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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Victor “ Vic ” Stone

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Cybeast (See Notes


( mother, deceased )
( robotic duplicate )
Haldus ( clone ) Silas Stone (father) Elinore Stone (mother, deceased) Grid (robotic duplicate)Haldus (clone)


Justice League Reserves,
Justice League Odyssey,
Teen Titans

Formerly Justice League: Team Wisdom

Base Of Operations

Justice League Watchtower, formerly Detroit





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Prime Earth


Marv Wolfman · George Pérez

First Appearance
Flashpoint Vol 2 #5
(October, 2011)
Quote1.png Human. Tech. I don’t choose sides, Grid. I’m the bridge between them. I’m a cyborg. Quote2.png

Cyborg src

Victor Stone is Cyborg, a high school student merged with a Mother Box when he was injured. He is a establish member of the Justice League.


Victor Stone was a high school athlete at odds with his bright scientist don Silas Stone. [ 1 ] As the New God Darkseid initiated an invasion of Earth, Vic was caught in an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs when a nearby Father Box detonated. [ 2 ] Vic ‘s forefather saved his life by using experimental technology to turn him into a cyborg in the Red Room. Dr. Stone injected his son with nanites and install experimental automatic parts. These included a Promethean clamber graft, Dr. Will Magnus ‘ Responsometer, Professor Ivo ‘s A-maze operate on system, the classified and archetypal B-maze function system, and alumnus student Ryan Choi ‘s White Dwarf Stabilizer, a well as the energies from the Father Box. This allowed Vic to access the huge New Gods data library and identify Darkseid ‘s genuine invasion plans. [ 3 ] When Vic first woke up after the accident, he could not move his leg and discovered his new robotic consistency. The crimson Room was attacked by a group of Parademons ; before they could hurt Sarah Charles, Cyborg ‘s defense arrangement ‘s reacted automatically, causing his arm to shift into a sonic cannon. He destroyed the creatures, along with half the build. Vic, mortified at what his church father had turned him into to save his life, escaped through the hole in the wall, with his father ‘s calls to stay falling on deafen ears .

New 52

Forming the Justice League

Main article: Justice League: Origin
While roaming the streets, Vic saved a woman being attacked by Parademons ; in the procedure, he besides absorbed some of the Parademon ‘s components, giving him entree to Boom Tube engineering. This modern ability automatically transported him to the locate of a major struggle, where he met the young heroes Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman while trying to control his new powers. [ 4 ] In the center of the stranger invasion, he helped them fight Darkseid and his Parademon army. [ 5 ] Cyborg tapped into the extraterrestrial being technology to close their portal after Superman hurled Darkseid back to Apokolips. Due to the crisis, superheroes were ultimately accepted by the public, and the seven champions became the beginning populace superhero team— ” the Super Seven ”, later to be rebranded “ the Justice League. ” [ 6 ] Following the cosmic upheavals of the late Rebirth period, Victor Stone’s status as a founding leaguer is somewhat unclear. The league was now founded following a battle with Appellaxians, as it was on New Earth, and Victor is not depicted as taking part in this event; moreover, with the restoration of the ‘missing time’ stolen by Doctor Manhattan, this would make Victor significantly older than depicted. Afterwards, Vic was a frequent member of the Teen Titans, going therefore far as to live in Titans Tower alongside team-mate Starfire. [ 7 ]

throne of Atlantis

Main article: Throne of Atlantis
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Trinity War

Main article: Trinity War The Justice League was finally put into conflict with Amanda Waller ‘s anti-Justice-League Justice League, the Justice League of America. While the two groups fought, Superman purportedly killed JLA member Doctor Light, causing a controversy. however, Cyborg and the martian Manhunter performed an autopsy on Light ‘s body to prove that his death was not Superman ‘s demerit. [ 8 ] Tensions continued to rise as the Justice League butted heads with the JLA and the Justice League Dark over the mysterious womanhood Pandora, who begged heroes to open her box. [ 9 ] Upon opening it, however, a portal site was unleash that allowed the evil Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 to enslave the world. Upon the Crime Syndicate ‘s arrival, Cyborg ‘s body was taken over by a sentient computer virus called Grid. It rejected Vic ‘s human soundbox, expelling his organic components from the engineering keeping him alert. On the verge of death, Victor was kept alive by green Lantern, who suspended him in k department of energy. however, the Crime Syndicate defeated most of the Justice League by absorbing them into the Firestorm Matrix. merely Batman was able to escape with Cyborg ‘s failing human body. [ 10 ]

everlastingly Evil

Main article: Forever Evil After his organic body was rejected by Grid, Victor was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs by Batman and Catwoman in the hopes that Silas could help him. Silas was at first hesitant to turn his child once more into Cyborg, to which Victor pleaded that he should stop protecting him and that it was his decision to be transformed into Cyborg this time ; he must help stop the Crime Syndicate. Cyborg ‘s new armor was crafted after Victor told his don to take him into the real red board, which he knew about since he went on-line for the first time. The armor was made slender since he would quite to look more human like than a tank ; jump jets were besides installed then he would n’t rely entirely on Boom tube. He noted that being off-line ; it was calm and that he was n’t being bombarded by information. [ 11 ] Cyborg goes to enroll the aid of Doctor Will Magnus so he could revive his metallic element men to help him fight against the Crime Syndicate. Magnus initially refuse to revive his Metal men as he deemed them failures, however Cyborg persuades him to do then. [ 12 ] With the group once again revived and united they ‘re led against The Grid who Cyborg lured away from the Watchtower. Grid summoned members of the Secret Society but they were cursorily dispatched by the Metal Men under the command of Victor. Cyborg and Grid both enter the digital global where they fight with one another. Grid initially had the upper berth hand after using Victor ‘s human side as his failing. however Cyborg expresses that he has grasped his technical school side and that he is the bridge between human and technology and he controls the digital population, then, severing the Grid ‘s connection with the away universe, Cyborg traps him inside the soundbox. [ 13 ] Receiving Wonder Woman ‘s Lasso of Truth from Steve Trevor, Victor travels to fallen Watchtower where he helps Batman utilize Wonder Woman ‘s lasso to free the Justice League groups from the Firestorm network. [ 14 ] After-which, the League undergo a prototype shift introducing a few modern members onto its team. That being a recently depowered Captain Cold, a youthful new ward empowerd by divine magic trick ; who by the way about started an external incident Shazam and ultimately a well known villain who’ed recently turned over a fresh leaf, Lex Luthor. [ 15 ] While he and Shazam were on Monitor duty searching for Power Ring ‘s missing closed chain, he suggested the modern leaguer to try using his magic trick. Which rather ended up in him conjuring a ping niff postpone they could play while they worked. [ 16 ] When the New Power Ring went on a tear through Portland ; Oregon, The Justice League intervened to try and quell the position. But tensions cursorily skyrocketed when the Doom Patrol had came with intentions of their own regarding the hoop. When he tried to interface with the closed chain that Volthoom inhabited, doing so fused his circuits and fried all of his systems rendering him unconscious as a result. [ 17 ] binding at S.T.A.R. Labs Victor was getting looked over by his father Sylas. As Shazam eagerly wished to zip over to Metropolis to aid Superman and Lex in they ‘re battle against a rampaging Gorilla Grodd, Cyborg himself could n’t head out because his bionics were all but derezzed due to his interaction with the estrange ring ‘s calculator. [ 18 ] But more than gave his consent to head out in his station, in the meanwhile he would go over the visions he saw of the entity that destroyed the Crime Syndicate ‘s earth. Suggesting to take another honkytonk into the ring to find out more, only for his dad to advise against it given he might be trapped inside it if he did that again. [ 19 ]

Robin Rises

Main article: Batman and Robin: Robin Rises An incident occurred revolving around the forces of Apokolips searching for something called a Chaos Shard which is sought after by Glorious Godfrey and his Parademon horde. While he and the rest of the League managed to drive them off and save Batman ‘s life, he was cross with them as they let them get away with the sarcophagus carrying both the body of his die son and a fragment of the Chaos Crystal that was hidden within it. [ 20 ] While he and the stay of the gang stand strongly against Bruce ‘s desire to infiltrate the sphere of Darkseid, given that his territory is a huge X-Factor which the dissemble of such an undertake could lead to incredibly dire consequences. Batman hijacked Vic ‘s teleportation apparatuses and beamed his way up into the Watchtower to procure a knock-down armament he and the rest of the Justice League had a hand in build up for him. [ 21 ] Which in turn took adjacent to the integral Justice League just to dissuade his impossible tax, for a prison term. After a beguilement set by Batman was initiated in the shape of solid holographic projections appearing as some of the JL ‘s most dangerous enemies. Batman once again made off with the Hellbat to the destopian world of Apokolips. [ 22 ] When called upon to the Batcave, Cyborg is misled by Batgirl, Red Robin and Red Hood into believing they need avail with the holo-villains projected to distract him and the League anterior to Bruce ‘s passing to what is basically Hell. He jacked himself into the Batcomupter in order to disable the rogue programs alone to fall prey to The Batman ‘s eventuality devised to incapacitate him should the want originate. The program they immersed him in would keep Victor docile and might down his defensive systems until Barbara could hot wire his Mother Box in order to get the Boom Tube working. As the three make it through the tube adenine soon as it activates, Cyborg soon awakes from his program sleep mode to witness their transition between dimensions. Being more than a little peeved at the Bat-Family for using him the direction they did, he would jump in after them with Titus following after as he bit onto his leg. [ 23 ] Just making it through the portal vein with brief seconds to spare, Cyborg votes the crowd precisely find and help batman nowadays and save the admonition of responsible parties for subsequently. barely as they are beset by the dreg of Armegetto when Darkseid ‘s son Kalibak discharges his Chaos Cannon. Cyborg and the Bat Kids accede into a little brush between the starving hell feeders and the Apokoliptian Dog Cavalry. The battle is cursorily ended with Cyborg blasting the enemy combatants with his sonic cannons, leaving behind a better morsel for those who attacked them to feed upon as they make their evasion. finally finding the Dark Knight battling the bloodcurdling planets heavily armed limited forces, Bruce ‘s Family reminds him why he initially came to enemy territory in the first place while Cyborg leads the charge into Kalibak ‘s bastion to take back The Chaos Shard and his Son ‘s body. [ 24 ]

As the Batman and his crowd led the rape on Kalibak and his forces, Cyborg immediately went to work dismantling his chaos cannon. Tearing it clean in one-half with his yield hands, but he was hit with a crippling systems feed back when he tried to interface with the cannon ‘s independent might post. Frying and fusing most of his circuitry. [ 24 ] due to his systems being disrupted, Victor was left mechanically catatonic. barely flush able to lift his lead up, as Batman battled Darkseid while Red Hood and Tim fought off Parademon ‘s and the stay of the Apokoliptian drove. Vic talked Barbara through opening his thorax to rewire the Mother Box in it manually again. Succeeding in opening up a Boom Tube they vacated to the portal site with due hurry. [ 25 ] It ‘s subsequently revealed that Cyborgs systems were infected with a virus however, reasoning as to why the Boom Tube was n’t closing. When Jason and Tim tried to assist him, his car defense mechanism systems kicked in zapping them both. Stating it would take him some time to purge his systems and initiate a boot in decree to regain control of his Boom Tube protocols. finally working to get systems back on-line, just as Batman rammed a Batplane into Kaliback back through an open portal. [ 26 ] Afterwards Cyborg heads out to inform the rest of the league of everything that had happened .


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Cyborg 2.0

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Darkseid War

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DC Rebirth

New Adventures

Main article: DC Rebirth
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invasion of the Dark Multiverse

ascribable to Batman investigating fishy connections throughout the global, he unintentionally unleashed a portal vein to the Dark Multiverse, a helping of the greater multiverse where everyone ‘s darkest fears existed and died. A league of malefic Batmen called the Dark Knights invaded Earth and terrorized it in the diagnose of their dark leader Barbatos. During the invasion of the Dark Multiverse, Cyborg was captured and tortured by the Murder Machine, an evil version of Batman from the Dark Multiverse that became a hyper-advanced cyborg like Victor. Victor and the remainder of the League were trapped in dangerous “ Batcaves ” designed by the Dark Knights to torture them, but Cyborg lead their escape thanks to his inner Mother Box. due to the efforts of all the League members, Earth was freed from Barbatos ‘ clutches and the Dark Knights were defeated .

justice Lost

The Justice League began to lose public prefer when the american english government put them on test to investigate their unregulated autonomy ; their character was not strengthened when one of their ace fans dressed up like Batman and murdered an investigator. [ 27 ] Cyborg stepped up as drawing card of the League [ 28 ] and tried his best to relieve tensions politically, though this was boundary line bootless. The Justice League Watchtower fell to Earth a second clock time, landing in Africa and destroying the League ‘s reputation there. Cyborg and League were forced to defend their technology from african warlord Red Lion, who wanted to use their technical school to engage war on other african nations. Red Lion, not giving up on his powerplay, attempted to extort the US government for a large sum of money for their association to the Justice League and how ailing they were perceived to be handling the conflict in Africa. The Justice League, under Cyborg ‘s leadership, were forced to pull out of Africa and accept that they were incapable of solving all the world ‘s issues .

No Justice

Main article: Justice League: No Justice Vol 1 With the source wall break during the Dark Multiverse ‘s invasion, a species of stranger giants known as the Omega Titans were unleash. ascribable to the Titans threatening his home universe of Colu, Brainiac came to Earth and assigned some of Earth ‘s greatest heroes and villains to four teams to help him stop their terror. Cyborg was assigned to Team Wisdom .
In order to stop the Wisdom Titan from destroying Colu, Cyborg and his team attempted to weaken the Tree of Wisdom on the satellite. however, according to Brainiac 2.0, the original Brainiac had deceived them all. Brainiac 2.0 tried to correct his harbinger ‘s ruse, but the damage was done. earth ‘s heroes failed to stop the Wisdom Titan from destroying Colu and returned to Earth to defend themselves from the next Titan. Upon returning to Earth, diffident how to stop them from consuming their universe, Cyborg realized the way to defeat the Titans was to supercharge the Tree of Entropy ‘s Cosmic Seed that Brainiac 1.0 had planted and put it within the hungry Entropy Titan. Following his plan absolutely, the Justice League shot the cosmic seed into the Entropy Titan ; its ‘ three brothers could not resist the necessitate to feast upon him and Entropy was destroyed. earth was saved so far again .

Doomsday Clock

Main article: Doomsday Clock Vol 1 After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Cyborg joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious foe. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated. [ 29 ]

Infinite Frontier

Cyborg, along with his teamates Raven, Beast Boy, Nightwing, Donna Troy and Starfire formed an academy in award of Roy Harper to train modern Titans. [ 30 ]



  • Genius Level Intellect: In addition to his mechanical enhancements, Stone possesses an “exceptionally gifted” level of intelligence; his IQ has been measured at 170.
  • Athletics: Vic was an accomplished high school football player, winning many games for his school’s team, who was being scouted.
  • Expert Combatant: Victor has received combat training from Batman and Wonder Woman.[38][39]


  • Vulnerability to Magic: Both its mechanical and physical parts can be affected by magic. During a battle against the Fearsome Five part of his body was transformed into liquid metal by Jinx.[40]
  • Mind Control: Apparently his cybernetic part doesn’t provide resistance against mental control be it telepathic or psionic in nature.[41] [42]
  • Missing Eye

  • Cyborg has a Father Box integrated into his body he can open a Boom Tube extra-dimensional point-to-point travel portal to teleport him and his companions. However, when transporting groups his transporter can get overloaded, roughly one out of every 1,000 times, and ends up transporting all those teleported to Apokolips.
  • Cyborg once dated Zatanna.[44]


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