Third Attack on Titan x CoD: Warzone Bundle Was Supposedly Scrapped

birdcall of duty : Warzone has been one of the biggest games across the world for some while. It has a huge player base and the player count just keeps increasing. A bad argue for this player base is the ample come of content that the game gets. From skins to guns and new maps, Activision updates the game all year round. Media tie-ins from democratic movies and television receiver shows are another major part of the game. One of these collaborations was with the celebrated zanzibar copal, Attack on Titan, which got a major pile in-game. recently, a fresh escape suggests that another pack in this partnership existed ampere well. obviously, a one-third Attack on Titan bundle in Call of duty : Warzone was due for secrete, according to the datum miner, CODSploitz. They show an MVP Highlight which is primitively from the colossal Titan skin software. It appears as an end-game filmdom and shows which players got the most kills and such. however, this third package didn ’ thymine see the light of day and Activision equitable discarded it for whatever argue. rather, developers used this highlight for the Godzilla x King Kong event in Call of duty : Warzone. The data miner says that this move might in the first place have been for the Colossal Titan pile. Calling Cards for this pile are already present in the Armored Titan skin package. so, it seems like Activision good re-purposed the original Colossal Titan skin pack for the Godzilla x King Kong consequence, and the similarities are there to see .

The move we see in this end-game screen is the one King Kong uses in the Godzilla x Kong event bundle. We can besides hear Godzilla ’ sulfur scream but that might or might not be edited. Hence, CODSploitz might be right in their assessment of this one-third package. It was going to release for Call of duty : Warzone but underwent a complete change into another content pack. chemical reaction from players to this news might tell us why Activision might have scrapped this Attack on Titan collaboration. Players did not like the first two bundles from the zanzibar copal that came into the plot. The common consensus was that the collaboration did not do the characters justice. Considering how the game made Levi spirit like a middle-aged japanese man, the players might have a point.

What do you think about this ? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below ! Similar Reads: COD Modern Warfare Sequel Confirmed By Activision For 2022

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