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San Francisco, California ( USA )




  • Whiskey Media (2006-2012)
  • CBS Interactive (2012-2020)
  • Red Ventures (2020-Present)


December 6, 2006
(Until it’s defunct in 2019)

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Whiskey Media

Tony Guerrero

Key People

  • Tony Guerrero (Co-Creator / Editor-in-Chief / Podcast Host)
  • Mat Elfring (Editor / Podcast Co-Host)
  • Corey Schroeder (Writer / Podcast Co-Host)
  • Gregg Katzman (Writer)


CBS Interactive
Comic Vine is the oldest of the five Whiskey Media websites, and it focuses on comedian books. Prior to the creation of Whiskey Media, Dave Snider, Ethan Lance and Tony Guerrero launched on December 6, 2006. At the time Snider and Lance were creating websites for others as part of the co-founded Enemy Kite while Guerrero was a high-school mathematics teacher. While Snider and Lance built the locate Guerrero began to collect data and convert it into what would become the first whiskey Media wiki-database. With the creation of Whiskey Media, Guerrero was hired full-time to work for the site. In 2009, community member and subscriber Sara Lima joined the staff as assistant editor after moving to California. [ 1 ]

Comic Vine reviews comics from Marvel, [ 2 ] DC [ 3 ] and independent companies [ 4 ] using the zero to five scale with increments of 0.5. editorial features include Guerrero ‘s Off My Mind segment, discussing comedian record guess, [ 5 ] the ethics, methods and practicalities of superheroes and supervillains [ 6 ] and comparisons of current trends, costumes and history arch with older counterparts. [ 7 ] Since August 2009, Guerrero and Lima hosts the weekly Comic Vine podcast in which Lima and Guerrero discuss the biggest amusing news, releases and films, much with Tested comedian subscriber Norman Chan. [ 8 ] noteworthy comedian book writer James Robinson is a recurring guest on the podcast, providing a deep insight into DC characters. [ 9 ] Lima left Comic Vine in July 2013. [ 10 ] Since December 2013, longtime Comic Vine writer Mat Elfring joined Tony and Corey on the Comic Vine podcast as a weekly host, which changed the tone of the picture into a lot more of a blithe and fun look into each week ‘s amusing books. Elfring was made editor of the locate in April 2015. Video contented is presently focused on amusing book conventions. Comic Vine has established a presence at major conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con and its New York and Long Beach equivalents, interviewing authoritative diligence figures such as Stan Lee ( on multiple occasions ), [ 11 ] [ 12 ] Grant Morrison [ 13 ] and Gail Simone. [ 14 ] Former television series include Comic Vine News of the Week, [ 15 ] a amusing bible version of Anime Vice ‘s 3-Minute Expert, Preview Theatre [ 16 ] and panel subject discussions. [ 17 ] A few weeks after Comic Vine ‘s launch Michael Arrington, once of TechCrunch, recommended Comic Vine for its wiki-database and the ways in which a character ‘s database stats could be applied. [ 18 ]

Comic Vine was sold to CBS Interactive in 2012 [ 19 ] [ 20 ] and finally combined with GameSpot in 2016. [ 21 ] The site was sold to Red Ventures in 2020. [ 22 ] [ 23 ] [ 24 ]


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