One Year Ago Today, Dan DiDio Was Out At DC Comics

One Year Ago Today, Dan DiDio Was Out At DC Comics

It was one year ago today that Bleeding Cool ran the newsworthiness. That Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics, the valet behind the New 52 and the approaching 5G, was no longer publisher

Whether he was drop out, fired, or pushed out of DC Comics, we do n’t however know. We may never know. But Bleeding Cool can confirm that  Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics is no longer publisher of DC Comics. He is gone from the company, as of today. Whatever happened, happened fast. Bleeding Cool has confirmed with a number of sources, inside and outside of DC Comics that Dan DiDio is gone. Rumour has it that this happened from high up at Warner Bros, and was a result of high staff turnover at DC of late, issues with column and publish plans, and Dan being fingered as the man responsible. But that is, right now, nothing more than rumor .

That lapp day, as the ComicsPRO consequence was taking topographic point. Bleeding Cool reported on what happened to the two DC Comics executives attending the event as the newsworthiness broke ;

indeed, I am told that once the news program broke on Bleeding Cool, that both DC executives present, left the ComicsPRO converge pretty sharpish .
I besides learned that in 2020 and 2021, DC is planning to move away from the traditional amusing bible endowment pool. There is a quieten, concert and careful campaign to woo writers from the fields of television receiver and vivification .

Those creators filled the writer ranks of 5G and are continuing into Infinite Frontier besides. We soon learnt more .

Bleeding Cool nowadays understands that yes, DiDio was fired this morning by Warner Bros at 10.30am PT in their Burbank offices and he left the build straight away. I am told by sources close to the situation that he was fired, for induce, for ‘fostering a poor work environment ‘ – as attest, as we previously stated, by significant departures at the publisher by editors. Dan DiDio has a reputation of being a micro-manager from some, for being identical involved in projects from others. And DC Comics was heading towards a big change in its publish program – one view of which was the much-rumoured 5G – or Generation Five. Which would have seen DC ‘s major figures Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana and more aged out and replaced with fresh characters taking the roles of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as contribution of the new DC Timeline. And some folk music at DC Comics were very a lot against this. But enemy never worried Dan, after all he was at ceaseless odds with the direction the company wrinkle was pushed for pretty much his entire career as publisher, and was always was striving to put comics first, as he saw it.

surely, DiDio ‘s departure was a surprise – to him as it was everyone else. I understand that it was internally announced at a series of small staff meetings at Burbank today. Though no one seems to have told the executives attending ComicsPRO, who had to read about it on Bleeding Cool on their mobile phones – and who aggressively exited the league as a solution. Jim Lee is the remaining publisher and CCO at DC, and thus will be steering the ship for the foreseeable future. Is it excessively belated to change the approaching C2E2 jury Meet The Publishers to the singular now ?

That C2E2 control panel was cancelled. In the aftermath of his passing, DC Comics cancelled and pulped the Free Comic Book Day comic that would have kicked off 5G, cancelled the Generations books that would have led up to it, and repackaged 5G as the current Future State two calendar month line, though a number of the completed comics will never be seen at all .

In the rest of the year, DC Comics would besides run two waves of redundancies, with a one-third expected to follow, including two editors-in-chief, and enough of aged figures, losing centuries of feel. Faced with lockdown and closure, DC Comics would drop Diamond Comic Distributors in party favor of DCBS – Lunar Distribution, upending the send market. The DC that Dan DiDio left is identical different to the one now .
As for Dan DiDio, he appears to be having a identical relax life, and is still under contract at DC. When that garden leave contract expires, odds are he will return with a bang…
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