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Orlin Dwyer

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Szrek Chemicals ( once )
Grace Gibbons
Vanessa Ambres
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Unnamed ( baby ; deceased )
Grace Gibbons ( niece )
Robbie Byrne ( cousin )

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Save my Grace.
—Orlin Dwyer’s last words to the Flash[src]

Orlin Dwyer ( died March 2019 ), besides known as Cicada, was a vigilante and bulk murderer whose finish was to kill all meta-humans after diverse conflicts involving these beings tore apart his family. He was the brother of a late nameless charwoman and the maternal uncle of Grace Gibbons.

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Orlin lost his powers after taking Team Flash ‘s meta-human remedy, which finally caused him to desert his crusade. He was then killed by a future time-traveling Grace, who had become Cicada because of her uncle ‘s views .


master multiverse

early on life

Orlin Dwyer grew up in the Midwest. He was a derelict young person, having been in and out of juvie. [ 1 ] Orlin had a sister, though their kinship was implied to have become distant in adulthood ( Orlin was intelligibly unaware of the fact that his sister had gotten married and started a family, implying they no longer kept in refer ). [ 2 ] Orlin finally moved to Central City and became employed at Szrek Chemicals in 2016. [ 1 ]

Taking grace in

On the night of May 4, 2017, [ 3 ] CCPD Officer Jones arrived at Orlin ‘s door to reveal that his sister and her conserve had been killed in a meta-human attack, much to his shock. As a consequence, their daughter and Orlin ‘s niece, Grace Gibbons, was sent to live with him, as he was her future of akin. however, Orlin was initially unprepared and unwilling to care for a child, and frankincense had a strained relationship with Grace. several weeks later, Grace began getting into fuss at educate for lashing out at her classmates, so Orlin was called in to the principal ‘s function to discuss the count. He scolded his niece for her demeanor but Grace angrily yelled that Orlin was n’t her parent since he made her life bad and she hated her uncle, merely like he hated himself. Shocked at her outburst, Orlin was forced to realize he needed to change his ways. soon afterwards on May 22, Orlin arranged for him and Grace to move into his cousin Robbie Byrne ‘s old house. There, Orlin apologized to Grace for failing her and admitted she was right in that he hated himself. He asked for a second opportunity to be a real caretaker, which she agreed to. Over time, Orlin and Grace began to bond through fixing up the firm and decorating a dollhouse, and Orlin soon came to love Grace as his own daughter. [ 2 ]

Gaining powers

A class late on May 22, 2018, Orlin took Grace to the Central City Carnival to celebrate the anniversary of the day he made a promise to change for her. suddenly, the Enlightenment began, which rendered Orlin, Grace, and closely everyone else in the city unconscious mind as the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite worked to reset the populace ‘s brains. When The Flash and XS destroyed the dark count -loaded satellite, the resulting force of the double speedster punch caused the device to shatter into multiple pieces. Orlin and Grace attempted to flee as the debris rained down on Central City, but the satellite ‘s core exploded near them. A nibble of the core shaped like a dagger, which was infused with large amounts of benighted matter, impaled Orlin in his chest of drawers, causing a permanent injury in his lung. Another while of shrapnel hit Grace in her principal. [ 2 ] [ 4 ] The shrapnel that hit Orlin was in course to hit David Hersch, before Nora West-Allen’s time-traveling actions changed the satellite debris’ trajectory. [ 5 ] Orlin brought Grace to Central City Hospital, pleading for person to help her. Dr. Vanessa Ambres had Orlin wheeled into the emergency room as she looked over Grace. belated after Orlin was discharged, he went to a comatose Grace ‘s hospital room, where Ambres sadly warned him that she may not always wake up due to the injuries she sustained from the satellite shrapnel. A brokenhearted Orlin blamed himself for not protecting Grace but Ambres assured him it was n’t his fault, claiming the meta-humans in the city were to blame due to running about unchecked. After Ambres left, Orlin saw the news program heralding The Flash and his allies as heroes for saving the city, ampere well as a report of another meta-human escaping the police after a robbery. Orlin was filled with rage, causing the dark-matter infused lightning dagger to fly to his hand. As the dagger glowed, Orlin vowed to Grace that he would make things good and decided to use his abilities to kill every meta-human in universe to avenge his family ‘s hurt. [ 2 ]

Becoming Cicada

As William Lang/Gridlock was being transported to Iron Heights Prison, Cicada ambushed the convoy. Throwing his dagger into the path of the truck, a fusillade of electric energy radiated from the blade, bringing the truck to a arrest. After a brief affray with the patrol, in which a few suffered austere injuries, Cicada went to the back of the transport vehicle to gain access to Lang. When questioned by Lang about who he was, or what he wanted, Cicada simply replied, “ For all of you to die ”. He then approached Lang with the same lightning bolt-shaped dagger, flowing with the lapp strange electrical energy. [ 6 ] Upon attempting to kill him, Lang freed himself and fought back. Although the contend looked to be in Gridlock ‘s prefer, Cicada ‘s discard dagger apparently absorbed his powers, leaving him defenseless. Cicada well overpowered the now-powerless Gridlock, beating him to the land before fatally stabbing him in the breast, absorbing whatever energy he had left. Afterward, Cicada retreated to an nameless factory, still reeling from his injuries as he reflected on the competitiveness. A coworker sees Cicada and inquires on whether he ‘s been in “ another fight ”, to which he confirms. As the colleague leaves, Cicada gets up to place both his dagger and disguise in his work locker, apparently hiding in plain spy. [ 7 ]

War against Team Flash

When The Flash and XS defeated Vanessa Jansen, Cicada revealed himself to the group after throwing a dagger through Jansen ‘s chest. He then confronted the two speedsters, Vibe, and Elongated Man. As adam transported Jansen to a hospital, Cicada threw his dagger into the prime, negating the remaining trio ‘s powers, as he had done to Gridlock. Although the group attempted to subdue Cicada with hand-to-hand fight alone, he proved to be the superior fighter, defeating all three. After incapacitating the Flash, Cicada was about to inflict the killing hit with his dagger when XS returned, shouting “ Dad ! ”. apparently affected by the parent-child alliance shown between the two, Cicada paused for a consequence before calmly getting up and walking away as the patrol arrived. [ 7 ] While most of the members of Team Flash were investigating about Cicada, the latter held Joe West captive in Joe ‘s own home in club to get Vibe and kill him. With her telepathic powers, Cecile Horton discovered that Joe was in trouble. Joe told Cecile via his thoughts that she should n’t use his panic button to call for help. When Joe and Cecile ‘s baby cried, Cecile ended up using the distress call. Vibe came, Cicada tackled him, forcing him through the gap Cisco created to arrive on the setting, bringing both of them to a afforest. Cicada hurt Vibe on his right shoulder with his dagger and brought him. When Vibe ‘s teammates discovered what forest he was in and arrived on the scene, he nullified Flash ‘s accelerate, but XS could throw him off for a while. Vibe threw a reactor on Cicada, but it was reflected back to Vibe, and the big plosion made Cicada think Vibe died, which seemed corroborated by a news article published a short time late. He does n’t know that Cisco faked his death. He then later went to a hospital to see Grace while besides showing a repair his shrapnel injure, telling him to stop. He ignores the doctor and then kisses his niece adieu. [ 5 ] A week late, Cicada returns to his home in incredible amounts of trouble, because of his shrapnel injure. He then grabbed onto a metal pipe for support and then, much to his surprise, starts crushing it. Realizing he has super military capability, while hush in agony. [ 8 ] Orlin then goes to CC Jitters where he finds and follows a youthful meta, before battle and killing her. later when he returned home, he felt an incredible amount of pain before losing conscience. Dr. Ambres late show up at his firm distinguish that she must stop his hurt but Orlin states that it makes him stronger. Days late Orlin was in Grace ‘s board but about got caught by Barry Allen that was investigating her church father but Dr. Ambres tells him that he is dead and that the hospital is the only kin that the girl has before Barry left. Later that day he comes to the hospital but Doctor Ambres warns him that it ‘s excessively hazardous to come here but Orlin comes anyhow saying that it ‘s Thanksgiving and that he must be with his family. Days subsequently he was spied on by Team Flash when he was on his way to the hospital. The group had devised a plan to travel back in clock to construct a device to negate his dagger ‘s powers using items they ‘d previously come across and had planted it at the hospital the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs atom accelerator explosion to use against him when they returned to the present. At nox, he detected the Flash and his allies ‘ presence and fought them, he besides finds out that Vibe did n’t die and Vibe breached his dagger into outer-space and got punched multiple times by the Flash. He managed to summon his dagger back from space and about killed the Flash, but Killer Frost ( being immune to the dagger ‘s power-dampening effects ) surfaced and blasted him. Realizing he could n’t win, he then flew aside. [ 1 ] After a while, Cicada returned, and went on a killing spree, targeting meta-humans with condemnable pasts ( though these individuals had already served time for their crimes, and been released from prison ) using a list of known meta-human former criminals leaked to him by an officer from the CCPD who ‘d besides grown to secretly despise them. When Team Flash confronted Cicada, he ended up breaking Nora ‘s spinal column, leaving Barry ready to kill him, claiming it was the only way to stop Cicada from killing anyone else. During a battle with the killer, Barry ( able to access his powers thanks to Killer Frost keeping Cicada ‘s dagger off ) viciously meter Cicada with a vengeance, angrily saying that he ‘d never hurt his ( Barry ‘s ) daughter again. however, before Barry could deliver the final examination shove off, the immediately fully-healed Nora showed up to save Cicada, asking Barry not to kill him, snapping Barry out of his fit of fury. Nora forgot to bring the meta-cuffs, allowing Cicada to take this opportunity to flee. [ 9 ]

former, when Barry Allen took the meta-human cure Team Flash had been working on ( which Barry had suggested they use on Cicada in order to stop him [ 9 ] ) into the Speed Force to get it ready faster ( Cisco had stated that they ‘d have to let it cook for twenty-seven days, but they decided they could n’t wait that long, as there was no telling how many barren meta-humans could murder in that time. If Barry took it into the Speed Force, thereby exposing it to tachyons, the cure would be ready in one hour. While Barry was gone, Iris went into her office to finish an article she was getting ready to publish. While she was there, Cicada showed up and kidnapped her, but not before she was able to send out a distress call to the stay of the team. Nora raced to save her but ended up having to reverse fourth dimension a sum of 53 times to prevent anyone on Team Flash from getting killed by Cicada. After each time transposition, Nora took notes in her diary, so that she knew what to do differently the next time. With aid from the team, she was able to reverse time in such a manner that none of Team Flash was killed, and Orlin ended up getting stabbed in the breast with his own dagger, forcing him to retreat. [ 10 ] One night Orlin chase a meta named Philip Master but it turns out that killer frost replaced him and freezes his dagger to a wall. The Flash than appears and give him the choice to use a bring around to take away his power but he refuses because he does n’t care about his bequest and attacked him. When he was about to kill him, he runs away after spotting Killer Frost. by and by he meets again with the Flash and he discovers that grace is besides a Meta making him contrite and come to an agreement where he will take the remedy alone if Grace takes it besides .

Being cured

After the Flash reveals himself as a companion founder to build trust, he brought Orlin to S.T.A.R. Labs to cure him. He did n’t have a dependable impression since he wanted to go to the hospital and ask that Dr. Vanessa Ambres has to come if they want him to take the remedy. After Ambres arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs, she, Caitlin and Cisco started to inject the cure and stabilize his vitals. however, when they were about to stitch up his wind, the lights went out and another Cicada broke into the room. Caitlin told Dr. Ambres to take Orlin out while they fought the other Cicada. At the elevator, however, Ambres and Orlin were stopped by the other Cicada, who killed Ambres, took the unconscious Orlin and escaped. Later, Orlin was seen hush unconscious while the early Cicada who watched him took off the mask revealing that it was a future translation of Grace. [ 11 ]


After meeting the future interpretation of Grace, he finds out that she killed Ambres despite the fact that she saved her life the day of the Enlightenment. Orlin tried to convince her to stop being Cicada, but she just knocks him out and goes after Vickie Bolen the accidental murderer of her parents. subsequently, when Grace was about to kill the Flash, Orlin tried to dissuade her from killing The Flash and to give up revenge like he did, but she kills Orlin rather preferring to be a cause of death. Before dying, Orlin asked Flash to save Grace .

New multiverse

At some point in 2018, Orlin Dwyer received his Lightning dagger and used it to kill meta humans. much like the events in the original multiverse, he finally took the meta-human cure, and was late killed by the future interpretation of Grace. Given that their desires were exchangeable, Kristen Kramer was called “ Cicada with a badge ” by Frost. [ 12 ]

erase future

In the former timeline, Orlin never became Cicada, but rather it was David Hersch. Therefore, Orlin continued to live a normal life with his niece. alternatively, in the now-erased future, his dagger somehow ended up in Iron Heights just like in Hersch ‘s timeline, making Grace, who became Cicada in this future, never have the dagger in her possession, using rather a pair of kukris. She late travels back to the day in which Orlin was given the bring around to help him in his massacre .


due to always talking about his bigotry and hate of metas when he visited Grace, unaware that she could hear everything he was saying, Orlin incidentally molded the child ‘s mind into a more falsify and evil version of his own. When Grace awoke from her coma as an adult, she took up his mantle of Cicada and went back into the by to wipe out all metas with him. however she killed him when he told her that the reason he took the cure was because it was the first gradation to not misuse his own powers to kill anymore metas. sol after killing him Grace ‘s mind coped with his death by envisioning a inactive revengeful Orlin who encouraged her to keep their mission alive. In Grace ‘s mindscape, there was however a good Uncle Orlin who helped Grace erased her evil future self out of being .


  • As a civilian
  • As Cicada
  • After being cured
Listen, you were right, kid. I do hate me. I don’t really know any other way to be, but I want to do right by you, Gracie. I want to keep you safe, warm, fed. You know, just… give you all the things a kid should have.
—Orlin Dwyer to Grace Gibbons[src]

Orlin Dwyer was originally very selfish and lazy person; he didn’t want to have to take care of anyone and he hated having to go to work. Orlin was a very troubled and isolated individual from his youth, which strained his personal relationships. However, after taking in his orphaned niece, [2] Orlin Dwyer was in the first place very selfish and faineant person ; he did n’t want to have to take caution of anyone and he hated having to go to work. Orlin was a very troubled and apart individual from his young, which strained his personal relationships. however, after taking in his orphaned niece, Grace Gibbons, Orlin started to turn his life about and became a supportive father-figure to his niece. After the events of the Enlightenment, Orlin felt as though he needed to kill all meta-humans to avenge his niece and sister .

As brutal as Dwyer was, his love for his niece kept him from crossing certain lines.
—Iris West-Allen about Orlin Dwyer[src]

Despite having a massive vendetta against meta-humans, Orlin avoided killing civilians, though he did n’t mind seriously injuring them, as seen with the patrol officers transporting William Lang. Caring for Grace besides caused him to have empathy for other families, as seen in his hesitation to kill Barry Allen after his daughter Nora called out to him ( addressing Barry as “ dad ” ). Orlin besides advised Joe West to cherish his family more, leading to the latter deduce that he was a rear .
Orlin’s hate for meta-humans is to the point of recklessness as he disregards his own safety, refusing to have the shard in his chest that is killing him removed, as he states that it makes him stronger.[4] His hatred of the meta-humans also applies to himself, claiming that once he has killed them all, he will end his life.[1] Orlin ‘s hate for meta-humans is to the luff of recklessness as he disregards his own condom, refusing to have the shard in his chest that is killing him absent, as he states that it makes him stronger.His hatred of the meta-humans besides applies to himself, claiming that once he has killed them all, he will end his life .

I was wrong. And that hate turned into something even worse. It was wrong to make you feel that way, Gracie. But you don’t have to go down the same path I did. You don’t have to hold on to this – this anger. Let it go.
—Orlin Dwyer to Future Grace Gibbons[src]

Ultimately, Orlin saw that there was another way to “erase” metas when he learned of the cure. After taking it, he lost the anger and pain that caused his fury. Allying with Team Flash, Orlin attempted to stop the future version of Grace to make amends. However, when she killed him for such “weakness”, Orlin used his last breath to beg Flash to save Grace from growing up as that monster. ultimately, Orlin saw that there was another means to “ erase ” metas when he learned of the cure. After taking it, he lost the wrath and pain that caused his ferocity. Allying with Team Flash, Orlin attempted to stop the future version of Grace to make amends. however, when she killed him for such “ weakness ”, Orlin used his last breath to beg Flash to save Grace from growing up as that monster.

Powers and abilities

early powers


  • Skilled tactician/Expert scout: In his goal of eradicating all meta-humans, Orlin carefully planned which ones to target and the best way to take them down; he was able to uncover Joe West’s partnership with Vibe after researching the latter’s heroism.[5] Orlin has also shown to be very efficient in tracking down his targets.
Yeah, well, that wasn’t quite like any ass-kicking I’ve ever gotten before either.
—Ralph Dibny[src]


  • Alternate meta-powers: While Orlin’s dagger’s normally gives him a great tactical advantage of being the only person with powers, it is only capable of disabling meta-human powers that originate from dark matter as the weapon did. Caitlin Snow’s Killer Frost abilities are still able to manifest in the dagger’s presence since she gained her powers through other means.[1]
  • Multi-tasking: Despite the various abilities Orlin’s dagger provides him, he is only able to use one of them at a time; while he focused on recalling his dagger (which Killer Frost kept at bay, preventing him from successfully summoning it), it allowed the Flash to access his powers again, enabling the speedster to overpower Orlin.[9]

former weaknesses

  • Damaged lung: When Orlin was struck by the lightning dagger the night of the Enlightenment, it impaled his right lung. Being the spot Orlin got his powers from, the injury could never heal, leaving him in constant pain. When Iris West-Allen directly struck his wound, Orlin collapsed while screaming in agony.[13] He also struggled to breathe the more he exerted himself.[8] However, after Team Flash gave Orlin the meta-human cure and Dr. Vanessa Ambres stitched up the wound, his lung began to properly heal.[3]


  • Meta-tech lightning dagger: The shard from the dark matter-loaded satellite that hit Orlin also affected the said material. Through his signature dagger, Orlin is able to perform a number of feats. As it glows to produce red electricity, he can generate powerful force fields, and also negate the powers of other meta-humans created by exposure to dark matter.[7]
  • Cicada suit: Orlin wore an outift while operating as the super-villain Cicada. It consisted of a black rain slicer worn over a dark colored sweatshirt and dark colored pants which provided him with stealth while going after his victims at night. It also had leather gloves to protect his hands from harm while holding his dagger.
  • Cicada mask: Cicada wears an industrial breathing mask that protects his identity and modifies his voice while sounding like a cicada when he exhales. It also helps him breathe when exerting himself, due to his injured lung.


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