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Other Cheetahs

  • The first Cheetah, Priscilla Rich, used a cheetah costume and pulled off robberies.
  • The second Cheetah, Deborah Domaine, used a costume like the first one but her hair was exposed and was a hardcore environmentalist.
  • The fourth Cheetah, Sebastian Ballesteros, was a man but was killed by Minerva when she came after him to reclaim her powers.
  • The fifth Cheetah is a former amazon resurrected by Bellona.


New 52 MinervaNew 52 Minerva Dr. Barbara Minerva, alias Cheetah is a british archeologist who had garnered a reputation to go to any lengths to secure an artifact. Born as the heiress of a huge fortune in the ancient kin site in Nottinghamshire, her life would change dramatically following an excursion she led into a dense african jungle. She was searching for the legendary bemused city of the Urzkartagan tribe. Deep within the jungle, her team was betrayed by their guides and ambushed by the Urzkartagans. merely she and one early, Dr. Tom Leavens, escaped by diving into a river. The two of them found the lost city while it was in the midst of a ritual. One of the other members of their team was sacrificed by the high gear priest, Chuma. The ritual had been intended to restore to health the ailing woman who was regarded as an embodiment for their cheetah god. Before the ritual could be completed, outsiders attacked the village, slaughtering everyone but Chuma, who was saved by Minerva. The two were buried within the cave that was the temple to the god Urzkartaga by a grenade savage. Chuma explained that the ritual would have turned the old womanhood into a cheetah god. The ritual, which could entirely be performed on the broad moon and required a blood sacrifice, restored the charwoman to youth equally well. She had been centuries old at the time of her end. Minerva demanded the ritual be done to her so she could have her gamble at power and immortality. When Chuma explained there must be a sacrifice, Minerva murdered Dr. Leavens, who had returned merely retentive enough to free them from the cave in and forfeit his life. After she had killed him and drank his blood, the ritual began. even as Chuma worked indefatigably, the invaders who had destroyed the temple were returning. The ritual complete, Minerva was transformed into Cheetah and slaughtered all the invaders. After the thrashing, she reverted to homo form and took Chuma with her back to England .


The third base Cheetah was created by George Pérez. She foremost appeared as Barbara Minerva in Wonder Woman # 7, and as Cheetah in Wonder Woman # 8 .

Character Evolution

Post Crisis

Urzkartaga and his bride.Urzkartaga and his bride. Barbara Ann Minerva, an archeologist, was searching an Urzkartaga temple in Africa with her excursion. They searched for two months before finding it. A hex repair was leading them, but little did they know they were n’t led to a city, but into a bunker. Minerva managed to escape with one of her team members. together, they snuck into the city and saw the capture team members sacrificed. Minerva was only concerned in relics and felt nothing for the people of her team. The kin was trying to reawaken the Cheetah, but the choose one was shot by a group of men who wanted to destroy the Cult of Vine. When Chuma was facing at hand end, Minerva saved his life, but they were trapped inside the Urzkartaga temple. She was told the report of the Cheetah and the establish deity Urzkartaga. Hearing it, she wanted the farseeing life the Urzkartaga offered his bridget. The teammate who managed to escape with Minerva the beginning clock time was distillery active and practice explosives to help Barbara out of the temple. She took the opportunity to slay him, therefore making him a needed sacrifice to the plant god. Chuma prepared the ritual and she was transformed into Cheetah. She promptly killed all the temple attackers and ate their flesh. Back in England, she started to get weaker. It turned out that the bride of Urzkartaga needed to be a virgin, and Barbara was not. immediately she was faint when she was human and potent only when she was Cheetah, and the only thing that could sustain her was pulp. She needed to turn into Cheetah on every full moon by putting on the cheetah skin and drinking the potion and was in pain between the moons.

New 52

New 52New 52 In the new 52 the character ‘s origin is slenderly different. Barbara Minerva was a criminal who had often changed her name ( using aliases like : Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine, and Sabrina Ballesteros ). In this lineage when Wonder Woman first came to valet ‘s populace she first visited Washington D.C. and she witnessed a terrorist attack on the Pentagon. While fighting off those creditworthy for the violence, Wonder Woman met Steve Trevor and Barbara Minerva. Barbara Minerva was working there cataloging artifacts for the military which might be used as weapons. It was believed that while doing so, she cut herself on a ceremonial knife and thus was infected by its magic, turning her into the Cheetah. The truth was she stole the dagger and under a ritual stick the dagger in her own fireplace. It was later explained that Barbara grew up in an isolated cult dedicated to Hippolyta as a feral hunter, during her childhood she was to have killed her own brother. late, as the Cheetah, she would return and kill the leader of the cult and corrode her heart, as she did with many of her victims as a gestural of commitment .


With Rebirth, there has been a fiddling change to Barbara ‘s New 52 past, rather of Barbara merely being an alias, it is now the identity Barbara recalls as her primary one before she was changed. The nature of the Cheetah is besides reasonably reversed back to it being a bane due to Barbara ‘s lack of purity, something she is immediately acutely aware of, along with the insatiate starve for homo pulp and how small of ‘Barbara ‘ there is nowadays left of her. While she outwardly blames Diana for her stream department of state of being, she is softly well aware that it was her own stubbornness that is to blame. Physically Barbara has taken on a more feral appearance than normally, she now has a unretentive mane rather than her long red hair and her facial features have been flattened with a strong chew to resemble one of the big cats more closely. presently Cheetah makes her home in the Bwundian rain forest, the center of Urzkartaga ‘s territory, along with other werebeasts and primitive tribesmen. While the beasts and tribesmen revere her as a goddess, they are not above attacking her or anyone she accompanies. For the time being, Cheetah has promised Diana to help her find her manner home in hark back for care in slaying Urzkartaga, presently in the process of being summoned by a local warlord .

Major Story Arcs

Minerva had read that Wonder Woman possessed a girdle, and she wanted it for herself. She sent her a note, that she might have the second girdle. When Diana handed her the golden lasso, she was forced to speak the truth and Diana left. She then prepared the potion and became the Cheetah again. She went to Wonder Woman ’ s loft with the intention of stealing the lasso. Cheetah fought valiantly with Wonder Woman and merely when she was approximately to win, she was shot by Julia Kapatelis. Cheetah fell into water, where she used the opportunity to escape. Minerva returned rear to her former subcontract and stole an ancient vase from Egypt, after which she pursued Mayan artifacts in Mexico. She angered the jaguar god Balum by killing a man, but Wonder Woman saved her from death .Cheetah With The lassoCheetah With The lasso The second time Barbara tried to steal the lasso she succeeded. She used hired aid to break two Khunds out of armored convoy. She then sent the Khunds to fight Wonder Woman, one of them got tied up with the lasso, as according to plan. Another Khund threw Diana ’ s friend off a cliff and then Barbara flew away with the Khunds. Knowing that the lasso could only be removed when the constipate one is dead, she killed the Khunds. then she strapped bombs to them and threw them out of the helicopter. Wanting to leave no traces, she invited the hired avail to her back yard. There she hunted and killed them as Cheetah. When Wonder Woman came to Barbara ’ mho house, Chuma tried to poison her but failed, and she discovered that Minerva went to Egypt. There, Minerva traveled as a cheetah in the abandon ; she had found an ancient hidden city where Amazons live. The lasso led her to an altar where she found a pyx. But something had happened so she couldn ’ t hold the rake anymore and the plant god within her was wilting. It seemed that Urzkartaga saw her compulsion with the girdle as beloved for another idol. So she needed to renew her bind with the plant deity. When the defect Amazons raided the city in search for their steal treasure, Wonder Woman and Cheetah fight. Chuma tried to help Cheetah but was killed. The conflict between the two women was retentive and brutal, but the Amazon ultimately gained the upper hand and hard beat Cheetah. Cheetah was imprisoned in the defect Amazons ‘ city. Wonder Woman asked Hermes to help Minerva get rid of the addiction to Urzkartaga, but was ineffective to do that. When the Amazon city disappeared, Minerva, Hermes and Wonder Woman survived. She was sent to England to recover and then locked up in Arkham Asylum after that. In Arkham, she was visited by Mikos, a Circe ’ south assistant. He fed her a potion that fused the Cheetah and Minerva into one being, so there was no necessitate for the blood rituals to Urzkartaga anymore. Cheetah wanted to help Wonder Woman to defeat Circe, to be rid of serving her, for Circe made her a slave to the drug that awakened her. Circe ordered Minerva to gather artifacts for her hellfire spell. Cheetah snuck around to learn of Circe ’ second plan and saw how Hippolyta was turned into the new Shim ’ tar. Some Amazons tried to interfere, but she killed them and took the chalice that had changed Hippolyta. She late told the report to Inspector Indelicato and then ran off .

Operation: Cheetah

Cheetah resurfaced in Muldavia when she was captured by Drax ‘s men. Drax wanted Cheetah to be a host for his bridget, but she reverted back to her human form and she was no good to them. meanwhile, Wonder Woman had learned that Cheetah was held captive, and what destiny awaited her, so she went for her rescue. Diana let herself to be captured to gain faster access to Minerva. She then cast an illusion to fool the Drax ’ second copulate. A fight ensued and blood was spilled. The weaken Minerva licked the blood off the shock and transformed into Cheetah again. Seeking venture, she jumped through the gateway to another dimension and it closed behind her .

Poison, Claws, and Death

DemonicDemonic When Dr. Brewster experimented with extra-dimensional gates, she made contact with the one Cheetah was in. Cheetah saw a direction back to earth and took it. She is then hired by Julianna Sazia and sent after Wonder Woman, who fell fast, because she was hurt already. however, Wonder Woman soon escaped from Sazia ’ s lair. Cheetah, Cheshire and Poison Ivy went after her. When Cheshire tried to back-stab Wonder Woman, Cheetah saved her, to pay back her rescue from Drax. When Paulie Longo ’ randomness golem attacked, Cheetah and Diana joined forces to destroy them. Joker escaped with Sazia ; Diana and Cheetah followed them. Diana headed inside to battle Joker, while Cheetah stayed outside on watch. When White Magician arrived and wanted to send the house where Diana was into another dimension, Cheetah jumped on him and he miscast the go onto himself and Cheetah. After coming back from the night kingdom where the misfired enchantment sent them, White Magician imprisoned Cheetah. He soon sacrificed her along with Cassandra Arnold to keep his demonic imprint. When Diana and Artemis faced against White Magician, he summoned the demonic forms of Cheetah and Cassandra to his help. In the boisterous conflict, White Magician seemed to be winning until Circe arrived, who then teleported herself and the demonic Cheetah and Cassandra away. Dying Artemis gave the Gauntlet of Atlas to Diana who used it to defeat the demonic White Magician .


AnimalisticAnimalistic As Neron gathered villains to empower them at the monetary value of their souls, Cheetah seemed be back to her more human form and somehow rid of the demonic appearance. But she did not want world power ; she wanted her ally Chuma back from the dead. She hoped that Chuma could help her control the Cheetah side more, but without her human soul, the animal in her start to take over. Chuma unsuccessfully sought help for Minerva in LexCorp before he looked up Wonder Woman to help Minerva. Wonder Woman and Cheetah battled in an honest-to-god menagerie, but Chuma distracted Minerva for a moment and Diana used the chance to subdue her. Chuma then prepared a ritual to restore Barbara ’ second soul. Wonder Woman and Mike Schorr, who had been kidnapped by Cheetah early, arrived in the person kingdom, where Diana helped Minerva to remember who she was .

Revenge of The Cheetah

FuriousFurious Sebastian Ballesteros stole Minerva ‘s Cheetah powers by offering Urzkartaga a more potent fighter : himself. however, Minerva wanted to get her Cheetah powers back. She hired Angle Man to steal an artifact that can control the baron of the Fury, she used it to empower herself and went on a hunt for Ballesteros. After the big battle and interventions by Wonder Woman, the struggle was ended by a collapsing build. Later, Minerva was revealed to have killed Ballesteros, gaining back her cheetah powers. After Ballesteros revived the blood ritual, Minerva has continued that custom, with Ballesteros himself the first of the sacrifices .

Infinite Crisis: Villains United

Cheetah eats a DeerCheetah eats a Deer Cheetah was recruited into Secret Society of Super Villains while she lived in the forest and fed on animals. She helped the Society capture Catman and his gang. During the Infinity Crisis, she besides helped to kill most of Uncle Sam ’ sulfur team. Cheetah tried to set herself up in the East End, but was captured by Batman. He bound her to a lamppost, and when the patrol arrived, she fought them until ultimately taken into detention .

Truth or Dare

Fast FoodFast Food Cheetah rescued Zoom with an purpose to gain speed. Zoom told her that she is held bet on by her mind and that she might get better if she were the only Cheetah, and told her to kill Priscilla Rich, the first Cheetah. now an erstwhile womanhood, Priscilla was no pit for Barbara. Flash and Wonder Woman arrived, and the now faster Cheetah took on The Flash. She about won, but decided to kiss Flash, who thereby stole her rush temporarily, and she could no farseeing match him. When Wonder Woman returned with Zoom, Cheetah sliced Diana ‘s wrist and escaped with Zoom. Cheetah then took Zoom to Dr. Psycho. She besides recruited Bizarro to the society with the help of Zoom. When Wonder Woman let herself be arrested for killing Maxwell Lord, Cheetah sneaked into her quarters, killing a few guards along the way. She revealed that she hates Wonder Woman for her honor and purity, and attacked her with an purpose to kill and devour, but was quickly and viciously beaten down .

Birds of Prey

Kids Are SucculentKids Are Succulent After a while, Cheetah resurfaced. She teamed up with Felix Faust and Talia. Faust shielded Cheetah with magic trick and she looked like a blond homo. They tried to get Black Alice to join their side, but that didn ’ t go well. The Birds of Prey intervened and Alice turned on all of them and sent them off from her hometown .

Who is Wonder Woman?

Human again.Human again. Some clock by and by, Circe somehow reverted Cheetah back to her homo form. She could now switch between human and Cheetah on will and was shown to communicate with very cheetah. She was seen with Giganta and Dr. Psycho while they were pursuing Wonder Woman. They managed to kidnap Donna Troy and Wonder Girl. Wonder Woman followed them to Circe ’ mho island. Cheetah joined with early Wonder Woman enemies in battling Diana until her friends arrived and spoiled their victory .

Injustice League

The next group she involved herself with was the Injustice League. She was one of the three founding members, along with Lex Luthor and Joker. On a enroll trip for Killer Frost, they beat up Firestorm. Cheetah was about to kill him, but was stopped by Lex Luthor. Cheetah, along with Dr. Light and Killer Frost, ambushed Wonder Woman in the hospital where Firestorm was held. future on the hit list was Superman, however Black Lightning interfered with his capture and they left with consolation prizes : Vixen and Black Canary. Superman late crashed their hideout, Firestorm released the prisoners, and The Injustice League was defeated and delivered into Suicide Squad hands .

Salvation Run

then Cheetah is sent to an alien prison satellite where she met Catwoman again. Lex Luthor sent Cheetah and Catwoman to look for a way dwelling down into a mysterious diaphysis, where they found a car. Cheetah turned it on, hoping to be teleported home, but it was Catwoman who disappeared. Cheetah then rejoined Lex and other villains in the clique. Things took a plow for the worse and two sides were formed : one by Luthor, one by Joker. Cheetah chose a third gear choice and went to search for a safe partition under the leadership of Vandal Savage. Phobia, Nocturna and Lady Flash were other women who joined them. She visited Luthor ‘s camp for a while and again clashed with Catwoman before she returned to the safe zone just as Parademons attacked. Lex Luthor teleported his machine to the safe zone along with all the villains and activated it. Cheetah returned to earth that day. back on earth, she was immediately arrested when villains protested against vigilante ferociousness with a street march .

Final Crisis

ResistanceResistance Cheetah was seen with early villains gathering under Libra ‘s leadership, although it seemed that she did n’t like Darkseid ‘s offer and has split from the team. When the populace was taken over, she was seen in the Justice League Watchtower. She met Snapper Carr there, who was attacked and subdued by Firehawk. Cheetah defeated Firehawk, but was stopped by Carr from killing her. Cheetah smelled Snapper, confirming that he was still human, and took her leave. Cheetah met Snapper again in a hospital where she patched herself up from an earlier competitiveness. She told Carr that the anti-metagen virus did n’t affect her because she received her powers from a deity. Snapper helped her, and they had an cozy moment after that. Gorilla Grodd arrived and Snapper Carr teleported himself along with Cheetah to a resistor base. Cheetah joined the fight against Darkseid .

Secret Six

She was one of the villains hired to get the Get Out of Hell Free Card from Tarantula and the Secret Six. She broke from her team and offered the Six a probability to give her the poster before they were killed, as hundreds of metas would hunt them down if they did n’t. The offer was refused and she fought them, but her honest-to-god team members arrived and foiled her design by letting the Secret Six scat. She besides took part in the last try on to get the card, but it was apparently destroyed .

Rise of the Olympian

Cheetah was hush the member of the Secret Society of Super Villains and supervised the creation of Genocide. Cheetah thought that villains are incapable of working together, and they needed something to do the toss off for them. She ordered soil bring from places of humanness ‘s true bequest : genocide. Genocide was created using charming and science, and she could only follow Cheetah ‘s orders. After Genocide had beaten Wonder Woman and stolen her gold lasso, she let it be inserted into her torso. Cheetah then sent Genocide on a new mission : to destroy the Department of Metahuman Affairs. It seemed that this attack was masterminded by Cheetah for Dr. Psycho, who was imprisoned there, to switch places with Sarge Steel. After Genocide had done her job on the reason level, she left. A ill hurt Wonder Woman came to search survivors in the basement, and was there confronted by Cheetah. Weakened by her injuries, she was no meet for Cheetah ‘s amphetamine. Wonder Woman however won the struggle by ordering a soldier to shoot at her with a rocket launcher and then deflecting the charge to Cheetah ‘s placement. Cheetah had planned for the possibility of frustration, however ; she revealed that Etta Candy had been kidnapped by Genocide. Wonder Woman beat Cheetah more and promised to hunt her down if Etta was hurt. When Wonder Woman threatened to cut off Cheetah ‘s tail, Cheetah finally told her where Etta was being held. Dr. Psycho moved to Tokyo and started an underground fight club. It did n’t take long for Wonder Woman to locate him and capture him .

Wrinkles In Time

Cheetah and SnapperCheetah and Snapper When Cheetah visited Snapper Carr in JLA headquarters, their touch was interrupted by an alarm. JLA was under fire by Epoch, a timemaster, who then scattered the JLA across the time. Snapper Carr freaked out, but Cheetah managed to calm him down by saying that the JLA constantly manages to make it out of gluey situations. then Time Commander arrived and offered to help Snapper Carr get the JLA back. Snapper wanted Cheetah ‘s help, and after a minor argument, she agreed. Cheetah did n’t get a luck to do much before the JLA were back though. But Cheetah sensed that Time Commander was lying, and soon they discovered that he was only after his hourglass that was held in the JLA ‘s base. Cheetah facetiously asked Snapper to be a villain .

The New 52

No More PantsNo More Pants Barbara Minerva grew up as a member of a cult leaded by her aunt Lyta, her beget ‘s baby. The cult was ideologically based in the particular interpretation of the amazon ideal, which included a high misgiving to the males and worship to the Greek hunt goddess. Worship which included human hunts. When Barbara reached age, she an her brother Alexander were subjected to a baneful examination : hound each other. Barbara proved her transcendence and killed Alexander. After that, she went to the outside world. Barbara was the first friend Wonder Woman made. Barbara helped Wonder Woman for several months with the fabulous cases. She became the go-to person in such cases and she started to work in A.R.G.U.S. ‘ Black Room where she stored the token she was researching. But all this clock time she was working under her aunt Lyta ‘s steering. Lyta wanted her to find the Godslayer dagger and bring it back to the residential district. Barbara did so and even stabbed herself in the heart when Lyta asked her to do so. The dagger had killed gods like Pakhet, Skaldi, alien Sun God and Cheetah from Africa. The dagger however was possessed by the last kill, the Cheetah goddess. Minerva was then possessed by the Cheetah and transformed into furred feline of it ‘s name sake. Barbara as the Cheetah and Wonder Woman have clashed several times after that over the years. The Cheetah, Captain Cold, The Scarecrow, Scavenger, Weapons Master, and The Key are attacked, captured, tortured and interrogated to find out information on the members of The Justice League. Wonder Woman again clashed with Cheetah and was defeated by her. Justice League offered her help in capturing Cheetah and she finally agreed. Justice League flew to Congo, where they were attacked by Cheetah and Superman was bitten by her. Superman then turned into a Cheetah as well and it made him feral. While the others fought him the Cheetah escaped. finally she was led into a trap by Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash, although she proved to be a formidable pit for them. She was fast enough to hurt the Flash and Wonder Woman was merely able of pushing her away of a cliff into a river where Aquaman finally captured her and she was taken to Belle Reve .

Suicide Squad

She has recently joined the Suicide Squad. She took separate in a mission to execute John Lynch. She has been sent with her teammates to retrieve the lifeless OMAC and bring it back to Belle Reve .

Forever Evil

After the miss from Belle Reve, Barbara returned to her original home, with a clear objective : kill her aunt Lyta. After her trail, U.S. Marshal Mark Shaw went to alert Lyta about the risk. alternatively Lyta organized a hunt with Shaw as the target. In her mind, Lyta believed that Barbara was no menace. When Lyta was fix to kill Shaw, Cheetah appeared. She wanted to kill Lyta to cut any ties with the life of Barbara Minerva and savagely killed her, under the terrify eyes of a wounded Shaw. After this act, Cheetah proclaimed that Barbara Minerva was dead. After this, she escaped with Warp to join the Secret Society, leaving behind a injure Shaw who promised to hunt her .

Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S.

Cheetah's MenagerieCheetah’s Menagerie Cheetah was given Wonder Woman ‘s lasso by the Crime Syndicate of America. Cheetah brought together a group of animal themed villains as a group called Menagerie in Central Park. Steve Trevor and Killer Frost came to retrieve Wonder Woman ‘s lasso from Cheetah, but they were captured. Cheetah started to beat Steve and taunt him about his kinship with Wonder Woman, while Killer Frost used the distraction to escape. then Steve get the best Cheetah ‘s use of the lasso when he reveled that the one pure will always control it .

Secret Six

Cheetah gathered with early occult heroes and villains in the House of Strangers. They learned of a person who drains the occult powers, which would leave the White Gate defenseless, and the titans from beyond could enter our region. Cheetah was function of the team that went to Black Alice, with intentions to trap her into the invalidate, so she could n’t drain more occult powers. But she woke and fought back. During the struggle Black Alice siphoned Cheetah ‘s powers leaving her in her homo form. The effects seems to be irregular, as Cheetah is subsequently seen in full ability .

New Suicide Squad

When Deadshot went AWOL, cheetah was region of the team that was sent after him. During the contend, Cheetah was shot in the confront with an elephant-gun by Deadshot, but he knew that it would n’t harm Cheetah, just slow her polish. After Deadshot was replaced with Will Evans, Cheetah went on a mission with him, and when he decided to kill all targets, Cheetah was up for some mindless killing, but when he turned on his team mates, Cheetah besides aborted the mission .Escape AttemptEscape Attempt Harley Quinn got in contact with Horus International, and orchestrated an miss from Suicide Squad. Cheetah was a former accession to the Task Force X, but the plan worked regardless. On a mission in Hong Kong, their vital signs were hacked, and the team apparently killed by the Mercs. After dying in the eyes of Amanda Waller, the team went to Germany, to get the explosive implants removed from them. The rescue was a ruse though, orchestrated by the Fist of Cain member Adam Reed, who wanted to kill the Suicide Squad. While avoiding to be murdered, most of the Mercs team was killed. Cheetah was shot through a leg with an arrow, and was about to be gunned down, fortunately Deadshot and Deathtrap saved her. Task Force X devised a plan on how to get out of the baneful site. Cheetah, Harley Quinn and El Diablo went for mastermind rape, while Deathtrap covered them, and Deadshot covered him. An explosion halted their plans. After Rose Tattoo appeared, Cheetah took her on. The fight was fierce, but even, until El Diablo decided to take Rose Tattoo to hell with him. Task Force X found Amanda Waller, and Cheetah lept for a casual to end Waller ’ s life, unfortunately she got her hands on the kill-switch, and Cheetah was again imprisoned in Belle Reve after the EVAC .

DC Rebirth

Wonder Woman

As a child Barbara Ann Minerva immersed herself in Greek mythology, and she had affinity for languages. By the age of 26 she had gotten 2 PHDs in archeology, and she spoke 7 languages fluently. once on a excavation she found her proof of amazons, but the cave collapsed, and left her without evidence. She compulsively followed the starmap, which she took hex her phone. finally she found Themyscira, but it was equitable an empty island .TeacherTeacher Years late Dr. Minerva taught at the university. She was called to translate for newly arrived Wonder Woman, which she did. At first, Minerva thought Diana to be delusional, since she described herself talking to her gods in form of animals. Minerva was quickly made believer though, after Wonder Woman broke exempt from the prison. Realizing Gods exist, Minerva coveted the divine power. Barbara Minerva and Etta Candy had a coquettish relationship while they helped Wonder Woman adjust to their world. 2 years after Wonder Woman ‘s arrival, Barbara Minerva went to travel the worldly concern to find gods, she now knew existed. The first deity she was tracking was Urzkartaga. Minerva got her inquiry financing from Veronica Cale. In the rain-forests of Bwunda, Minerva was readying for her excursion. Wonder Woman stopped by before her passing, and gave her a GPS sign device, in shell of an emergency. Unknown to them both Doctor Cyber deactivated the device. Minerva found herself in trouble, signaled Wonder Woman, but she did n’t come. Barbara Minerva was wed to Urzkartaga and became the Cheetah. Cheetah blamed Wonder Woman for what she had became and joined the Godwatch team, consisting of Wonder Woman ‘s villains. They fought numerous battles, and finally distanced from each other. Cheetah moved to Bwunda .Love & HateLove & Hate Cheetah is a former enemy of Wonder Woman, who came looking Cheetah in Bwunda. Cheetah had surrounded herself with some tribesmen and werehyenas. Since Wonder Woman kept coming further into her district, Cheetah attacked her. Wonder Woman however was alone there to ask Cheetah for avail finding Themyscira. Cheetah had remembered that she got her powers from Urzkartaga, and was cursed to eat man-flesh. The hyenamen started hunting both the Cheetah and Wonder Woman, because they besides worshiped the deity Urzkartaga. Cheetah was wounded in their attack, and went feral, but Wonder Woman managed to calm her down again. Cheetah agreed to help Wonder Woman to find Themyscira in change for her aid to kill Urzkartaga, and rid Cheetah of the excommunicate. While saving kidnapped tribeswomen, Cheetah and Wonder Woman battled Urzkartaga. Wonder Woman told Cheetah to bind Urzkartaga with her lasso, since she realized that the women serving Urzkartaga were n’t actually worshipers but wardens, and that Urzkartaga had lied to Cheetah all this time. Cheetah and the tribeswomen bound Urzkartaga, and he turned into a plant again, besides returning Cheetah to her human kind. Minerva then helped Wonder Woman reach Themyscira. Barbara Minerva and Etta Candy were attacked by Godwatch, and they went into hiding. After they were visited by Steve Trevor, Godwatch again found them. Minerva stayed behind while, Etta and Steve tend, and she wanted to meet Veronica Cale. Minerva thought she could convince Veronica to leave Etta and Steve alone, but was abortive. finally Minerva agreed to become the Cheetah again to save Etta ‘s and Steve ‘s lives. Veronica Cale used the Urzkartaga plant in her possession to turn Minerva back into Cheetah .

Powers & Abilities

Cheetah VS Wonder WomanCheetah VS Wonder Woman Cheetah is the Avatar of the god ( sometimes goddess ) of the hunt. Her powers are magic trick infrastructure, meaning that she falls under charming beings in the DC Universe. Due to her being an avatar goddess, she has multiple powers such as :

Cheetah Form

Barbara is able to transform from her human shape into the Cheetah at will, giving her the comply powers :


Fighting over the lasso of truthFighting over the lasso of truth As an embodiment of a god, Cheetah possesses bang-up potency. Cheetah is potent enough to smash down trees when she throws person with her buttocks. She and Wonder Woman displayed equivalent potency in a rope-pulling contest using Diana ‘s Lasso of Truth .


Cheetah ‘s physical lastingness is enough to withstand blows from the likes of Wonder Woman and Superman. Cheetah ‘s lastingness does n’t protect her from bullets, lasers, or other piercing attacks .


Cheetah racing Cheetah racing Cheetah ‘s amphetamine is besides superhuman, Cheetah possesses greater speed than Wonder Woman, enhanced even further by training with Zoom which removed her mental block. Cheetah was ranked as one of the top ten fastest DC characters in 2018 by DC. She is in the count six spot beating out Wonder Woman, Shazam, Godspeed, and Kid Flash .


Cheetah ‘s body coordination is incredible, able to tag very fast superheroes and superheroines such as Wonder Woman, Flash and Superman. It as being said that multiple times, that the goddess guides her hook, meaning that the goddess plays some separate in coordinating her movements .

Enhanced Senses

Being a feline-hybrid she has enhanced senses. She can tell if person is mind-controlled by a spirit .

Claws and Fangs

Cheetah ‘s claw and fangs are enchanted and allow her to cut about anything. even the pulp of superhumanly durable metahumans offers little resistor .

Super Vision

cheetah can see through her infrared vision, mean that she can see and detect early creatures through their body temperatures. furthermore, she can see in the iniquity, see long distances, and detect any movements .

Prehensile Tail

Tail flickTail flick She can grab and choke her enemies with her tail. The baron that her buttocks generates enables her to chop through trees .

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)

Cheetah is identical adept at hand-to-hand fight, able to go one-on-one with Wonder Woman repeatedly .


Cheetah has a very good grok of human cultures and history .


The CheetahThe Cheetah

  • Height: 6’0″
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Hair: Black (turned red when in Cheetah form)


  • Identity: Public Identity
  • Occupation: Archaeologist
  • Citizenship: British
  • Place of Birth: Nottingham
  • Marital Status: Single

Alternate Versions


Cheetah attacked the assembly at the United Nations Headquarters while Wonder Woman was addressing the Nations about the fire on the Amazon island. Cheetah had a shrink on one of the ambassadors, but Wonder Woman intervened and Cheetah was arrested. Cheetah was later freed from prison by Duela Dent and her gang, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Cheetah did n’t like the starship Duela Dent used as her base. After hearing the world-ending plan of Brainiac, who was the real brains behind the group, she took off in an safety valve pod .


BombshellsBombshells Barbara Minerva is human archeologist who had met Question and Batwoman earlier during the war, when she killed Jason. In 1941, Zambesi, Barbara is working for Baroness Paula von Gunther. Barbara discovered mechanical animals, and took control of them, she however was taken command american samoa well by them and used as a battery, draining her. She used them to attack the Bombshells and took them prisoner. Minerva was after Vixen ‘s Tantu Totem for Baroness. After the Bombshells escaped, Minerva merged the mechanical animals for a giant automaton for Baroness to use, it was promptly smashed by Wonder Woman .


DCeasedDCeased Cheetah was part of the group of survivors assembled by Vandal Savage. When Anti-Life infected Wonder Woman destroyed their hideout, Cheetah assisted Solomon Grundy escape through the mirror. They ended up with James Gordon ‘s group and survived for months in the construction they were holed up. They all taught the kids that were there how to survive and grew closer to each other. Infected Mirror Master attacked their build and they were forced to escape again. They took the school buses to transport the kids. Cheetah finally managed to kill Mirror Master when he used the busbar windows to attack the kids. Wonder Woman found them again and Cheetah was first to attack her, she was joined by Creeper and Solomon Grundy. They did n’t stand a probability against Wonder Woman, but they held her rear long enough for the kids to reach the Gotham Jungle, created by Poison Ivy .

Dead Earth

Dead EarthDead Earth Cheetah has survived the death of the earth and is in Theyden ‘s camp. Cheetah has sternly been mutated : half of her face is covered in teeth and one of her arms has a fully functional cheetah head rather of a hand. She was thrown into the Pits of Ending to fight for the entertainment of Theyden. After countless years Cheetah met Wonder Woman in the sphere, at beginning not recognizing her, but when she did she apologized that she has to fight her. During their fight the Haedra attacked the camp, and Wonder Woman took control of the camp. Cheetah tried to kill Theyden for all he had done to her, but Wonder Woman stopped her. Wonder Woman offered to help Cheetah, but she refused and ran away. Cheetah secretly followed Wonder Woman to Themyscira. When Wonder Woman ‘s friends were attacked, Cheetah came to their rescue on a Pegasus. She fought Nubia until wonder Woman and her friends got on Pegasus, and then they all escaped. Later Wonder Woman abandoned the humans, and Cheetah went with her .

DC Universe Online Legends

DC Universe Online LegendsDC Universe Online Legends After Brainiac betrayed Lex Luthor, and started the omission of Earth, Lex went to his confidential nucleotide and sent out a recruitment drive to all villains and heroes alike. Cheetah was part of the group who managed to survive long enough for backup to arrive. Following Luthor ’ s plan they separated into three teams, Cheetah was part of the third team, which went into a production facility in Rocky Mountains. Cheetah asked Solomon Grundy to distract the Brainiac robots, so she and Atom could infiltrate the factory. Cheetah ’ randomness team and others completed their mission and prepared to assault Brainiac ’ s mothership. Cheetah was left on worldly concern with early to distract Brainiac, while Luthor went to the mothership to destroy him. Cheetah presumably lost her life like everyone else. Luthor went to the past and managed to prevent Brainiac destroying the earth .


FlashpointFlashpoint Barbara Minerva changed into Cheetah long before she met Wonder Woman in this populace. But after Themyscira was destroyed and Wonder Woman came to England, she was freed from prison by Wonder Woman. Cheetah joined Wonder Woman ‘s Furies along with several other costumed women. Cheetah fought the resistance motion, and clashed with Etrigan in one of the tunnels. Cheetah has n’t been seen since, and Etrigan has boasted that he burned her. Flashpoint Cheetah resurfaced during the Converenge, and was killed by the force of destruction created by Deimos and Telos fighting.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among UsInjustice: Gods Among Us Cheetah sat in the World ‘s End barroom when Wonder Woman and Flash showed up looking for Mirror Master. Wonder Woman did n’t want any fuss, but Cheetah poked at her saying what if they do want disturb. Wonder Woman strongly advised against it, since there were many other heroes waiting outside the bar .


TrinityTrinity Cheetah ( Barbara Minerva ) was recruited to Dark Arcana and represented The Star. When Prometheus was revealed to be a spy for heroes by Brainiac, Cheetah tried to stop him, but he still escaped. then after Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma shared the plan how to conquer the global, they set out to do that. Cheetah took part in conquering Tel Aviv, Perth in Australia and Washington D.C. The last battle took place in Metropolis, both Dark Arcana and Light Arcana were there. In the fight, Joker and Cheetah spotted Lex Luthor on the side of the heroes and goaded him for being on the ill-timed side. meanwhile Cheetah ‘s powers have been upgraded : she could fly, master and transform people and teleport. When Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman returned to Earth, Morgaine siphoned ability from Dark Arcana to fight them. It was bootless however. The return three realized they could besides gain power by summoning it from earth heroes. Morgaine, Enigma and Konvikt escaped leaving the pillow of Dark Arcana behind. Cheetah and Joker still had their divine office and teleported away. Cheetah returned to Washington, but Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman had followed her. They stripped her of her powers, and she was once again plain Barbara Minerva .

Wonder Woman ’77

Wonder Woman 77'Wonder Woman 77′ Barbara Minerva was a curator in Madisonian Institute in Washington, D.C. She was preferably upset that the ancient artifacts she had gathered for the museum, were taken of the parade by film director Schultz ‘s regulate, so it could feature Wonder Woman ‘s show alternatively. Barbara tried to make Schultz reconsider, but to no avail. She then started to pack her artifacts away, even stayed after hours to complete her exploit. While admiring an african ritual knife, she unintentionally cut herself, and was transformed into Cheetah. still angry about Wonder Woman taking the place of her exhibition, she attacked the crowd with blow darts during her manner of speaking, and then called for goddess Mafdet, to transform them into Cheetahs a well. The fight spilled into a menagerie, where Cheetah took control of some big felines, only to soon lose that operate over Wonder Woman ‘s ability to commune with the animals. In a direct fight with Wonder Woman, Cheetah lost the ancient dagger, and Wonder Woman crushed it, apparently releasing Barbara Minerva from the cheetah intent. Barbara Minerva was then locked up in an mental hospital, where it was revealed that the Cheetah hush lived inside her, swearing her return and revenge. Cheetah in an supervillain hospital, obviously somehow released from the refuge, told Clayface that Wonder Woman is made of charming clay, and that clay could heal him .

Other Media


Batman Unlimited: Animal InstinctsBatman Unlimited: Animal Instincts Cheetah was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, she teamed up with Killer Croc and broke out of there. They have been on crime spree ever since. They both were part of Penguin ‘s animilitia group that was hired to plant his devices in the places they rob, for Penguin ‘s plan to bring down an asteroid, destroying Gotham, and able to mine the asteroid for gold. The design was stopped by Batman and his friends, and even managed to save the city from the asteroid. Cheetah was defeated along with other villains and imprisoned again. Cheetah is voiced by Laura Bailey .DC Super Hero High: Super Hero HighDC Super Hero High: Super Hero High Cheetah is among the students that fights Giganta, although she gets identical distracted using her telephone. When her telephone gets broken in the struggle, Batgirl gives her a new one, with some cool gadgets that she uses in the competitiveness against the Female Furies, taking down Mad Harriet. She is voiced by Ashley Eckstein .

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Cheetah helps the other students to protect the Super Hero High against Eclipso ‘s Shadows. She is voiced by Ashley Eckstein .

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

Cheetah appears as a background character in the film ( as a student of Super Hero School High ), making cameos during the movie. She has no speaking lines .JLA AdventuresJLA Adventures Cheetah was part of the host of Doom, and they planned on increasing the ice batch on polar regions to shrink the oceans and therefore would be able to work on the state they already own. Their plans however were stopped by the Justice League, and Lex Luthor was apparently killed. Cheetah and other member of Legion of Doom went into shroud. After Lex Luthor returned from the future, he summoned the members of Legion of Doom, and Cheetah heeded the call. now Lex had a new plan, to travel back in time and stop Superman ‘s adoption by the Kents, by sending him back into distance. Cheetah disguised herself and Solomon Grundy to pose as the parents of the baby merely as the Kents found baby Superman. Members of Justice League came after them, and Cheetah was the first gear who went to fight them. ultimately they succeeded in changing the time-line, but it was changed back by two timetraveling heroes. Cheetah is voiced by Erica Luttrell .Justice League: DoomJustice League: Doom Cheetah answered Vandal Savage ‘s birdcall to fight the Justice League for $ 100,000,000. She put nanobots in her claw and scratched Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman started to see every person as Cheetah, and she refused to stop contend. It put such a tune on her consistency that she about died. When the Justice League subsequently attacked the unavowed headquarters of the Legion of Doom, Cheetah again clashed with Wonder Woman, but was defeated. Cheetah is voiced by Claudia Black .Justice League vs. Teen TitansJustice League vs. Teen Titans Cheetah attacked the Justice League, along with other Legion of Doom members, in the Hall of Justice. Cheetah chose her enemy Wonder Woman as her adversary. even though she got in some good hits, she was finally subdued by Wonder Woman. Cheetah has no lines, so no voice actor .

Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain DrainLEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain Cheetah makes a cameo in the movie, with no speak lines .Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies Cheetah was one of the villains who attacked Batman and Superman, in hopes of getting the bounty, which President Lex Luthor put on Superman. She decided to leave when government sanctioned heroes arrived. Cheetah has no lines, therefore no voice actor .

The Death of Superman (2018)

The Death of SupermanThe Death of Superman Cheetah makes a cameo in the movie. however, this cheetah is just an holographic construct think of for trail that Wonder Woman uses. She has no speaking lines .Wonder Woman MovieWonder Woman Movie Cheetah ( Barbara Minerva ) has only a small cameo where she robs a museum. The patrol arrived on the view and she dispatched them easily. To her misfortune however, Wonder Woman happened to be walking by with Steve Trevor, and stopped Cheetah with her lasso. Cheetah had no lines in this movie, hence no voice actor .Wonder Woman: BloodlinesWonder Woman: Bloodlines cheetah joined the Villains Inc. that Doctor Poison and Doctor Cyber created. Cheetah ran to the Temple of Pasiphae, to fight Wonder Woman. During the battle, Cheetah used a chemical to temporarily boost her forte. The chemical besides turned her more into an animal, with a feline snout, and digitigrade legs. She now outclassed Wonder Woman in speed, until Wonder Woman moved the crusade inside the closed space of a plane, where Cheetah ‘s accelerate was n’t vitamin a much advantage as ahead. Cheetah was beaten and bound with the Lasso of Truth .Wonder Woman 1984Wonder Woman 1984 Cheetah appears as a villain in the sequel to Wonder Woman movie. She is portrayed by actress Kristen Wiig. Barbara Minerva is a geologist, gemologist, lithologist, and half-time cryptozoologist. She is socially awkward, and is frequently ignored or forgotten by others. She was tasked to research the artifacts obtained from a black marked by FBI. One of the items was a stone she though to be juke. Diana translated the dedication to grant wishes. once, after meeting Diana Prince, and having a dinner with her, she was attacked in a park and saved by Diana. While holding the Dream Stone she wished to be like Diana : strong, aphrodisiac, cool, and special. She at the moment did not know that Diana was Wonder Woman. The next sidereal day she already had better reflexes, and she grew more herculean each day. Diana called Barbara and asked her to research the origin of the Dream Stone. Barbara found many references to the stone, often at the end of a great culture. Barbara and Diana met at a Mayan descendant, who had more cognition, and had a book dating back to the fall of Mayan civilization. They learned that everyone must renounce their with or the stone must be destroyed to things to return to convention. Barbara, not wanting to give up her newfound powers, left. At the White House, Barbara came to the help of Maxwell Lord, and contend Diana, who nowadays was revealed to be Wonder Woman. She beat Wonder Woman, and joined Max on his flight to a mystery placement. Maxwell Lord having wished to be the Dream Stone itself, could now grant wishes. After being saved by Barbara, Max felt generous and offered to grant her a new wish. Barbara wished for not to be anyone else anymore, but to be unique, an vertex marauder. During the ball-shaped circulate, Maxwell uses the peoples wishes to grant Barbara her second gear wish. When Wonder Woman came to stop Max, Barbara now in a new form, that of a android Cheetah crusade Wonder Woman, but finally they ended up in pond and Wonder Woman held her subaqueous, when the power cable television fell in and electrocuted Barbara. Wonder Woman pulled Barbara out before she could drown. When Barbara got through to people through Max, and managed to convince people to renounce their wishes, Barbara was again seen in a homo form, indicating she excessively renounced her wishes .


DC Super Hero Girls

Cheetah in DC Super Hero GirlsCheetah in DC Super Hero Girls On Wonder Woman ’ s first day in educate, Wondy stepped on Cheetah ’ s dock. Cheetah in turn sabotaged Wonder Woman ’ s flying lessons with a shock belt. Cheetah once ran into a door, which was unknown to her, captured on camera by Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn put the clip into a fail compilation video which she unintentionally uploaded, and it gained over 4 million views. During the Weaponomics class, Cheetah again sabotaged Wonder Woman ‘s display with the Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman got even sent to detention. Cheetah is part of a dance band club with Katana and Beast Boy, playing a guitar. Cheetah, wanting to be hero of the month rigged Lucius Fox ’ s jetpack, so she could save him, but Wonder Woman did it before her. Cheetah however was stuck on the roof and was about to fall, fortunately Wonder Woman besides saved Cheetah, but she did it by catching her with the lasso of truth, which made Cheetah accommodate to all of the sabotage she did to Wonder Woman. Amanda Waller promised to keep Cheetah in detention for a long time. Cheetah likes to take the easy direction out, like once she equitable played mobile call games, while the stay of the heroes subdued Killer Croc. When Supergirl joined the school, Cheetah distracted her during a fight to make her expect bad, and herself good. When a real threat emerged in the form of the Female Furies, Cheetah fought them like a proper hero. once Cheetah was disappointed that she was n’t the champion of the month, faked respective villain activities, and then tried to save the day, but each clock she was found out, finally the other heroes did n’t believe anything she had to say, even in encase of a dependable villain fire. Cheetah is voiced by Ashley Eckstein .Unlimited CheetahUnlimited Cheetah Barbara Minerva ( voiced by Sheryl Lee Ralph ) was a scientist who ran out of money, and to continue the inquiry, she used herself as a screen submit. It turned her into a half kat. She wanted to undo what she had done to herself, but again the money was an topic, so she turned to crime. She answered Lex Luthor ‘s ad for a group of villains to destroy the Justice League. The money offered was worth it, and Cheetah joined the group. They staged a hostage situation where Cheetah was playing the part of the hostage. Although the design was good thought out, villains distillery lost the first confrontation. following, they seized on an opportunity and captured Batman. When Cheetah was left alone to watch Batman, she told him her origin, and how she saw herself as a freak out. Batman told her that he saw a determine charwoman who was will to lose everything for a cause she believes in. They then contribution a kiss. Using Batman ‘s codes, they planted a fail on JLA ‘s space station, but Cheetah did n’t feel right about that. When the bomb exploded outside the station, Lex learned that they had a double-crosser in their midst. Viewing a tape of the holding cell, the villains witness the kiss between Cheetah and Batman. Lex ordered Solomon Grundy to take wish of her and he dragged her out of the room. Grundy and Cheetah were arrested before he could hurt her. Cheetah by and by joined Gorilla Grodd ‘s Secret Society of Super Villains. She was n’t a bad part in the extremely villain team though ; she was there chiefly for the protection they offered from heroes. After Lex Luthor took over the Society and went into space with the Secret Society ‘s headquarters, Cheetah stood by his side even after Grodd tried to regain control condition. She survived the resurrection of Darkseid and then helped the heroes hold off his invasion of Earth .

Justice League Action

Justice League Action: Quality TimeJustice League Action: Quality Time Cheetah appears in the orifice credits for the appearance alongside other Justice League villains. She has n’t had a speaking function on the testify so far, hence no voice actor, but she did appear in a for read brusque : “ quality Time ”. She is a depart of a team of female villains led by Poison Ivy dubbed the Ivy League ( Poison Ivy, Star Sapphire, Ember and Cheetah ) against the Justice League .

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

LEGO DC Super Hero GirlsLEGO DC Super Hero Girls Lena debuted in Season 6, Episode 1 “ Wonder Waitress ”. During the clock time when Wonder Woman tried to help of the dining car as a wait. Cheetah dined and dashed, bumping into Wonder Woman and spilling all her drinks .

The Flash (2014)

Cheetah Name Drop in FlashCheetah Name Drop in Flash Cheetah got diagnose dropped in The Flash episode 22 of season 3. Barry Allen speculated that the prisoners were depart of Amanda Waller ‘s Suicide Squad. Each prisoner ‘s door had a life-sign detector on it, and she was active and well in her cell .


Cheetah in DC Universe OnlineCheetah in DC Universe Online Cheetah, like most DC characters, makes an appearance. here she is in her pre-New 52 clothed appearance. She is located on Magic Wing in the Hall of Doom and she is the Iconic Armor seller there. Heroes can besides fight Cheetah when they take missions to raid the Hall of Doom, and you can hear her boast she has slashed Wonder Woman with her claw. Cheetah became the member of Orange Lantern Corps during the War of the Light Part II DLC, when she was exposed to the citrine mists. Cheetah is nowadays playable in Legends PVP matches since eighth DLC Pack – Sons of Trigon. She is a speedster class with warlike arts style attacks. Cheetah is voiced by Adrienne Mischler .Injustice 2 CheetahInjustice 2 Cheetah Cheetah appears as a playable combatant in the Injustice 2 roll. Barbara Ann Minerva betrayed Wonder Woman for the power of a god. She was however unaware that she would be cursed for liveliness, transformed as a cheetah. She now uses her powers to fight Wonder Woman out of revenge. Cheetah joined Gorilla Grodd ‘s society chiefly to draw out Wonder Woman, who had went into hiding after the Regime fell. Cheetah ‘s plan worked, and she got her fight with Wonder Woman, but Cheetah calm lost. Cheetah ‘s end : After defeating Brainiac, he promised her a satellite where she could hunt constantly opponents of her choose, if she let him live. Cheetah faked agreement, and angstrom soon as the planet was ready, she killed Brainiac and shrunk his head, which she now wears as a necklace .Injustice 2 MobileInjustice 2 Mobile Cheetah was made playable in the Mobile adaptation of Injustice 2 in June, 5, 2018. She looks and animates similar to the chief Injustice 2 crippled. In the game, Cheetah is classified as metahuman. She starts out as a two star hero, and needs 60 shards to be unlockJustice League Task Force (SNES) Justice League Task Force (SNES) For SNES and Sega Genesis. Cheetah appeared as a playable character in her first base game and was one of lone three villains. She was portrayed as her latest incarnation : Barbara Minerva. Since merely heroes were playable in report modality, Cheetah was available only in “ versus ” and “ battle ” modes. The game was developed by two unlike companies for each console, The dispute besides shows in the gameplay. The stages, music and animations are different in each versionJustice League Task Force (Sega)Justice League Task Force (Sega) Nintendo version : Her stage is a savanna in Africa with multiple big felines on the background. Her particular attacks are : Speeding Claw Attack, Rising Slash, and Rolling Claw. Sega Version : Her stage is savanna again, but it was dried up and fewer animals were in the background. Her special attacks are : Knife Throw, Hairball, Arc Hairball, Head Pounce, and Cheetah Claw .Justice League: Injustice for AllJustice League: Injustice for All For Gameboy Advanced Cheetah hera was besides in her latest imprint, Barbara Minerva. It is based on the Justice League TV display matching her origin history of that show. Cheetah is teamed up with Injustice League, and she operates in the Mayan ruins of central american english jungles. Wonder Woman and John Stewart infiltrate the area and chase Cheetah away. Cheetah moves to the base in Thailand. After learning the location from Solomon Grundy, Flash and John Stewart took the deputation there and defeated Cheetah .Lego Batman 3Lego Batman 3 Cheetah is member of Legion of Doom. Cheetah contend Wonder Woman at the top of the Watchtower. She tied admitted to her, thought the Lasso of Truth, that she wishes that they could of been friends. She was imprisoned in Arkham after the frustration of Brainiac. There´s besides a adaptation of the character with a Robin costume. She is voiced by Erica LuttrellScribblenauts UnmaskedScribblenauts Unmasked Barbara Minerva is a bos in the Wonder Woman stage. Barbara Minerva has become the Cheetah through the Godslayer. Cheetah was after the power of Starites, and teamed up with the doppelganger on Themyscira. The doppelganger used his powers to turn Cheetah into a gorgon, minotaur, and a kraken. Maxwell used his powers to assist Wonder Woman in defeating Cheetah. Cheetah begged the doppelganger to use more powers, but some mysterious figure called them back, and they teleported away .Cheetah in DC LegendsCheetah in DC Legends cheetah : avatar of the Hunt is a playable character in the game. She is a villain with Mystical affinity.

Her bio says : relic hunter Barbara Minerva paid a high price when an ancient dagger transformed her into the awful half-human Cheetah. While on an expedition in Africa amoral care for orion Barbara Anne Minerva uncovered the lost Urzkartagan tribe. Craving the powers of the Cheetah spirit Minerva forced their priest to perform a charming ritual on her but the idol Urzakrtaga demanded a rake sacrifice to complete the ceremony. By murdering her companion with a mystic dagger Minerva was granted ferocious powers but besides cursed with bloodthirsty appetites .DC: UnchainedDC: Unchained Cheetah is a playable character in this approaching io crippled. At the here and now this game has entirely been released in Asia. She has two outfits in this bet on, one is the default furred count with crimson haircloth, the second outfit is Ame-Comi Cheetah .

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