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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 1950s-2011‎

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Real Name

Jack Ryder

Main Alias



Lilith (Creeper’s mother), Randolph Ryder (father), Eleanor Ryder (mother)


JLA, Shadow Fighters, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Spirit Squad, JLI

Formerly Outsiders

Base Of Operations

Gotham City





Secret Identity



Marital Status



TV Journalist







Blue · Black


Black · Green





Earth-One · New Earth


Steve Ditko · Don Segall

First Appearance
Showcase #73
(March, 1968)
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Batman src

Jack Ryder, the Creeper, is a hero who takes the appearance of a yellow lunatic. in the first place caused by nanotechnology, he later learned the Creeper was a Demon.


Jack Ryder is an blunt television newscaster and reporter for a Gotham City television receiver station. As Ryder, he is the anchor of a appearance in which he measuredly antagonizes his guests in order to raise attention on hot topics, like root cell research and medical nanotech. During his research on the revolutionary “ nanocells ” therapy of Doctor Vincent Yatz, he discovered a experimental mix which enabled the body to regenerate to the point of completely replacing the clamber of a ill scarred burn victim, not to mention the ability to heal practically any injury of any kind. Ryder was caught by mobsters when he attempted to steal Yatz ‘s newly discovered technology. unable to escape, Dr. Yatz injected his last sample distribution of ( calm unstable ) nanocells into Jack Ryder, as an attack to keep it condom from the mobsters. immediately afterwards, the mobsters inject Ryder in the steer, apparently killing him. however, the regenerative substance of the nanocells interacted with his body chemistry, thus resurrecting him as the Creeper. Ryder dispatched his opponents, and soon discovered that he was able to call forth his beastly alter-ego at will. When the Creeper began fighting crime in Gotham City, his arch bane was the extremely villain Proteus, who met a violent death during these encounters. finally, the Creeper would encounter Batman for his first superhero team-up and in concert they captured Hellgrammite. [ 1 ] He met the perch of the Justice League of America when Batman asked them to help determine whether or not he was an outlaw. During the recruitment drive, the Creeper was deemed more suitable for Justice League reserve status, quite than as a regular team member, despite Batman ‘s recommendation .


A while late, Jack started having troubles with the transformation trigger until he could n’t return to normal and remained Creeper for longer than he wanted. Creeper sought help oneself from Ishmael Yatz, the son of Vincent Yatz, in order to have a bring around created for him, but Ishmael double-crossed him, leading to a barbarous crusade between them. They were finally stopped by Batman and Creeper returned to normal as a result of Ishmael ‘s own treachery. [ 2 ] Some time after this, Jack Ryder reported the apparent crimes of the Batman and he decided to bring the vigilante to department of justice by going after him as the Creeper. He confronted Batman at the Gotham Zoo, where after a brief struggle, they joined forces to fight some lions and interrogate the valet who released them. It was then that Creeper realized Batman had been framed and they decided to work together to solve the case. [ 3 ] The two heroes discovered the secret hideout of the League of Assassins, who were behind the wholly plot. Creeper provided critical aid to Batman against the League and after the confrontation, the Dark Knight was able to clear his name. [ 4 ] curtly after this, Creeper had to clear his name after he was falsely accused of a crime commited by the Joker. The confrontation with the Clown Prince of Crime caused Creeper amnesia, but upon reversing the transformation to Jack Ryder, he recovered his memory and captured the Joker, taking him to the authorities. [ 5 ] Creeper then assisted Batman in capturing a drug-lord kingpin, who was one of Jack Ryder ‘s coworkers at the television post. [ 6 ] In a similar site, Batman and Creeper teamed-up to stop a wallpaper monster from terrorizing Gotham. [ 7 ]


Eclipso tricked the Creeper into taking up one of the dark crystals, thus putting him under his operate. The Creeper was late freed by Bruce Gordon, along with all the other enslaved superheroes. The Creeper and Gordon teamed up again to try and defeat Eclipso when they made an initial plunder into the south american english territory that Eclipso had conquered. This led to an Eclipso-possessed peasant throwing the Creeper ( and himself ) off a cliff and plunging to their deaths. however, with the intervention of a stunt team, their lives were saved. several other heroes joined in the competitiveness against Eclipso, including major victory, the original Steel, Amanda Waller and Wildcat. They formed a team called the Shadow Fighters. Despite being caught and escaping once, the Creeper was finally killed by Eclipso when the team re-invaded the country Eclipso was ruling. several hyenas, possessed by Eclipso, tracked down the Creeper and tore him to shreds. Most of the infiltration team was slain ; lone small parts of the Creeper were actually recovered. The remains, along with the other dead heroes, were stolen out from under Eclipso ‘s control by surviving Shadow Fighters .


With his remains recovered, there was adequate left to regenerate him. It has been powerfully suggested that the convolute Dr. Yatz lineage of the Creeper was an implant memory ( or otherwise false ), and that his actual origin was somehow related to his longtime villain, Proteus .
When Neron told Lilith, the Mother of All Monsters, to call her children home, among those who responded, was the Creeper, who was physically Jack Ryder during one of his shows. He was shocked by this news .


After outgo time alone traveling in Kahndaq, the Creeper was approached by Alfred Pennyworth. Pennyworth was reforming the Outsiders after the death of Batman and invited the Creeper, and several other heroes, to be contribution of a team in decree to keep the villain Hush from exploiting his resemblance to Bruce Wayne. The Creeper accepted the crack and disguised himself as a high-level employee of WayneCorp, as an excuse for him to accompany “ Wayne ”.


  • Creeper Form: The Creeper’s powers are physical in nature, as a result of Yatz’s invention. Jack Ryder can transform into the Creeper virtually instantaneously, and vice versa.
    • Accelerated Healing: Which enables him to heal from virtually any wound. Indeed, gunshots and stab wounds have healed in a matter of minutes. It even allowed him to return from death when his body regenerated after being torn apart by Eclipsed hyenas.
    • Enhanced Reflexes
    • Hypnotic Intimidation: Apparent intimidation/hypnosis ability as one of the thugs was apparently mesmerized after an encounter with the Creeper.
    • Pain Inducing Laugh: His laugh is depicted as being physically painful to the ears of his victims.
    • Superhuman Agility: This enables him to perform amazing feats of acrobatics and leaping, as he can jump high enough to scale any building. He also seems able to climb walls with little or no difficulty.[3]
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength: His strength is enough to send grown men flying with only one punch.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): These combined abilities make Creeper a formidable fighter, incorporating brawling techniques with his physical prowess. A signature move is jumping onto the backs of his opponents and throwing them off balance.

  • Jack Ryder was born to the publisher of a successful Union Dispatch. His father’s history would influence Jack’s own future—but so would his mother’s. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia while Jack was still a child and died in an institution.[14]


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