Dark Crisis

While searching for the missing Barry Allen, Justice League Incarnate discovered that the Great Darkness was attempting to invade and destroy the Multiverse. Along with the Justice League of [ [ Prime Earth|Ea

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Official Name

Dark Crisis

Event Aliases

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths




Prime Earth, Earth-Flash.1


Aquaman ( Jackson Hyde ),
Batman ( Jace Fox ),
Black Adam,
The Flash ( Barry Allen ),
The Flash ( Wally West ),
Green Lantern ( Hal Jordan ),
Green Lantern ( Jo Mullein ),
Impulse ( Bart Allen ),
Kid Flash ( Wallace R. West ),
Robin ( Tim Drake ),
Superboy ( Conner Kent ),
Superman ( Jon Kent ),
Wonder Girl ( Cassie Sandsmark ),
Wonder Girl ( Yara Flor )


Cyborg Superman
Dark Army,
Great Darkness,


Justice League Vol 4 ; Dark Crisis Vol 1 ; Dark Crisis : Young Justice Vol 1 ; The Flash Vol 1 ; Dark Crisis : Worlds Without a Justice League Vol 1 ; Aquamen Vol 1 ; I Am Batman Vol 1


Joshua Williamson

First Appearance
Justice League Vol 4 #75
(June, 2022)

Dark Crisis is an ongoing DC Comics event which began in June, 2022. It follows on from Justice League Incarnate ( volume 1 ) .



While searching for the missing Barry Allen, Justice League Incarnate discovered that the Great Darkness was attempting to invade and destroy the Multiverse. Along with the Justice League of Earth 0 they confronted the Darkness ‘s forces led by Pariah. The heroes prevented the Darkness from entering the Multiverse but were all apparently killed except for Black Adam, who managed to escape back to Earth 0 and inform the remaining heroes that the Justice League were abruptly.

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The Great Darkness

Doomsday cults and minor supervillains around the worldly concern all began establish attacks at once in the League ‘s absence, then Jon Kent formed a new team to deal with them and inspire the panicky populace. At the lapp prison term Deathstroke, who was secretly working for the Darkness, took operate of the Secret Society and led them in a full assail on Titans Academy. They destroyed the Academy and then withdrew on Pariah ‘s orders. In the aftermath of the attack Black Adam announced that, since both Jon Kent and Nightwing had proven ineffective to lead, he was taking operate of the League. In outer space, Hal Jordan and Jo Mullein rallied the entire Green Lantern Corps for the fight against the Dark Army .

The Flash

meanwhile, the Flash Family journeyed into the Speed Force to search for Barry. Wally West and Kid Flash found him in his false paradise Earth-Flash.1. The West twins besides jumped into the Force and landed on a benighted and blue world, while Jesse Quick and Max Mercury found a post-apocalyptic earth. wally attempted to speak to Barry, but Barry saw him as the Reverse-Flash and attacked him. meanwhile, Wallace followed the Wally West of the early worldly concern to his family, but when they got there the universe shifted into a eden for Wallace .

Justice League

The League were not dead as everyone had assumed, but had been trapped in false paradise worlds like Barry. Although most of them accepted their newly realities and assumed memories, Aquaman realised that it was a lie down .

Young Justice

At the memorial service for the presume absolutely Leaguers, the three founding members of Young Justice : Impulse, Robin and Superboy, disappeared without a hound. Cassie Sandsmark urgently searched for them, but found that the rest of the superhero community were besides preoccupied to help and believed they had simply gone away to grieve in private. In fact the boys had been transported to a global resembling the pre- Flashpoint reality during the team ‘s flower, complete with a double of Cassie.

Although they initially enjoyed their more unfledged and carefree world, Bart and Tim started to notice flaws in the worldly concern and realised that their memories were tinged by nostalgia. however, Conner still wanted to stay and not question it, as he had suffered the most out of all of them in the real populace. Whenever they came close to seriously examining the world they were in, a new threat rose up to distract them, culminating in Mount Justice being attacked by Captain Boomerang, Deathstroke and Lex Luthor. interim on Earth 0, Cassie enlisted the help oneself of Cissie King-Jones, the erstwhile Arrowette, and Red Tornado to look for the boys.



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