10 Best Versions Of Green Goblin From The Comics, Ranked

Beyond the barriers of Marvel Comics ‘ main continuity, there are strange, absorbing, and alternate versions of Norman and the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin is known as one of Spider-Man ‘s greatest villains, if not the greatest. Appearances in Sam Raimi ‘s Spider-Man films and now Spider-Man : No Way Home have popularized the character to general audiences, but longtime comedian readers have been familiar with the Goblin since Amazing Spider-Man # 14 in 1964 .
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While the identity of the Goblin was originally a mystery, he was late revealed to be Norman Osborn. Since then, several people have used the deed of the Green Goblin, including Norman ‘s son, Harry. Fans can besides look beyond the barriers of Marvel Comics ‘ main continuity to find strange, intrigue, alternate versions of Norman and the Green Goblin.


10 Norman Osborn Hired The Jackal To Create Clones In Life Story

Norman reveals himself as the Green Goblin in Marvel Comics In Spider-Man : Life Story, the events of the Marvel Comics universe play out as if time passed realistically. In the 1960s, Peter battled the Green Goblin as he had in the independent 616 universe. In 1966, Norman discovered Peter ‘s identity and attempted to convert him into his heir using his Goblin formula. Norman was finally defeated and spent the majority of his life in prison .
Norman has always had a massive ego, but it was on full display in Life Story. In an feat to keep his Osborn bequest alive, Norman hired Miles Warren to create clones of himself and Peter. His ringer was ultimately destroyed by his son, Harry, and upon learn of his son ‘s death in 1995, Norman cursed Peter before succumbing to a fatal heart attack .

9 The 2099 Goblin Wanted To Be Nueva York’s Hero

The Green Goblin battles 2099 in Marvel Comics Jennifer D’Angelo, first introduced in Spider-Man 2099, was a priest in Downtown, Nueva York, the New York City of the future. A potent pot known as Alchemax turned parts of Nueva York into patrol states. Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, frequently battled Alchemax, but he was n’t the only one who wanted to be a hero .
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Jennifer donned a green lawsuit and purple hood and became the Goblin, captive on taking Spider-Man ‘s place as the champion of Nueva York. She spread lies about Spider-Man to the criminal underworld and teamed up with the marauder to destroy him. Miguel tried to show Jennifer that by attacking him, she ‘d made herself a villain, not a hero .

8 Phil Urich Was A More Heroic Goblin

Spider-Man Green Goblin Phil Urich respective characters have worn the Green Goblin disguise, but one some fans may be unfamiliar with is Phil Urich, the nephew of Daily Bugle diarist Ben Urich. While investigating a history at Oscorp, Phil fell into a vat of Goblin formula and donned Norman ‘s honest-to-god Goblin gear. He used his newfound gifts and gadgets to save his uncle ‘s life .
Afterward, Phil became a heroic Goblin, teaming up with heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil. Phil soon retired his Goblin character, but not everlastingly. During Dan Slott ‘s ASM run, Phil became the newly Hobgoblin under Kingpin ‘s control. Phil ‘s time as the Goblin was less memorable than Norman or Harry ‘s, but is no less essential to understanding the entire history of the Green Goblin character .

Normie becomes the new Green Goblin in Marvel Comics Spider-Man has battled the Green Goblin many times in Marvel ‘s continuity, and many of those confrontations remained the same in the MC2 population. however, one big deviation in this universe was the birth of Mayday and Benjy : Peter and Mary Jane ‘s children. Norman Osborn battled Peter one last fourth dimension before dying in an plosion .
Mayday developed spider-powers like her don and became Spider-Girl. Norman ‘s grandson, Normie, continued his syndicate bequest by becoming the new Green Goblin. Élan DeJunae, Normie ‘s wife, became Queen of the Goblins. Mayday and her allies successfully toppled the Osborn empire with the get the better of of Normie and Élan .

6 Norman Osborn Bonded With Carnage To Become The Red Goblin

spider-man vs green goblin with carnage symbiote (red goblin) After Norman Osborn was injected with a series of nanites that made him immune to his own Goblin formula, he became desperate to reignite his Green Goblin folly to defeat Spider-Man. In his desperation, he acquired the Carnage symbiote and bonded to it, fusing the craze take care of the Goblin with the chaotic nature of the symbiote, creating the Red Goblin .
In the issues leading up to Amazing Spider-Man # 800 and the centennial issue itself, Red Goblin was apparently unstoppable. The Red Goblin was immune to fire and could create pumpkin bombs made of symbiotes. Peter was forced to shackle with the Venom symbiote to stand a gamble against him.

5 Osborn Ran New York’s Underworld In Spider-Man Noir

Norman Osborn as The Goblin in Noir The Norman Osborn of the Noir universe had an origin report exchangeable to DC Comics ‘ Killer Croc. In his young person, Norman was branded a freak because of his yellow eyes and green reptile skin. He joined the circus as a child but dreamed of earning esteem as a crime knob in New York City. After entering the criminal underworld, Norman became known as “ The Goblin ” due to his appearance .
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The Goblin first base appeared in the Spider-Man Noir miniseries where he ordered the Vulture to kill Peter Parker ‘s uncle. After Parker became the vigilante Spider-Man, the two shared a personal feud that ended with Norman ‘s eventual demise in exit # 4 .

4 Ultimate Osborn Transformed Into A Goblin-Like Monster

The Ultimate Green Goblin wields fire In the Ultimate population, Norman Osborn attempted to develop a Super Soldier serum at Oscorp, testing his “ OZ ” recipe on animals. An OZ-infected spider bite Peter, giving him his classical spider powers. Norman attempted to replicate this process by taking the OZ convention himself, but was unfortunately transformed into a goblin-like monster .
The Ultimate Green Goblin looked nothing like the 616 Goblin. alternatively, he was a massive, green creature that closely resembled the Hulk. The Goblin battled Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin many times, apparently dying on several occasions, but constantly returning to prove he was victor to Peter .
Spider-Man battles Harry Osborn's Green Goblin Harry Osborn had the unfortunate fortune of being born to a forefather like Norman, who constantly saw Harry as a disappointment to the family name. Despite Norman ‘s hapless rear skills, Harry looked up to him and even covered for him when he discovered he was the green Goblin. Harry ‘s life spiraled out of control as he turned to drugs and his kinship with MJ crumbled .
After discovering a hidden hoard of Goblin gearing, Harry became the new Green Goblin, swearing vengeance on Spider-Man for ruining his father ‘s life. Despite numerous nefarious acts as the Goblin, Harry ‘s on-key self won out when he saved MJ, his son, and Peter from a burning build before succumbing to the deadly effects of his founder ‘s Goblin formula .

2 Green Goblin Wielded The Infinity Gauntlet

Green Goblin wields the Infinity Gauntlet in What If? many heroes and villains have wielded the Infinity Gauntlet with all six Infinity Gems. Depending on the wielder, worlds have been destroyed and universes have been saved with this exponent. however, what if Norman Osborn got his avid hands on this weapon ? What If ? eternity : Dark Reign answered that question when the Norman Osborn of an alternate reality commanded his dark Avengers to obtain the Infinity Gems .
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With the full power of the Gauntlet, Osborn attacked Asgard and destroyed the heroes of Earth, reshaping and ruling the world thereafter. Despite being the most mighty being in his reality, Osborn ‘s own self became his unwrap, as it had in many other universes .

1 The Original Green Goblin Made Things Personal

Spider-Man battles Green Goblin in Marvel Comics While the Green Goblin was beginning introduced in Amazing Spider-Man # 14, Norman Osborn would not make his first full appearance until issue # 37. Norman Osborn is one of Marvel ‘s most fecund villains. He did n’t just commit crimes and conflict Spider-Man when their paths crossed. He made things personal, discovering Spider-Man ‘s secret identity and attacking those closest to him .
Norman and Peter share a personal feud that runs deeper than any of Spidey ‘s early villains ( with the possible exception of Doc Ock ). past manipulations of Harry, assaults on Peter ‘s friends, and the mangle of Gwen Stacy prove that when Norman enters the scenery, readers can expect suspense and tragedy in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man .

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