Marvel’s MCU Dark Avengers Movie Cast (As We Know It)

A Dark Avengers movie would be the perfect answer to the Avengers 5 mystery. evening with Civil War over, the MCU has a superhero identity issue. Spider-Man was implicated as a supervillain at the end of Far From Home, John Walker ‘s Captain America was stripped of his status and name for a very public mangle and the Scarlet Witch caused a promotion nightmare by victimizing an entire township in New Jersey .
In the comics, the Dark Avengers were an imposter group of sorts, brought in concert by a reformed Norman Osborn in the aftermath of the Secret Invasion storyline and the consequence of the government ‘s disband of the Avengers. Among early missions, he leads an attack on Asgard ( nowadays located on Earth ), and the team is ultimately done for when Osborn defers to his nefarious instincts and ends up on the Raft. While some details would n’t be potential in the MCU, there are a lot of floor elements coming into play in Phase 4 that could well be the arrant backdrop for an adaptation for Avengers 5. The Avengers are effectively disbanded, the government is trying to introduce new substitution heroes and Asgard is now on Earth, potentially threatening fearful natives Osborn could whip into instantaneously hatred .
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Add to that the setup for the Secret Invasion event by and by in Phase 4 and the issues of concealed identities therein, there ‘s a major opportunity for Marvel to bring one of the most controversial Marvel events of all time to the MCU. But who could the roll be ? Looking spinal column at the projects already released and those yet to come, there ‘s already an scheme team that could bring together a group of knock-down imposter Avengers to challenge the real superhero team .
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Madame Hydra as the Nick Fury Stand-In

Madame Hydra Julia Louis-Dreyfus falcon and the winter soldier Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a surprise inclusion in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, AKA Val AKA Marvel ‘s moment Madame Hydra, but she could play a samara function in the MCU. already, she ‘s been seen handing an ominous-looking occupation card to John Walker in the wake of his demotion from the Captain America function. Considering she was initially intended to debut in Black Widow and there ‘s some suggestion of her appear in other MCU projects, the manner of that appearance does seem to point to a colored mirror to Nick Fury ‘s character in Phase 1. The idea of her working either for an administration or a mysterious benefactor to bring together a team of “ option heroes ” would be perfect in the wake of the first phase of the Avengers apparently coming to an conclusion. particularly if that benefactor were revealed to be Norman Osborn as an over-arching MCU villain .

John Walker/US Agent as “Captain America”

John Walker in Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 5 If the MCU is headed towards a Dark Avengers event, it could already have seen its first recruit thanks to Val ‘s meeting with John Walker in the penult episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. While there are early possibilities for her employer – like Leviathan or even a rejuvenated Hydra – it was clear that she was seeking to recruit Walker for something. And there ‘s something about a blank black business circuit board that fits with the idea of a Dark Avengers set up. Walker, or US Agent as he was known at the time, was a belated addition to the Dark Avengers line-up when the team found themselves transported to an surrogate reality, but in the MCU, he could be a leader for a rejigged interpretation. tied if he ‘s now stripped of his superhero entitle, Walker has objectives to remain in the game, and following the Contessa ( and her possible wealth or angel ) to a modern enterprise would be a big way to keep him in the MCU .

Yelena Belova as “Black Widow”

Black Widow back to the beginnig Yelena The second gear iteration of the Dark Avengers was unmake in the comics, reasonably ironically, by double agentry when Hulk ‘s son Skaar revealed he had been reporting to Steve Rogers all along. That suggests there ‘s some outer space in an MCU adaptation of the team to have more complex characters like Yelena Belova involved, particularly if she ‘s looking for a home after the events of Black Widow. Though she ‘s presented as Natasha Romanov ‘s “ sister ” in that movie, Belova ‘s comedian book lineage saw her inaugurate as Nat ‘s enemy, sent to kill her and there ‘s no fast confirmation that she will be aligned with the ethical motive of the Avengers just because of her share history with Natasha. Intriguingly, Belova was one of Norman Osborn ‘s Thunderbolts recruits in the team that pre-dated the Dark Avengers, though it turned out to be Natasha in disguise, manipulated into believing she was a double over agentive role. That screen of dynamic in an MCU Dark Avengers team would be a bang-up way to change things up .
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Emil Blonsky/Abomination as “Hulk”

Tim Roth The incredible Hulk The Abomination In the comics, the character of the Dark Avengers ‘ Hulk is taken by Skaar – at least in Osborn ‘s New Dark Avengers – the son of Hulk and Caiera, who was introduced to Marvel Comics during Planet Hulk. While Hulk ‘s Sakaar past could introduce his son as a future storm, it would make far more sense for a Dark Avengers movie to deliver on a design for the Abomination in Phase 1 that was ultimately scrapped. Tim Roth ‘s maniacal Emil Blonsky had been the initially intended monster tank on the original Avengers team and his render to the MCU has already been heavily rumored for She-Hulk ( after several similar false starts ), so the pathway is already set for his recruitment. Intriguingly, Blonsky had something of an inferiority complex when faced with Banner ‘s Hulk and his jealousy drove his dangerous hope to “ improve ” himself. That would provide a strong narrative solution

Agatha Harkness as “Scarlet Witch”

Agatha Harkness floating in season finale of WandaVision This might be a less likely one, but Agatha Harkness is still approximately in the MCU, and though Wanda bewitched her to remain under her own Agnes delusion, the newly Scarlet Witch besides left Westview and who ‘s to say what Agatha ‘s current status is. What is established fact is that Katharyn Hahn ‘s performance was one of the break successes of WandaVision and there would be no argument against her reelect from the fandom. More importantly, the Dark Avengers team has its own imposter version of Scarlet Witch – played by the disguise June Covington – and Agatha now has a impregnable narrative rationality in the MCU for possibly wanting to get some sort of revenge on Wanda. She besides comes with ready-made charming powers to actually live up to the charge besides, rather than having to get a non-magical character to pull off the deception .

Mac Gargan/Scorpion as “Spider-Man”

MCU Scorpion Michael Mando scorpion is one of the MCU Spider-Man franchise ‘s biggest loosen ends after Far From Home and while there may be some misgiving that the film will deal with him the lapp direction other MCU projects have tied up at large ends ( in the first ten minutes with little think ), giving him a true vengeance arch is far better. Gargan expresses his desire to take down Spider-Man in his Homecoming post-credits view, but there ‘s already a set going on with No Way Home ‘s plot and shoe-horning him alongside the new characters may be excessively much of a disservice to him. The MCU version of Gargan is dramatically different from the Dark Avengers one as he commits his magic trick using the symbiote powers to make it appear that he ‘s actually Spider-Man, but the theme of a villain stealing Spider-Man ‘s identity after the appearance of multiple Spider-Men in Phase 4 thanks to the multiverse is a very well set-up for Gargan to repurpose .

Iron Patriot

Norman Osborn and Iron Patriot quite who would play Iron Patriot at this stage is anyone ‘s estimate, but with Armor Wars coming to the MCU, there ‘s already a set-up for an alternate Iron man to come to the franchise. That could, of course, be the returning Justin Hammer ( Sam Rockwell ), but there ‘s besides the opportunity to introduce Norman Osborn as one of the following MCU big bads and having him follow his comics counterpart into the forge Iron Man function would be a great decision. Like Doctor Doom, Osborn represents besides big an opportunity for the MCU to bring him in for only a single movie arch now they have access to him and setting up the Dark Avengers, taking down the real Avengers and fighting against Asgard ‘s “ invasion ” of Earth is already established as a compelling roadmap. Osborn should never be just a Spider-Man concern and while Iron Patriot ‘s boots will be boastful to fill, that kind of unwrap would be the correct kind of fan-bait .
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White Vision

White Vision WandaVision Eyes Though he ‘s not an master Dark Avengers team member in the comics, the question of White Vision ‘s MCU future is a compelling one and his identity problems could be best served in this screen of narrative. White vision does n’t know what or who he is, but will have some affiliation with the Avengers because of his restore memories, which could be used as a tragic opportunity to lead to something of a misadvise future. Should he return to the MCU, White Vision ‘s future is already set up as something of a clone of Adam Warlock ‘s comics origin, but shifting him into the Dark Avengers team for Avengers 5 alternatively would solve the problem of what to do with him arsenic well as adding dramatic stakes for Val or Osborn ‘s new team .
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