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Victor StoneVictor Stone Victor Stone is the son of Silas and Elinore Stone, two STAR Labs scientists captive on using their research to improve world. Silas and Elinore scientific adventures often estranged their son, as they would sometime dedicate more clock and toward their influence, oppose to him. The two even used their son as a quiz subject for intelligence-boosting experiment. While the successful experiment granted Victor a genius-level mind, he resented his parents for treating him more like a lab subjugate oppose to a son. Vic ‘s resentment caused him to steer away from skill and mathematics in high school. rather, he pursued an sake in athletics, a lot to his father ‘s contempt. His life changed profoundly during a sojourn to STAR Labs to meet up with his parents, who were busy conducting inter-dimensional experiments. The experiment incidentally allowed a protoplasmic animal into the lab. Silas managed to return the creature to its home property, but not before it had slain Elinore and hard hurt Victor. Desperate to save his son ‘s life, Silas used untested cybernetic enhancements to rebuild and reconstruct Victor ‘s soundbox. He succeeded, but did n’t anticipate Victor ‘s horror and wrath at what he had done .


Cyborg was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez

Character Evolution

Pre-Flashpoint: Modern Age

Cyborg (New Earth)Cyborg (New Earth) The reaction of others to his fresh kind made Vic even more resentful, and he isolated himself from his former life a much as possible by moving to Hell ‘s Kitchen. It was in this bad neighborhood that Raven found Vic and invited him to join the Teen Titans. After the team formed, Vic found a place where he was accepted and appreciated, despite his cold appearance. His church father, inactive feeling guilt over what he made his son go through, constructed the Titan ‘s Tower for his son and his companions. Victor would remain a steadfast member of the Titans for a hanker prison term, serving not lone as a bomber but as a chief supplementary technical school reservoir for the team.

Post-Flashpoint (New 52)

Cyborg (Earth-0)Cyborg (Earth-0) After the events of Flashpoint, DC Comics relaunched their integral comedian catalog. In this continuity, Cyborg is now one of the seven founding members of the Justice League ( replacing the martian Manhunter ), having never served with Teen Titan. He makes his first appearance in Justice League # 1 but not as contribution of the team. In fact, he ‘s a high school football actor who has n’t even become “ Cyborg ” even. After the Darkseid invasion, Victor was badly injured and later cybernetically enhanced by his church father. ascribable to the events of Forever Evil, Cyborg gets an promote armor that appears to be much slender .

Major Story Arcs

Cyberion (Pre-Flashpoint)

Tragedy struck when the Wildebeest Society captured the Titans and more shock that the leader of the group was their teammate Jericho. Vic was launched in a rocket along with several members and crashed landed in Russia where he was seriously injured and damaged. The russian scientists with the help of Red Star rebuilt Vic but due to such big brain injury he had become no more than a walking automaton with a human appearance. After several months, Vic ‘s mind started to regain his memories but when the race known as the Technis came to Earth looking for a way to integrate with society and save their race. Cyborg sacrificed himself for both the earth and the Technis was was rebuilt into Cyberion. Cyberion became their defender as they traveled throughout the galax. Some time late, Cyberion was reunited with his former teammates and engaged in an interstellar conflict which resulted in the destruction of Tamaran. But there was gloat to be found in calamity : The Titans were able to restore Raven – who was reborn in a golden spirit form. Following that, Raven, Minion and Garfield Logan elected to remain in space as traveling companions to Cyberion. Frightened by Cyberion ‘s entire embrace of technology, Gar left his supporter and returned to land. Jarras Minion besides had doubts about Cyberion ‘s modern attitude and decided to leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Jarras, a swear pacifist, made Victor a gift of his Omegadrome war lawsuit before he left. The Omegadrome allowed Victor to try to carry out his Technis Imperative : To recreate the satellite Technis at all costs .

Cyborg’s New Body

Having collected a planet-size categorization of technical debris, Cyberion journeyed to Earth to turn its moon into a modern Technis world and populate it with his Titans allies. The JLA and the Titans inaugural clashed, then united, to prevent Cyberion from destroying the planet while saving Vic ‘s soul and downloading it into Minion ‘s morph battlesuit, the Omegadrome. Vic was later offered a human torso if he would help Vandal Savage harvest Addie Kane ‘s deity blood. Before he could make a decision, Starfire destroyed Addie ‘s body, frankincense robbing Vic of the prospect to make a option. besides, Vic had to remain a member of the team, per a deal that Nightwing made with Batman. Following the events of his Technis Imperative, the JLA lone trusted Vic to remain free if the Titans kept a insomniac eye on him. Feeling like he owed his honest-to-god friend a debt, Nightwing worked constantly to find a cure for Vic ‘s condition. With Jesse Quick ‘ mho help, Victor was given a modern lease on organic life sentence with a body cloned from cell samples harvested by the russian scientists who once spared him. Though his mind and cybernetic abilities were still encapsulated in the Omegadrome, Victor inhabited a rightfully biological body. And for the beginning prison term in years, Cyborg knew what it is to live and feel and breathe unaided by mechanize parts. Embarking on a new life, Victor Stone left the Titans for the West Coast. Vic Stone late aided the Flash during the “ Our Worlds At War “ crisis. At that fourth dimension, Vic started using the gold Omegadrome to morph into a cybernetic shape. Cyborg decided to return to adventuring and settled in Keystone City, home of the Flash. But when Vic Stone linked with the evil cybernate thinker in an try to stop him from taking over the city, his body became mechanically paralytic – reverting him to his silver cyborg shape .

All-New Teen Titans

Teen TitansTeen Titans shortly subsequently, a mysterious android from the future known as Indigo attacked the Titans and Young Justice, resulting in the apparent deaths of Troia and Omen. At Troia ‘s funeral, Nightwing disbanded this adaptation of the Titans. meanwhile, members of Young Justice, specially Wonder Girl, felt responsible for the tragic deaths. This led Wonder Girl, Robin, Impulse and Superboy to form a new group of Teen Titans under the steering of the more experienced Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy. Cyborg, who was damaged in the battle caused by Indigo, has since received an upgrade in his cybernetic parts. He would experience the formation and reformation of the Titans multiple times, mentoring some versions of the team and even starting a ephemeral team of his own. But he would always return to the company of his original Titans teammates, even to the extent of joining several of them in the Justice League of America. After the Infinite Crisis Cyborg was fused to Firestorm and entered into a coma. When he ultimately woke up, he learned that the Teen Titans had dramatically changed. Wonder Girl, Speedy, Kid Flash, Raven, and Beast Boy had left the team ; Starfire was lost in space ; and Superboy was dead. Along with Robin, Kid Devil, Ravager, and Wonder Girl ( who had merely rejoined ) he started a quest for Raven .

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

A Hero Is Born (Post-Flashpoint)

Justice League Issue 1: Cyborg's GameJustice League Issue 1: Cyborg’s Game Vic Stone is a leading across-the-board receiver for the Ford Titans, a high school football team. He has an interest in extremely human activities but is more focus on going to college, earning a football eruditeness, and hoping his father makes it to his games. Vic and his don have a aloof kinship and after missing several games, Victor ultimately ventures to S.T.A.R Labs to confront him. Silas tells his son that given the current state of metahumans starting to show up around the planet, Vic ‘s love for football is going to become irrelevant at some point. Discouraged, Victor begins to leave when everything takes a tragic turn, as a Mother Box unit of measurement springs to life and opens a Boom Tube. Victor and respective scientists are fatally injured or killed by the boom tube energy. not intending to lose his son the same way he lost his wife, Silas outfits Vic with experimental bionics that have been reverse engineered from stranger engineering found around the globe. With help from T.O. Morrow and Sarah Charles, Vic ‘s life is saved and the energies from the motherbox are incorporated into his new form as Cyborg. This allows Victor to access the huge New Gods data library and learn Darkseid ‘s true invasion plans. After aiding in sending Darkseid back where he came from, Cyborg helps to found the Justice League. He has not begun any process of reconciliation with his father, who is primarily concerned with Victor ‘s mechanics rather than his world. After the villain David Graves makes an assail against the Justice League, Cyborg and his team mates travel to the valley of soul. There he learns that he walks the credit line between life and death — mean that depart of his soul has left his soundbox. He sees a assumed apparition of his human self that tries to convince him that Victor Stone is dead and Cyborg is fair an fake. Victor quickly sees past this ruse, and he and the rest of the Justice League defeat Graves. The situation lead to Vic embracing who he has become, not a young man who has lost his humanness, but a serviceman who has learned to be a hero through shock means. Allowing Vic to start to forgive his church father, as he knows his don was fair trying to save his liveliness .

Throne of Atlantis

To help retrieve Superman and Wonder Woman from the depths of the ocean deck, Victor upgraded his befit to have an environmental Mode that allows him to operate submerged. He then commenced a world wide League recruitment initiate to combat the Atlanteans hostiles

Trinity War

At the stopping point of the Trinity War, all of Victor ‘s cybernetics were viciously ripped from his body as Grid, a software virus deeply embedded into Victor ‘s cybernetics, revealed itself. The virus was planted by Atomica to help the Crime Syndicate of America. Atomica told Cyborg about what she did the Justice League and Justice League of America/ She besides told him that she was the one that poisoned Superman and put the green Kryptonite in his nervous system where she trigger his heat vision, which killed Dr. Light. Cyborg was upset to hear this happen and all of a sudden she told Cyborg that he besides betrayed the Justice League and it was Grid that was in his body. Cyborg body turned in to him as the Justice League and Justice League of America watched in horror and where all in shock absorber to see this happen and that the Crime Syndicate of America was taking over the universe they where from Earth 3. Atomica was a spy on both teams and she had all their plans. She was planning for the CSA to come and attack the respective Justice Leagues .

Forever Evil

Cyborg is kept animated with the serve of Simon Baz and Batman. Batman and Catwoman oversee to escape and bring along Cyborg to S.T.A.R. Labs to get the assistant of Victor ‘s father Silas. Silas is initially reluctant to turn his son back to Cyborg once again for concern of hurting him but Victor pushes him to do so saying that this time it is his choice and he must help stop the Crime Syndicate. Cyborg is given an promote more slender armor. Cyborg goes to enlist the assistant of Doctor Will Magnus so that he can revive the Metal Men and fight the Crime Syndicate. Magnus is besides initially unwilling to revive the Metal Men as they were deemed failures the first time, but Cyborg convinces him to do thus. The team is once again brought together and they join Cyborg in an undertake to fight. Cyborg directly confronts Grid while the Metal Men serve fight the Secret Society members that were with him. Cyborg and Grid both enter the digital world where they do battle with each early. Grid initially appears to have the upper hand in the conflict attempting to exploit Cyborg ‘s human side. however, Cyborg states that he has embraced his technical school side and that he is the bridge between human and technical school. He manages to shut down Grid and goes into the fallen watchtower where he helps Batman use Wonder Woman ‘s lasso to free the Justice League teams from the Firestorm matrix .

Powers and Abilities


Cyborg possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman intensity, survival and lastingness. Cyborg can besides interface with computers. Built into his body-armor were an infrared center, computer generator, sound amplifier, and special program adapters that allowed him to interface with other body extensions. Shape-Change: Cyborg has about outright shape-changing abilities that allow him to mimic road, air out or space vehicles and even reshape his integral body or parts of it to form such complex shapes such as a tank .Breaks the Chaos Cannon. Superhuman Strength: At optimum capability, Vic can lift/press in excess of four metric tons. If he pushes himself, he can evening exceed five tons, but not without causing dangerous stress to his cybernetic components. recently Victor breaks apart Kalibak ‘s Chaos Cannon used to destroy planets. Superhuman Speed/Agility: He possesses a degree of superspeed .

  • Jump Jets: As his request Dr. Silas Stone installed Jump Jets so that wouldn’t be so dependent of Boom Tubes. Apparently the Jump Jets provides the ability to super-jump across the state lines.

Flight Sensor Systems/superhuman Senses:. Due cybernetic enhancements their five senses were increased to superhuman levels .

  • Super hearing
  • Microscopic Vision
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Night Vision
  • Target/Tracking Systems
  • Physiological/Medical Scanners

Superhuman Stamina: Victor does n’t need to sleep, consume or drink. Adding the environmental Mode ( that replaced his last lung ) no longer has the want to breathe, and can operate in any area that has no oxygen in space or as in subaqueous. Superhuman Durability: The nature of Cyborg ‘s body provides offers protection against forcible and energy attacks, being able to withstand the pressures of the deepest parts of the oceans. Computer Interfacing: Cyborg is connected with all Earth ‘s computers and satellites including government agencies, privy service ( CIA, MI-6 … ) and flush the Batcomputer .Into the Digital Universe.

  • The Grid: Alongside Batman created a program to prevent himself from being distracted while on duty, because he is constantly bombarded with endless influx data streaming into his system and that program selectively focus on high-priority items and filter out other received data,which helps him to create a complete database of every metahuman/superhuman on Earth.
  • Cyberverse/Digitalverse connection

Hacking/Acessing into Power Ring’s ring. Technopathy: Since is linked with Earth ‘s computers and satellites Victor can control any type of engineering that have connection with the Internet as well control any phase of electronic communication, allowing it to manipulate data or rearrange security privileges. recently demonstrated the ability to hear Brainiac ‘s drones communicating with each other .

  • Technomorphing: He doesn’t just command technology,but is also capable to incorporates them into himself as did with Red Room’s technology and a Motherbox,where did came most of their weapons. Recently their systems suffered serious damage after the explosion of the Watchtower and to repair himself used technology from a escape pod.

Teleportation – Cyborg can use Boom Tubes to transport himself and the League to anywhere n Earth and in the Universe, since is stated Darkseid use it to cross dimensions, however one out of every thousand ‘jumps ‘ results in transporting himself and whoever is with him to Apokolips. recently installed a silent mode to not be noticed by others, not even Superman could n’t note him coming. Integrated Weapons: He had assorted types of weapons integrated into his cybernetic parts.

Sound blasting spirits (the Petras).

  • White Sound Disruptor: The Sound Disruptor or White Noise Canon fires focused sound blasts powerful enough to vaporize a Parademons group,blown up portion of a building and affect spirits. The canon has been able to reach 300 decibels and theorically can exceed this limit.
  • Sonic Emmiter: Beyond the sonic cannon also has a sonic emitter that allows to mimic and generate any sounds he desires,may run voices through his systems to make real-time translation and even generate ultrasonic sound attacks.
  • Ice Beam
  • Energy Cannon/Energy Gun:
  • EMP Pulse: It may incapacitate any technology (that’s not shielded against such attack) in a distance of 50 meters away. T.O. Morrow nicknamed it as a Heart Attack.

Character Profile

  • Height: 6′ 6″
  • Weight: 385 lbs.
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Citizenship: American
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Relatives: Silas Stone (father), Elinore Stone (mother, deceased)
  • Base of Operations: Justice League Watchtower

Other Version


FlashpointFlashpoint When Reverse Flash goes back in clock and supposelly messes with the timeline, the DC Universe turns into a very different station where the earth ‘s greatest heroes are not how we know them to be. In this timeline Cyborg is America ‘s greatest hero, and he is based in Detroit where he has his headquarters. When the Amazons and the Atlanteans go to war, Cyborg tries to gather a group of Earth ‘s superhumans to help stop the war that has ravaged half of Europe. No one joins his group when they find that Batman ( Thomas Wayne ) has no concern. But before long Barry Allen arrives and convinces Wayne differently, and the three set off to gather an army .

Other Media

Live-Action Film

stage actor Ray Fisher portrays the character in Batman v Superman : dawn of Justice film. In a brief cameo, Victor ‘s mangled body is shown being bonded with a Mother Box during one of his beget ‘s experiments .Ray Fisher as CyborgRay Fisher as Cyborg Ray Fisher reprises his role in the live-action Justice League movie. This movie is directed by Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, who served as the post-production conductor of this movie after Snyder stepped down from directing duties. This movie was released on November 17th, 2017. In this film, Cyborg initially refuses to join the team, though after his father, Silas Stone, is captured, he voluntarily pitches in. He successfully saves his father from the hands of Steppenwolf, and escapes from the water system tower from which he resided in. When Superman returned, his discourtesy system kicked in and attack Superman, which triggered the Man of Steel to fight the League. Cyborg besides played a crucial function in the final act, where he began to separate the Mother Boxes that had formed “ The Unity ”. With the assistant of Superman, he succeeded. Cyborg has a well larger character in the film director ‘s cut, Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League, which delves deeper into his backstory and his puree relationship with his forefather .

Animated Film

Justice League: Doom

Justice League: DoomJustice League: Doom Cyborg appears in Justice League : sentence in a major function. The movie marks the beginning fourth dimension Cyborg has been portrayed as a extremity of the Justice League in any non-comic shape of media. He is voiced by Bumper Robinson. In the film, Cyborg foremost appears after Batman asks for his help oneself in discovering how the Royal Flush Gang are pulling off a series of impossible heists. Cyborg late rescues Wonder Woman after she is poisoned by Cheetah, and ends up being brought along during the subsequent attempt to rescue the other JLA members. After saving Superman from a Kryptonite bullet train, Cyborg helps the Justice League during the concluding battle against Vandal Savage and his legion of Doom. After the League saves the earth from a massive solar flare, Cyborg is officially inducted into the Justice League as the team ‘s newest member .

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Flashpoint ParadoxFlashpoint Paradox Cyborg appears in Justice League : The Flashpoint Paradox, an adaptation of Flashpoint. In the film, Cyborg is a penis of the League. In the surrogate timeline the bulge of the film takes place in, he is depicted as the world ‘s top bomber, since Kal-El never became Superman and most of the remainder of the League never came to resemble their classical forms. He was voiced by Michael B. Jordan .

JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time

Cyborg appears in JLA Adventures : Trapped In Time, voiced by Avery Kidd Waddell .

Justice League: War

In Justice League : War, based off of the New 52 Justice League Origins comedian book by Geoff Johns, Cyborg appears as one of the founding members of the Justice League in light of the invasion of Darkseid. Victor Stone was originally a talented high gear school football quarterback but has a disruptive relationship with his don Silas due to his father ‘s lack of support for his football play career. In frustration, Cyborg grabs one of the boom tubes asking whether his bring is more important than his own son. The thunder tubes suddenly activate at that moment and engulf Victor. In a last dump feat to save his son ‘s life, Silas grafts engineering from the red room and successfully saves his son ‘s biography but at the monetary value of making him a Cyborg at the like clock time. Cyborg helps the rest of the Justice League in battling Darkseid and his Parademons, with Cyborg having access to about any technical interface he is able to open up the boom tubes to send them back to Apokolips. At the end of the film, the newly formed Justice League team is introduced to the world and Cyborg seems to have embraced his new role more as he sees his don nod in approval. Cyborg was voiced by Shemar Moore .

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Cyborg appears alongside his Justice League teammates in the sequel to Justice League : War, titled : Justice League : throne of Atlantis. The film is based off of the New 52 amusing record fib line of the like name and was released in 2015. Shemar Moore reprised his function .

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

Cyborg appears in Batman Unlimited : Monster Mayhem, voiced by Khary Payton .

Justice League Vs. Teen Titans

Cyborg appears in Justice League volt. adolescent Titans, with Shemar Moore once again reprising his function. In the film, it ‘s shown that he relates more close to the Titans, as they are closer in age to him .

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Shemar Moore reprises his function for a final time in Justice League Dark : Apokolips War. At the close of the movie, Cyborg sacrifices himself to destroy .


Super Friends - 'Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians'Super Friends – ‘Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians’ Cyborg appeared in The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians from 1985 to 1986. He was voiced by Ernie Hudson. Cyborg ‘s origin was told via a medical diary read by Dr. Martin Stein saying Cyborg was a promising decathlon athlete until an accident destroyed most of his body and his church father replaced function of his body with machine parts. besides, he is not a Titan. He becomes fast friends with colleague teammate Firestorm. He is an affiliate of the Justice League of America under Superman. In the basic episode to Cyborg, “ The Seeds of Doom ”, Cyborg ‘s abilities save land from Darkseid ‘s seeds, but as Superman warns, make Darkseid a dangerous foe to Cyborg, indeed Cyborg joins the League .Teen TitansTeen Titans Cyborg appears in the Teen Titans enliven series, voiced by Khary Payton. This translation of Cyborg is very similar to his comic book counterpart. His dub is “ Cy ”, and like his teammates, in the enliven series Cyborg is never referred to by his given name ; however, he does take the alias “ Stone ” ( based on his actual last name ) in the Season 3 episode “ Deception ”. The two chief differences are his design and that he is more easygoing than his comics counterpart. His head is well more round off and bald ( based on his Titans Hunt counterpart ), and his mechanical parts are bulky. His primary weapon is a sonic cannon housed in his forearm ; initially he uses only his correct arm to fire, but late episodes reveal that his bequeath arm has an identical cannon built into it american samoa well. early on-board weapons and tools, such as an acetylene blowtorch, a remote-operated television camera, and respective projectile launchers, can be deployed as needed, and his arms and legs are detachable. Cyborg is the Titans ‘ head technician and gadgeteer. He is creditworthy for the construction of the Titan Tower ‘s electronic and security system systems and the team ‘s independent vehicles, the T-Car and the T-Ship. His most dominant personality faults featured in the series are his enormous appetite and a inclination to be excessively bootless about his make as a resultant role, he fosters a special dislike for those who abuse his devices irresponsibly, particularly Gizmo and Brother Blood. On affair, Cyborg acts as the team ‘s second-in-command, but he tends to butt heads with Robin on quite trivial matters. In “ Cyborg the Barbarian ”, he was sent back to 3,000 B.C. There, he met a woman named Sarasim and fell in sexual love with her. The relationship ended when Cyborg was brought back to his own clock time. Cyborg ‘s historic period is never specified, but he mentions in “ Deception ” that he never had a chance to finish high school ascribable to circumstances that made him what he is. The only time Cyborg ‘s personal history has been discussed is in “ Deception ”, in which he discusses his involuntary cyborg condition with Starfire, and in the 4th season episode “ The end : part 2 ”. In this episode, Trigon creates duplicates of Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. These duplicates reflect the dark side of each character. During the fight between Cyborg and his duplicate, the dark duplicate says harmful things about Cyborg ’ s mother and her death .SmallvilleSmallville Cyborg appeared in the fifteenth episode of the one-fifth season of Smallville on the 16th February 2006 and is played by Lee Thompson Young. In this interpretation, Victor is a former Metropolis High School football ace. He is involved in a cable car accident that kills him, purportedly, and the rest of his family. however, he is secretly rebuilt by Cyntechnics scientists including Dr. Alistair Krieg, who experimented on a group of test subjects. Victor was the only test subjugate to survive the experiments. Cyntechnics was bought up by LuthorCorp shortly before Victor ‘s escape. Lex denies any cognition of Cyntechnics ‘ close activities. Although Victor ‘s cybernetic enhancements are entirely on the inwardly [ under his skin ] rather of exoskeletal as they are in the comics and other media, a shoot of Clark Kent ‘s x-ray vision reveals that Victor ‘s cranial armor covers the same-shaped area as it does in the comics. He besides bleeds a dark fluid as he does in the comics. Smallville never uses the list “ Cyborg ” in his first gear appearance. rather, Victor refers to his enhancements as bionic. Lee Thompson Young reprises his role of Cyborg in the season 6 sequence “ Justice ”, episode about Green Arrow gathering together a group of individuals to combat Lex Luthor and his experiments. The episode premiered on 18 January 2007. In this episode, Victor has finally taken the name “ Cyborg ”, as green Arrow ‘s team uses code names. besides on the team are Aquaman and Impulse. While Victor was last seen with a girlfriend named Katherine, he explains that his mechanical parts put a striving on the relationship. After their eventual break up, Victor states that it was green Arrow who kept him from committing suicide. The sequence besides shows Cyborg wearing a stylized silver vest and black pants, and utilizing promote enhancements green Arrow gave him. One of his new functions allows him to hack into and disable security systems. While connecting to machines, Cyborg ‘s left center glows red .Teen Titans Go!Teen Titans Go! Cyborg appears as a penis of the Teen Titans in this more humorous take on the DC Universe. Khary Payton reprises his function .JL ActionJL Action Cyborg appears in the series as a member of the Justice League, with Khary Payton reprising his character .Cyborg in Young JusticeCyborg in Young Justice Cyborg appears as a central character in the third season, voiced by Zeno Robinson. He is initially introduced as a promise gamey school football leading from Detroit and the son of scientist Silas Stone. His relationship with his forefather is strained due to Silas ‘ disinterest in Victor ‘s football games. When Silas skips an significant plot and does n’t flush bother to leave a message, an angry winner shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs to chastise his forefather. During the argument, an accident occurred at the lab, ill wounding Victor. Desperate to save his son ‘s biography, Silas attaches an Apokoliptian Father Box to the son ‘s torso, transforming him into Cyborg. now feeling like a addict, Cyborg retreats from the worldly concern and shuns his dad. He is finally taken in by the heroes and becomes a member of the Outsiders. The Father Box controls Victor and about causes him to kill Halo, but Halo is able to purge the sentient car ‘s charm from his body. During his time with the team, Victor besides becomes friends with Forager, another outcast with an odd appearance .Joivan Wade as CyborgJoivan Wade as Cyborg Cyborg appears as a main character in the series, played by Joivan Wade. He is Justice League bright thanks to his cybernetic enhancements, and is already a fairly well-known superhero. After Victor was unintentionally maimed in a lab accident that killed his mother, his forefather, Silas, rebuilt him with help from the scientist Niles Caulder, the leader of the Doom Patrol. When Niles goes missing, Victor shows up to the Doom Patrol ‘s mansion to investigate. He soon becomes a member of the team as they try to track down Niles and bring him home. As the beginning season progresses, Mr. Nobody takes an interest in Cyborg, and begins taunting him with hints that his origin history may be a lie. When Cyborg is captured by the man from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and taken to the Ant Farm, Silas and the pillow of the Doom Patrol go to rescue him. however, Mr. Nobody tricks Cyborg into attacking Silas, about killing him in the process. When Silas is hospitalized, he reveals that he edited Victor ‘s memory to hide the truth of what very happened. It turns out that the accident that Victor caused did n’t immediately kill his mother, and, that when faced with the atrocious option of saving his wife or his son, Silas chose to save Victor. He altered Victor ‘s memories to cause him to think that his mother had immediately been killed in the plosion, causing Victor to blame himself for his mother ‘s death. Victor is enraged upon learning this, and storms out. Cyborg appears in the sequence “ # TweenTitans ” as a penis of the Tween Titans, the team of bully children led by Robin. He was voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Video Games

Lego Batman 2

Lego Batman 2Lego Batman 2 Cyborg appears as a playable character in Lego Batman 2. He has a laser eye and the ability to pull magnetic legos .

Injustice: Gods Among Us

InjusticeInjustice Cyborg appears as a playable character in the game. He appears to be a combination of a power/gadget character in game .

Injustice 2

Injustice 2Injustice 2 Cyborg returns in Injustice 2, with Khary Payton reprising his function .


Play Arts Kai CyborgPlay Arts Kai CyborgDC Universe Classics and DC MultiverseDC Universe Classics and DC Multiverse

  • Cyborg appeared in Kenner’s Super Powers Collection line, making him one of the earliest black superheroes to get his own action figure.
  • Cyborg received multiple figures in the Teen Titans animated series line from Bandai.
  • DC Direct released a Cyborg figure based on his Flashpoint design.
  • DC Direct released a Cyborg figure for the DC Universe Online video game.
  • Cyborg has been featured in several Lego kits.
  • DC Collectibles released a Cyborg figure based on his Injustice: Gods Among Us Design as part of a two-pack with Harley Quinn.
  • DC Collectibles released a Cyborg figure based on his New 52 design.
  • DC Collectibles later released a Cyborg figure from Justice League: War.
  • DC Collectibles also released a Cyborg feature for the DC Icons line.
  • Cyborg was featured in Mattel’s toy line for the Batman Unlimited animated films.
  • Japanese company Square Enix released a Cyborg figure for the Play Arts Kai line.
  • The cartoon version of Cyborg was featured in the DC Multiverse line from McFarlane Toys. A later version based on Ray Fisher’s portrayal of the character in Zack Snyder’s Justice League was also released.
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