What Are the Most Common Standard Poster Sizes?

What Are the Most Common Standard Poster Sizes?

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Standard Poster Size

There are a set of requests made on Google Search for “ What is the Most common Standard Poster Size ? ” here ’ s the answer ! Posters are available in many different standard sizes a well as custom sizes to suit your needs. The most normally used sizes for posters are 18 ” x 24 ”, 24 ” x 36 ” and 27 ” x 40 ”. These are the most request size for coarse posters that print on our wide format inkjet printers. By no mean is this the complete list of sizes. Review the graph below for a complete list of standard size for a post horse, print methods and park “ besides known as ” names used .

Standard Poster Sizes

Standard Poster Sizes from SLB Printing, Inc.
Sizes: Inches & millimeters Print Method Also Known As
8-1/2” x 11”   (215.9mm x 279.4mm) Inkjet, Digital or Offset Letter or ANSI A
11” x 17”    (279.4mm x 431.8mm) Inkjet, Digital or Offset Tabloid, Ledger or ANSI B
12” x 18”    (304.8mm x 457.2mm) Inkjet, Digital or Offset Mini-Poster
16” x 20”    (406.4mm  x  508mm) Inkjet or Offset Digital Camera Picture, Portrait Pictures
18” x 24”   (457.2mm x 609.6mm) Inkjet or Offset Architectural C, Medium Poster, ½ size
24” x 36”   (609.6mm x 914.4mm) Inkjet or Offset Architectural D, Large Poster
27” x 39”   (685.8mm x 990.6mm) Inkjet or Offset One Sheet Movie Poster – bulk printing
27” x 40”   (685.8mm x 1016mm) Inkjet only One Sheet Movie Poster
  48” x 36”   (1219.2mm x 914.4mm) Inkjet only Research Poster, Academic Poster
40” x 60”    (1016mm x 1524mm) Inkjet only Bus Shelter, Bus Stop or Subway Poster
   46” x 67”    (1168mm x 1702mm)       Inkjet only      Bus Shelter, Bus Stop or                      Subway Poster

Standard Poster Sizes from Movie poster to flyer and all common sizes in between.

park Size posters – snap effigy to enlarge

Printing sizes for standard size picture frames

SLB Printing recommends using the standard bill poster sizes in order to help keep your costs down when it comes to finding premade frames. however, customs sizes are no trouble to print !

Since all the sizes above are printed using our inkjet equipment that use media that comes on rolls up to 61 ” wide, any custom-made size up to 60 ” wide can be printed. The set-back method used for printing posters uses a premade sheet that can range in size from 8-1/2 ” x 11 ” all the way up to 28 ” x 40 ”. When the job requires a larger quantity of bulk order posters, we will use our conventional offset print method. When you need a bill poster printed in 1 work day or less, we will use our environmentally friendly latex inkjet method when the subcontract requires sizes over 13 ” x 19 ” or our digital method acting for 13 ” x 19 ” or smaller posters sizes .

What standard size poster should you use?

Poster size choice is normally a officiate of what you are going to use it for and where it will be installed or used. 8.5 ten 11 posters are besides called flyers, circulars or hand bills. consequently, these are used as handouts. 11 ” x 17 ” and 12 ” x 18 ” posters can be used for promotional give-a-ways. The adjacent two sizes are 16 ” x 20 ” and 18 ” x 24 ”. They get the work for portraits and smaller window ads. Stepping up to the 24 ” x 36 ” size is when you need a large post horse. After that, the 27 ” x 39 ” and 27 ” x 40 ” are about always used as One Sheets or Movie Posters. survive but not least, the 40 ” x 60 ” is a Bus Shelter ad format.

Above all, we don ’ metric ton want you to feel restrict by the criterion poster sizes. Some people like coloring outside the lines and standard poster sizes are just not going to fit their needs. That ’ s perfectly fine with us because any size poster up to 60 ” wide can be printed and cut to size with our inkjet method acting to produce your subcontract at SLB Printing, Inc .

Same Day Printing for Any Poster Size up to 60″ Wide

When searching for bill poster impression near me, SLB Printing normally tops of the number in Los Angeles for same day poster printing. Our numerous 5 Star reviews, quality and service is what keeps us at the top. Call us today for your movie post horse, or any other type of post horse, printing needs. Learn more about newspaper and VDP options for printing standard poster sizes by visiting our product page. Click here for the POSTERS product page!
Or you can call us at 310-558-4752 or email to slbprinting @ gmail.com with questions on standard poster sizes or our poster printing services. SLB Printing is the best topographic point to get posters printed in Los Angeles .

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