EXCLUSIVE: Curran Walters on a Red Hood Solo Project and ‘Titans’

share this : Curran Walters debuted as Jason Todd//Robin/Red Hood on Titans in the first season of the series binding in 2018. This besides marked the Batman quality ’ s live-action introduction. Curran has surely left his stigmatize on the function and has already seen him through some dramatic changes – from Batman ’ s buddy Robin to Red Hood. He loves playing the character and could see himself doing it for a long time, but he ’ second besides got his eye on the horizon ! At this class ’ s Motor City Comic Con, I had the opportunity to speak with  Walters about Titans, a Red Hood solo project, and what he wants to do adjacent. Uday Kataria: sol the first gear interview I have for you is, obviously you ’ re the first person to originate the character of Jason Todd in live-action, so is it kind of daunting to know that you ’ re setting the tonicity for any future actors that are going to be playing that character ?

Curran Walters: It ’ s quite a cool feel to be honest because you know, you can take on the coerce and be anxious and everything, but I take it on, I love it. I ’ meter here for the challenge and you know, to set that bar, so… it ’ mho great. UK: That ’ s well to know. besides, I know that last class there were rumors swirling about a solo Jason Todd movie or television receiver show, obviously, you wouldn ’ t be able to confirm or deny it- CW: I have no estimate ! (laughs) UK: …but is that something you ’ d be concern in ? CW: Of course ! Of course. I love this character, you know, I grew up with this character now, so… that would be absolutely amazing, yeah .jason todd titans UK: Can you give us any hint of where you ’ re going to go in season 4 of Titans after the end of temper 3 ? CW: Ohhhh… I can ’ t say besides a lot, but… it ’ s gon na be a in truth good season. very dear season, yeah. UK: And then ultimately, are there any roles you ’ ra interest in exploring away of the superhero earth ? Because I know that you ’ ve guest-starred in a match of sitcoms, would you be interested in going bet on to that ? CW: I mean… you know, I think by and large I would like to transition to the film universe after this, and you know, do more drama or serious indie movies or whatever so… but I would love to do Red Hood for the future 10 years if I could.

https bamsmackpow.com files image exchange 2021 10 ie 78448 UK: I ’ thousand sure a draw of people are gon sodium be actually happy to hear that ! CW: precisely, yeah ! That ’ randomness good, that ’ s good. UK: All right, thank you therefore much for your time. CW: Thank you sol much, thank you ! That ’ s it for my interview with Curran Walters ! Be sure to besides check out my single consultation with Brenton Thwaites below. But before you go, what do you think ? Would you like to see Curran Walters in a Red Hood solo project ? What do you want to see happen to his character in Titans going advancing ? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @ mycosmiccircus !

NOTE: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. partake this :

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