‘Wonder Woman 2’: Who is Barbara Minerva a.k.a Cheetah?

We ’ ve formally been given a glimpse of Wonder Woman 2 ’ mho elementary villain ! here ’ s a fuse on the character and how I hope the movie uses her .
There have actually been four different characters who have taken on the cape of Cheetah, and initially we weren ’ thyroxine certain which of the iterations Kristen Wiig had been cast to play ( though we were reasonably sure she wasn ’ metric ton going to be an argentinian business baron named Sebastian Ballesteros ). Related: Kristen Wiig joins frame of ‘ Wonder Woman 2 ’ as Cheetah
now that we know she ’ second Barbara Ann Minerva, we have a small bit more of an idea about the character and her history. however, as this is district of columbia Comics we ’ ra talking about — which loves to routinely reboot its entire universe — we have a few options we can pick from .

Who is Barbara Ann Minerva?

Wonder Woman 2 Barbara Minerva

Post-Crisis continuity (1986-2011)

The foremost adaptation of Barbara Ann Minerva was a british archeologist from a affluent british family. Her love for acquiring ancient artifacts is what leads her to hunt down an ancient african plant deity, which leads to her transformation into Cheetah. This lapp desire for ancient artifacts is besides what leads her into conflict with Wonder Woman herself .
When she hears that Wonder Woman has the storied Lasso of Truth, Minerva attempts to obtain the lasso through trickery. This works — until it doesn ’ t, because obviously the Lasso of Truth is going to reveal person ’ south untruths. She then tries to to attack Diana in the form of Cheetah and loses and holds a grudge against the Amazonian superhero from then on .

New 52 continuity (2011-2016)

In this version, Barbara Ann Minerva is a bit of a iniquity mirror to Wonder Woman. Raised in a group home/cult called Amazonia and run by ‘ Aunt Lyta, ’ it took the phrase “ kill or be killed ” a little excessively seriously, and raised the children to view biography as a hunt and everyone around them as competitors or raven. This led to Barbara Ann killing her own brother as a child. article Continues Below In this translation of events, Barbara Ann however has a solid interest in ancient relics, and is actually cataloguing ancient artifacts for the politics when she meets Wonder Woman. Though initially in awe of a woman from the acculturation she had been raised to worship, she decides to pursue vengeance against Wonder Woman when Diana laughs are her badly wacked out beliefs .

DC Rebirth continuity (2016 – present day)

In the most late ( and my personal favorite ) version, Barbara Ann is still an archeologist, though this time with a solid pastime in Greek mythology — specifically the legends of the Amazons — and languages, rather than on relics. With 2 PhDs in archeology and a mastery of 7 languages, she ’ s called in to help translate for newly arrived transplant from Themyscira, Wonder Woman .
Because she ’ mho one of the few people who can actually converse with Diana and is the one who helps her determine English, Diana and Barbara become close friends. Because of her close proximity to Diana, she ’ mho able to witness the universe of Ares and many other greek gods, which leads her to seek out validation of early divine beings. This is what finally leads to her transformation to Cheetah .

Who is Cheetah?

Wonder Woman Cheetah

Post-Crisis continuity (1986-2011)

In this initial adaptation, Barbara Ann becomes Cheetah in pastime of immortality. She ’ s told that drinking a combination of human blood and berries from the ancient plant god Urzkartaga will grant her ageless life sentence as Cheetah ; however, because this ancient implant deity sucks, the horde of the Cheetah is supposed to be a virgo .
Because Barbara Ann was not, this mean that she would transform into her Cheetah form every full moon, but would suffer from severe annoyance while in human phase for the rest of the month. In her Cheetah form, she ’ s so bloodthirsty and animalistic that she barely retains any of her humanness.

New 52 continuity (2011-2016)

In this moment continuity, steals the God-Killer Knife, an ancient artifact from a lost kin of Amazons. The San Tribe had a custom in which every generation, one extremity becomes server to the Goddess of the Hunt and is transformed into Cheetah. This tradition is broken when a hunter kills the current host, and the tribe curses the knife that is used to kill her. A.R.G.U.S ( Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans ) somehow finds the knife and stores it away, hiding it from any one who might use it. however, Barbara Ann gets her hands on the knife and, fair person that she is, pang herself in the heart. In doing sol, she becomes possessed by the Goddess of the Hunt and turns into a human/cheetah hybrid with a huge bit on her shoulder against Diana .

DC Rebirth continuity (2016 – present day)

The most holocene iteration of Barbara Ann ’ s transformation is much more tragic than her previous two. After seeing proof that the greek gods exist, Barbara Ann becomes reasonably haunted with finding proof that other gods exist. this leads her deep into the jungles of Africa to find the plant god Urzkartaga .
Though Diana is worried for her, she sees that she can not stop her acquaintance from this travel, and gives her a Wayne Industries GPS signaling device to call for avail should she need it. unfortunately for everyone involved, Barbara Ann ’ sulfur excursion is being funded by a nefarious group with malicious purpose, and they disable the tracker. This leads to Barbara Ann not only finding Urzkartaga, but being forced to marry him and turn into the bloodthirsty Cheetah. Because Diana didn ’ t come for her as she promised, Barbara Ann comes to hate Wonder Woman, blaming her for her transformation .

What I hope to see in ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Wonder Woman Cheetah
a a lot as I loved Wonder Woman — and I loved it adequate to watch it six times in theaters — I was disappointed that we didn ’ metric ton get to see Diana become friends with any female characters after she left Themyscira .
My hope is that this is an publish that gets rectified in the Wonder Woman sequel .
With a assortment of backstories and storylines to choose from when it comes to the character of Barbara Ann Minerva, the biggest thing on my wishlist for the curiosity Woman sequel is that the movie draws largely on the DC Rebirth origin and narrative. The post-Crisis version of the character is rather petty and male chauvinist, while the New 52 reads a little excessively close to being a full on sociopath. Having Barbara Ann as an archeologist gives her and Diana the perfect opportunity to cross paths and have a actual shared pastime, and from there build a deep, authentic friendship. Honestly, I wouldn ’ t beware at all if this was the “ big love fib ” Patty Jenkins alluded to when she first gear started talking about the sequel .
As we saw in previous DCEU films, Diana in the deliver day seems to work in some sort of artwork history/artifact preservation capability for The Louvre. possibly meeting Barbara Ann in the early 80 ’ s is what gives her the mind to pursue that as a profession in the mortal universe .
Seeing Diana interact with and be friends with another charwoman on the shield would be a great direction to improve upon the dynamics of the first Wonder Woman movie. That movie gave us familial sleep together and romantic beloved, but identical short platonic love. immediately, if you ’ ve read anything else that I ’ ve written, you know that I think love stories are authoritative — necessary, evening, given how loveless our own world can much feel .
But friendships are sexual love stories, besides, and they likewise deserve to be shown on our filmdom. Both Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are talented enough to highlight both types of sexual love — quixotic and platonic — and I in truth, truly hope we get to see that .
Because while I ’ meter thrilled to see Steve Trevor back in any and every capacity, I besides want to see Diana ’ s relationships and friendships with early women take battlefront and center.

It will turn tragic, of course, as Cheetah ’ s fib always does. But it ’ vitamin d besides be a truly powerful history — and a another perfect example of Diana ’ s compassion and empathy — to have Diana continue to believe in the good of her acquaintance and battle for that good no matter what .

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