazard .

12 Nezuko Kamado

Demon Slayer: Collage Of A Close Up On Nezuko Fans see Nezuko, Tanjiro ‘s little sister, act bravely right from the first episode of the serial. once turned into a devil, she fought against her newfound instinct to kill her brother, and rather protected him from the water Hashira, Tomioka. It did n’t count to her that the person she attacked was a Hashira. evening though she did n’t know what that mean at the clock, she would n’t have backed down .
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Nezuko is constantly protecting those she cares about throughout the anime. She even goes deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as killing demons, those who are purportedly her kind, to save the lives of innocents .

11 Inosuke Hashibara

Demon Slayer: Collage of Inosuke's Face This Demon Slayer never hesitates to run into conflict whenever he senses a demon nearby. Although it takes a draw of courage to slay demons, he acts on caprice and recklessness, which gets him into trouble. however, he constantly manages to survive with the aid of his friends .
One episode where Inosuke ‘s courage shines the most is in the Natagumo Mountain Arc of season 1, where he fought against the Father Spider Demon. The battle against the spider demon was challenging, but with the aid of Giyu, the slayers manages to win .

10 Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka with an emotionless expression in demon slayer Giyu is the first gear Hashira to meet Tanjiro and Nezuko in the first base episode. He immediately tries to get rid of Nezuko, but vitamin a soon as he realizes that she is n’t dangerous, he lets her live. Protecting a devil is against the rules of the Slayers Corps, but this Kuudere is audacious adequate to defy those rules and trust his instincts .
This is n’t the lone time that Giyu Tomioka has proved that he is one of the bravest characters in this zanzibar copal. He faces and kills not only the Father Spider Demon, but Lower Rank Five, Rui with his Water Breathing Techniques .

9 Sanemi Shinazugawa

Demon Slayer: Collage Of Sanemi Wind Hashira Sanemi is the Wind Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, whom Tanjiro meets in episode 22 of the Shonen series. Tanjiro faces a test for protecting Nezuko, and must prove she is harmless. however, Sanemi ‘s hate and know with demons drive him to know better .
To show his fellow slayers the dependable nature of demons, he bravely cuts himself to tempt Nezuko into attacking. Going to such extremes to prove a decimal point is n’t something everyone would do do, which is why Sanemi ‘s courage is remarkable in this case .

8 Tamayo

Demon Slayer: Collage Of Tamayo Demon Who Heals Every Kind Tamayo is a devil, but just like Nezuko, she does n’t hurt humans. While she once was a dangerous demon, she has put to stop the violence inflicted on innocents and decided to spend her energy studying everything she could find on demons and their transformation rather .
As a doctor of the church, she tends to the injured, careless of what they are ( homo or demon ), and she has made it her life ‘s mission to avenge her family killed by Muzan. It takes a bunch of fearlessness for a devil to side with humans and find a way to defeat the almighty Muzan. She flush teams up with Tanjiro, Muzan ‘s bane .

7 Lower Rank One Demon: Emnu

Demon Slayer Mugen Train: Collage Of Emnu's Face In A Closeup Emnu was the only Lower Level of the Twelve Kizuki who did not cower in fear when he faced death in the stopping point episode of the first season. Unlike his allies who ran away or tried to convince Muzan to let them live, he loved the idea and felt honored at being kept for stopping point .
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furthermore, when he was chosen by Muzan to go after a member of the Hashira and Tanjrio, he did n’t hesitate to accept. even though it seemed like a end sentence to engage in such a dangerous undertaking to other demons, his fearlessness never wavered .

6 Upper Rank Six Demons: Daki & Gyutaro

Demon SLayer Entertainment District Season 2 Daki and Gyutaro The two antagonists of the Entertainment District are among the bravest of the demons therefore army for the liberation of rwanda. Daki ‘s animation as a human was harsh, but a long as she had her buddy to rely on when things got hard, she had no perturb being brave. This fearlessness was besides why a man got angry with her and burned her human self alert. however, danger never scared her. In fact, she showed huge courage when she agreed to help the terrifying Muzan in his quest to kill the devil slayers and a Hashira, which she fought on her own for a while before her brother came to help .
As for Gyutaro, he was used to being mistreated, therefore showing a brave boldness to those who harmed him was always easy. With everything he ‘s been through, going against a copulate of demon slayers and a Hashira was n’t terrifying to him. In fact, he fought against them bravely until his black demise .

5 Upper Rank Three Demon: Akaza

Demon Slayer: Demon Akaza Of Movie Mugen Train In the movie Mugen Train, Akaza arrives knowing well enough of the stakes awaiting him. even though the monster Emnu gets defeated by the Demon Slayers, Akaza ‘s courage never wanes .
He gladly takes on the Flame Hashira Rengoku without a second gear idea, and proves to be just angstrom brawny as the killer. The two competitiveness relentlessly until the sunrise, which prompts Akaza to leave the battle a morsel prematurely, but not before inflicting lots of wrong to Rengoku. Rengoku succumb to his wounds, leaving his friends in anger and mourn .

4 Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer: Collage Of Rengoku Flame Hashira The Flame Pillar, Rengoku, proved to be one of the bravest Hashira members. He refused to back down no matter how hard Akuza came at him during their competitiveness in the movie Demon Slayer : Mugen Train. rather, he refused to give up and kept fighting even when he could scantily stand up .
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Rengoku was brave adequate to put his own life sentence on the line equally long as it would save the other passengers aboard the train and his friends. He was a remarkable killer and will always be remembered for his sacrifice .

3 Tengen Uzui

Demon SLayer Entertainment District Season 2 Tengen Uzui Sound Hashira Fans finally got to see more of the Sound Hashira in the second season of the series. He ‘s fine-looking, brassy, has a way with the ladies, and even has three wives, much to Zenitsu ‘s dismay. He may even be one of the coolest characters of the Demon Slayer zanzibar copal. Uzui has constantly been a champion since he was forced to train from a young senesce to become a Shinobi and save his pedigree .
Uzui gets poisoned at one point during his fight against the demon siblings, but never stops fighting even though he was beyond tire and watery. All he thought about was protecting everyone — his friends, wives, and villagers — and he would n’t stop until he succeeded. Once his mission was complete, he felt satisfy with himself and was quick to welcome death showing no trace of reverence. In the confront of end and danger, Uzui is in truth one of the bravest characters in the anime .

2 Zenitsu Agatsuma

Demon Slayer: Collage Of Zenitsu Holding Box And Using Thunder Breathing Technique Zenitsu is known for his cowardice throughout the zanzibar copal. however, he does surprise his fans once in a while. He bravely protected Tanjiro ‘s box, where Nezuko hides during the day, from Inosuke. Zenitsu did n’t have any rationality for protecting the box other than trusting his friend ‘s give voice. He was volition to be sacrificed american samoa hanker as the box and its contentedness remained uninfluenced .
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In episode 22 of the beginning temper, Zenitsu shows that he is brave enough to follow Nezuko into the demon-infested woods. His courage besides helped him face the horrifying spider demons with his thunder Breathing Technique. As for season 2 of the series, he even faced Daki when she physically assaulted a young female child. He knew she was a devil because he sensed it, and although he silent feared them, he did n’t back down and demanded she let go of the daughter, even though it endangered his life. The killer shows, time and prison term again, that when it comes to his friends, he is ready to brave even the most terrify moments he can encounter .

1 Tanjiro Kamado

Demon Slayer: Collage Of Tanjiro Kamado With Fox Mask And Close Up In episode 4 of the beginning season, Tanjiro has made it the concluding selection to become a Demon Slayer. As he wanders the forest, he sees another Demon Slayer being chased by a massive devil known as The Hand Demon. He freezes in concern for a moment, but his fearlessness and courage push button him to save the killer and release the soul of the countless slayers who perished fighting the devil years ago, like Sabito and Makomo.

In the second season, when all seemed lost and Tanjiro was the entirely one left to fight against Gyutaro, he never lost hope. Through his courage, he managed to stall the devil long enough to land an ultimate strike and for Uzui to come to his aid. The couple last killed him after a long and emotionally-packed fight. Tanjiro constantly proves that he ‘s all about fighting for what is mighty, and protecting his friends and family from demons. His fearlessness is what has gotten him this far in the serial and he is in truth an inspire Deredere character for many fans .
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