Killer Croc

Killer Croc


General Information

Real name:

Waylon Jones

First Appearance:

Batman #357 (March, 1983)

Created by:

Gerry Conway
Gene Colan


Black Mask


Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, durability, and senses
Expert swimmer
Hardened scale-like skin
Razor-sharp claws and teeth
Regenerative healing factor
Experienced alligator wrestler

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Portrayed by:

Brooks Gardner ( Voice )
Edwin Neal ( Voice )
( Voice )
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Aron Kincaid (Voice)Brooks Gardner (Voice)Edwin Neal (Voice) Steve Blum (Voice)

Back in Florida, I was a sideshow freak– I wrestled alligators to entertain the marks! I broke their backs with my bare hands! Then I got smart, I had the strength, I had the hate– why shouldn’t I use it to get what I wanted? “Killer Croc”–That’s what they called me. But some day, some day, I knew they’d call me King!
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Waylon Jones, besides known as Killer Croc, is a alligator-wrestler and sideshow-freak turn Gotham City gangster, sewer-dwelling super-criminal and enemy of Batman. He is motivated due to having been born with a rare mutation that caused him to have reptile-like peel, leading to a life of mistreat and prejudice which drove him to madness .


Waylon Jones was born with an extreme kind of the aesculapian condition Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, which caused his appearance to develop increasingly into that of a crocodile, hence his name. His mother died in childbirth, and his father abandoned him. Waylon was raised by his abusive aunt ; her persistent dipsomania prevented him from growing up in a desirable environment. As a adolescent, Waylon had no friends, and was the aim of ridicule of those who knew him. Jones was a regular visitor to the juvenile detention center and was last tried and convicted as an adult when he was sixteen. He murdered a colleague prisoner who mocked his appearance but however was out on parole “ after eighteen years behind bars. Out of prison, he found a caper in a carnival sideshow … wrestle alligators ”. “ I broke their backs with my bare hands, ” Jones by and by recalled. “ then I got smart. I had the strength, I had the hate — why should n’t I USE it to get what I wanted ? ‘Killer Croc ‘ — that ‘s what they called me. But some day, SOME DAY, I knew they ‘d call me KING ! ” It was at this point that Waylon began referring to himself as Killer Croc. evening then, his force tied was greatly beyond that of a normal human. Croc realized that there was more money to be made in crime, so he set out to become Gotham ‘s most mighty underground calculate. Croc had established brawny throng ties in Tampa that he was anxious to put to use elsewhere. He ‘d discreetly established a beachhead in Gotham and assembled a gang before returning to Florida to take wish of “ some personal at large ends. ” After snapping the neck of the deputy who had viciously beat him when he was ten, he returned to discover that his followers had affiliated themselves with the dim-witted Solomon Grundy. Croc kept his temper in arrest but left the gang to its destiny. Within hours, the entire crowd was killed when Grundy flew into a rage. Croc soon shifted his commitment to the Squid, a gangster who was poised to fill the exponent vacuum in Gotham ‘s underworld left by the downfall of Rupert Thorne and Tony Falco. Initially, Croc was content to work a protective covering racket at the visiting Sloan Circus but he soon wanted more. After he witnessed Batman ‘s miss from a deathtrap, Croc sauntered away, informing the Squid that “ this kit smells of failure. ” Croc subsequently shot his former foreman from a rooftop and left him for dead. While Batman began tracing the artillery that killed the Squid, Croc approached the members of Gotham ‘s Tobacconist Club and announced his purpose to take over the city ‘s mob. The president of the united states of club ‘s inner circle proposed a test and directed Jones towards a state-of-the-art Air Force Computer at S.T.A.R. Labs. “ Mister, I was born a addict — I ‘ve had to prove myself to creeps like you all my life. I could break you in half. But that would n’t get me what I WANT … so I ‘ll STEAL your bum calculator. And then I ‘ll shove it down your fat throat. ” The looting was a success and, after a casual “ we ‘ll be in refer ” from the movers and shakers, Croc returned to his apartment. Seated in an easily electric chair, The Batman was waiting. Jones went ballistic, lunging at the Dark Knight and scream, “ this was MY place, my particular place ! Built this seat — my HOME — cipher could call me a addict here ! But you ‘ve SPOILED it — YOU RUINED information technology ! ” Firing his gun into a quad heater, Croc watched the room go up in flames and plunged into the river. A natural swimmer, Jones well began to escape, only to find himself pursued by Batman. The killer whale toyed with Batman in the water, striking and choking him and leaving only when he thought the Dark Knight had drowned. “ I thought you were hood, ” he sneered. “ person I could respect. But you ‘re nothing but a loser, like all the lie. ” Croc issued a summons to the chiefs of Gotham ‘s syndicate for a touch at the Gotham Zoo ‘s reptile house two nights belated. Attendance was NOT optional. Jones walked amongst the alligators and addressed the crowd as King Croc. His claims to have killed The Batman were ridiculed, however, and the mobsters continued to pledge commitment to the captive Tony Falco. Determined to make the gang his own, Croc broke into prison and viciously slashed Falco to pieces. Batman traded blows with Croc for a third clock without achiever. elsewhere, Joe and Trina Todd, a couple of acrobats from the Sloan Circus, were doing some investigate of their own. They ‘d agreed to help Robin break the protection racket that the circus had been threatened by and took off in avocation of one of the mob enforcers. Untrained in the art of surveillance, the Todds were spotted immediately by their capable and a warm welcome awaited the conserve and wife when they crept into the reptile house. The lights flashed on and Joe and Trina found themselves on a stagecoach before an audience of mobsters—a degree they shared with an approaching Croc. Robin arrived at the reptile house alongside Batgirl and was greeted by a gray Commissioner Gordon. When the Teen Wonder inquired about the Todds ‘ benefit, Gordon was horrified that he ‘d involved civilians in the case. Directing him to their corpses, lying amongst the crocodiles, Gordon said, “ We can only hope they were already dead when he threw them to his friends below. YOU brought them into this, Robin. It ‘s on YOUR HEAD. ” In a submit of craze, Robin plunged into the pit, beating the reptiles aside with the handle of a policeman ‘s artillery, cradling Trina Todd ‘s cadaver in his arms and unleashing an agonized, bereaved screech. interim, the Joker was attempting to cement his condition in the Gotham throng ‘s new hierarchy. On one hand, he ‘d mobilized a team of the long-established super-villains of the city ( consisting of the Riddler, Captain Stingaree, The Cavalier, the Penguin, Two-Face, Killer Moth, Catman, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter, the Scarecrow, Signalman, Black Spider, Mr. freeze, The Spook, Gentleman Ghost, Clayface, and The Getaway Genius ) to kill Batman before the nouveau-riche Croc could do so. On the other, he revealed the plot to Croc ( minus his own character ), gambling that the react forces would take each other out and leave the field clear for him. For their own reasons, Talia al Ghul and Catwoman had alerted the Dark Knight to the looming attacks on his life and the trio wound improving in the vacate Adams Brewery. They ended up being captured anyhow, all three chained to a defective brewing vat that was probable to erupt when it got hot adequate. Croc stepped past a gloat Joker and demanded that Batman be released therefore that they could fight out their differences “ man to valet. ” As for Talia and Catwoman, Croc answered, “ You win, they live. You lose, they DIE. simpleton as that. ” This prison term, Batman came out on peak, freeing himself from Croc and sending the hood reeling with a sword barrel thrown into his torso. “ NO ! ” the reptile man shrieked. “ cipher ever broke my bag — cipher ! ” “ That was your err, Croc — my name is n’t ‘nobody ! ‘ ” Forgotten in all this was Joe and Trina Todd ‘s acrobatic young son, Jason, who ‘d stumbled onto the Batcave after Dick Grayson left him at Wayne Manor. Concerned for his parents ‘ safety and an unapologetic thrill-seeker, Jason put together a variation of Robin ‘s costume and headed in the direction of the Adams Brewery. He arrived fair behind Robin and Batgirl, who revealed the horrifying news of the Todds ‘ death to Batman. Leaping from a rafter, Jason knocked a ten-foot shriek from Croc ‘s hand, allowing Batman to get in a final punch to the cause of death ‘s chin. In a state of fad, Jason struck shock after blow on the reptile serviceman before Batgirl and Robin pulled him away. The tragic deaths of his parents would inspire Jason Todd to take up the costume function of the moment Robin. As for Waylon, he was sent to Arkham Asylum. There, he suffered from intense electroconvulsive therapy therapy, which resulted in acute recurring nightmares .
get off, Croc made a second attack at taking over the Gotham gang, coming into conflict with Black Mask and failing once more. ( mentioned in Robin #71 ). Some meter subsequently, Ra ‘s alabama Ghul engineered a massive break of Arkham Asylum, freeing all of the patients, including Killer Croc. In substitute for their exemption, the inmates agreed to help Ra ‘s with a dodge to confound the Batman. Croc, delighted at the prospect of snapping the Dark Knight ‘s spine, was told his function in the design was to break into Wayne Manor and abduct Bruce Wayne ‘s butler Alfred Pennyworth. Croc had no theme what connection pennyworth had to Batman, but he executed the act without question, and brought Alfred back to Poison Ivy ‘s Exotica Emporium where four other hostages were being held by the Riddler and the Scarecrow. Batman soon arrived to rescue the hostages and contend with Croc once again. As clock was of the kernel, Batman wasted short of it fighting Croc, and promptly subdued him with a natural gas pellet from his utility knock. Afterwards, Killer Croc was returned to Arkham Asylum. Croc returned, however, in Swamp Thing # 66, and he and Batman fought once again, smashing into the office of Arkham Asylum administrator Robert Huntoon. “ Doctor, ” Batman reported, “ This thing goes by the identify of Killer Croc. He fair murdered thirty impeccant people with an incendiary device in midtown. Lock him up. ” Croc was far from defeated, rising to hammer the Dark Knight with a serial of crushing blows. Grim and desperate, Batman sprayed Croc with heart accelerator and informed Huntoon that “ this world should n’t give you any more problems … unless it ‘s from a wheelchair. ” purportedly paralyzed for life thanks to his exposure to the steel accelerator, Croc awoke with a start from a pile and realized that he could move his neck. Stunned by his good luck, he decided to keep the discovery to himself. “ Yes. I ‘m healing. Just like a good reptile. LET them think I ‘m a basket sheath. soon I ‘ll jump up, mangle a few for adept measuring stick, and walk out of here … ” By 1989, however, the truth had been discovered and Croc was placed in lone confinement, exercising regularly to maintain his wrestler ‘s human body. He even managed to engage in Batman once more while the Joker had impermanent taken control of Arkham. Croc suffered a nasty spear wound in the course of the dispute. temporarily back in a wheelchair, Croc was nowadays restrained with steel clamps on his wrists and ankles. Tired of faking folly, he snapped at a sophisticate who referred to him as Killer. “ That ‘s MISTER Croc to you, chump. An ‘ I ‘ll tell ya somethin ‘ ELSE — I should n’t even BE here. I ai n’t CRAZY ! ” The events in Arkham during The Demon #11 gave Croc the opportunity he was looking for to escape. A brief alliance with the Riddler ended with capture by Superman and Croc was returned to Arkham. once again subjected to numerous sessions of electroconvulsive therapy therapy, Croc last tore loose of his restraints, screaming that “ I ‘m a Killer croc This brain ai n’t for fryin ‘ ! ” Croc escaped from Arkham and began running criminal operations again. After robbing a patronize storehouse, Croc discovered a mysterious stairwell that led into an old unfinished subterranean highway. The burrow had since become a tax shelter for many of Gotham ‘s homeless. Croc became friends with the dispossessed people and attempted to make a new life for himself. For the beginning time in his life, Waylon Jones had found people who accepted him as he was, including a foster mother he called Aunt Marcy who gently patted his head as the torment man rested in her arms. Croc ‘s newfound life style was ephemeral however. Batman investigated the shop looting, and the trail led him right to Killer Croc ‘s shelter. The two began fighting one another, but at midnight, the match between the two was abruptly curtailed when the Dark Knight revealed that raw urine tunnels were being opened that night. As the flood began roaring towards them, Croc and Batman put their backs into holding up the deteriorating walls until the rest of the family could seek higher anchor. Aunt Marcy slipped and Croc insisted that Batman rescue her. As water began pouring past him, the k man rebelliously shouted that “ I ‘m Killer Croc ! I can do ANYTHIN ‘ ! This is MY home ! Ai n’t NOBODY takin ‘ it aside from me ! ” It was not adequate. As the flood swept him away, Croc ‘s shell-shocked, weeping syndicate, led by Aunt Marcy, began to sing the lullaby that had soothed their friend : “ Hush fiddling baby, do n’t say a son — Mommy ‘s gon na buy you a mockingbird … ”, believing that he had died in the flood. Croc survived however, and six months subsequently had taken to living out of the Gotham City alleyways. Croc had been existing for weeks without human company. When a group of derelicts stumbled onto him and ran in terror from the “ freak, ” all of the taunts from Waylon ‘s youth flooded rear into his fogged brain. In a country of craze, Croc staggered onto the street, imagining that everyone from the people on the streets to the mannequins in storefronts were his childhood tormenters.He was driven over the edge by the visions of his past, calling to mind hurtful incidents where his peers would routinely comment about his physical features. In combination with his natural, natural rage, Croc ‘s emotional submit erupted into a curl of violence and he began going amuck throughout the city. News crews captured his latest rampage, as he began terrorizing the zone known as Eden Park. An aspiring foreign crime lord known as Bane witnessed Croc ‘s rampage, and determined that defeating him would be a stepping stone on his personal path towards destroying Batman. Before Bane could catch up with him though, Croc found himself facing newcomer vigilante Jean Paul Valley ( who was masquerading in a Batman costume at the time ), angstrom well Batman ‘s young buddy Robin. After about crushing “ Batman ‘s ” rib-cage, Croc turned his attention to Bane, who wished to test the marauder ‘s heart. Powered by Venom, Bane effortlessly broke both of his adversary ‘s arms and left ampere quietly as he ‘d come. Within days, Bane had freed the inmates of Arkham and Croc, his arms wrapped in fresh casts, was among the escapees in Batman #491. Thirsting for revenge, Croc used his enhance senses to zoom in on Bane ‘s scent and interrupted the Santa Prisca villain ‘s interrogation of Robin. Without an infusion of Venom in his system, Bane suffered a few roughly blows before recovering and smashing Croc ‘s right arm again. Locked in battle, they fell into the rushing waters of the sewer and Croc vanished subaqueous once more.

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Killer Croc was lurking near the Gotham River, his crack limbs healing quickly during the weeks since his beat by Bane. Croc returned to Gotham in an attempt to re-establish himself in the criminal hell. He went on a barbarous murder spree that claimed the lives of several members of the Paretti crime family operating out of Gotham ‘s waterfront zone. The succession of deaths near the river led Robin to conclude that the perpetrator was the missing villain and he and the latest impermanent Batman ( Dick Grayson ) took off to investigate. Going toe-to-toe with Croc for the first base time near a warehouse, Dick acquitted himself nicely, breaking loose of the ex-wrestler ‘s back-breaking have by clapping his hired hand around the green man ‘s ears. Surviving members of the Paretti gang were confront and open fire on Croc hard wounding him. Croc survived once again however and hedge capture. As he recovered from multiple gunfire wounds sustained in that final adventure, Croc found himself dreaming of a more serene universe in the swamps ( and, his mental faculties nowadays sincerely reduced to Grundy-level proportions ), was summoned by some strange extrasensory effect to break out of Arkham Asylum and make his way to the Louisiana swamps. Batman was near behind, following the trail of wreckage. As the Dark Knight prepared to capture his enemy, both men were stopped by the Swamp Thing, who revealed that he had summoned Croc to the bayou. The Swamp Thing offered Croc a place in the swamp where he could last give in to his animal side and be free from human persecution. There he stayed, and Batman returned to Gotham City. In his current country of mind, Croc was regarded as “ a aboriginal being ” whose “ rabies and torture … his cutthroat ache for a place of peace … his hapless rage … has created a profound disturbance in the Green. ” swamp Thing called Waylon Jones to his home and “ changed him. He will kill nowadays … only for food … entirely to exist as separate of this swamp … where it could take a man YEARS to find him … so far I will know where he is … I will ALWAYS know … through the awareness of the Green. And if ever again … he becomes a menace to the worldly concern of man … I will make you mindful of it. ” The swamp environment proved less than ideal. The Swamp Thing, distracted by his rise through a series of elemental parliaments, had short patience for his new guest, physically strking Croc to teach him “ his place … in the pecking decree of the swamp ”. It was one more bully in a life that had seen excessively many and Waylon Jones left the Swamp Thing to catch the following prepare out of Houma, enjoying a pry bull for a meal en route to Gotham ( Batman Chronicles #3 ). A more mellow Croc took up residence in Gotham ‘s underground, his lonely universe interrupted by a wounded Man-Bat, whom he offered food and sympathy. As his house guest flew off, Waylon cautioned him to “ watch yourself out there this clock, o ? It ‘s a grating world, buddy. ” inevitably, Croc was recaptured by Wolverine in Marvel Versus DC #2. He escaped one prison for another when Lock-Up and the Fabulous Ernie Chubb made Waylon Jones one of the feature attractions in a homicidal pay-per-view series of wrestling matches. Thanks to weeks of agonizing, abusive treatment, Killer Croc once again lived up to his name. once Batman had arrested him in after a bungled looting in Resurrection Man #7, Croc settled into a comfortable routine at Arkham, his genial stability actually helped by the regular interaction with early people for the first time in years. He enjoyed “ Seinfeld ” with early inmates who favored the show ( Hitman #3 ), formed a close friendship with environmentalist and kindred spirit Poison Ivy ( Batman: Poison Ivy ), played cards with the Ventriloquist and the Mad Hatter ( Batman 80-Page Giant #2 ) and joined in the regular inpatient uprisings ( Batman: Arkham Asylum – Tales of Madness #1 ; The Creeper #7 and #8 ; Batman Villains Secret Files #1 ). part of Croc ‘s docile behavior was due to the regular provision of sedatives prescribed to him at Arkham. With the refuge in confusion following the Gotham earthquake, the Joker restfully slipped into the computerize records files and began changing the prescriptions. abruptly, Croc was receiving amphetamines six times a day. The geared-up Croc finally killed fellow convict Pinhead during a grudge match and escaped with the other criminals just as Gotham was declared a “ No Man ‘s Land ”. As versatile parties began to seize unlike sections of their own, Croc became “ a nomad, fighting whomever he finds ”. He besides put together his own gang ( glimpsed in Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #86 and Detective Comics #737 ) and, for the first time in years, began entertaining thoughts of calling himself KING Croc again. He was not please, to say the least, at news that a good samaritan providing services to the disenfranchised of Gotham was being referred to as the King. Croc tracked down the alleged King—a reformed crook named Stanley Demchaszky—and threatened to kill him. For the second time during the No Man ‘s Land ( the beginning being in Batman Chronicles #17 ), Batman traded punches with Croc. He ended up sending the green man on a four-story tumble from a build with debris raining down on him. “ He ‘s survive worse, ” the Dark Knight thought. “ It ‘ll good put another dent in his ego ”. Croc had characteristically formed close bonds with the men in his gang and was outraged when one of them was critically injured by serial killer Victor Zsasz. Though desperate to kill Zsasz, himself a patient of Doctor Leslie Thompkins, Croc agreed to abide by the armistice that she had declared in the makeshift hospital. All bets were off when Zsasz escaped. Batman separated the two killers as they wrapped their hands around each other ‘s throats, restraining Zsasz while Croc escaped ( Batman Chronicles #18 ). As the chaos during No Man ‘s Land was winding down, Croc was preparing to return to the persona of gang lord that he ‘d once craved. now wearing an expensive architect suit, he proclaimed to his followers that “ I ai n’t going spinal column to the sewers ! That ‘s over ! That ‘s history ! I ‘m not going BACK to that ! You WITH me on this ? I used to RUN this township ’til the cops and Blackmask and Bane HOUNDED me into the sewers. And I blame NOBODY but myself ! But I ‘m KILLER CROC, curse it, and I ‘m back for what ‘s mine ! ” Croc intended to “ expand east and confederacy and oppress ANYBODY who stands in the way. ” A crew that included Robin, the GCPD, Alfred Pennyworth and even the Penguin faced down the gang and the Boy Wonder managed to end the rebellion by getting Croc to drop a car on himself ( Robin #71 and #72 ). With arrange restored in Gotham, Croc was again reduced to committing burglaries ( Batman: Gotham Knights #3 ) interspersed with stays in Arkham. His No Man ‘s Land experiences have emboldened him, though, giving Killer Croc an appetite for power that public toilet store heists barely ca n’t satisfy. “ I ‘m back, baby ! ” he announced. “ The Croc is back to STAY ! ” In late years, Killer Croc has been portrayed as being much more reptile than in past incarnations. In one incident, a virus forced Croc ‘s body to devolve into a more cardinal and reptile state of matter. Croc late attempted to find a bring around for his condition, but when this failed, Croc killed the scientist who tried to help him. Croc was former discovered feeding off the remains of the villain Orca. He was apprehended once again and taken binding to Arkham Asylum. While being transferred from one prison cell to another, Croc wrestled free from his handlers and attacked visiting reporter Jimmy Olsen. Olsen ad lib generated super-powers and was able to escape unharmed. Killer Croc soon escaped confinement however, and was one of many super-powered villains led by Deathstroke who crashed the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary. fortunately, the wedding party was made up of members of the Justice League, the Justice Society, the Outsiders and the Teen Titans. By the end of the fight, most of the villains, including Croc, were apprehended. The administrators of Checkmate later decided that Croc was besides dangerous for them to safely contain him. He, along with many others, were exiled from the Earth via Boom Tube and taken to the “ Salvation ” World .

Powers and Abilities

The disease that Killer Croc is afflicted with seems to be some form of regressive atavism, meaning he has inherited some of the traits of ancestral species of the human race. His hide has hardened to the sharpen where it is invulnerable to most forms of abrasion and even high quality weapons fired from a distance. He possesses superhuman strength and he is stronger than Batman, whose forte is at the peak human level. A side effect of this condition seems to be that over time the cardinal reptile region of his brain gains more control of his mind. His amphetamine, agility, and reflexes are besides superhuman. He can besides heal at a much faster rate than normal humans, alike to the healing rate of an actual reptile .
Croc has some experience at street fighting and wrestle, but he is not quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate technical as Batman or Nightwing. He is a high school neglect out, but has proven to be moderately capable of organizing thugs in nickel-and-dime racketeering operations. He is normally hired by other villains as muscleman or as a gunman, as he is at least intelligent enough to follow instructions. Croc besides is very skilled at swimming aided by his reptilian genetics. superhuman : Killer Croc ‘s mutate lastingness degree is many times greater than that of a normal human. Over the years, as Croc ‘s body continued to mutate, his persuasiveness levels increased accordingly. sometimes, he was even portrayed as being dinosaur like, with a tail and a reptilian beak to boot .


In early Media


Batman: The Animated Series

The Batman

Beware the Batman

See: Killer Croc ( Beware the Batman )


Batman: Gotham Knight

DC Films Multiverse

The Lego Batman Movie

Killer Croc makes a cameo appearance alongside other Batman villains. His only line in the film which he states after he sets a fail on Gotham City is “ I did something ! “, a clean reference book to Suicide Squad.

Video Games

DC Universe Online

  • Killer Croc is voiced by Edwin Neal in DC Universe Online. 180?cb=20110204063237

Batman: Dark Tomorrow

  • Killer Croc appears in Batman: Dark Tomorrow as an enemy, with the player having to face him in his underground lair under Arkham Asylum.

Batman: Arkham Asylum


  • A Croc action figure made by Kenner toys in 1998 featured a tail and dinosaur-like feet, unlike the comics character.
  • Croc’s intelligence level has varied over the years, ranging from competent schemer to simply a berserk monster.
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