Crisis on Infinite Earths

At the begin of clock, the Big Bang occurred, forming the population. however, where there should have been one universe, there were many, each one a replication of the first, with their own disjoined histories.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths

Event Aliases

Crisis; Crisis of the Multiverse ; Universe; First Crisis




Multiverse, Earth-AD ; Earth-One (1879, 1985 and 2985); Earth-Two (1942 and 1985); Earth-Three Earth-X ; and all other realities of that time including the Antimatter Universe of Qward


Superman-Two, Superman-One, Power Girl, Kid Flash, Alexander Luthor, Jr., Superboy-Prime, The Flash, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman-Two, Wonder Woman-One, Robin II ( Jason Todd ), Batman, Huntress, Robin-Two, Nightwing, Starfire, Darkseid, Arion, Doctor Light, The Monitor, John Constantine


The Anti-Monitor, Shadow Demons, Krona, Psycho Pirate, Lex Luthor, Alexei Luthor, The Joker, Brainiac, All the villains united under Brainiac, both Lex Luthors and The Joker


Crisis on Infinite Earths


Crisis on Infinite Earths ( Collected )


Marv Wolfman · George Pérez

First Appearance Last Appearance
Crisis on Infinite Earths #1
(April, 1985)
Crisis on Infinite Earths #12
(March, 1986)
Quote1.png Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same. Quote2.png


The Crisis on Infinite Earths was a Multiversal catastrophe that resulted in the destruction of countless twin universes, and the diversion of a one positivist matter universe ( and an antimatter population ) at the dawn of clock .


At the beginning of time, the Big Bang occurred, forming the universe. however, where there should have been one population, there were many, each one a replication of the beginning, with their own branch histories. At the present time, a bang-up white wall of pure antimatter energy stretches out across the cosmos. It pervades the Multiverse, consuming entire galaxies. On an unknown analogue world, a being named Pariah arrives. He is forced to witness the death of multiple worlds in multiple dimensions. He disappears as he is transported to the parallel world known as Earth-Three. On that world, the Crime Syndicate, in a rare demonstration of heroism, strives to save their tease planet. however, even their combined might can not prevent their deaths at the antimatter wall. The planet ‘s sole hero, Alexander Luthor, retreats to his home plate where his wife, Lois, holds their baby son, Alexander Jr., in her arms. Luthor places his son into an experimental rocket condensation and launches him from the satellite Earth. As Earth-Three dies, Alexander ‘s capsule pierces the vibrational rampart separating dimensions. It lands on the abandoned Justice League Satellite orbiting Earth-One. On board another satellite, a being called the Monitor summons his adjunct Lyla ( besides known as Harbinger ). He instructs her to travel to assorted alternate Earths and bring together a blue-ribbon group of super-powered beings. Harbinger uses her power to create replicant versions of herself and sends them to the diverse Earths. The Monitor, meanwhile, prepares to gather Alexander Luthor, Jr. ‘s space capsule. The first of Harbinger ‘s replicants travels to Earth-One and gathers King Solivar from Gorilla City. Another travels to Earth of the thirtieth century and summons Dawnstar of the Legion of Super-Heroes to her induce. A third replicant journeys to Earth-Two of the class 1942 to enlist the aid of Firebrand. One version gathers the Blue Beetle from the Chicago of Earth-Four. Another version of Harbinger collects the Psycho-Pirate from Earth-Two ‘s show timeline. She brings him to Earth-One, where they encounter Firestorm and Killer Frost. The Psycho-Pirate uses his Medusa Mask to make Killer Frost fall in sexual love with Firestorm. Another replicant travels to Pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis to find Arion the Sorcerer. however, a Shadow Demon attacks her and takes self-control of Harbinger. The obsessed replicant finds Arion and brings him back to the Monitor ‘s satellite. When they arrive, they find a board full of heroes and villains from alternate realities. Before the hookup has a prospect to acclimate itself to their alien environment, a horde of Shadow Demons attacks them. They fight them off until the Monitor arrives. He casts a brilliant burst of idle, which dispels the shadows. Introducing himself, he tells the impatient gather that the Multiverse may soon be destroyed .

The Dawn of Man

Anthro the Cave-Boy leads a herd of mammoths away from the village of the Bear Clan tribe. After falling from atop one of the great beasts, he peers through the underbrush where he sees an effigy of a bang-up futuristic city. He shakes his head and when he looks again, the image is gone. In accession, the ruck of mammoths that he had corralled is besides missing .

30th Century Earth

Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes discover the preempt mammoths stampeding through Plaza Square in Metropolis. Colossal Boy attempts to scoop them up into his giant star arms, but they abruptly disappear .

Earth One

In Gotham City, the Joker murders film mogul, Harold J. Standish. Batman crashes through the window and attempts to disarm the villain, but the Joker keeps him at bay with an adhesive-shooting flower. suddenly, a distraught visualize of the Flash appears before them, warning about the end of the world. Batman tries to talk to the Flash, but he disintegrates before his eyes. On board the Monitor ‘s satellite, the Monitor warns his collection that a wave of antimatter energy is sweeping through the Multiverse, consuming entire realities. He has established certain devices throughout the assorted realities designed to halt the antimatter wall. He requires the heroes to travel to each reality and activate each of the devices. cipher in truth trusts the Monitor, but they realize that they have little option but to heed his warnings. Superman of Earth-Two, King Solovar and Dawnstar travel to Earth-AD, the earth of Kamandi. They find the adventurer, Kamandi, scaling the side of an huge gold column. The heroes realize that this is of the devices that the Monitor rundle of. A horde of Shadow Demons arrives to sabotage the tower, but the heroes manage to drive them aside. Arion, obsidian and the Psycho-Pirate arrive in ancient Atlantis. on the spur of the moment, Pariah arrives, but cursorily falls rock to the Psycho-Pirate ‘s emotion manipulation. Arion turns his world power against the Psycho-Pirate and frees Pariah of his charm. Psycho-Pirate on the spur of the moment disappears and rematerializes in a darken room. A thick part bellows forth to him, commanding him to follow his every rate. Psycho-Pirate, terrified by this mysterious person, humbly complies. meanwhile, back on the Monitor ‘s satellite, the Monitor asks Harbinger to retrieve Alexander Luthor from his greenhouse. Harbinger is shocked to discover that Alex, once an baby, is immediately the age of a young child. abruptly, the dark influence of the Shadow Demon takes restraint of her, commanding her to betray the Monitor .
Harbinger walks into the Monitor ‘s sanctum as he continues testing young Alexander Luthor. Luthor is aging at an accelerated pace, and is now the physical senesce of an adolescent boy. The Monitor discovers he is composed of both cocksure matter and antimatter, and believes that this composite life form may hold the key towards stopping the Crisis. Harbinger, still under the influence of a iniquity, mysterious entity, leaves the Monitor ‘s satellite and reports to her newly master. On Earth-One in the thirtieth hundred, the Flash races through the streets urgently attempting to halt a series of natural disasters. He sees a wave of pure antimatter spreading outwards in the distance. He vibrates his molecules at super-speed, sending himself backwards through meter. In the twentieth century, the antimatter wave has reached Earth-One and it lento begins to dissolve everything in its path. The Teen Titans team up with the Outsiders to save as many citizens of New York as possible. Batman and Superman arrive adenine well to lend a hand. on the spur of the moment, Batman sees the Flash appear before his eyes. however, before the Flash can respond, he screams in pain and panic as he is pulled into another proportion and disappears. In outer space, Brainiac ‘s brain-ship surveys the progress of the antimatter wave. He logically deduces that in order to preserve his own life, he must help to save the Multiverse. Brainiac flies off to find his old partner, Lex Luthor. interim, Blue Beetle, Doctor Polaris and Geo-Force arrive in Markovia in the spring of 1944. Markovia is presently under Nazi occupation and the Nazis undertake to secure the Monitor ‘s department of energy tugboat. The american military forces known as Easy Company, the Losers and the Haunted Tank are present as well. While the heroes engage the Nazis, they must besides contend with a drove of Shadow Demons. The Shadow Demons succeed in killing several war-time soldiers, including Easy Company ‘s Flower and the Losers ; Johnny Cloud, Captain Storm, Gunner, and Sarge. On Earth-AD, Superman-Two, Dawnstar, Solovar and Kamandi stand by helplessly as they watch the sky turn the color of blood and lightning storms erupt all around them. Solovar, last succumbing to his late injuries, dies in Kamandi ‘s arms. meanwhile, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Psimon and Firebrand materialize in the town of Coyote, Texas in the year 1879. They meet up with respective Southwestern heroes including Nighthawk, Scalphunter, Bat Lash, Johnny Thunder and Jonah Hex. The two disparate groups join forces and locate another one of the Monitor ‘s towers. however, the destructive wave of antimatter that the Monitor warned of strikes the land at all time periods simultaneously. While the other heroes fight against more shadow Demons, Nighthawk is consumed by the antimatter roll. Across time in the thirtieth hundred, the Legion of Super-Heroes shares a similar tragedy. While saving impeccant civilians in England, Kid Psycho falls raven to the white energy rampart. back on the Monitor ‘s satellite, Harbinger returns. Consumed by the influence of her fresh overcome, she releases a blast of energy at the Monitor .
As Supergirl joins a despondent Batgirl on top of a city construction on Earth-One, trying to encourage her before she is called to rescue a airplane that falls apart approaching the antimatter wave, Pariah arrives on Earth-Six where he confronts the royal superhero family of Lord Volt, Lady Quark, and Princess Fern as the antimatter wave destroys their world as well. Lady Quark watches helplessly as both her conserve and daughter are consumed in the wave while Pariah transports her safely out of the population. meanwhile, the Monitor prepares to create a new bomber to help him in his pursuit. By firing an ion-based energy re into an unstable headliner in the Vegan system in the Earth-One universe, he causes a potent flare of solar energy to travel to Earth. It reaches the lookout of Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, who berates her staff as she uses the telescope to observe the destructive phenomenon deliver. She screams as the flare strikes her and then cryptically transports her out of the lab, leaving her chap workers and her father wondering what happened to her. In the dark place where the Psycho-Pirate is taken prisoner, the shady trope watches on the screen the Red Tornado in action and uses his office to teleport him to the same identify. On Earth-Two in the prison term of Camelot, Firestorm and Killer Frost ( placid under the love bondage of Psycho-Pirate ) get assistant from the Shining Knight to protect the cosmic tune fork planted there in that time period, as Vandal Savage watches from a window. The three heroes engage the Shadow Demons in struggle, but it is all for naught as they merge and form a giant Shadow Demon. This besides happens in the other time periods that the cosmic tune forks and the Shadow Demons appear. In the present time of Earth-One in Metropolis, the superheroes see however another cosmic tune crotch appear, though this time with a female in a costume like to that of Dr. Light. She tries to warn the heroes approaching her to stay away from the tugboat, and blasts them away with a burst of light. Katana, who understands japanese, realizes that this Dr. Light is not their enemy, but an ally. Superman, who is able to converse in japanese, tell Dr. Light that he knows the site they are in and they merely want to help. While on control panel the satellite, the Monitor watches the heroes valiantly but vainly try to protect the cosmic tuning forks, as Pariah emerges to find that the Monitor was expecting him. He reveals to Pariah that he was creditworthy for his survival when he should have died for his deeds, but before he could say anything more, Harbinger appears, obviously not in control of herself. She strikes the Monitor with a mighty blast that sends him hurtling down platforms until he ultimately lands dead. Pariah mourns as he realizes that with the death of the Monitor came the end of all hope. At that moment, the heroes of both Earths One and Two can entirely watch as their worlds, consumed by antimatter, fade into wind .
In the Antimatter Universe, a dark, malevolent force addresses his new playthings, Psycho-Pirate, the Flash and Red Tornado. He has Psycho-Pirate use his emotion-controlling abilities to keep the Flash in line, while besides promising that he will soon have his own worlds to rule. On the Monitor ‘s satellite, Harbinger regains master of her mind, and realizes what she has just done—she has merely killed the Monitor. Pariah is present, and tries to get answers from her, but Harbinger has no memory of the attack. on the spur of the moment, a view sieve activates and a pre-recorded picture of the Monitor addresses both of them. He tells them that he knew of his eventual demise at Harbinger ‘s hands, and bears her no ill will. To safeguard the remaining universes, he turned his body into an energy conduit. Upon his death, the Monitor ‘s life essence shunted Earth-One and Earth-Two into a Netherworld, keeping them safe from his adversary ‘s attack—at least for now. however, in his haste to save them, all time has become one. Alexander Luthor enters the chamber and hears the last of the Monitor ‘s address. On Earth-One, varying timelines begins to intermingle with one another. Dinosaurs and World War I era bi-planes exist side by side with modern day Metropolis skyscrapers, and foreign vessels from the far-flung future. amazingly, Earth ‘s populace remains relatively calm—another side-effect of the Monitor ‘s influence. back on the Monitor ‘s satellite, Alex, Pariah and Harbinger summon in concert a massive congregation of heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two. They explain the present situation, but besides explain that in order for things to correct themselves, the Multiverse must be folded back upon itself and become a single universe once again, or else all worlds will be destroyed. On Earth-One, early heroes continue to help out amidst the confusion. Batman invites a group of heroes and villains into the Batcave for reference. Starfire and the Legionnaire Sun Boy fly to Russia to help Red Star tackle a dinosaur. Members of the Green Lantern Corps fly to Oa to seek aid from the Guardians of the Universe, but the Guardians are swept up in an unanticipated attack. Rip Hunter and the Time Masters try to solve the mystery of the inter-connecting timelines. Wildcat saves a little girlfriend from crumbling debris, but his legs are crushed in the process. interim in the Antimatter Universe, the spiritual world enemy takes see of the Red Tornado and reconstructs him to do his bid. He turns him into a pull of cardinal department of energy and sets him upon the Earth. As the Red Tornado storms across the state, Earth-One and Earth-Two begin to slowly blend together. People see ghost-like stellar images of people from the parallel worlds. The Flash overcomes Psycho-Pirate ‘s control and demands to see the face of the being who abducted him. The enemy steps ahead and introduces himself as the Monitor. This Monitor however, is not the lapp as the one who equitable died. Unlike the more human-looking Monitor, this one is a ghastly mechanical-looking alien with blatant bolshevik eyes and jaundiced yellow skin .
The new Monitor gloats that the other Monitor is all in, and nowadays he has only his enemy ‘s remaining energies to absorb a well as those of three remaining positive-matter universes, and the heroes on board his satellite headquarters to destroy, before ultimate power can be his. As the Flash slowly recovers, the new Monitor grants Psycho-Pirate his wish for a world to control. He makes the Psycho-Pirate see three Earths, each of them belonging to the three positive-matter universes, and causes the villain ‘s emotion-controlling powers to increase to an incredible scale, affecting all three Earths. On board the earlier Monitor ‘s satellite, the heroes try to rescue each early as it is nowadays being ripped apart. Pariah screams as he finds himself being transported elsewhere. Alexander Luthor Jr. tries to use his powers to save the heroes on board, but Harbinger stops him from doing so and rather flies into the energy chamber where their chief non-powered self is located. Just as Harbinger merges back into her original form, the satellite explodes. bet on on Earth-Two, Al Pratt takes the injured Ted Grant to his apartment to rest, trying to comfort his friend as he now feels useless in the battle. Outside his apartment, Yolanda Montez watches from a window, mutely promising that Wildcat will still carry on. On Earth-One, Lex Luthor is transported from being in a cyclone via a teleportation beam to Brainiac ‘s skull skim, where he sees his old partner in his new form, ready to conquer the population. Some of the heroes on circuit board the satellite find themselves on Earth-X, which they see is now being devoured by the antimatter beckon, but they besides see within the wave the appearance of Harbinger, attempting to do something. They soon spot people heading toward the antimatter wave like lemmings. Northwind flies down to stop them, but he is attacked by Uncle Sam ‘s Freedom Fighters. The newfangled Dr. Light uses her light powers to create a blinding barrier to keep the people from reaching the wave, but the Ray attacks her, causing her to fall into the arms of the Earth-Two Hawkman. Some other heroes were transported to Earth-Four, where they see the antimatter wave devouring the earth in the middle of a rainstorm. Azrael spots the Blue Beetle ‘s Bug hovering command processing overhead time and tries to investigate it, but is blasted off by Captain Atom. Nightshade and Peacekeeper join the rub on the anchor, along with Judo Master who assaults Katana, mistaking her for “ nazi filth ”. Jay Garrick prevents Thunderbolt from speeding his way into a death run with the antimatter wave. The doubt is with Blue Beetle in his Bug, wondering why they are compelled to head toward the wave. rear on Earth-One, Aquaman along with Aqualad and Aquagirl detect that the submerged cities of Tritonis and Poseidonis have cryptically disappeared. As they swim off, Black Manta and the Ocean Master watch until they besides disappear. Dolphin notices this as she swims behind them. The concluding group of heroes from the Monitor ‘s satellite appear on Earth-S, where Changeling as an elephant is hurled through a brick construct by Captain Marvel. Supergirl tries to reason with him as she fights him, but Captain Marvel only answers her with his fists. Kole erects a quartz glass barrier to prevent people from entering the antimatter wave, while Wonder Woman vainly struggles with Mary Marvel wrapped in her magic trick lasso, resisting the Amazon ‘s efforts. Black Canary stuns both Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. with her sonic “ canary cry ”. Wonder Woman is left looking at the visualize of Harbinger in the antimatter wave, wondering what she ‘s doing. soon, the universe shudders as the three remaining positive-matter universes are nowadays transported into the Netherverse through Harbinger ‘s power, and Psycho-Pirate realizes that he is losing manipulate over the people ‘s emotions. now knackered of her power, Harbinger reverts bet on to being Lyla and joins Alexander Luthor Jr. on an asteroid overlooking the five universes slowly merging with each other, and now in danger of annihilating each other. bet on on Earth-Two, Alan Scott, Power Girl, and Johnny Quick chase after Star Sapphire, Per Degaton, and Deathbolt when the three villains on the spur of the moment vanish, leaving the heroes wondering where they went. Back at the apartment construct of Ted Grant, as he is resting in his bed, Yolanda Montez now makes her debut in costume as the new Wildcat .
With a group of heroes selected from the five survive universes and transported there with the help of Pariah, Lyla reveals to them the origin of the universes they ‘re trying to protect : Krona, a scientist on the worldly concern of Oa, performed a prevent experiment of looking in prison term to the universe of the population, which had dangerous repercussions. It created not only an evil antimatter duplicate of the know population, it besides created endless positive-matter duplicates of the universe, with Oa being the only satellite not duplicated except in the antimatter universe, where it was called Qward, the home of the Thunderers. Krona was banished from his universe, and since then the Oans attempted to atone for his misbehavior through the creation of both the Manhunters and the Green Lantern Corps. On the moons of both Oa and Qward, two alike but opposed beings emerged and came to life ; they both became the Monitors. The Monitor of the positive-matter population just sought cognition about his population, while the Monitor of the other population sought restraint over it, creating an army of warriors called the Thunderers and changing some into Shadow Demons. The two Monitors became aware of each other and waged war with each other until a coincident attack rendered them both unconscious mind until the stage clock time. Pariah joins the report with how he got involve : as the leading scientific mind on worldly concern of his universe, using his skills to turn his universe into a paradise, he nowadays sought to examine the lineage of the universe, despite concerns from his people that he could end up destroying their universe in his pastime for cognition. not taking attentiveness to the concerns, Pariah set up a chamber in his lab where he could enter a pocket of the antimatter population to observe the creation of the population. As he did, his capture set off a chain reaction, creating an antimatter wave that destroyed his population, leaving Pariah stranded in outer space, safe but now realizing his error. however, with the destruction of his population, the Monitor of the Antimatter Universe awakened, absorbing the power from the end. It besides awakened the Monitor of the positive-matter universe, who now sought Pariah to use him for the purpose of saving it. With a shift of selected heroes, they are disposed to take on the being they now call the Anti-Monitor. Alexander Luthor Jr. used his powers to open a portal between the two universes, with the assorted heroes flying through this portal, to arrive on the other side, following Pariah ‘s sensing abilities as he directed them to a glow asteroid which was the Anti-Monitor ‘s fortress. Inside, he watches the heroes border on and calls Psycho-Pirate to him, commanding him to use his powers against them. When Psycho-Pirate reveals that his emotion-controlling powers need to be recharged, Anti-Monitor angrily swats him away and decides to deal with them himself .
soon the heroes find themselves battling the fortress itself as it comes to liveliness with statues attacking them, reassembling themselves as they get damaged. Some of the heroes realize that some of their own powers do n’t work as they would normally in the Antimatter Universe. Nonetheless, Superman of Earth-One and Dr. Light oversee to reach the heart of the fortress, where they see a machine converting starlight into energy, that is responsible for the confluence of the universes. Superman of Earth-One plans to destroy it, but is abruptly attacked by the Anti-Monitor by a knock-down blast. His scream attracts the attention of his cousin Supergirl, who engages the Anti-Monitor in forcible battle, destroying his armor and besides destroying the universe-merging car. Dr. Light sees that Supergirl is badly wounded from her battle and tries to get her out, but Supergirl tells Dr. Light to get her cousin out of there. This distraction enables the diminished Anti-Monitor to hit Supergirl with a titanic blast of energy, killing her in the sight of her cousin Kal-El. As Anti-Monitor enters into an scat ship to recuperate, Superman of Earth-One holds his cousin Kara in his arms as she passes away, screaming that he would get his retaliation. Superman of Earth-Two comforts his Earth-One counterpart and gets him to follow the heroes spinal column to their own universe as the Anti-Monitor ‘s fortress falls apart. Back on Earth-One, the heroes gather for a memorial service with Batgirl as the main speaker, stating, “ Kara is a bomber. She will not be forgotten. ” later on, near the Fortress of Solitude, Superman of Earth-One has Kara ‘s torso wrapped up in her cape and flies her to New Krypton where she will be buried .
The Flash is captured, boundary to a wall in a distance capsule heading for the planet Qward in the Antimatter Universe. Psycho-Pirate is give, but fearful for his life. He wonders if the Anti-Monitor perished during his battle with Supergirl. on the spur of the moment, the Anti-Monitor appears before them wearing new struggle armor. He tells the Psycho-Pirate that he will spare him—for now. On Apokolips, DeSaad watches the distance encapsulate and asks his victor Darkseid what they ‘re going to do. Darkseid answers that they ‘re merely going to watch and see what happens. If the heroes prevail against the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid says, then the “ condition quo ” will be maintained. If the Anti-Monitor prevails, then he will be weakened adequate to the point where Apokolips ‘ sole leader will destroy him.

In the thirtieth century, the Legion of Super-Heroes monitor the partially merged five Earths. Brainiac 5 throws himself into his inquiry, refusing to come to terms with Supergirl ‘s death. Saturn Girl observes that his mind is in convulsion. In the twentieth hundred, Firestorm communicates with Vixen who finds famed robotics expert Professor T.O. Morrow. They bring Morrow to the remains of the Justice League satellite where they hope he can effect repairs upon the automaton that he invented—Red Tornado. Ray Palmer is besides present, and is inspecting the Tornado ‘s body from the at heart. suddenly, something deep within the Tornado ‘s bio-system activates and a huge explosion tears through the satellite. Blue Devil, one of the heroes summoned to examine Red Tornado ‘s inner workings, finds himself transported to the Vegan organization to deal with the Omega Men. back on Qward, the Anti-Monitor supervises the construction of an Antimatter cannon. With this weapon, he intends on finishing off the remaining Earths. Dozens of Qward ‘s Thunderers work angstrom slaves to complete the weapon. The Flash meanwhile, manages to break free. He grabs the Psycho-Pirate and races off with him across the barren landscape. Moving at super-speed, he exposes the Psycho-Pirate ‘s front to many Thunderers. He forces Psycho-Pirate to warp their emotions into feelings of hatred for the Anti-Monitor. One by one, the Thunderers turn against their headmaster, but the Anti-Monitor easily defeats them. While the villain is distracted, the Flash finds the Antimatter energy core that powers the cannon. Running faster than he has ever run in his biography, he circles around the energy core thousands of times, turning the unstable antimatter back upon itself, destroying the cannon. The inflow of energy is excessively much for the Flash ‘s person body however. He begins phasing through different points in the clock time stream, and before long, he loses all physical cohesion and dies. All that is left of him is his evacuate costume and his ring. His noble sacrifice has saved billions of lives across the Multiverse. From beyond the walls of time and space, one being screams out in unbridle wrath. The Spectre has awakened .
On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe make a last-ditch feat to combat the hysteria that is gripping the universe. They recruit Guy Gardner back into the green Lantern Corps and give him a ring again. suddenly, a cosmic crimson fire from beyond the invalidate washes over Oa. The k Lantern Citadel is destroyed and all but one of the six remaining Guardians are killed. Guy Gardner swears vengeance. interim, a cell of Earth ‘s most herculean super-villains gathers together aboard Brainiac ‘s starship with T.O. Morrow now joining them. Lex Luthor coordinates the meet, declaring that they shall take advantage of the Crisis by holding three of the multiple Earths hostage. Alexei Luthor of Earth-Two protests, citing that he should lead the cadre quite than his Earth-One counterpart. Brainiac concedes that there is no indigence for two Lex Luthors, destroying the Earth-Two Luthor. Reporters have dubbed the point where the five remaining Earths intersect one another as the Warp Zone. Within this area, a strange time-distortion consequence has allowed for creatures and entities from versatile timelines to interact with one another. Dinosaurs are seen stomping through the same New York City streets as World War I era biplanes and futuristic starships. Firehawk flies with Wonder Girl into the Warp Zone, trying to find Donna Troy ‘s husband. At the United Nations, representatives from the diverse parallel dimensions address the forum. key speakers include Pariah, Harbinger and Alexander Luthor. The nation leaders are concerned that the spreading chaos may result in an inter-Earth war. During the address, a holographic picture of Lex Luthor appears before them and extends an ultimatum. Citing that he already controls three of the five Earths, he demands the categoric surrender of the remaining two, or else he and Brainiac will unleash a destructive coerce that will obliterate all five. While the early heroes struggle to pierce the barrier separating the unite Earths, Jay Garrick recruits Kid Flash to help him. They rebuild Barry Allen ‘s cosmic treadmill and use their blend rush to pierce the barrier with an assembly of heroes standing on connecting platforms, ready to do battle. interim, Luthor ‘s cadre of villains takes advantage of the situation. They spread themselves across the realities, sowing chaos and discord at every turn. Chemo poisons the waters surrounding Hudson Bay, killing Aquagirl. Doctor Phosphorus viciously injures Hawkman. The Joker and Poison Ivy capture the Freedom Fighters. Eclipso incapacitates Wonder Woman, and the Justice League fight the Brotherhood of Evil. back on Brainiac ‘s ship, Luthor and Brainiac continue to coordinate their plans. Should the governments of the compound Earths fail to meet their demands, Luthor is more than ready to destroy all five planets. on the spur of the moment, Psimon appears from behind the shadows. He is the only super-villain that did not join with the others planet-side. Using his potent mental energy, Psimon blasts Brainiac, shattering him into a thousand pieces. He then brings himself to bear upon Lex Luthor .
After destroying Brainiac ‘s beat, Psimon turns his care towards Lex Luthor. He plans on taking over the connect villains after killing Luthor. What Psimon does n’t realize however is that Brainiac ‘s awareness has been downloaded into the circuitry of his ship. He forges a new body for himself and blasts the top off of Psimon ‘s crown with a beam of energy. On Earth-One at the click of world, Anthro continues to see barbarian streaks of crimson lightning flash across the sky. He ponders whether he should tell the stay of the tribe, but fears that they may find him crazy. On Earth-Four, Chemo stands adjacent to the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. All about him, the waters surrounding Manhattan Island are bubbling with deadly poisonous fumes. veto Woman flies about him, ensnaring the gigantic villain with bands of shadow energy. The bands constrict until they finally succeed in destroying Chemo ‘s artificial shell. In Manhattan, Black Adam fights against Robotman and Dove. Kole of the New Teen Titans flies up behind him and turns his soundbox into solid crystal. Robotman is prepared to shatter him, but Dove holds him spinal column. meanwhile, Cyborg and Celsius tackle Quakemaster. meanwhile, Aqualad races back to Atlantis, carrying Aquagirl ‘s body. He hands her over to the city ‘s aesculapian specialists, but there is nothing they can do. Aquagirl has died. In the frozen wastelands of Earth-S, Doctor Sivana, Doctor Cyber, Per Degaton, Houngan, Phobia, Despero, Deathbolt, Hector Hammond and Professor T.O. Morrow keep watch over the get members of the Marvel Family. While Sivana is in the midst of gloat, the martian Manhunter burrows through the frost and attacks them. He blasts at Deathbolt with his martian sight. The Atom and Platinum of the Metal Men arrive to give him back-up. Phobia tries to use her powers on Platinum, but they fail, enabling the Atom enough time to loose the choke around Billy Batson ‘s sass. Billy shouts the magic trick parole, “ Shazam ” and transforms into Captain Marvel. On Earth-X, Batman and the master Atom fight up against Calendar Man while the Outsiders and Infinity, Inc. take on the Dummy. Hawkwoman and Tin fight Lightning Lord, and Firestorm and Vixen fight up against Captain Cold and Icicle. Green Arrow of Earth-Two assists Changeling and Mento in combating the Shaggy Man. park Arrow defeats the Shaggy Man with an explosive-tipped arrow. suddenly, the Spectre makes his presence known across the five partially merged Earths. He warns all of the heroes that the Anti-Monitor is silent alive and that he has retreated into the past to change the course of history at the dawn of time itself. The heroes migrate to Earth-One to coordinate their efforts, with Superboy of the now-destroyed Earth-Prime joining them. They form their teams and develop a scheme using the time-traveling capabilities of the Time Masters, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Lord of Time. Flash ( Jay Garrick ) and Kid Flash are outfitted with converter technology to help bridge the gap. With the care of Magno Lad, Cosmic Boy and Gold, the team creates a large magnetic conductor, which shunts the hookup backwards in time. Superman of Earth-One personally flies Alexander Luthor, Jr. ahead of the time travelers in order for Luthor to open the portal vein between the universes before they arrive. meanwhile, Lex Luthor and his allies travel backwards in time ten billion years to the satellite Oa. They arrive on the black sidereal day when the scientist Krona is destined to witness the hand of initiation and unwittingly create the Multiverse. They burst into his testing ground, but Krona is cook for them. He kills Icicle, Mirror Master and Maaldor. At the dawn of time, the heroes face the Anti-Monitor. They channel all of their energy into him, but this merely serves to make the Anti-Monitor more potent. He requires their energy so that when Krona opens the doorway between the positive matter universe and the Antimatter Universe, the Anti-Monitor will then be able to obliterate the convinced topic universe wholly. The Spectre appears before the Anti-Monitor, channeling all of the mysterious energy of Earth ‘s most mighty sorcerers. He attacks the Anti-Monitor immediately and their crusade unleashes an explosion of energy, which appears to consume all world .
The Big Bang happens again, but this prison term only one universe, with only one earth, appears. Clark Kent of Earth-Two finds himself in what appears to be his apartment, thinking he is rear in his own universe. He dresses up for work and enters into the daily Planet construction unaware, thinking he is entering that of the Daily Star, and enters into Perry White ‘s office, reading the paper until Perry chews him out for being where he does n’t belong. Clark Kent of Earth-One comes on the scenery and rescues the early Clark, referring to him as his “ Uncle Clark ” to Perry, while Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen of Earth-One amusingly determine. On circus tent the casual Planet, both Clark Kents transform into Superman and fly off to New York City, where the cordoned-off merged department of the Earths was located. however, they find that not only is the unify section no longer award, but besides that no one even remembers that there was a cordoned-off section. They fly off to Central City in the hopes of finding Barry Allen ‘s lab when they notice that Central City of Earth-One is now adjacent to Keystone City of Earth-Two. They find Jay Garrick ‘s mansion in Keystone City and, amazingly, Jay Garrick ‘s wife does n’t recognize Superman of Earth-Two, though Jay silent does. He has wally West in his own lab setting up the Cosmic Treadmill so they can find out together what ‘s going on. As Flash of Earth-Two, Kid Flash, and both Supermen subspecies the treadmill, they find themselves transported out into a invalidate where the Earth-Two universe should have been. Superman of Earth-Two fears that his wife, Lois Lane-Kent, has vanished along with Earth-Two and chooses to fly out into the null, but Superman of Earth-One stops him and they return spinal column to the New Earth, with the Cosmic Treadmill destroyed. Kid Flash decides it is clock to gather all the superheroes together to find out the accuracy. meanwhile, Rip Hunter ‘s time vehicle emerges out of the timestream with the Forgotten Heroes in it. They besides notice that time has reset itself. They board Brainiac ‘s skull embark, placid floating in quad, and see Brainiac silent sitting at the controls as he did before the charge of time resetting. Dolphin thinks that Brainiac is now dead. At the Titans Tower, there is a gather of contemporary superheroes from the versatile universes, with some trying to figure out why they ca n’t go back to their own population. To answer that question, Harbinger appears unto them, revealing that with time resetting itself, the five surviving positive-matter universes have all merged into one, with histories from those universes merging into a single history. however, in this universe, there was only one Superman that came from Krypton, only one Bruce Wayne that became Batman, merely one Dick Grayson that became Robin, and only one Wonder Woman that came from Paradise Island. This makes Dick Grayson of Earth-Two, the Huntress, and Superman of Earth-Two tactile property as though they were now “ non-persons ”, and it besides confuses Power Girl, who in this universe ‘s history is still recognized as a hero, though her Earth-Two cousin is n’t. Batman of Earth-One shows up with Jason Todd and Alexander Luthor, Jr. with more revelations to the group : the supervillains that went back in fourth dimension to Oa to try preventing Krona ‘s experiment from taking place now do n’t remember ever taking that trip, as evidenced by Batman talking with Lex Luthor in his prison cell, which means that only those who were there at the Dawn of Time were the ones who remembered, and they were the lone ones that survived the universes merging. Superman of Earth-Two realize from this that his wife is now gone and flies off in a ramp, with Superman of Earth-One following to try comforting him for his loss. meanwhile, as stormy swarm appear over the ground, Phantom Stranger and Deadman look on helplessly at the Spectre floating in midair, unable to help them as they sense that a danger is coming. A maid at a Las Vegas hotel finds person has died in one of their rooms, and Jonni Thunder finds a triangle beside the body, which one of the detectives with her recognizes as the weapon of the Angle Man. Dr. Fate and Etrigan see that Amethyst is being attacked by people who consider her a hag, and so change of location to the scene even as Dr. Occult appears to calm the people with his mysterious amulet. The Shadow Demons then appear, and Amethyst tries to fight them off, but she ends up being blinded. Etrigan holds off the demons while Dr. Fate transports Amethyst back to Gemworld. Deep inside a cavern, Cave Carson and his team of explorers see a potent whirlpool forming within the earth. bet on at Titans Tower, Pariah suffers pain and Alexander Luthor, Jr. experiences himself shifting into starry dark as the Earth itself is swallowed up from its own population into another. The two Supermen watch the flip as the boldness of the Anti-Monitor appears, welcoming the satellite ‘s residents to their death .
In Brainiac ‘s starship, Dolphin, Captain Comet, Rip Hunter, Animal Man, the Atomic Knight, and Adam Strange convert the come to automaton that his memory was tampered with to make him forget the Crisis. Admitting that his might is inadequate to battle the Anti-Monitor, he sets naturally for the universe of a more mighty being. On earth, the Anti-Monitor ‘s countenance is seen in the skies all over the earth. He repeats that the Earth is immediately in the Antimatter Universe. His past victories over positive universes are meaningless, he says, because of the super-heroes ‘ efforts to stop him. When he lists Supergirl and the Flash as casualties, Kid Flash demands to know what has happened. The Supermen scan the globe and watch the populace panic. Harbinger appears, and teleports them to a chosen finish, then gathers Dr. Light from Japan, leaving Sunburst to defend the island. When Dr. Light states that she caused Supergirl ‘s death, Harbinger replies that the conflict had already killed Supergirl, and that the Anti-Monitor ‘s final approach merely gave her a fleet death. In the skies, the iniquity splits into a million Shadow Demons, which begin an all-out attack on humanness, and the superheroes mass to resist them. The Global Guardians team with other heroes to free their native lands from the threat, but the demons ‘ numbers seem endless. The Phantom Stranger summons Dr. Mist to help revive the Spectre, who remains comatose. Below, Harbinger has gathered a big group of heroes, along with Pariah and Alex, to lead a final attack on their nemesis. Alex creates a bridge between universes, and they depart near Apokolips. Brainiac ‘s ship goes into stationary sphere over Apokolips, and he and his guests teleport to the planet, where Darkseid appears and introduces himself. binding on earth, the majority of the heroes are still battling the Shadow Demons. The Dove is slain by a shadow-being as his brother watches in horror. In Dr. Fate ‘s Salem loom, the magically powered heroes have gathered to pool their charming might. The Earth-Two Green Lantern and Dr. Occult form the link of their energy. On Qward, in the Antimatter Universe, Harbinger and the heroes have arrived in the Anti-Monitor ‘s honest-to-god headquarters. Kid Flash insists on joining them because of his mentor ‘s demise. abruptly, an image of the Flash appears to him—the last one Barry cast before his end. wally follows the afterimage to where an harebrained Psycho-Pirate clutches at an empty uniform. Kid Flash knocks him out and realizes that Barry Allen is rightfully dead when Lady Quark finds his hoop. Pariah informs them that a great concentration of evil lies before them. They follow to find a eminent Anti-Monitor, ready for the final butcher. In Atlantis, Aquaman leads his subaqueous legions against the shadows. Lori Lemaris saves a at bay Mera with a force air. A devil closes in on her and kills her. In Chicago, Green Arrow of Earth-Two is killed by a trace. In Philadelphia, Cyborg, the Son of Vulcan, the Vigilante, and the new Wildcat continue rescue operations. In New Orleans, Shade, the Changing Man witnesses the death of Prince Ra-Man. In Skartaris, Travis Morgan leads his forces against the black menaces. In Gotham City, both Clayface II and the Bug-Eyed Bandit die at the hands of the demons. In Salem, the tide ultimately turns. The charming crusaders send their combined coerce in a internet of department of energy to gather the demons from the Earth ‘s open, and bind them helpless in space. Over the Earth, lives have been lost, including those of Kole, Huntress, and Robin of Earth-Two, but early lives have been saved. For a moment, the survivors can take stock .
On Qward, the Supermen of Earth One and Two, Captain Atom, Lady Quark, Firehawk, Wonder Woman, and early heroes strike at the Anti-Monitor, but he ignores their blows, feeding on the department of energy of a nearby star. As Dr. Light absorbs the department of energy of one of the binary star sunlight they are between, the Anti-Monitor feels his might draining away. Alex begins to drain the antimatter department of energy away from their foe. negative woman uses her negative-self to bind the Anti-Monitor and inhibit him ; Harbinger then leads all the energy-producing heroes against him, Dr. Light blasts him with the department of energy of a sunlight, and he falls into the ruins of his fortress. Alex creates a dimensional hole, large enough to enclose the Earth and return it to its proper universe. The heroes follow. The testis of bound demons hover and then fall on the fallen enemy. therefore, the Anti-Monitor absorbs his slaves energies and rises again, while the heroes start to give conflict. Wonder Woman is caught in a annihilative flash of might, and is hold aside to an unknown destination. Superman of Earth-One and Lady Quark vow deadly retaliation, but Kal-L knocks them out, and tells Superboy to take them back. Since he has no universe and no wife to return to, the elder Superman has the least to lose. then he confronts the atrocious Anti-Monitor, and batters him. Superboy sends Kal-El and Lady Quark back through Alex ‘s shrinking body, and turns to aid him. Superman continues his one-man war against the Anti-Monitor, striking telling blows, while the villain, his exponent decline, absorb more energy from the anti-cosmos, and blasts him and Superboy. Darkseid, watching the conflict on a view riddle, proclaims his planet to be endangered if the Anti-Monitor survives, sends a exponent burst at him through Alex ‘s eyes. The foe, devastated, is hurled into the effect of one of the binary sun. Superman, Superboy, and Alex are stunned to see the apparition of their enemy rising from the sun. Superman smashes into his enemy ‘s fiery body, scattering him : the remains fall back into the sun and the headliner begins to implode. They bravely await the end and Superman wishes that Lois could have lived to see their wallow. At that, Alex produces Lois from a void-pocket in his body where she had been sent to wait. She tells her husband that she had been to a calm universe. Alex can not return them to Earth, but he can take them all to this beautiful universe. Superman, Lois, and Superboy opt for that choice. The quartet vanish seconds before the explode sun would have reached them. back on ground, Lyla is explaining facets of the Crisis to Pariah and Lady Quark. Wonder Woman was returned to the clay which Aphrodite and Athena had given life, then spread across Paradise Island. time then continued to reverse itself, as the Amazons were returned to their original fatherland before they fled Man ‘s World. Zeus brought the dispossessed Wonder Woman of Earth-Two and her conserve Steve Trevor to Olympus, where they could live peacefully. The bodies of Robin of Earth-Two, the Huntress, and Kole were never found. All those who died were mourned. In Keystone City, Jay Garrick determined that Kid Flash ‘s illness was in remittance, his body chemistry being changed by a blast from the Anti-Monitor. He could again move at super-speed, though only at the speed of reasoned. wally wear Barry Allen ‘s undifferentiated, and announced, “ From this day forth — the Flash lives again ! ” The Great Disaster will not exist in the Earth ‘s future, but a suffer child will he found in Command D., adopted by General Horatio Tomorrow of the Planeteers, and named Thomas. Jonah Jex will be torn from his era to fight in the future, while the Guardians of the Universe must face the first gear division in their ranks. therefore, Lyla concludes her narrative, and Lady Quark and Pariah ask her to help them explore their new homeworld. They leave with her, honoring the memory of their benefactor, the Monitor. And, in Arkham Asylum, the staff discuss a modern patient who seems beyond help, straitjacketed in a rubber-lined room. Roger Hayden, once Psycho-Pirate, gibbers about Earths beyond numbers, the Anti-Monitor, and the memories, which alone he had been allowed to keep .

In Summary

The Monitor ‘s plans did not completely exploit against the Anti-Monitor, ultimately costing the Monitor his life. Five universes remained. The heroes, at the Spectre ‘s importunity, pool their resources and locomotion back to the Dawn of Time when they confront the Anti-Monitor. meanwhile, the villains travel ( 1,000,000,000 years late ) to Oa to try to stop Krona from peering back in clock and creating the Multiverse ( and the Antimatter Universe the Anti-Monitor came from ). The Anti-Monitor reveals that he lured the heroes to him to absorb their liveliness forces. He explains :

Only here, before creation can the future be changed! When Krona taps the cosmic forces, opening the door between matter and antimatter … it shall be my hand he sees! My hand which shall destroy the positive matter multiverse for now and forever! My hand which shall make the antimatter universe supreme! … The Multiverse will no longer exist! [1]

however, the Spectre, aided by Earths ‘ mightiest sorcerers managed to ( apparently ) frustration him. As Krona peers second through the cosmic head covering, the Big Bang occurs :

In the beginning there were many. A Multiversal infinitude…so cold and so dark for so very long…that even the burning light was imperceptible. But then the light grew, and the Multiverse shuddered…and the darkness screamed as much in pain as in relief. For in that instant a Universe was born. A Universe with mighty worlds orbiting burning suns. A Universe reborn at the Dawn of Time. What had been many became one.[2]

The leave reality was able to resist the Anti-Monitor ‘s attacks ascribable to the successful depowering efforts brought about by and large identified in battles noted to Supergirl and the Flash which cost them their lives. vastly depowered, the Anti-Monitor attacked the resulting Earth directly where he was ultimately killed by Kal-L. With both “ Monitors ” dead, the resulting primary Earth undergo far changes and readjusted into a modern state of being which differed in many major ways from its preceding versions. The universe reformated all of its inhabitants to be native to its history and prison term line which conflicted with the previous multi-dimensional originating people immediately in it such as Power Girl. Some would be changed in the late Zero Hour / Hyper-Time event, whereby the being of infinite dimensions would again be accessible in the DC primary reality ( other dimensions existed, but were completely inaccessible and thus termed “ Elseworlds Stories “ ). But interaction with these other dimensions was fluid and these separate realities ‘ influences threatened to destroy the singular DC New Earth. This would be the lapp occurrence when the Dark Flash entered into the DC primary world [ 3 ]. It would not be until the late Infinite Crisis happening that static extradimensional realities would be shown to exist within the DC population again. Convergence nullified Crisis by preventing the destruction of the multiverse but as Brainiac noted “ Each worldly concern has evolved but they all even exist. ” All that is known is that the Kents, the Flash, Supergirl, and Parallax were successful in preventing the break down of the Multiverse deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the original deaths of the Flash and Supergirl. Superman and his syndicate and Parallax relocated to Prime Earth while Barry and Kara left for parts unknown in order to seek their destinies elsewhere. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] Years late, it was finally that the two central figures of the Crisis consequence itself were champions of both The Presence and The Great Darkness with Mar Novu aka the Monitor being one of many who was created by The Presence to monitor the Multiverse whereas The Anti-Monitor being one of many who was cursed by The Great Darkness to obliterate the Multiverse with the superheroes themselves acting as the Multiverse ‘s immune system against the Great Darkness ‘ machinations. however, when the Multiverse had been destroyed by the aforesaid Crisis event and had been reborn into just one individual population, The Presence was greatly weakened as a leave which gave the Great Darkness the opportunity to attack The Presence itself. even though respective superheroes had tried their best to fight back against the now sentient aboriginal dark, they were soon defeated with the Great Darkness about succeeding in achieving its ‘ finish but a last infinitesimal intervention by Swamp Thing had convinced the Great Darkness to form a armistice with The Presence and the end resultant role of the aforesaid armistice was that The Presence would no longer make it ‘s influence be a outstanding as it was before and the Great Darkness would no longer actively attempt to destroy The Presence along with agreeing to render itself dormant.


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  • Crisis happened in the resulting Post-Crisis DCU but didn’t (in theory) involve multiple Earths. Exact details regarding the Post-Crisis version of Crisis have been vague at best with The Flash (Volume 2) #150 one of the few glimpses into that version of Crisis.

Characters who died or were erased during the crisis

eminence : not all of these characters actually appeared in the Crisis on Infinite Earths restrict series, but however were erased from continuity due to the after effects of the Crisis. Some characters were inauspicious enough to have actually died during the Crisis, a well as having their universe erased from homo memory.


  • George Perez claimed in a 1994 interview that Chris Claremont, famous for his 17-year run on The Uncanny X-Men, suggested that the Earth-One Superman die killing the Anti-Monitor; since his history had been the one to survive the alteration of history, the new Earth was now without a Superman. In this scenario, the Earth-Two Superman, after considering the fact that his wife and friends are all now gone, would look at the heroes surrounding him and say, “Well, guess I don’t need this anymore” and begin to wipe old-age make-up from his face and white hair dye from his temples. He would then explain that he had stopped physically aging in the 1940’s when his powers reached their peak. This Superman would then return to Earth with the other heroes and assume his younger counterpart’s life. The thrust of the post-Crisis Superman reboot would then be “The Return of the Original Super-Hero,” with the Earth-Two Superman learning to live his life as a younger Clark Kent in the modern world.

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